GH Update Friday 2/19/10

General Hospital Update Friday 2/19/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At Sonnyís house, Jason tells Sonny that if he says he killed Claudia in self-defense, he is essentially sending himself to prison and he is forcing Sam and Carly to admit that they lied in their original statements. Diane agrees with Jason but Sonny is adamant about his decision. He says it is the best way to help Michael and Dante.

In Danteís hospital room, he tells Carly that his career will be over f he testifies in court that he falsified evidence. She tells him to find a new career, preferably out of law enforcement. She tells him that after he used her kids to build a case against their father, saying that he falsified evidence is a good way to pay them back.

At Wyndemere, Luke tells Nikolas that all bets are off. Nikolas suggests that Luke has been waiting for a war between the Cassadines and the Spencers but this doesnít concern Luke; itís between Nikolas, Lucky, and Elizabeth.

At Shady Brook, Lucky is aiming his pistol at Helena, who is there to torment Elizabeth. He tells her to stay away from Elizabeth. Helena says lucky has no jurisdiction there. She says he is just a small town police officer who drinks too much and refuses to give up a teenage infatuation when Elizabeth has clearly moved on. Lucky tells her that he will do whatever it takes to protect Elizabeth and her children from Helena. Helena says she canít see what Lucky and Nikolas see in Elizabeth when she is just a tramp. She marvels that she of all people is pregnant with the Cassadine heir. She tells Lucky that he should be relieved that Nikolas has relieves him of his obligation to Elizabeth. She says she is a Cassadine responsibility now that she is carrying the Cassadine heir. Lucky lowers his weapon and tells Helena that it could be his child. Helena tells him that the odds are not in his favor since Elizabeth and Nikolas were rutting like animals for months. Lucky orders Helena to get out. Helena says the love between Lucky and Elizabeth has been dead for a long time. She says that when they prove the baby is a Cassadine, Lucky will be out of the picture. Lucky says he will protect the baby regardless of who the father is. Helena says he can protect Elizabeth all he wants, but it will not change the pattern; Elizabeth will continue to whore herself out. Lucky raises his pistol again and yells for Helena to get out. Helena tells Lucky that he can take Elizabeth back if he wants to; her only concern is for the child. Helena leaves and Lucky holds Elizabeth while she cries.

At Wyndemere, Luke tells Nikolas that it became his fight when Helena arrived. He reminds Nikolas that Lucky lost a year of his life to Helena. Nikolas says Luke still feels guilty for it. he says Luke can go ahead and go up against Helena; just leave him out of it. Luke wonders how he can leave Nikolas out of it when Nikolas started it. Luke tells Nikolas that he always looks for a woman to save him from himself but this time he found her in his brotherís arms and Lucky doesnít deserve this. He warns Nikolas that he and Helena had better not mess with his family again.

Johnny Zacchara is at his garage talking on the phone. He is making plans to meet someone at Pier 52 and says he will be out of there before Sonny knows what happened. He tells the person he is taking back some Zacchara territory and Pier 52 is just the beginning. Maxie comes in and tells Johnny that Kate hears a ping in her car that no one else can hear. She asks Johnny to fix it. Johnny tells Maxie he thought she understood what this place is. She tells him that just because the garage is just a mob cover; it doesnít mean he doesnít know about cars. She tells him to just tinker around awhile and give her a receipt that says it is fixed. Johnny tells her that he is not a mechanic and this place is just a front to launder money but he is done hiding.

In Danteís hospital room, he tells Carly that she has nerve to ask him to lie and undercut the most important case of his career. She retorts that he has nerve to lie to her kids for months and now suddenly want to tell the truth to put their father in prison. Dante tells her that it is his job as a cop to put criminals to justice. Carly reminds him that Claudia Zacchara was a criminal and she was brought to justice. she asks him why he canít leave it at that. She asks him why he wants to take her kidsí father away. She tells him she doesnít believe that he wants to send his own father to prison. Dante tells her that Sonny is not a great fantasy father; He is a thug who built an empire on violence and fear. Dante says Sonny takes fathers from kids every day when he kills people and calls it business. He says Michael and Morgan would be better off without Sonny. She suggests that she call Michael and Morgan so he can tell them that to their faces. He tells her to do whatever she wants but he is going to close his case. Carly says Sonny wonít last in prison because he has too many enemies. She pleads with Dante to say he falsified the evidence. Olivia opens the door and overhears Carly. She tells her not to dare to ask her son to lie.

At Johnnyís garage, Maxie asks him if he can have his crisis after he pretends to fix the ping in the car. He asks her what it is worth to her. She says a better question is why he is acting like his old self. He reminds her that he tried to get out of the business when the Corinthos and Zaccharas organizations merged but he has come to realize that he is comfortable in this business. She tells him he has a self-destructive streak and that knowing he could die at any moment seems to make him happy. Johnny tells Maxie that he was a loyal soldier to Sonny even after Claudia disappeared but now that he knows Claudia was murdered and buried in the woods like road kill, dug up, taken to a warehouse, and blown up, Sonny has to pay. Maxie tells him that the life expectancy of people who cross Sonny is low, but he could try to be sneaky. Johnny says he wants Sonny to see him destroy everything Sonny has.

At Sonnyís house, Jason tells Sonny that going to prison will not help Michael or anyone else. Sonny says that if he confesses to killing Claudia the investigation will be over so Michael will be safe. he says Dante will get his bust too. Jason tells Sonny that Michael is a ticking time bomb and he could do something desperate. Sonny tells Jason that he promised Carly that he would disappear if the trial starts to go south. Jason tells Sonny that the police will have guards on him so they might not be able to get him out of there. Sonny says that the more Dante testifies, the further they will be away from the truth about Michael. Sonny says if he admits to killing Claudia, Dante wonít have to feel guilty about putting his father in prison so this is best for both D and Michael. Jason asks what about Sonny. Sonny says it doesnít matter; Michael and Dante will be able to get on with their lives.

In Danteís hospital room, Olivia asks Carly what she is doing by trying to guilt her kid into perjuring himself for Sonny. Carly says she is asking Dante to do the right thing. She says Dante said he doesnít want to hurt his brothers and this is a way to prove it. Olivia asks Carly if she really expects Dante to lie again to save Sonny. Carly asks Olivia if she realizes the guilt Dante carries if he sends his father to prison. Olivia tells Carly to leave her son alone. Carly says they wouldnít be in this situation if Olivia had told the truth about Sonny. She says that they also wouldnít be in this situation if Olivia had told the truth about Claudia being behind Michaelís shooting. Olivia points out that Carlyís husband also did not say anything. Olivia asks Carly if she really wanted them to tell her knowing that the stress could kill her and the baby. Carly says yes Carly says Oliviaís lies got them into this mess and now one simple lie can solve it. Olivia says that Dante saying he is a dirty cop is not a simple lie. She says she should have told her son about his father last July but she wanted to find a better way and she regrets that she didnít, but Dante lying on the stand will not fix this. She says Dante is a good man and an excellent cop; he needs to deal with this in his own way. Carly asks Olivia if she is ok with Dante carrying around that kind of guilt. Dante interjects that his guilt is his business and he tells Carly not to dump her frustration on his mother. Carly tells Olivia that she appreciates that she will do anything she can to help her kid but she assures her that she will do likewise for her kids. Carly leaves. Dante tells Olivia that Carly is right when she says Olivia wants everyone else to tell the truth but she keeps lying.

Ethan at the Haunted Star with a fist full of cash when Lulu walks in. she tells him not to worry; their dad expects them to help themselves once in a while. She asks if Luke is there. Ethan informs her that Luke ran an errand. Holding up the money, he says Luke asked him to pick up his cigars for him. Lulu says it must be some errand if he is asking someone else to pick up his Cubans for him. Ethan tells her that Luke went to Wyndemere. Lulu wonders if it has to do with Elizabeth and Nikolas sleeping together. He tells her it gets better: Elizabeth is pregnant.

At Shady Brook, Lucky tells Elizabeth that he will do everything he can to keep Helena away from her. Elizabeth says she is sorry and that she wouldnít blame him for walking way. Lucky says Helena is trying to manipulate both of them. Elizabeth says Helena was right; Lucky is not obligated to her or the baby even if it is his. He assures her that he will not leave her alone and that he will do anything it takes to keep her safe.

In Danteís hospital room, Olivia says she has always respected Carly and she understands her desire to protect her kids, but she will not allow her to wreck Danteís life to protect them. Dante concedes that Carly has guts and she is not afraid to deal with the truth. Olivia asks him if he is saying she is afraid to deal with the truth. Dante tells her that he is saying Carly never tried to hide who Sonny is from her kids. Olivia asks him to look at how that turned out for everyone. She tells him those kids couldnít have normal childhoods and she refused to choose that life for him. She says Michael has had the worst of it and he isnít even Sonnyís biological child. Dante says that at least Michael knew the truth. Olivia says Michael didnít know anything when he was in that coma for a year. She says she should have told him the truth last summer but she didnít want to hurt him and she didnít want him to have to deal with the fact that his father is a criminal. She says she will always regret that choice but nothing before that. He asks her if she thinks that is good that he let him grow up thinking his mother was such a slut that she didnít even know who got her pregnant. He tells her that she was the most beautiful of all the mothers but she never went on dates. He says he always thought it was because she didnít want that but he can see now that she was in love with Sonny the whole time. She tells him that she will always love the part of Sonny that she knew growing up that she sees in Dante. She tells him she didnít enjoy pretending to be the town slut. She said she promised herself that she would give him a good life surrounded by decent people. He didnít have the mob as a part of his daily life. She says she is proud of the way she raised him and she will not apologize for the way she raised him. Dante tells her that he could see that she was relieved when he said Sonny didnít shoot him and she probably would be happy if he tanked the case because she still loves Sonny. She tells him that he may not like the choices that she has made but she is still his mother and he has to respect her. She tells him that when he is on the witness stand with the option to lie or tell the truth, she hopes he respects himself. She leaves.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu tells Ethan she is sure Elizabeth doesnít know who her babyís father is, and she is working it for all itís worth. Ethan discloses that Elizabeth is in Shady Brook. Lulu concludes that Lucky and Nikolas must be falling over themselves to save her. Ethan says Lulu shouldnít be so hard on Elizabeth for falling in love with two brothers. He says she handled it poorly but she is paying for it. Lulu says she doesnít feel sorry for Elizabeth at all. Ethan asks Lulu how it is her concern. Lulu tells him Elizabeth is tearing their family apart. She says Lucky and Nikolas will never stop fighting over her. Luke arrives and asks Ethan if he got the cigars. Ethan says he is on his way now and he leaves. Lulu tells Luke she heard that Elizabeth is pregnant. She says Lucky and Nikolas already had enough to deal with. Luke advises her that it is her brothersí problem. She says she is worried that Lucky will blame himself for the mess that Elizabeth is in and he will try to fox it. Luke doesnít think Lucky will blame himself, but he has to make the mistakes he makes and live with the consequences.

At Shady Brook, Elizabeth asks Lucky how he can still love her after she lied to him for so long. He says he should have been paying closer attention to what was going on with her. He tells her that at the time, all he could think about was marrying the love of his live and living in their dream house out in the country. he says that when he found out the truth he just shut her out. She says she deserves to be shut out. He reminds her that she once caught him in bed with Maxie but she rationalizes that Lucky was addicted to pills then, but she doesnít have an excuse. He tells her that she may not be an addict but she has an obvious pattern of self-sabotage. He tells her that she gets close to what she wants and then messes it up. He tells her she needs to face whatever is wrong and deal with it. he tells her that he wants her to get better and he wonít turn his back on her. he says they will always be part of each otherís lives. She asks him if that means he forgives her.

Jason gets off the elevator at General Hospital and seed Carly. He asks her what she is doing there. She tells him she was trying to talk some sense into Dante. He reminds her that Dante is a cop and canít be trusted. She says she asked him to lie and say he falsified evidence. Jason tells her that will never happen. She says Jason doesnít know that because Dante is all over the place. She says Dante wants to take Sonny down but he doesnít want to send his father to prison. Jason tells her that he doesnít like Sonnyís choice to plead guilty to killing Claudia because he will either go to prison or have to leave the country. he tells her that she will have to change her story to fit Sonnyís plea. She asks him if she doubts that she can lie well enough to convince a jury. He says he just wishes Sonny would listen to Diane instead of doing this the hard way.

Helena goes to Wyndemere and observes Nikolas beating a folder on the desk. She tells him he should be celebrating instead of throwing a tantrum. He tells her that Luke thinks they want to reignite the Spencer-Cassadine war. He asks her if she came back to stir up trouble and have them all hating each other again. She tells him that she saw this months ago when she observed something was happening with him and Elizabeth. She says stealing his brotherís girlfriend just because he wants to is in his Cassadine DNA. She says if it restarts an old war, he canít be blamed for it. She says she is proud of him for creating an heir. He tells her they donít know if the child is a boy or if Nikolas is the father.

At Shady Brook, Lucky tells Elizabeth that all he felt was pain when he found out about her affair with Nikolas and that the alcohol helped to take the edge off. She says she is sorry, but he says he will always have to deal with the urge to blot everything out with drugs and alcohol. She says he has every right to be angry. He tells her that they both have made mistakes and they donít know what the future holds but that is ok because everything will be fine. He tells her that Cam and Jake are still his boys and they are still a family. She says that is what she wants more than anything. She hugs him. He hesitantly puts his arms around her and tells her itís ok. She asks him again if he forgives her. A tear drips down his cheek as he tells her he forgives her.

Helena goes to the Haunted Star. He tells her she looks better than she did the last time he saw her. She says she would have died if he hadnít brought her back from that island. He tells her bringing her back was a big mistake. She tells him she doesnít want to think about all that unpleasantness when they have so much to celebrate. He offers her a drink and she says only if he tastes it first. She asks him if he isnít thrilled about Elizabeth. He tells her that if she harms Lucky in any way including Elizabeth, he will bring their little cat and mouse game to a very ugly end. She says she does not intend to harm Lucky. She says she intends to make Luckyís life easier because he will be free when she claims Elizabethís child as a Cassadine. He ponders how much easier it would be for everyone if he just snapped her neck now. She tells him that while that is an option, Luke should be patient and Lucky will be liberated from his devotion to that strumpet. She says she knows Luke wants the same thing so they have nothing to fight about; they are on the same side. They clink their glasses in a silent toast.

At General Hospital, Carly asks what will happen if Sonny has to leave the country. Jason tells her that they will do their best to protect Michael and keep him from confessing. She says she wants to know what will happen to Jason. She asks him if he will take over the business. Jason tells her he will have to. He predicts that Dante will come after him. Carly asks her how he will stop Dante when he is a cop and he is Sonnyís son.

Lulu goes to Danteís hospital room and discovers that his bed is empty.

Olivia goes to Sonnyís house and tells him to keep his people away from Dante. Sonny doesnít know what she means. She tells him that Michael, Morgan, Jason, and Carly have been parading in and out of Danteís room trying to persuade him not to testify and he doesnít need that right now. She tells him that Carly asked Dante to say that he falsified evidence. She says Dante is recovering from a gunshot wound and he doesnít need Carly getting in his face trying to guilt him into lying on the witness stand. She says Dante has suffered enough. Sonny agrees but points out that it is not because of him, but because of Olivia. He says she lied to their son from the beginning and she needs to own that.

Max and Milo are engaged in a gunfight with an unknown assailant at Pier 52. Ethan enters and asks them to stop. He apologizes for interrupting and asks them if they are shooting at his cigar connection. Johnny listens from behind a crate.

At Sonnyís house, he tells Olivia that all she had to do was tell him the truth but she couldnít be bothered until after he shot his own son. She asks him if he thinks it was a casual decision not to tell him. He tells her that it wouldnít have happened if he had told him the truth. She says she should have told Dante the day he arrived in Port Charles and she knew he was here to bring down his own father. She says she should have figured out a way to let Dante deal with that himself. Sonny says Olivia should have told him the truth when she found out she was pregnant. He yells that he missed his sonís entire life; he never got a chance to know him or to see him grow up because Olivia never told him the truth. She reminds him that they were teenagers in Bensonhurst. She says he was already working for Joe Scully and falling all over her cousin Connie. He concludes that Olivia was jealous. She admits that she was in love with him and she was jealous but she knew that she didnít want any part of his world of violence and corruption touch her baby so she didnít tell him. She says it was a good call. He says for her maybe but not for Dante or him. He tells her that things would be different if she had trusted him and believed in him. Sonnyís voice breaks up as he says he would be Danteís father instead of the man that he hates.

Dante is standing on the snowy roof of General hospital. Jason comes out on the roof. Dante says he hates the smell of hospitals so he came out here to get some fresh air. He says it probably isnít the best time of the year to do that. He looks over the side of the building and says itís probably not the safest height either. He says he is sure Jason noticed how icy it is out there; it probably wouldnít take much for a guy to slip off. Especially a guy that needs to be shut up permanently.

Elizabeth is sitting in the rocking chair in her room at Shady Brook. Nikolas enters but she refuses to look at him. He asks her how she is feeling and she says she feels like she has had too much company today. he asks her if she wants him to leave. She says she doesnít want any of this. he tells her he will come back another time because he doesnít want to upset her. she tells him Helena was there. He says he was afraid of that. She says Helena was there twice and Lucky had to run her off. Nikolas says he will make sure Helena doesnít bother her again. Elizabeth says Helena is obsessed with the baby. She asks Nikolas how Helena even knows about it. Nikolas says he doesnít know. She asks him what it means for all of them if he is the babyís father. He says if it is his child, they will welcome it with love. He says the circumstances of its conception werenít the babyís fault and Nikolas canít be sorry for it. Elizabeth says she can. Nikolas says he regrets all the lies that he told and he wishes he had told Lucky the truth from the beginning but he is still in love with her.

Lucky is speeding down the road. Maxie is driving on the same road, talking to Kate on her Bluetooth. She tells Kate that Johnny fixed the ping. She says she emailed the receipt to her. Maxie picks up her cell phone to check to see if it is still on there. She finds it and says she will try to send it again. She looks up from her phone when she realizes bright lights are shining in her face. She drops the phone as she slams on the brakes and grabs the steering wheel. Lucky slams on his brakes and jerks his steering wheel to the right. Screech! Skid! Crash!

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