GH Update Friday 2/26/10

General Hospital Update Friday 2/26/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky breaks into Johnnyís garage and finds Luke there.

Johnny is at the Haunted Star playing blackjack with Ethan. Johnny hits on a 17. Ethan says Johnny thinks that if he lets Ethan win enough times, Ethan will help him with his raid. He says he knows Johnny only wants him there because he is Lukeís son.

At Jasonís penthouse, Jason tells Spinelli that they might have to break Sonny out within the hour.

Dante and Lulu arrive at the courthouse where Dante has been subpoenaed to testify. Diane Miller tells the judge that this is an arraignment not a trial. Federal prosecutor Clare Walsh says Detective Falconari can address the millions that Sonny has in offshore accounts that make Sonny a flight risk. Diane tells the judge that Detective Falconariís testimony at this point in the trial would be prejudicial to her client. Clare says she her opponent doesnít want Detective Falconari to testify because he is the one person that can put Sonny behind bars.

At General Hospital, Lisa looks on while Patrick and Robin argue about Robinís attempt to persuade Dante to back off from testifying against Sonny. Patrick asks Robin if she thinks her friends are exempt from the law. She tells him that is unfair. He tells her that if this were about anyone other than Sonny, Robin would be lecturing them all about trusting the system. She tells him she doesnít appreciate him coming at her like this and reminds him that Sonny has always been good to her. He tells her that does not give her the right to go into Danteís hospital room and try to change his mind. She shoots back that Patrick had no more right to sign Dante out without seeing his medical records. Patrick admits that he wanted Dante away from her. He reminds her that Sonny is on trial for murdering his wife and he shot an unarmed man who happens to be his son. Robin says Sonny didnít know it was his son. Patrick slams his hand on the triage desk and yells that it doesnít matter. Patrick tells Robin that he doesnít care how nice Sonny was back in the day; he is a professional criminal who is responsible for so much damage in this town that they are raising their daughter in and it has to stop. Steve Webber comes in and tells Patrick and Robin to get back to work. He suggests that Patrick review the protocol for releasing patients. Patrick says Dante was leaving anyway. Robin says that now Dante is going to testify against his own father. After silently observing the whole exchange, Lisa asks Robin what is with her and those mobsters. She says Robin recently defended Jason Morgan when he was waving a gun at a patient and now she is defending a man who tried to murder a cop. Robin says they are her friends and Lisa doesnít know the history. Lisa tells her she knows that someone who shoots an unarmed man is not a nice person but is a criminal that should be prosecuted.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan says Warehouse 21 will probably be heavily guarded after Johnnyís last raid. He suggests that Johnny is hoping the guards knowing of Lukeís friendship wonít shoot Ethan. Johnny says Sonny only cares about the friends that he can order around and Luke doesnít take orders from anyone so Sonny doesnít care about him. He says he doesnít need Ethan for life insurance, just for backup. Ethan says he isnít interested. Johnny tells him that it will be the last warehouse on the left at Lark and Riverview in case he changes his mind. Tracy enters and tells Johnny they donít want whatever he is selling.

At Johnnyís warehouse, Lucky tells Luke that he should thank him for providing ďjust causeĒ to enter the building. Luke asks him what happened to his head. Lucky calls it anger management. Luke asks what Lucky is doing there. Lucky says someone has been taking advantage of Sonnyís legal problems by moving in on his territory. He says one shipment was already hijacked and they anticipate that it was not an isolated incident. Luke says he is just looking for cigars, but then he admits that the shipment Lucky is looking for is here.

At Jasonís penthouse, he explains to Spinelli that if Sonnyís bail is revoked, they have to get him to Canada and then on a plane to South America. Sam suggests that Spinelli interrupt the red lights between the courthouse and the highway. Jason says they will have to grab Sonny at the courthouse so he asks Spinelli to get him a layout of the court building. He says Spinelli may need to shut down all the doors except the front door to ensure that Sonny can only be taken out that door. Spinelli says that if Sonny leaves, it is an implicit admission of guilt. Jason says these are Sonnyís orders.

In the courtroom, Alexis tells Judge Carroll that attempting to try a case during an arraignment will poison the water and set the stage for an appeal. He tells her that either she can step up as co-counsel or she can leave the courtroom. Alexis says she has already offered to act as co-counsel. Diane says she will accept Alexisís offer if she agrees to join the firm. Alexis agrees to join Dianeís law firm. Clare Walsh then asks Judge Carroll if she may question detective Falconari. Alexis says bail has already been set and Mr. Corinthos has done nothing to indicate that he is a flight risk. Judge Carroll says that may be true, but Ms. Walsh has the right to ask that bail be revoked. He allows Ms. Walsh to call Detective Falconari to the stand. Dante watches Sonny as Sonny fidgets in his seat.

At Jasonís penthouse, Spinelli tells Jason that he has tagged the traffic lights along his proposed routes and is prepared to shut them down. Jason says he is going to the courthouse to wait but Spinelli must stay here because the place will be crawling with Feds and Agent Rayner is back. Spinelli says he installed an additional layer of firewalls because of Rayner. Jason tells Spinelli to be careful. Sam asks Jason how she can help. Jason tells her he needs her to be a decoy.

In the courtroom, Alexis whispers to Diane that Clare will ask Dante about how he got shot. Diane says Dante cannot change his story without perjuring himself and if he does that, it will lead to a mistrial. Sonny tells Diane that he just wants her to protect Dante. She says she canít protect both Sonny and Dante. Alexis tells Sonny that they cannot allow the judge to find out that Sonny shot Dante. Clare Walsh begins questioning Dante. She asks him to state his name and any aliases. She asks him why he used the name Dominic Pirelli so he tells her he was working as an undercover officer for the NYPD. Diane advises the judge that Detective Pirelli has since resigned the NYPD. Clare observes that he is now a detective with the PCPD because of his outstanding record with the NYPD. Dante tells her he is unable to address that speculation. Alexis objects for relevance. Judge Carroll directs Clare to move it along. Clare asks Dante if he came across any funds while he was working with Sonny. Alexis objects that Detective Falconari is not an expert in accounting or finance. Judge Carroll directs Dante to answer the question. Dante says Mr. Corinthos has access to a great deal of funds. Diane interjects that Sonnyís wealth has already been demonstrated by the exorbitant bond that he has already posted. Clare tells Dante that it took courage to infiltrate the Corinthos organization because Sonny is a dangerous man. Alexis objects to the prejudicial statement. Judge Carroll tells Ms. Walsh to be careful. She then observes that
Dante came to court from the hospital. She asks why he was there. Alexis objects for relevance, but Judge Carroll allows the question. Dante says he was recovering from a gunshot wound. She asks him to tell the court what happened. Alexis and Diane both object.

At the Haunted Star, Tracy tells Johnny that they are closed. Ethan says it was just a game between friends. Tracy says Johnny is no friend and it looks as though Ethan was winning big. Johnny says he was having an unlucky night. Tracy asks Ethan if he knows that Johnny was once a partner in the Haunted Star and that he and his father set Luke up for money laundering. Johnny protests that he had nothing to do with that. Tracy says Lulu had a nervous breakdown because of Johnny. Johnny tells Ethan that Tracy is right; he is a bad influence. He suggests that Ethan will probably be better off if he stays there, cleans the floor, colorizes the chips, and picks the lint off the tables. Johnny leaves. Tracy asks Ethan to tell her that he is not falling for Johnnyís con. Ethan tells her that he knows when he is being played, but Johnny makes a good point.

At Johnnyís garage, Lucky tells Luke that Jason found some shell casings and Spinelli found some security tape footage that indicates Johnny is responsible. He says Johnny is daring them to come after him. Luke says Johnny was in the casino last night wanting to play a private game. He says Johnny lost and left a big tip but he thinks they did more talking than gambling. He says he is afraid that Ethan is getting involved in whatever is going on. Lucky tells Luke that Jason asked him to arrest Johnny before Sonny orders Jason to take Johnny out. He says he doesnít think Ethan realizes who he is getting tangled up with. Luke says that is his concern too. Luke asks Lucky what really happened to his head so Lucky admits that he was driving too fast, crashed his car, and almost hit Maxie Jones. Luke asks him if he had been drinking. Lucky tells his father that he was driving back from Shady Brook and was choking on his words after telling Elizabeth what she wanted to hear.

At General Hospital, Steve Webber tells Patrick, Robin, and Lisa that he cannot have his best people bickering so they need to get it over with. Robin tells Lisa that she has no idea what a kind and generous person Sonny can be or how much he has meant to Robin. Lisa admits that Sonny is charming. Robin says Sonny gave her love and support when she needed it. Patrick reminds her that she was a teenager at the time and that it does not oblige her to support Sonny for the rest of her life. Robin mentions the AIDS wing that Sonny donated. Steve Webber says the AIDS and Trauma wings should have no influence upon the way they treat their patients. Robin asks Steve if he thinks she shouldnít have talked to Dante. Steve says that he can argue that she escalated a situation and put a patient under undue stress. She says she wouldnít characterize her conversation with Dante as stressful. She tells Patrick he wins and she walks off.

At Johnnyís garage, Luke asks Lucky what happened at Shady Brook. Lucky tells him that Elizabeth asked him to forgive her and that he lied and said he did. He says he is just trying to get through this without drinking or driving off a cliff. He tells Luke that Helena went to see Elizabeth at least twice so he should be at Shady Brook protecting Elizabeth. Luke concedes that Helena changes the game but he advised Lucky that it is too early for forgiveness, obligation, or protection. Lucky says he is watching Elizabeth disappear and he doesnít know what to do. Luke suggests that they disappear to the Caribbean for a while. Lucky asks Luke if he is sure he wants to leave Ethan between Sonny and Johnny. Luke says they can kidnap Ethan, lock him in a trunk, and let him out when they get there. Lucky says it is tempting. Luke tells him that he has to deal with his anger before it consumes him. Luke tells Lucky that he might have to accept that his time with Elizabeth has ended.

At the Haunted Star, Tracy tells Ethan that she knows John Zacchara is going to avenge his sisterís death. Ethan tells her that it is none of his concern. Tracy tries to explain that once someone gets involved with the mob, they canít get out. She tells him that Luke lived underground for years because he was hiding from the mob. Ethan tells her that Luke says those were the best years of his life. Tracy says John Zacchara is planning to take over when Sonny goes to jail. Ethan says he doesnít have to be involved in that. Tracy tells Ethan that whatever Johnny has planned for tonight, Ethan is a disposable shield. She tells him if he is craving a scheme, he should cook one up with his father, and if he needs adventure, he should try bungee jumping. He thanks her for her concern but insists that he has been living by his wits for years. She tells him that wits donít stop guns. He tells her that he has become so settled that he hardly recognizes himself. He says having a caring father, a loving stepmother and a family is a bit much for him. Tracy asks him to consider his father for a moment. She says Luke is already dealing with Lucky falling apart and Lulu dating a cop. She asks him if he thinks Luke needs to deal with Ethan in the mob. Ethan says he never planned to be the stable son.

At General Hospital, Robin is on the phone snapping at someone about labs. Steve takes the phone from her and tells the person that they will need labs tomorrow and that Dr. Scorpio is signing out for the evening. Robin says Steve undercut her with her peers and now with the support staff. She asks if this is what she gets for defending Sonny. He tells her that antagonizing the lab makes life difficult for everyone. She suggests that he finish her rounds since he apparently thinks she isnít up to the task. He informs her that he already checked on her patients. He tells her that she is an excellent doctor but she is out of line and that is why he is getting her out of there.

At Jasonís penthouse, he, Spinelli, and Sam shore up their plans. Jason tells Sam to keep her decoy simple. Spinelli says he has it set up for Jason to take Sonny across the border where another car will be waiting to take him to the private airstrip where the plane will be waiting. Jason says the DeLeons have agreed to set Sonny up in South America. Spinelli asks what happens then. Jason says they will all forfeit everything that they put up for Sonnyís bail. Spinelli clarifies that he is concerned about whether Jason gets stranded in Canada or gets arrested coming home. He asks him what good it will do to save Mr. Sir if Jason ends up in jail.

In the courtroom, Alexis tells Judge Carroll that the circumstances of Danteís shooting have no bearing on the issue at hand. Diane adds that Dante already gave his statement to the police. Clare says the conditions under which Dante was shot may increase the likelihood of Mr. Corinthos leaving the country. She says Detective Falconari was shot after going to arrest Sonny. Alexis interjects that Sonny called the ambulance. Judge Carroll allows Clare to continue her line of questioning. She asks Dante id he was sedated when he made his original statement. He says he knew what he was saying. She asks him if he wants to amend his statement or elaborate. Alexis objects. Judge Carroll tells Clare that she has one chance to ask a fair question so Clare asks Dante who shot him. Alexis says Mr. Falconari already gave his statement. Clare says she is simply asking for clarification. Alexis asks her why she would pressure her own witness into changing his statement. Clare asks Alexis why she is so terrified of what he might say. The judge bangs his gavel and directs Dante to answer the question. Dante says Mr. Corinthos called him to his residence on the night in question with an assignment that didnít make sense so Dante suspected his cover had been compromised. He says Mr. Corinthos did not appear to be there and he knew Sonny kept a gun in his desk drawer so he took the precaution of unloading the gun while he was there alone. He says the gun jammed and accidentally discharged. Jax disappointedly shakes his head in the gallery.

At Jasonís penthouse, Jason says he might have to vanish in Canada for a little while and come in another way or he might have to go to South America with Sonny. Jason observes the horrified expression on Samís face and says they should get back to the plan. Sam says there must be another way. Spinelli says this is such a hasty plan. Jason tells Spinelli that he understands if he wants to sit this one out. Spinelli says he will be loyal to Jason as long as Jason remains loyal to Sonny.

Steve takes Robin to Kellyís and buys her a milkshake. He says he used to make them for Elizabeth when she was upset. Robin asks how Liz is doing. He says Elizabeth seems to be leveling out a little bit. Steve changes the subject and tells Robin that he cannot have mob guys influencing patient care. He asks her why she felt so compelled to defend Sonny and Jason. She admits that Sonny and Jason do awful things but she says they do wonderful things too. She says Sonny took care of her and Stone. She says she has seen a side of Sonny that most people never see and Sonny has seen her at her most vulnerable so they have an unbreakable bond. Steve tells her that helps him make sense of it but he asks her how she thinks that makes her husband feel.

Meanwhile, Patrick is throwing darts at Jakeís Roadhouse. Lisa comes in and asks him if anyone can play or is he just wants to kill the dartboard by himself. He tells her he doesnít care. She says she can beat him at darts, she can buy him a beer, or he can buy her a beer. He repeats that he doesnít care and continues to throw darts. Lisa tells him that Robin, Steve, and the two of them work together so they will have to sort this out. He agrees to talk so he orders two beers and they sit at a table. She gets right to the point and asks him what is up with Robin and those mob guys. He tells her Sonny and Jason were kind to Robin and Stone. He says Robin doesnít allow him into that part of her life; she never talks about it. Lisa retrospectively thinks she should have been tougher that night that Jason Morgan threatened Ronnie Dimestico with a gun. Patrick says it would not matter because Robin will always defend Sonny and Jason. Lisa says she doesnít think it is unreasonable for Patrick to want access to that part of Robinís life since it is so important to her.

At Kellyís, Steve tells Robin that Patrick doesnít understand her loyalty to Sonny. She says that is because Patrick wasnít there and didnít see it. She says she wouldnít have been able to get through Stoneís death and her HIV status without Sonny. She says she canít do anything about it if Patrick canít understand that she will always see the good in Sonny. He asks her if Stone is a boundary line to remind Patrick that she is HIV-Positive but Patrick is not and will therefore never understand.

At Johnnyís garage, Lucky takes a phone call. When he hangs up, he tells Luke that Sonnyís arraignment is not going well and that they are trying to revoke his bail. Luke says that means Jason is planning to bust him out. He says this puts Lucky in a bad situation because if this escalates, others will move in and try to fill the void. He says Lucky will have to balance his job and the dangers that come with it against his family. He tells Lucky he has to get himself together before things get ugly.

In the courtroom, Clare asks Dante how someone with his expertise with firearms can manage to jam a gun and shoot himself. Alexis objects, saying the prosecutor is badgering her own witness. Diane says that Ms. Walsh obviously thinks her witness is lying, so she moves to have all of his testimony stricken and all charges against Sonny dropped. Judge Carroll tells Clare to wrap it up. She has no further questions. The judge tells Dante he may step down. Clare reminds the judge of Sonnyís resources and officially asks that bail be revoked. Judge Carroll calls a brief recess to review. He tells everyone not to go far as it shouldnít take long.

At Kellyís, Robin tells Steve that she wouldnít have believed it if someone had told her 10 years ago that she would be married with a child now. She says she had decided that her HIV status made relationships too difficult until she met Patrick. Steve asks her why she doesnít include him in all aspects of her life, including her past. She says she isnít excluding him; she just doesnít want her past to define her. Steve tells her that Patrick loves her and that is just a small part of who she is to Patrick. She says it isnít Patrick; it is her. She says she is reminded of her status every day with the pills and the precautions that she has to take. She says talking about Stone and Sonny brings up emotional baggage. She considers that she might keep that from Patrick because she wants her life to be normal.

At Warehouse 21, Johnny is crouching behind crates dodging gunfire. Ethan arrives and crouches next to Johnny. He asks Johnny if he planned a way out when he broke in. Johnny says it would have been nice if Ethan had created a diversion instead of a second target.
At Johnnyís garage, Luke tells Lucky that a South American vacation is looking better and better. He says they can swing by the casino, pick up Ethan, and leave tonight. Lucky says he has to take care of this. Luke warns Lucky to be careful because Sonny is desperate. He says Lucky has to separate his anger about Elizabeth from his job; otherwise, he is liable to make bad choices and end up splattered all over the sidewalk. Lucky tells Luke he worries too much and then he leaves.

Jason, Max, Milo, and Sam are standing outside of the court building. Jason is on the phone with Spinelli confirming that he knows what to do. Spinelli confirms that he is locking all access doors between the courthouse and the police station so Sonny will have to be taken out through the front door. Jason tells Milo to create a diversion by pretending to attack Sam as soon as he sees Sonny at the bottom of the steps. He tells Max to grab Sonny and bring him to a car that Jason points out. Jason says he will then drive Sonny to the interstate. Jason tells Milo to run for it and go back to Sonnyís place because Sam will pretend she was really mugged. Sam gives Milo her purse and tells him to ditch it somewhere. Jason tells Spinelli that he really appreciates his help and that he could not do this without him.

In the courtroom, Jax tells Clare that all she accomplished was giving Dante the chance to say that the shooting was accidental. She tells him that the judge can read between the lines. She says Jax may have pulled strings to get her assigned to this case but she will try it her way.

On the other side of the courtroom, Alexis asks Diane what she thinks. Diane says she thinks Alexis shouldnít stand too close to Sonny when they leave the building, she shouldnít see anything, and she should get out of the way if anything unexpected happens.

Sonny goes to the back of the courtroom and extends his hand to Dante. Instead of shaking Sonnyís hand, Dante stands up. Sonny says he appreciates what Dante did. Dante says Sonny isnít going to prison because Dante botched his arrest; he is going to prison because he killed Claudia. Sonny tells him he understands. He says goodbye before returning to his seat. Diane tells him that he is giving the prosecution ammunition when he talks to Dante. Sonny says he might not see Dante again. Diane says she didnít hear that.

Judge Carroll returns to the courtroom. Jax tells Clare that something is going on. He says Sonny will run if his bail is revoked. She assures him that will not happen on her watch.

Judge Carroll addresses Sonny directly. He explains that if his bail agreement remains intact, he will be free until his trial is over but if it is revoked, he will be taken to jail immediately and remain in custody until the trial is over. He asks Sonny if he understands this and Sonny says yes. The judge says he has made his decision.

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