GH Update Thursday 2/18/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/18/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At Sonnyí house, he tells Olivia that she decided on her own to tell their son that some other nameless Guido was his father, denying Sonny the opportunity to know him. She tells him she stands by her decision and does not regret it. He tells her that he is probably going to prison and he just wants a chance to know Dante before he runs out of time. She tells him that it isnít up to her anymore. He says he knows Dante is angry and confused because they all are. Sonny asks Olivia to help him get to know his son because she has the advantage that Dante loves her so he will listen to her.

In Danteís hospital room, Morgan suggests that Dante help their father stay out of prison, but Dante says he canít do that because he has an obligation. Morgan wonders who could be more important than their father is. Dante asks Morgan if he knows what integrity is and Morgan says he thinks so. Just then, Jason enters the room and turns to leave when he sees Dante, as if he didnít expect to see Dante in his own hospital room. Morgan grabs Jasonís sleeve and tells him he has thought of a way that Dante can save his dad. Morgan tells Dante that he doesnít have to be a cop anymore; he can go to work for Sonnyís organization

At the Haunted Star, Lucky asks Luke if he thinks Lucky is the reason Elizabeth is in Shady Brook. Luke says no and if he convinces himself that he is, then he will think he can fix her. Lucky says he was unrelenting when he found out about her affair with Nikolas. Luke says that was a normal response. Lucky says he didnít realize how close to the edge Elizabeth was. Luke tells Lucky to go for it if he thinks he can help Elizabeth. Lucky says he had to talk her down when she was about to jump off the hospital roof but he doesnít know what she needs. He wonders if he should tell her that he will be there for her and the boys. Luke says that is the worst idea he has ever heard.

At Shady Brook, Helena tells Elizabeth that she was disappointed to hear that Elizabeth was carrying Nikolasí child because she had hoped he would produce an heir with someone more suitable. She wonders why Nikolas is attracted to fragile women but observes that Elizabeth isnít as mealy as she appears. She tells Elizabeth that she has a black heart and a cruel streak like a Cassadine. Helena bets that Elizabeth is a liar and that she would sleep with anyone but doesnít have the sense to know that passion is a weapon and sex is a negotiating tool. Elizabeth says Helena doesnít know anything about her as she anxiously twists the terry cloth belt on her robe. Helena says she knows that Elizabeth succeeded in creating a permanent rift between Nikolas and Lucky. She says she thinks she and Elizabeth could be friends. Helena says she despises Helena. Helena says it doesnít matter as long as Elizabeth passes her dark, cruel streak on to her child. Elizabeth tells Helena that she will never get near the child. Helena wonders whom Elizabeth thinks would stop her. Elizabeth tells her she will not get away with this and Helena responds that Elizabeth shouldnít make threats because she can never know what might happen to her or her baby. Elizabeth orders Helena to stay away from her baby and get out of her room. She says she will tell Nikolas that Helena threatened her and she will tell Lucky who will have her arrested if he doesnít kill her first. Helena says itís a good thing Elizabeth had herself committed because she is more disturbed than they knew. Elizabeth has a tantrum screaming for Helena to get out and pushing over furniture. A mental health worker comes in and restrains Elizabeth. Elizabeth tells him to keep Helena away from her baby. Helena tells the mental health technician that Elizabeth is delusional and she tells Elizabeth that they will protect her child. Helena tells the technician that Elizabeth needs to be medicated and asks if Dr Handel is there. She says itís time he earned the obscene endowment she gave to the facility. She tells Elizabeth that she is in her hands now. As Helena leaves, she screams that Helena will never take her child.

At the Haunted Star, Luke tells Lucky that Elizabeth has a lot of work ahead of her that only she can do. Lucky says Elizabeth is consumed with guilt and all she wants is Luckyís forgiveness. Luke tells Lucky to leave it to the professionals; Lucky canít save her. He says that he has to stay out of the way while she fights her personal demons. Lucky says that maybe he is supposed to be a cushion for Elizabeth. Luke says Lucky is committing himself to Elizabeth. Lucky protests that he and Elizabeth are over but she is slipping away and Cameron and Jake need their mother. Luke asks Lucky what if Nikolas is the father of the new baby. He wonders if Lucky has not had enough of raising other menísí children.

Alexis goes to see Nikolas at Wyndemere. He tells her about his affair with Elizabeth her pregnancy. He says he wants Alexis to draw up papers to ensure his legal rights to the child.

At Sonnyís house, he tells Olivia that he was cheated out of his sonís childhood so he wants the time he has left to count for something. Olivia says Sonny could have chosen to make his life count a long time ago but he didnít, so now he wants to use Dante for his redemption. He asks her if that is her way of justifying keeping his son away from him. She tells him that Dante doesnít want to know him as a father. He tells her that she can convince Dante; she owes him that. She tells him that he needs to spend time with the three kids that know him before he goes to prison. He says he is not going to pretend that Dante is not also his child. He tells her that every night he has to think about the little boy that he never knew and that he shot that boy. Olivia says Dante wants to be left alone. Sonny says that is because he is a gangster and Dante is a cop who puts guys like Sonny away, but they still have the same blood running through their veins. He says that has to mean something. He says that he wants Dante to know that he has good in him. Olivia says being a Falconeri has always been good enough for Dante. Sonny says he doesnít want Dante to hate the Corinthos side of him for his sake as well as for Sonny. He asks her again if she will help her. She tells him that Dante is a grown man and the decision is up to him.

At the hospital, Morgan tells Dante that all her has to do is stop being a cop and go back to work for their dad. Dante tells him it isnít that simple. Jason says it would never work. Dante explains that when he was working for Sonny, he was working as a cop; he just didnít tell anyone. Morgan says people change jobs all the time. Dante says he took an oath to protect people. Morgan says Jason is a protector. Jason says it isnít the same. Dante says he swore to uphold the law. Morgan says that was before he knew about their dad. Jason tells Morgan that he knows Morgan wants this to work out, but he canít fix it. Morgan asks Jason to fix it then. Jason says they will do their best. Morgan tells Dante that opening day is 47 days away and it would be cool for Dante and Morgan to go to see the Yankees together. Morgan leaves. Dante tells Jason that Morgan is quite a negotiator. He asks Jason if Morgan is the set-up man and Jason is the closer. Jason assures Dante that he didnít put Morgan up to anything. Dante says he knows that Jason wanted Morgan to try to convince Dante to protect Sonny, but he will not go to bat for a mob boss.

Carly goes to Jasonís penthouse. Sam tells her that Jason isnít there so Carly comes in to wait. She comments on the decorations and says she forgot about Valentineís Day. She tells Sam that they need to review their stories with Diane because of Sonnyís new plea of not guilty by reason of self-defense. Sam didnít know about the new plea so Carly explains that Sonny plans to claim that he is the one that found Claudia threatening Carly and the baby. Sam says she is surprised that Diane agreed to go along with this. Carly says Sonny isnít giving Diane a choice so they will have to confess that they lied in their original statements. Sam concludes that they will be lying again if they claim that Sonny killed Claudia. Carly says she has no problem lying if it will help someone she loves. It occurs to her that what they need is the right lie from the right person.

At the Haunted Star, Luke tells Lucky that Cameronís father is dead and Jakeís father willingly gave up custody but if Nikolas is the father of the new baby, he will not give up custody. Lucky says he wouldnít want him to; that would be between Nikolas and Elizabeth but he has invested too much into Cam and Jakeís lives to walk away from them. He says the hope that he will get back together with Elizabeth is all she has to hang onto. Luke says he understands what Lucky is saying bur that Lucky should think it through because his good intentions could make the situation worse.

At Shady Brook, Elizabeth has delusions of Nikolas, Lucky, and Jason standing over her talking about how the boys are better off with them. In her vision, Jason has custody of Jake and Lucky has custody of Cameron and Nikolasí baby Stefan. None of them wants the children to see Elizabeth like this. Elizabeth imagines that Lucky tells her that she could have come out of her condition but chose not to. She imagines that he says that this way instead of hating her, he can pity her. The word ďpityĒ echoes in her head.

Sonny is at home talking to Diane on the phone. He tells her he will not change his mind about his plea. Morgan comes in and Sonny suggests that when the weather is nicer, he can take Morgan and Michael out on the boat. Morgan says that maybe Dante can come too if he is out of the hospital by then. Sonny tells Morgan not to get his hopes up. Morgan tells Sonny that if he hires Dante for real, Dante wonít have to put him in jail. Sonny tells him that he doesnít think itís that simple. He says Morgan shouldnít get involved in it. Morgan protests that Dante is his brother and asks Sonny to try. Sonny says that even if he does try, it wonít work.

Sam is putting the Valentine decorations away at the penthouse when Jason arrives home. She tells him that Carly wants him to call her. He tells her that Morgan called him to Danteís hospital room. He says Dante wants nothing to do with Sonny but Sonny loves Dante. He says it made him realize that he could someday be in the same situation with Jake.

Patrick Drake goes to visit Elizabeth at Shady Brook. He finds her sitting on the floor, so he sits down next to her. He says he used to do this when he was a kid and he thought that no one could see him down there. She says she sees him. She touches him and says she feels him. She asks him to tell her he is real. He quips that she isnít the first person to think he is too good to be true. He asks her if she is ok and she tells him that if she were, she wouldnít be there. She tells him that Helena was there earlier, at least she thinks so; she isnít sure anymore what is real. He tells her that anyone would be scared but that signing herself in was the hardest part. She says she has to be better before the baby is born.

Lucky goes to Wyndemere to see Nikolas. He says this is the last time e will summon him here. Nikolas tells Lucky that they donít know how Elizabeth will come out of her illness so they need to ensure that her childís legal rights are protected. Lucky tells Nikolas not to take Elizabethís baby when she is so fragile. Nikolas says that isnít what he is doing. He says he wants Elizabeth to marry her when she gets through this.

At Sonnyís house, he explains to Morgan that he and Dante donít agree on a lot of things. He says he canít ask Dante to change. Morgan says Dante has to do what his father tells him to do. Sonny says Dante is a grown man and makes his own decisions. Morgan says Dante told him it has something to do with integrity. Sonny tells Morgan that integrity means doing what you think is right because you believe in it. He says he is proud of Dante even though they donít agree. Morgan asks Sonny what he thinks is right. Sonny says he believes it is right to have the courage of your convictions, respect, loyalty, keeping your word, and protecting the people you love. He says those are the things that he wants for Morgan when he is a man. Morgan asks if he will be as proud of him as he is of Dante then. Sonny says he couldnít be prouder of Morgan. Morgan asks Sonny if he will have integrity if he protects Sonny from being sent away. Sonny tells his son that sometimes he will have to respect people enough to let them take care of things for themselves. He says he and Dante will try to work things out but even if he does get sent away because of Dante, he will always love and respect him because that is what a father does.

At the penthouse, Jason tells Sam that someday Jake could find out that he is Jasonís son and he will want him to understand that he always tried to do what was right for him. Then he considers that he tried to do what was right for Michael when he created a cover-up in Claudiaís death that is becoming a bigger threat every day. Sam says Carly thinks that that is why Sonny plans to claim that he killed Claudia in self-defense.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Lucky that he isnít hiding his plans but he isnít asking permission either. Lucky asks Nikolas if it has occurred to him that his affair with Elizabeth helped to put her in Shady Brook. Nikolas says he is sorry for lying but he isnít sorry for loving her. Lucky says Nikolas has no idea what love is. Nikolas says that if the baby is his, he intends to be a father to it, and if Elizabeth decides that she wants to share her life with him, then maybe some good can come from all of this. Lucky doubts it. Nikolas says that he will not slink off into the shadows like Jason did. Lucky tells Nikolas to do whatever he wants to do; he isnít going to try to stop him. Nikolas says he doesnít want to make things worse between him and Lucky but ultimately, it is Elizabethís choice.

At Shady Brook, Patrick says he is glad they had the chance to visit because Robin has been worried about him. She says she likes the way he and Robin have such open communication. She asks him how he would feel if Robin cheated on him with his brother. He says he doesnít know, but hurt would be an understatement. He says he would try to be fair and try to figure out what his part in it was. He tells her that people are imperfect. She asks him if he thinks itís possible to be imperfect and still be a good mother. He tells her that what she is doing now is the same as when youíre on an airplane and put your own oxygen mask on before you put one on your child. He tells her that taking care of herself makes her a good mother. She says she has to be ok for her kids. He tells her it wonít be long but the most important thing is that she concentrates on herself now. When Patrick leaves, Helena enters and tells Elizabeth that this is a new low; now she is throwing herself at another womanís husband.

Diane goes to Sonnyís house and tells him she hopes he realizes the position he is putting her in by claiming that he killed Claudia. He tells her that if it doesnít work out, she isnít the one going to prison. She reminds him that she will lose her retainer and her shoe budget. She tells him that the arraignment is on Tuesday and that she will have to amend Carly and Samís stories so that they donít contradict Sonnyís plea. She says the jury will want to know why they lied in the first place. Sonny says Carly can spin a story. She will turn on the waterworks and tell them she lied to protect her sonsí father. Diane says she isnít entirely comfortable putting his future in his ex-wifeís hands. Sonny says it wonít be the first time and he is still standing.

Carly goes to Danteís hospital room and tells him they need to have a chat. He apologizes for not coming to Josslyn's christening but he has had a lot on his plate with a bullet in the chest and a new father. She tells him that everyone is suffering from this, including Lulu. Carly says Dante played Lulu to keep his undercover a secret. Dante tells her that his relationship with Lulu is not open to commentary or criticism. Carly says they will see about that but right now they need to discuss how he used his siblings to get close to Sonny. She tells him he needs to make that right. He tells her that Sonny is finished no matter what he does. He tells her that if he had to do it all over again, he would. She tells him that he seems confident that Sonny will be sentences. He says they have physical evidence, DNA evidence, a witness, and motive. He tells her it is open and shut. She says not necessarily; he could tell the authorities that he falsified the evidence. She says he can say he cut a few corners because he wanted to take Sonny down so badly. He tells her he doesnít lie. She corrects him that he has been lying to everyone for months. She tells him that he even lied to the feds because they both know that Sonny shot him.

At Sonnyís house, Diane tells Sonny that Jax and Olivia made statements that Sam called Sonny the night that Claudia took Carly hostage to let Sonny know that she was taking Carly and the baby the hospital. She says that means they had already been rescued, which contradicts Sonnyís assertion that he rescued them. Sonny tells her to be creative and earn her shoe budget. He asks her who is to say that Claudia didnít show up after Sam called. Diane says she can try to get a statement from Dr Lee stating that Carlyís pregnancy was life threatening to feed the urgency. He tells her to come up with a scenario that will go with not guilty by reason of self-defense. Jason enters and tells Sonny that he canít let him do that.

Luke storms into Wyndemere and demands to know if Nikolas knows that Helena is in town. Nikolas says yes. Luke asks if Helena knows about Elizabeth. Nikolas says Helenaís presence has nothing to do with Elizabeth. Luke tells him that it will. Nikolas says he doesnít think that anyone will be kidnapped this time. Luke says that Helena will know everything soon and she will work it. Luke says that he will have to do something about it if Helena touches Lucky, Lulu, Ethan, or Elizabeth.

At Shady Brook, Elizabeth tells Helena that Patrick is just a friend. Helena says it always starts out innocently with Elizabeth. She says that the thing that bothers her about Elizabethís affair with Nikolas is that Nikolas blames himself when it is clear that Elizabeth is the sexual predator. She asks her if she does it for the attention. She says that she has everyoneís attention now; she is the town tramp with three children by three different men and not married to any of them. Helena says the prudent thing would be to have Elizabeth declared an unfit mother. She says she would love to see Elizabethís big, sad eyes when the authorities come to take her children away. Elizabeth screams for Helena to get out and leave her alone. Lucky storms in with his sidearm drawn and orders Helena to get the hell away from Elizabeth or he will blow her head off.

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