GH Update Tuesday 2/23/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/23/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Dante is sitting in his hospital bed when Maxie rushes into the room. Maxie bluntly asks Dante if he is playing Lulu. Dante doesn’t appreciate Maxie’s probing questions. Dante insists that his feelings for Lulu are genuine. Maxie rambles on and continues to interrogate Dante about past relationships. Dante has no intentions of telling Maxie about his love life. Maxie believes that Dante is very good at lying. Maxie worries that Dante is just like Sonny. Dante is offended that Maxie would compare him to Sonny. Dante says that he learned to respect women from a young age. Dante thinks that Sonny is disrespectful towards women in general. Maxie isn’t convinced. Maxie fears that genetics will cause Dante to break Lulu’s heart. Maxie speaks of her strained relationship with Felicia. Dante feels sorry that Maxie doesn’t get along with her mom. Maxie brings up the issue of genetics, hinting that Dante could have some of Sonny’s bad traits. Dante is mad that Olivia lied about his paternity but maintains that she raised him right. Maxie hopes that Dante is telling the truth about his feelings for Lulu. Maxie warns that Dante will be in big trouble if he hurts Lulu.

At the Haunted Star, Luke, Tracy, and Ethan are having a conversation. Luke brings up that the Spencers love danger in their lives. Luke is adamant that Ethan must not get involved in mob dealings. Luke warns Ethan to watch out. Lulu walks in and talks about Dante. Lulu insists that Dante loves her. Tracy doesn’t believe Dante is being sincere. Tracy brings up Sonny’s long list of women. Luke doesn’t want to lecture Lulu. Lulu believes that Sonny and Dante are nothing alike. Tracy points out that Luke and Ethan are exactly the same even though Luke didn’t raise his son. Lulu maintains that Dante is nothing like his father. Tracy laughs at Lulu’s words. Lulu wants Luke and Ethan to back her up. Luke defends his daughter but adds that he is worried since Dante is a cop.

After having sex in the living room, Johnny asks Olivia to close her eyes. Johnny announces that he has a surprise for Olivia. Johnny presents Olivia with an expensive necklace. Olivia comments that the necklace is “beautiful”. Olivia wonders where Johnny found the money to buy such a pricey gift. Johnny is evasive toward Olivia’s questions. Johnny and Olivia have a heart-to-heart chat while eating a pasta dinner. Olivia admits that she has missed alone time with Johnny. Olivia is thankful that things are getting back to normal. Olivia suggests that she and Johnny make a pact to concentrate on their relationship. Johnny agrees and they kiss. Olivia confides that she has been so stressed about Dante. Olivia is still concerned about Dante’s safety. Olivia feels liberated now that she doesn’t have to lie anymore.

At Pier 52, Jason and Lucky talk about the Corinthos shipment that got hijacked. Neither Jason nor Lucky know who is to blame. Jason brings up Ethan’s run-in with Max and Milo.

Kiefer calls Kristina at home. Alexis answers the phone. Kristina asks her mother to take a message. Alexis wonders why Kristina is avoiding Kiefer. Kristina insists that she and Kiefer aren’t fighting. Kristina is busy with homework. Diane shows up. Diane is frustrated with Sonny. Kristina mutters that Sonny should be convicted before leaving the room in a hurry. Diane senses that something is wrong with Kristina. Alexis says that Kristina is going through a hard time right now. Diane worries that Sonny will go to prison. Diane needs Alexis’ help. Alexis reminds Diane that she is not joining her law firm. Alexis isn’t comfortable representing criminals. Diane says that Kate and Crimson are her “exclusive clients”. Diane is disappointed that Alexis won’t help. Diane brings up the case against Sonny. Diane explains how Sonny wants to confess, claiming self-defense. Diane says that Alexis should speak to Sonny about his plea, adding that Alexis needs to think of Kristina. Alexis is resolute that Sonny cannot lie on the stand. Alexis advises Diane to find a way to have Sonny acquitted. They talk about different self-defense scenarios that could be presented at trial. Alexis worries that Carly will be unpredictable on the witness stand. Diane doesn’t want to quarrel about Sonny so she tells Alexis that she has to leave. Diane shows Alexis her new designer bag before leaving the Davis home.

At the penthouse, Spinelli and Sam talk about her testimony at the trial. Spinelli points out that the lawyers will look for discrepancies in her statement. Spinelli doesn’t want Sam to commit perjury. Jason returns and asks Spinelli to pull up the security footage from Pier 52. Jason has a hunch as to who hijacked the shipment. Jason leaves the penthouse. Spinelli discovers that Johnny was at the warehouse. Sam questions why Johnny would be there. Sam knows that Jason and Johnny enjoyed each other’s company at one time. Spinelli feels sorry for Johnny. Spinelli thinks that Johnny wants vengeance for Claudia’s murder. Sam comments that Johnny must have a “death wish”.

At the casino, Lulu continues to defend Dante. Lulu plans on supporting Dante no matter what. Luke doesn’t want his daughter to get hurt. Lulu asks Luke and Tracy to give Dante a chance. Luke says that Lulu’s love life isn’t their business. Ethan wants nothing to do with the family drama. Lucky walks in. Lulu expects Lucky to badmouth Dante. However, Lucky wishes the best for his sister. Lulu is surprised by Lucky’s words. Lulu thanks Lucky before leaving the Haunted Star. Ethan pipes in that he doesn’t care who Lulu dates. Lucky brings up the hijacked shipment at Pier 52. Ethan relays that he ran into Max and Milo at the warehouse but quickly left the area. Lucky senses that Ethan isn’t telling him everything. Luke remains quiet. Once Lucky is gone, Luke asks Ethan why he’s protecting Johnny Zacchara. Ethan insists that he isn’t. Luke wants to meet with Carlos since he still needs the cigars. Tracy feels like Luke isn’t taking the situation seriously regarding Lulu and Dante. Tracy storms out of the casino. Luke advises Ethan to watch out for Sonny and his guards. Ethan laughs but reassures his father that he will.

At home, Olivia admires her necklace while drinking red wine. Johnny reenters the living room and says that Olivia is his “queen”. Olivia thinks that Johnny is trying to seduce her. There is a loud knock on the door. Olivia answers. It’s Jason. Jason says that he’s been trying to reach Johnny all night. Jason hands Johnny the bullet casing found at Pier 52. Johnny remains silent. Jason asks if he and Johnny need to speak in private. Olivia replies that the men can speak freely in front of her. Jason warns Johnny to back off. Johnny is sickened that Jason continues to be loyal to Sonny. Johnny threatens that Sonny will pay for Claudia’s death. After Jason leaves, Olivia tells Johnny that he can return the necklace. Olivia isn’t happy that Johnny is putting his life in danger. Olivia feels “stuck in the middle” between Johnny and Sonny. Johnny maintains that Sonny needs to lose everything. Olivia is fairly confident that Johnny will end up dead if he continues to go after Sonny. Olivia promises that she won’t stick around to see Johnny get killed. Johnny says that he needs to leave. Johnny tells Olivia that he loves her before leaving the apartment.

Maxie shows up at the penthouse. Maxie grabs Spinelli and kisses him. Maxie appreciates that Spinelli is “honest and trustworthy”. Maxie vents about her concerns regarding Lulu. Maxie fears that Dante is going to break Lulu’s heart. Spinelli says that it’s Lulu’s decision whether she wants to get close to Dante. Maxie reminds Spinelli that Lulu has had bad luck with relationships. Maxie is thankful that Spinelli is so faithful to her. Maxie proclaims that Spinelli is the love of her life.

Lulu enters Dante’s hospital room. Lulu is freaking out about her chat with Luke and Tracy. Lulu is questioning whether Dante really cares about her. Dante says that Maxie visited him earlier. Lulu doesn’t want Maxie butting into her personal life. Lulu explains that Tracy isn’t supportive of her relationship with Dante. Lulu admits that she is scared, adding that she’s “relationship-challenged”. Lulu isn’t very optimistic when it comes to love. Dante suggests that he take a “lie-detector test” with Lulu asking him the questions. Dante goes over the tell-tale signs of deception.

At home, Kristina hugs Alexis. Kristina apologizes for her earlier behavior. Kristina suggests that she and Alexis go shopping tomorrow. Alexis is flattered by the offer but tells Kristina that she will be busy with work.

Lucky and Jason meet at Pier 52. Lucky thinks it is funny that Spinelli was able to get the security feed so quickly. Lucky doesn’t think that Ethan hijacked the shipment. Jason announces that Johnny did it. Jason relays that Johnny wants revenge because of what happened to Claudia. Jason wants the cops to handle the situation with Johnny. Lucky realizes that Jason wants the police to bust Johnny so he (Jason) doesn’t have to kill him.

Johnny goes to see Anthony in prison. Johnny wants a meeting set up with the Escobars. Anthony is furious that Johnny screwed up at Pier 52. Johnny doesn’t want his father telling him what to do. Anthony is pleased that Johnny is finally showing his dark side. Johnny reminds Anthony that Sonny will pay for what he did to Claudia.

In the hospital room, Lulu interrogates Dante to see if he is being deceptive. Lulu asks Dante if he loves her. Dante looks away and softly says “no”. It is clearly obvious that Dante is lying. Lulu kisses Dante.

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