GH Update Wednesday 2/24/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/24/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Jason returns to the penthouse. Sam is asleep on the living room couch. Sam awakens, thankful that Jason is back. Jason talks about the situation with Johnny. Jason knows that Johnny will do anything to have Sonny convicted. Sam worries that Jason will have to kill Johnny at some point.

At the Metro Court, Jax meets with an attorney named Claire. Jax is thankful that Claire showed up. They sit down for a meal. Claire brings up her attorney rates. Olivia appears and butts into the conversation. Jax introduces Olivia to Claire. Olivia inquires about Carly. Jax remains silent. Claire is surprised that Jax never said he was married. Jax laughs nervously. Olivia rambles on about Jax’s commitments to his wife and newborn daughter. Jax wishes Olivia would leave. Olivia says that she won’t tell Carly about Jax’s meeting with Claire. Olivia walks away. Jax comments to Claire that he made the right choice in contacting her. Jax speaks about Sonny’s trial. Claire is adamant that she can go up against Diane Miller. Jax asserts that Claire will be the one to send Sonny to prison.

Michael runs into Johnny outside of Kelly’s. Johnny thinks that Michael is having a hard time with Sonny’s approaching trial. Michael hints that someone else killed Claudia. Johnny will never forgive Sonny for badmouthing Claudia at her birthday party. Johnny will make it his mission to send Sonny to prison. Michael is mad that Johnny kept quiet about Dante. Johnny feels that he needed to remain silent because Sonny would have ordered a hit on him. Mike walks by, with the help of a cane. Mike speaks to Johnny in private. Johnny speaks about his concerns regarding Michael. Johnny warns Mike that Michael’s frame-of-mind is fragile right now.

At home, Sonny quickly scans the newspaper and cringes at the headline. Diane rushes in to talk about the case. Diane doesn’t like how Sonny is dressed. Sonny asks Diane about the arraignment. Diane is trying everything to have the trial delayed. Jason walks in. Diane tells Jason that he will very likely be called to the witness stand. Diane advises Sonny to change his shirt before the arraignment. Diane leaves. Sonny and Jason briefly speak about Diane’s concerns with the trial. Michael interrupts the conversation. Jason leaves Michael and Sonny to talk. Sonny blames himself for allowing Claudia into their lives. Sonny maintains that he needs to take the fall for Claudia’s death. Sonny wants Michael to support his decision.

At the hospital, Epiphany is in a bad mood. Robin and Lisa ask what’s wrong. Epiphany wants the doctors to finish with their paperwork so she can punch out early. Patrick eavesdrops on the conversation. Lisa bribes Epiphany by offering to get her Beyonce tickets. Epiphany excitedly agrees to the idea. Patrick hopes that Lisa can come through with the tickets. Robin bets Patrick that Lisa won’t get them. Patrick tells Steven about the bet. Epiphany is eavesdropping. Lisa appears and tells Epiphany to check her e-mail inbox. Epiphany is delighted to find that she has two VIP tickets to the concert, courtesy of Lisa. Lisa mentions to Patrick that she got the tickets from Jimmy Gage, a former boyfriend. Patrick asks Robin to pay up. Lisa is offended that Robin would bet against her.

Kristina is working on homework in the Davis living room. Alexis wonders why Kristina isn’t at school. Kristina says that she has the day off. There is a knock on the front door. It’s Kiefer. Alexis covers for Kristina yet again. When Kiefer leaves, Alexis advises Kristina to work things out with her boyfriend.

Alexis shows up at the courthouse to help Diane. Alexis wants to run things her way but Diane insists that she’s in charge. Diane wants Alexis to keep Kristina in mind while helping with the case. Alexis doesn’t want her personal life brought up in court. Sonny arrives. Diane tells Sonny that he looks “fabulous” since he changed his shirt. Sonny is surprised to see Alexis is helping Diane. Alexis explains that Kristina will be devastated if Sonny’s convicted.

Mike is working in the back room of Kelly’s. Kristina appears. Kristina helps her grandfather in the kitchen. Mike brings up the subjects of Dante and Sonny’s arraignment. Kristina implies that Sonny should pay for his crimes. Mike feels he has “failed as a father” but still loves Sonny very much. Kristina thanks Mike for the talk. Kristina leaves the back room and runs into Kiefer. Kiefer asks why Kristina’s been avoiding him. Kristina believes that Kiefer will hit her again. Kiefer tries to convince Kristina that he has changed. Kiefer asks Kristina to a movie. Kristina reluctantly agrees to the suggestion. Kiefer leaves just as Ethan is walking in. Kristina says hello to Ethan. From outside the diner, Kiefer watches in disgust.

Johnny is summoned to Jason’s place. Sam says that she wants to talk. Sam fears that Jason will go after Johnny if he continues to get in the way. Johnny wants Sonny to pay for Claudia’s death. Sam believes that vengeance isn’t going to change anything. Sam fears that Johnny will make everything worse. Johnny admits that he’s tired of the situation but wants justice for his sister.

In the police station’s interrogation room, Mac speaks to the lead prosecutor in Sonny’s case. Mac worries that Sonny will be acquitted. Mac leaves the room. Claire walks in and announces that she’s taking over the Corinthos case. The prosecutor laughs at the idea. Claire threatens to tell everyone about the man’s affair with an intern. The prosecutor doesn’t hesitate to back off from the case. Claire is thrilled that she’ll be the one prosecuting Sonny.

At the hospital, Epiphany is being extra nice to Lisa. Patrick and Robin quarrel about the bet. Patrick hints that Robin can pay him back with sex. Lisa is bothered to see that Patrick and Robin are so affectionate. Lisa flirts with Steven to make Patrick jealous.

Michael and Jason get into an argument in the Corinthos living room. Michael can’t sit still while Sonny is being arraigned. Jason advises Michael to stay quiet about his involvement in Claudia’s murder. Michael doesn’t think that his father has any faith in him. Jason points out that the trial is a way for Sonny to redeem himself.

At Kelly’s, Ethan shows Kristina how to play poker. Ethan reminds Kristina to have a poker face. Kristina flirts with Ethan. Sam enters the diner. Sam is surprised to see Kristina and Ethan together.

In the courtroom, Claire walks in and announces that she’ll be the one who sends Sonny to prison. Diane and Alexis are visibly worried. The judge walks in. Judge Peter Carroll briefly speaks to the court. Sonny pleads not guilty. Claire wants bail to be revoked since Sonny is a flight risk.

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