GH Update Monday 2/22/10

General Hospital Update Monday 2/22/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the Corinthos house, Olivia and Sonny have a tense conversation about Dante. Sonny wants Olivia’s help with getting through to Dante. Olivia doesn’t want to get involved. Sonny maintains that Olivia owes him for lying about Dante’s paternity. Olivia believes that Sonny isn’t thinking clearly about the situation. Olivia reminds Sonny that he shot his own son. Sonny pipes in that he wouldn’t have shot Dante if he had known the truth. Olivia believes that Sonny will never change. Sonny begs Olivia to speak to Dante but she refuses to do so.

On the hospital roof, Dante asks Jason if he is going to kill him per Sonny’s orders. Dante badmouths Sonny which infuriates Jason. Jason insists that Dante respect Sonny. Jason brings up when Dante worked for Sonny. Jason fears that he is losing his good instincts. Dante proposes a question – would Jason have shot him if he had been in Sonny’s shoes? Lulu shows up and demands to know what Jason’s answer is. Lulu speaks badly about Sonny. Jason defends Sonny’s actions. Jason points out that Sonny will do anything to survive. Jason announces that everything was set for Dante to be killed the day of Josslyn’s christening. Jason tells Dante that Sonny will do anything to have a relationship with his son. Jason leaves the area. Lulu asks Dante if he’s okay. Dante feels tied to Sonny even though he wants to be free.

Nikolas visits Elizabeth at Shadybrook. Nikolas professes his love for Liz. Elizabeth can’t deal with any more emotional drama. Elizabeth is relieved that Lucky has forgiven her. Nikolas continues to speak about his deep feelings for Elizabeth. Elizabeth stresses the point that she is only concerned about her kids right now. Elizabeth mentions that Lucky is helping her through this. Nikolas brings up that the unborn baby could be his. Elizabeth is offended that Nik is only thinking of the baby. Elizabeth wonders if Nikolas thinks that the two of them will end up together. An orderly enters the room and asks if Liz wants some food. Elizabeth tells Nik that she is going to take a nap. Nikolas apologizes for Helena’s upsetting visit. Elizabeth brings up Spencer. Elizabeth thinks that Nik needs to spend more time with his son. Nikolas comments that Liz should take a paternity test as soon as possible. Elizabeth wants to wait until it’s safe. Nikolas explains that it would be better for everyone involved if the paternity was determined soon. Nikolas says the baby is a “blessing” no matter who the father turns out to be. Nikolas leaves the room.

Maxie makes a phone call after getting into a car accident. Maxie is mad so she yells out that the other driver is a “maniac”. Maxie is shocked to find that Lucky was to blame for their car crash. Maxie apologizes for calling Lucky a maniac. Lucky talks about the situation with Elizabeth. Maxie comments about the cut on Lucky’s forehead. Maxie wants Lucky to go to the hospital but he insists that he’ll call a friend. Maxie convinces Lucky to come back to her place.

Ethan runs into Max and Milo at Pier 52. Ethan is looking for Carlos, a man who sells cigars. Ethan nervously laughs at the sight of Sonny’s bodyguards, who suddenly aim a gun in his direction. Ethan explains that he’s looking for Carlos. Max instructs Ethan to leave the premises. Ethan leaves in a hurry. When Ethan returns to the Haunted Star, he brings up his run-in with Max and Milo. Luke and Tracy intently listen to Ethan’s story. Ethan replies that he didn’t see Carlos anywhere in the vicinity. Luke wishes that Ethan would have bolted from the scene before Sonny’s guards threatened his life. Luke doesn’t want Ethan getting involved in the mob. Tracy feels that Luke’s friendship with Sonny doesn’t mean much. Johnny enters the casino, looking to play a game of roulette. Ethan and Johnny make small talk. Ethan is impressed by Johnny’s good luck with the roulette wheel. Johnny confides that Ethan saved his life by showing up when he did at Pier 52, adding that he owes Ethan. Ethan is surprised when Johnny leaves a substantial amount of tip money. In private, Tracy brings up the similarities between Luke & Ethan and Sonny & Dante. Luke doesn’t agree with Tracy’s growing paranoia. Luke walks over to Ethan. Luke is surprised that Johnny left such a good tip. Luke senses that something is wrong so he asks Ethan what’s going on. Ethan informs Luke that Johnny was the “intended target” at Pier 52. Luke isn’t sure that Ethan is telling him everything.

Maxie and Lucky show up at the apartment. Maxie opens a first-aid-kit. Maxie puts a bandage on Lucky’s cut. Lucky thanks Maxie for her help, adding that she doesn’t treat him like an addict. Lucky makes a phone call to have his vehicle towed. Lucky inquires about Maxie’s relationship with Spinelli. Maxie brings up Elizabeth. Lucky announces that Liz is pregnant. Maxie asks who the father is. Lucky is worried about Elizabeth’s state-of-mind. Lucky wants Liz to get well for her children. Lucky confides that he is still angry at Elizabeth. Maxie advises Lucky to start being honest with his feelings. Maxie asks if Lucky is still in love with Liz. Lucky is unsure since their relationship is beyond repair. Lucky has no idea how he can forgive Elizabeth for sleeping with Nikolas. Maxie talks about cheating on Spinelli. Maxie thinks that Lucky can’t forgive Elizabeth if he is still angry. Maxie instructs Lucky to support Elizabeth right now. Lucky gets a phone call. Lucky says that he has to go to Pier 52. Lucky thanks Maxie for her helpful advice regarding the situation with Elizabeth.

Jason shows up at the Corinthos home. Sonny asks Jason to take care of a business matter. Sonny is preoccupied with the situation regarding Dante. Jason says that he ran into Dante on the hospital roof. Jason relays what Dante said. Jason believes that Dante will not hesitate to send Sonny to prison. Sonny is adamant that Jason cannot come after Dante one way or the other.

Dante returns to his hospital room. Lulu is irritated that Dante isn’t taking better care of himself. Dante promises that he won’t wander onto the roof again. Dante is thankful for Lulu’s support. Dante is stressing over the murder trial. Dante paces back and forth in the room after Lulu leaves. Sonny shows up to the dismay of Dante. Dante doesn’t want to listen to any more of Sonny’s excuses. Sonny wonders if Dante blames him for not being there while he grew up. Dante says that he’s grateful that Sonny wasn’t around for his childhood. Dante says that he and Sonny are so different, adding that he doesn’t want anything from his father. Sonny comments on Dante’s anger. Sonny says that he and Dante are a lot alike. Dante cringes at the thought.

Lucky and Jason run into each other at Pier 52. Lucky confides that Elizabeth is pregnant. Lucky believes that Nikolas is the father. Jason is shocked by the news. Lucky explains that he will still be a part of Cameron and Jake’s life regardless of the paternity results. Lucky changes the subject. Lucky brings up the shoot-out at Pier 52. Lucky suggests that he and Jason work together.

Johnny shows up at Olivia’s doorstep. Johnny urgently kisses Olivia. Johnny says that he doesn’t want to have any regrets. Johnny and Olivia make out on the living room couch.

Lulu returns home. Maxie senses that Lulu is stressed about Dante. Lulu vents about Dante and her negative opinion of Sonny. Lulu worries that Dante will cover for Sonny once again.

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