GH Update Monday 3/1/10

General Hospital Update Monday 3/1/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky is driving to the courthouse since he is convinced a crime will be committed. Outside the building, Sam and Jason discuss breaking Sonny out during his transport to jail. They wish each other good luck. Jason is about to drive away when Lucky shows up and asks to look at Jason’s driver’s license. A siren can be heard in the distance. Lucky glances at Jason’s vehicle registration papers. Lucky makes small talk about Sonny’s arraignment. Lucky implies that this would be the ideal time to get Sonny out of the country. Jason remains silent. Lucky mentions that the arraignment should be over by now. Jason tries to persuade Lucky to leave. Lucky says he would rather work than go to Shadybrook. Lucky wants to stay away from Elizabeth since he is still angry about the affair.

As Judge Carroll speaks to the court, Carly hurries in and announces that Sonny isn’t being treated fairly by the justice system. Everyone is stunned by Carly’s presence. Surprisingly, the judge is willing to hear what Carly has to say. Claire is outraged. Carly explains who she is – Sonny’s ex-wife and mother to two of his children. Carly adds that she is married to Jasper Jacks. The judge is impressed by Carly’s concern for Sonny. Claire interrupts and says that Carly’s statement has nothing to do with the matter at hand. Judge Carroll thanks Carly for being candid. The judge asks Sonny why he should be released on bail. Sonny speaks warmly of his children. Sonny wants to spend quality time with Michael, Morgan, Kristina and even Dante. Dante cringes at the thought.

Ethan and Johnny are hiding behind some crates at the Corinthos warehouse. Sonny’s men are shooting in their direction. Ethan can’t believe that Johnny tried to seize one of Sonny’s shipments. Johnny wants to send a clear message to Sonny. Ethan and Johnny argue about the best way to escape.

Elizabeth is staring out the window from her room at Shadybrook. Nikolas enters the room with Cameron and Jake. Elizabeth is thrilled to see her children. Elizabeth hugs Cam and Jake. Liz notices that the boys have made pictures for their mother. Nikolas replies that he is filling in for Audrey. Cameron asks when Liz is going to be released. Visibly upset, Elizabeth tells Cam that she is going to have a baby so that’s why she’s at the hospital. Elizabeth enjoys a short visit with her sons. When Cameron and Jake leave the room, Elizabeth thanks Nik for bringing the boys. Elizabeth surprises Nikolas when she asks him to stop by after dropping off the boys at Audrey’s.

At Jake’s, Patrick and Lisa talk openly about Robin. Patrick wants to be honest with his wife but doesn’t know how to be emotionally supportive in regards to Robin’s HIV. Patrick says that Robin puts up a “barrier” when speaking about her past. Lisa brings up the time when she and Patrick were dating. Coleman pipes in and asks if they want more beer. Lisa suggests a pitcher of beer, which makes Patrick smile. Patrick, Lisa and Coleman start a game of darts. Patrick is leading; Lisa is in second place. Lisa makes a bet that she can beat Patrick. Lisa is trying to concentrate while Patrick makes annoying jokes.

In the courtroom, Judge Carroll is about to make his decision regarding bail. The judge says that Carly’s outburst was uncalled for, but appreciates her honesty. Everyone is shocked when Judge Carroll announces that Sonny is free on bail. Claire looks defeated. The judge says that the trial will begin in two weeks. Diane and Alexis speak briefly about the case. Jax confronts Carly about supporting Sonny. Jax doesn’t want anything to do with Carly. Lulu gets a phone call so she leaves the courtroom. Sonny approaches Dante. Sonny says he meant what he said about getting to know him. Dante gives Sonny the cold shoulder. Sonny and Carly are talking when Claire interrupts. Claire says that she’ll be sending Sonny to prison. Lulu asks Dante if he is okay. Dante seems rattled by his short talk with Sonny. As they leave the courtroom, Claire confronts the couple. Claire brings up reasons why Sonny needs to be put away. Dante agrees to speak freely with Claire about the case. On the way out, Lulu runs into Jax. Lulu can’t believe that Jax isn’t standing by Carly.

Outside, Lucky and Jason continue to talk. Lucky brings up his enjoyment with playing toy cars with Jake. Jason is teary-eyed. Jason wonders what happens next in regards to Elizabeth. Lucky doesn’t know if he has a future with Elizabeth. Lucky worries about the boys. Jason thanks Lucky for playing an important role in Jake’s life. Jason promises not to judge Lucky or his decisions. Sam shows up and announces that Sonny is free on bail. Lucky is amused by the news.

Jason shows up at the warehouse. Jason makes a call to Bernie. Jason says that nothing was seized except for one thing.

Lucky goes to the Haunted Star. Luke talks to Lucky about his non-meeting with Carlos. Luke says that Carlos was arrested for smuggling. Luke wants Lucky to take care of the situation. Lucky promises to look for a loophole to have Carlos released. Lucky plans on telling Elizabeth how he really feels. Lucky leaves the casino. Ethan and Johnny show up unexpectedly. Ethan produces a cigar box, courtesy of Carlos. Luke is thrilled. In private, Ethan and Johnny talk about what happened at the warehouse. Jason walks in. Jason says that a box of Cuban cigars was taken at the warehouse. Ethan and Johnny are quiet.

Nikolas returns to Shadybrook to see Elizabeth. Elizabeth thanks Nik a second time for bringing Cam and Jake to the hospital. Nikolas admits that he’s been spending more time with Spencer. Nikolas says that the boys and Spencer are getting along well. Elizabeth changes the subject by bringing up the baby. Elizabeth wants to make it clear that she and Nik will not be together if he is the father. Nikolas doesn’t want to argue with Elizabeth. Lucky shows up. There is an awkward moment as Nikolas leaves the room. Lucky and Elizabeth hug. Elizabeth is relieved to see Lucky. Lucky confides that he cares about Liz and the boys but admits that he and Elizabeth have “no future”. Lucky comes clean about his feelings. Lucky worries about Elizabeth’s condition. Elizabeth realizes that Lucky doesn’t love her anymore. Lucky feels the damage is done. Lucky thinks that he and Elizabeth need to move on with their lives. Elizabeth begins to cry. Elizabeth blurts out that she’s taking the paternity test tomorrow.

Sonny, Carly and Diane return to the Corinthos home. Carly is upbeat about Sonny’s case. Diane doesn’t agree with Carly’s enthusiasm. Diane thinks that Claire is a force to be reckoned with. Sonny believes in Diane’s defense. Carly and Sonny discuss the case. Jax interrupts the conversation.

Robin walks into Jake’s and sees Patrick and Lisa doing shots at the bar. The crowd is egging them on. Robin is disgusted.

In the courtroom, Claire questions Dante about his ‘accidental’ shooting. Dante stands by his story that Sonny did not shoot him. Claire senses that Dante got emotionally involved when he worked for Sonny. Dante reminds Claire that he didn’t know then that Sonny was his father. Claire fears that Dante won’t testify against Sonny.

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