GH Update Thursday 2/25/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/25/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At Sonnyís house, Michael says he doesnít understand how going on trial for Claudiaís murder makes Sonny a better father. Jason explains that Sonny is trying to make up for all the times he didnít protect Michael. Michael says that Sonny taking the blame for something Michael did will not change anything. Jason says he understands that it is complicated, but Sonny wants it this way. Michael asks Jason if he would allow Sonny take the blame for him.

Lulu is in Danteís hospital room monitoring the news for information about Sonnyís arraignment. Mac enters with a subpoena for Dante, saying the Federal prosecutor wants him to testify at the arraignment.

Johnny surprises Olivia at Metro court. He asks her to ditch work and go home with him. She reminds him that she told him she wants nothing to do with the mob. She asks him if this means he has given up on starting a war with Sonny. Johnny quips that it is only a war if the other side shoots back. She tells him he has to respect her position on this. He assures her that he respects her and that he loves her, but neither of them will change their minds. He tells her that he canít believe there is no room between black and white on this. She tells him there is no room for denial. She says she tried that already and it almost got her kid killed by his own father. She says that he should know better than anyone that that is how the mob works. She says she canít walk down that road again.

At Sonnyís arraignment, Diane Miller reminds the judge that bail was already granted for her client. The Federal prosecutor, Clare Walsh protests that the game has changed because it is her case now and she would have not made that agreement if she had been in charge from the beginning. She argues that Sonny Corinthos is the epitome of the term ďflight risk.Ē Alexis stands up in the gallery and objects. She says she assumes Ms. Walsh passed the bar, so she should know that you donít change an agreed-upon motion during an arraignment just because she doesnít like it. Judge Carroll tells her that it is compelling but she is not part of these proceedings. Diane glares at Alexis and quietly tells her to sit down. Alexis apologizes and returns to her seat. Ms. Walsh tells the judge that if he allows Sonny to leave, he will not return to court.

In Danteís hospital room, he asks Mac why the Federal prosecutor wants his testimony at an arraignment. Mac says it is now a bail hearing with a new prosecutor who thinks Dominicís testimony will add credibility to her argument that Sonny is a flight risk. Lulu agrees that Sonny could leave anytime he wants. Mac adds that Sonny has the resources to live on the lam in the manner to which he is accustomed. Lulu asks Dante if this is about the access he had to Sonnyís business when he was undercover. Dante says yes. Lulu tells Mac that Dante is still recovering. Mac points out that there is a release form among the papers requiring a doctorís signature. He says that if Dante isnít cleared to go to court, they will come here to the hospital to take his statement.

At General Hospital, Patrick tells Robin that thanks to her, he is able to release his patient a week early. She is surprised that he is sharing credit. Steve Webber and Lisa enter the triage giggling. Steve says it is going to be fun. Robin asks him what is going to be fun. Lisa reminds her that she and Steve are going to a Tom McGraw concert. Patrick says he canít imagine them having fun in the nosebleed seats after she has become accustomed to the primo seats that the A&R guy gets her. Steve observes to Patrick that he almost sounded jealous. Robin says Patrick is just mad because you can see Tom McGraw from anywhere. She says the next concert they are going to will be the Philharmonic. Lisa adds that they will go in Patrickís trusty minivan. Steve says Patrick is whipped already, after being married only a year. Mac enters the triage and Robin asks what brings him there. He tells her he came to serve a subpoena. She asks him if the process servers union is on strike. He tells her it is a sensitive situation involving his newest detective. Patrick wonders if he means Dante. Mac says yes, they want him at Sonnyís arraignment. Robin asks if they donít think that it is too much of a burden to ask him to testify against his own father.

Ethan is teaching Kristina to play poker at a table in Kellyís. Sam enters and joins them. She asks Kristina if their mom knows about this. Kristina tells her sister not to be ridiculous; their mom would freak out. Kristina says it is amazing that Ethan can tell your next move just by watching your face. Sam tells Kristina that she is not hard to read. Sam tells Ethan to deal her in. Kristinaís receives a text message so she asks Ethan to deal her out this round. She goes outside to call Keifer back and tells him that something has come up so she wonít be able to meet him. Meanwhile, Sam tells Ethan that he must know Kristina has a crush on him. He says it is pretty hard to miss. Sam asks him why he is encouraging Kristina.

At Sonnyís house, Jason explains to Michael that his relationship with Sonny is all business. He says it is impossible for Sonny to take the fall for him because his job is to take the risks and accept the consequences if he is caught. Michael says that is a one sided deal. Jason says it has to be that way; for the organization to run, Sonny has to be protected. He says it is the opposite with Michael. Sonny has to take risks to protect Michael. Michael says he knows that, but it doesnít mean that Sonny has any faith in him. Jason explains that this has nothing to do with Sonny believing in Michael. He says Sonny wants Michael to have chances that Sonny never had. He says Sonny has not always been able to come through for Michael, but he can now, and he wants to do it so Michael should let him.

At Metro Court, Olivia suggests that Johnny look at the mess that Sonny has made of his life. She tells him that Sonny isnít just some evil man that doesnít care about who he hurts; he feels pain. She says Sonny is constantly filled with regret and he has dug himself in so deep that he will never get out. She says Johnny is fooling himself if he thinks the same thing wonít happen to him. Johnny tells her that he will never be anything like Sonny. She tells him he doesnít see that he is about to embark on the same path. He tells her he loves her and he wants her to take this ride with him. He says if it doesnít happen tonight, he will ask her again tomorrow.

Jax calls Clare Walsh from his table at Metro Court. He leaves a voicemail message wishing her luck. He says he hopes she plans to start out strong. He says he has a lot riding on this. Everett Dawson, the old prosecutor comes in and asks Jax who he called to have him booted from this case. Jax asks him to keep his voice down. Everett asks him why he arranged for his case to go to Clare Walsh. Jax answers that Clare is the best. He says he put everything on the line to ensure that Sonny was on the line and he canít let it all be for nothing. He says failure is not an option and Clare is the prosecutor that can stop Sonny.

In the courtroom, Clare Walsh says Sonny has assets hidden all over the world including estates in countries that have no extradition agreements with the U.S. Diane interjects that the prosecutor is speculating. She says her client could have left town at any time but he did not. Clare says Sonny had reason to stay close until now because his son had been shot. Diane objects, saying the prosecutor is attempting to turn an arraignment into a trial. Sonny asks the judge for a moment with his attorney. He tells Diane to ask for a recess. Both Diane and Alexis advise him that a recess at this moment is not a good idea but Sonny tells Diane that she works for him and she will do as he says. Diane concedes and asks for the recess. Alexis tells Sonny he just showed the court how he rolls.

At Kellyís Ethan tells Sam that he was not encouraging Kristina; he was being nice to a mixed up kid with daddy issues and a jerk for a boyfriend. Sam tells him she agrees that Keifer is bad news but reminds him that girls her age tend to lose their heads when cute boys pay attention to them so he may be giving her the wrong signals. He tells Sam that he didnít intend to lead Kristina on. He agrees to tone it down a bit. Kristina comes back inside and Ethan says he has to get back to work. She asks him when they can schedule another poker lesson but he says he doesnít think it is a good idea. He tells her that she is a sweet girl but sheís a little too young to hang around with a guy like him. He leaves and she demands to know if Sam is responsible.

Jason and Michael are sitting on the couch at Sonnyís house when Sonny calls him and says he needs him in the courtroom. Jason tells Sonny he is on his way. He tells Michael to stay there. As he goes out the door, Jason tells Max to make sure that Michael stays put because they canít allow him to go to the courthouse and confess.

At the courthouse, Alexis introduces herself to Clare. She says she understood that Everett Dawson would be the prosecutor of record. Clare says their superiors decided that she would be a better fit. Alexis says the suddenness makes her wonder what prompted the change. It becomes clear to Alexis when Jax enters the court. She asks him what he did. Meanwhile, Diane suggests that Sonny go sit with Clare Walsh so he can help her from up close. He asks her what the chances are that the judge will revoke his bail. She says the chances are good now. He says they both know that this recess is the only thing between him and a prison cell and he is telling her that he is not going.

In Danteís hospital room, he tells Lulu that he isnít surprised about the subpoena because he knew he would have to testify against Sonny. He just didnít know it would be this soon. She tells him not to compromise his recovery if he is too stressed to do this. Steve Webber comes in and says he heard that Dante was subpoenaed but he will not sign off on it until they do another round of tests. Lulu goes to get a change of clothes for Dante to wear to court. Robin comes into Danteís room and tells him that she wants to share something with him about his father.

Johnny Zacchara exits the elevator on Danteís floor at the hospital. Lulu asks him to come another time if he is here to see Dante. He asks her if something is wrong. She reveals that Dante has had a parade of pro-Sonny visitors trying to convince him that he shouldnít testify against Sonny. She says she knows that Johnny wants Dante to crucify Sonny, but Dante doesnít need the stress right now. Johnny asks her what she thinks the odds are that Dante will testify against his father.

At the courthouse, Diane tells Sonny that she doesnít want to know what Sonny is planning but she wants him to promise her that he will not be his own worst enemy when the arraignment resumes. Jason enters and asks if the arraignment is over. Diane wants to know what he is doing there. Sonny tells her that he asked Jason to come. Diane tells Jason to get out of the building before the prosecutor sees him and slaps a subpoena in his hand. Jason doesnít understand. Diane explains that Everett Dawson is no longer the prosecutor, that he was replaced by Clare Walsh, and that she is trying to get Sonnyís bail revoked. Sonny tells her that he needs a second alone with Jason. Diane throws up her hands and storms off. Sonny tells Jason that he needs to get out of the country tonight.

Meanwhile in another corridor of the court building, Jax asks Alexis if she wants an apology or something from him. Alexis concludes that Jax is indeed responsible for the change of prosecutors. He admits that he called in some favors to replace Dawson with someone who can win the case. Alexis asks him if it had occurred to him that Sonny being in prison might not be the best thing for everyone involved. She asks him if he would consider backing off from Sonny for Michael, Morgan, and Kristina.

At Kellyís, Kristina asks Sam how she could do this to her. She says Ethan liked her but then after five minutes with Sam, he couldnít get away fast enough. She asks her why she wants to mess things up for her; after all Sam wants her to get away from Keifer. Sam says she still thinks that Kristina shouldnít be with Keifer if he doesnít make her feel the way she wants to feel. She clarifies that she didnít mean that Kristina should jump to another man. She tells her that Ethan is not the answer; he is way too old for her. Kristina says she canít believe Sam is saying that when Sam had a thing with Kristinaís dad. Sam says the difference is that she was an adult at the time and Kristina is a teenager. Kristina says she is not a baby and Sam had no right to scare Ethan away. She tells Sam that she doesnít know if she will ever forgive her for this as she storms out of the restaurant.

At General Hospital, Lulu tells Johnny that he appears to be confusing her with her father. She says she isnít going to make bets on whether Dante will testify or not. She says it is Danteís decision. Johnny says he knows this must be difficult for her because he knows how fond she was of Sonny. She says he hates him now and hopes they put him away forever, but like it or not, Sonny is Danteís father and he has to react accordingly. Johnny says he hopes Lulu knows that Dante is lucky to have her by his side. She laughs and says she does know that and she tells Dante that all the time. Lulu tells Johnny that Sonny could still slide, in spite of Danteís testimony. She says they could have a video of Sonny killing Claudia and he could still slip through the cracks. Johnny tells her that regardless of that happens in court, he has the feeling that Sonny will get whatís coming to him.

In Danteís hospital room, Robin Scorpio is showing Dante an old photograph. He asks her who the man in the picture with her is. She tells him it is Stone Cates and that Stone was is real name. She tells him that Stone was a street kid that Sonny took in and took care of. She says Stone was her first love and they were happy until they found out that Stone had contracted AIDS from an ex-girlfriend. Dante tells her that is rough. Robin says it would have been a lot worse if Sonny hadnít stepped in, taken care of him, and paid his medical bills. She says that not long after Stone died in Sonnyís home, she discovered that she was HIV-Positive and Sonny was there for her. She tells him that everyone else thinks Sonny is a heartless mobster but he is the kindest, most generous person she has ever met. Patrick arrives at Danteís door and overhears Robin talking so he hesitates at the door to eavesdrop. Dante tells her he has noticed the Stone Cates AIDS wing at General Hospital. She tells him that Sonny funded the wing as a tribute to Stone. She says that is who Sonny is. Patrick bursts into the room and says he needs to speak her, so they step outside into the hallway.

At the courthouse, Sonny tells Jason that going to prison was never part of the plan. Jason asks him if he thinks his bail will be revoked today. Sonny tells him that both Diane and Alexis said this prosecutor is a force to be reckoned with and he can see the fire in her belly. He says anything can change at any moment so he needs Jason to have a contingency plan in place.

In another corridor of the courthouse, Clare Walsh makes a phone call while Jax asks Alexis who she is and when she started flying Sonnyís banner. Alexis tells him that Sonny is her daughterís father and her daughter has serious daddy issues. She says Kristina doesnít know from one minute to the next whether she loves or hates her father. Jax says that is one more reason to send Sonny up to Sing-Sing. Alexis says she is sure Jax can appreciate that she doesnít want her daughter to have to deal with the fact that her father is in prison for murder. She says that is why she is flying Sonnyís banner and she wishes Jax would pick one up too. Jax tells her that will never happen. He tells her that the kids will get over it because Alexis and Carly are good parents and they will make sure the kids are ok. He tells her that he will continue doing what he has been doing to make sure that Sonny goes down this time. Alexis makes her way back into the courtroom and as she passes Clare, she warns her that she is walking into a hornetís nest. She says she knows that Jax recruited her for personal reasons. Clare says nothing clouds judgment like emotion and she can use that. She thanks Alexis for the tip and walks away.

Johnny goes to the Haunted Star and asks Ethan if he can start a card game but Ethan says they are closed. Johnny says a private game is even better so Ethan takes a bottle and two glasses over to the poker table. Johnny places a stack of cash on the table and tells Ethan that there are other ways to make money. Ethan guesses that Johnny is talking about Sonny Corinthos. He asks Johnny if he has a death wish, and what makes him think Ethan does.

At Sonnyís house, Max asks Michael help him with the college basketball projections. He says March Madness is around the corner and he has been known to make a killing by himself but he could do better with some statistical skill. Michael says he knows Max is trying to keep him occupied so that he will forget about going to court. Kristina enters and announces that she needs to talk to Michael alone. Max steps out into the foyer. Michael tells Kristina that she should be at court right now because someone has to be there for their father but he is Maxís captive and Morgan is too young. She asks him to tell her that he isnít still thinking about confessing to Claudiaís murder. He tells her that it is the right thing to do. She disagrees. She tells him to think of all the horrible things their father has done to him. She says that taking the blame for Claudia is the only decent thing their father has ever done.

At General Hospital, Robin tells Patrick that she canít believe he pulled her out of Danteís room like that. He says he canít believe she was trying to influence whether Dante testifies against Sonny or not. Robin says Dante needed to hear what she had to say because he needed to have a balanced view of who Sonny is. Patrick tells her that it had nothing to do with Dante; it was her protecting Sonny and hoping Dante would change his mind. She admits that she was hoping that. She asks what good can come from Dante having to deal with the guilt. Patrick tells her that it is none of her business.

Lulu returns to Danteís hospital room with a garment bag. She asks him if he is ok. He asks her if she has ever heard of Stone Cates. She says yes, but she didnít know him. Dante says Robin just stopped by and told him Stoneís story. After he recaps the story, he tells her that he knows what she is thinking, but Lulu tells him it is his choice.

Jason returns to the penthouse. Sam is talking on the phone to Spinelli so Jason takes her phone and tells Spinelli to drop what he is doing and get to the penthouse. Sam asks him what is wrong. He tells her that Sonnyís bail could be revoked today and they cannot allow Sonny to be taken into custody. Sam concludes that Jason intends to break Sonny free.

At the courthouse, the arraignment resumes. Diane concedes to Judge Carroll that Sonny has holdings all over the world but she asserts that his ties are here with his children. Alexis asks Diane if she wants to talk about the philanthropy. Judge Carroll tells Alexis that she can either have herself added as an attorney of record or she can sit down and be quiet. Clare Walsh gloats.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan says he isnít plugged into mob politics but he gets the gist of it. Sonny treated Johnnyís sister like garbage and then killed her so Johnny wants payback. Johnny asks if Ethan thinks that is wrong. Ethan says no, he has had a sister for less than a year but if someone were to kill her, he would want them to rot in hell. He wonders why Johnny doesnít let the courts take care of it since the evidence against Sonny is compelling. Johnny says that will be retribution for the law system, but he wants retribution of his own. He says that Sonny catching up on his reading and spooning with his cellmate doesnít cut it. He says he wants to take away everything that is important to Sonny, starting with his power. He says he wants to dismantle everything that Sonny has built. He says Sonny might end up in prison, but he will definitely end up alone. He says justice would be for Sonny to end up just like Anthony Zacchara.

Lulu helps Dante put on his suit jacket in his hospital room. He groans in pain. Patrick enters and says he hears that Dante is wanted in court. Dante says he is just waiting for Dr Webber to sign his papers. Patrick takes the papers and asks Dante if he is ready for this. Dante says he will be fine with Lulu there to help him. Patrick signs the papers and tells Dante he is good to go. Dante says he thought Patrick was friends with Sonny. Patrick says he used to like Sonny. Dante says Robin seems to be invested in Sonny. Patrick agrees that she is, but doesnít see the relevance. Dante says he didnít think Patrick would want him to testify. Patrick asserts that it is none of his business. Lulu says that is a refreshing point of view. Patrick tells Dante that he doesnít envy the position that he is in. he advises him to do what he needs to do and make sure he can live with himself.

At the triage station, Dr. Webber tells Dr. Scorpio that Danteís test results look good. He then observes to her that she looks almost disappointed. She admits that she was hoping that they could have isolated Dante from the prosecutor for a medical reason to give him more time. Steve sees Dante and Lulu headed to the elevator and tells them that he hasnít signed the release. Dante tells him that Dr. Drake took care of it. They get on the elevator. Steve asks Patrick where he gets off and says Patrick canít release Steveís patients. Patrick asks Steve if the test results indicated a problem. Steve says no, but Patrick didnít know that. Patrick says Dante will not suffer any ill effects from testifying in court. Robin says Patrick just wanted him out of the hospital before she could talk to him again. Patrick admits that that is part of the reason.

At Jasonís penthouse, he tells Sam that if Sonnyís bail is revoked, they will have to get him out between when he leaves the courthouse and when he arrives at lockup because it will be impossible to get him out once he is processed at lockup.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan says he has never been one for revenge. He says he finds that the pursuit of revenge tends to cloud judgment. Johnny tells Ethan that luckily it isnít his fight so he has nothing to worry about. Ethan says that so far he is not intrigued at all. Johnny says easy money is waiting for him at Warehouse 21 where a big Corinthos shipment is waiting to be taken. Ethan asks him when this would happen. Johnny says right now, while all of Sonnyís people are distracted by his arraignment.

Lisa arrives at the triage station at General Hospital. Steve Webber tells Patrick and Robin that they need to go on record before this becomes a domestic dispute. He tells Patrick he doesnít care what point he was trying to make or what ulterior motives he had, he over stepped; he could have jeopardized the patient. Steve tells him not to let it happen again and he walks away. Lisa looks on while Robin tells Patrick that he tried to undermine her. He tells her he didnít try; he did it. Robin says she only wanted Dante to have more time to think about it. Patrick says she wanted Dante to think about it long enough to start believing Sonny is a saint like she does. He tells her it isnít going to happen because Dante worked for Sonny for a while and the rose-colored glasses are off. He tells her that all the kindness Sonny showed Stone doesnít change the fact that Sonny looked an unarmed man in the eye and shot him at point blank range. Robin protests that there were extenuating circumstances. He tells her that it doesnít matter. He says Dante is a big boy and he can handle this on his own.

In the courtroom, Diane Miller tells Judge Carroll that Sonny Corinthos has longstanding ties to the community and is one of Port Charlesí most generous philanthropists. She says that he has not attempted to flee the jurisdiction in fact, if her were a flight risk he would already be gone. Clare Walsh begs the court not to overlook the fact that Sonny Corinthos regularly engages in criminal activity. She says he is ruthless and self-serving and she can guarantee that his plans do not include a life sentence in prison. She says he will run if he thinks the trial is going against him. Dante and Lulu enter the courtroom. Seeing them standing there, Clare Walsh says she is prepared to cite specific examples of Mr. Corinthosí offshore holdings. She calls Detective Dante Falconari to the stand.

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