GH Update Wednesday 2/17/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/17/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Diane shows up at the Corinthos home. Diane informs Sonny that if he confesses to Claudia’s murder, he will be found guilty. Sonny doesn’t appreciate Diane’s bluntness. However, Sonny believes that Diane is the best lawyer he knows. Diane brings up Sonny’s outburst at Claudia’s birthday party where he threatened his wife in front of a lot of witnesses. Diane believes that things don’t look good for Sonny. Sonny feels he is being verbally attacked when Diane says that he shouldn’t have had the cabin burnt down. Sonny asks Diane if she is “defending or convicting” him. Sighing, Diane says that Sonny has an uphill battle to climb, adding that it’s nearly impossible for Sonny to be acquitted. Diane mentions that Dante will testify against Sonny. Sonny insists that his son will have his back considering Dante lied about his own shooting. Diane reminds Sonny that the evidence is still there to send him to prison. Diane tells Sonny that Dante is aware that his own father is guilty of killing Claudia.

Agent Rayner pays Dante a hospital visit. Dante says that he will testify against his father. Nevertheless, Dante makes it clear that he doesn’t “respect” Rayner. Dante blurts out that he is working for the PCPD now. Rayner congratulates Dante on the new job. Rayner says that Sonny is facing federal charges. Rayner is worried that Dante will cover for Sonny again in regards to the trial. Rayner believes that Dante will lie on the stand to protect Sonny. Dante apologizes for getting emotionally invested in the Corinthos clan but insists that it won’t happen again. Olivia walks in, arms crossed. Olivia warns Rayner that he shouldn’t threaten Dante again. Olivia threatens that she’ll go to the media and make sure that Rayner is charged with harassment, as well as other serious charges. Dante smiles as his mother defends him. Rayner comments that it’s nice to see Olivia again. Olivia reminds Rayner that he better stay away from Dante. Rayner maintains that he isn’t intimidated by Olivia’s threats. Rayner announces that Olivia will be on the witness list for Claudia’s murder trial. Olivia is shocked by the news. Rayner believes that Olivia knows information about Sonny in regards to the murder. Dante pipes in and says that his mother knows nothing about the case. Rayner isn’t going to forget that Olivia tried to blackmail him into getting Dante off the case. Rayner advises Olivia not to perjure herself on the stand. Dante tells Rayner that he won’t sit back while he threatens Olivia. Dante promises to sabotage the case if Olivia is bullied anymore.

At Luke’s office, Tracy announces that Elizabeth is pregnant. Tracy explains how Lucky found Liz at the church, unconscious and suffering from hypothermia. Luke wonders who the father is of Elizabeth’s baby. Tracy adds that Lucky is sticking by Elizabeth during this tough time.

Lucky, Nikolas, and Steven are talking about Elizabeth outside her hospital room. Lucky enters Liz’s room and speaks to her about Shadybrook. Elizabeth refuses to be committed. Elizabeth wants to be home for Cameron and Jake. Outside, Nik and Steven are worried about Liz’s fragile state-of-mind. Nikolas wants to comfort Elizabeth but Steven thinks it would do more harm than good. Lucky reassures Elizabeth that the boys will be waiting for her when she is released from Shadybrook. Elizabeth wants her kids and nursing job back. Elizabeth asks if Lucky is continuing to drink. Lucky says that he is done with drinking and plans on attending an AA meeting. Nikolas walks in. Nikolas feels helpless with the situation. Lucky insists that Elizabeth needs to get help. Elizabeth asks who will take care of the kids if she is in Shadybrook. Lucky replies that he and Audrey will take turns with Cameron and Jake. Finally, Elizabeth agrees to go to Shadybrook, claiming that she is not doing it for Lucky, Nik, or herself, but for the boys.

Robin and Patrick continue to fight at work. Lisa comments that Port Charles (compared to Houston) is a much nicer place to live during the winter. Patrick grumbles about his frustrations with the city’s unplowed roads. Lisa senses that Patrick is in a bad mood. Robin reappears and tells Patrick that the nanny is running errands for them. Patrick apologizes for their unpleasant Valentine’s Day. Lisa interferes by saying that Robin and Patrick are having “romantic frustrations”. Lisa walks away. Patrick thinks that Lisa is in such a good mood because she had sex.

Lulu returns to Dante’s hospital room. Dante inquires about Lulu’s shopping bags. Lulu says that she is Kate’s personal shopper. Lulu feels bad that she almost “killed” Dante last night. Dante thinks that Lulu is exaggerating about the situation. Dante tells Lulu that he is feeling better but adds that things keep getting more complicated. Dante relays that Agent Rayner stopped by. Dante worries that Rayner will do anything to make sure he and Olivia testify against Sonny. Lulu makes a call to Maxie. Lulu explains to Dante that she needs to bring Maxie some coffee. Lulu says that she has been so preoccupied with Dante lately. They kiss. Michael interrupts. Michael apologizes to Dante for being such a jerk. Michael needs Dante’s help. Lulu offers to leave but Michael tells her to stay. Lulu realizes that Michael is stuck in the middle of an impossible situation. Michael maintains that he is on Sonny’s side. Michael justifies Sonny’s behavior, adding that his father lives by a code. Michael suggests that Dante be open to getting to know Sonny. Michael brings up when Dante worked for Sonny and how they enjoyed each other’s company. Lulu butts in and says that Dante was only trying to do his job then. Michael is angry that Dante lied for months. Michael makes a comment about Claudia’s murder, implying that he knows more than he’s saying. Michael wants Dante to make the right decision in regards to Sonny. Michael leaves the room. Dante senses that Michael is acting odd. Dante asks for Lulu’s opinion. Lulu thinks that Michael is grasping at straws to help his father. Dante admits that Michael confessed to Claudia’s murder at the police station. Lulu is puzzled as to why Michael would go to such lengths to protect Sonny. Dante says that Mac didn’t believe Michael’s story.

In private, Steven talks to Robin about his sister. Steven explains that Elizabeth was admitted for hypothermia. Robin can’t believe it. Steven adds that Liz is also pregnant. Robin feels sorry for her friend. Steven says that Lainey wants Elizabeth to go to Shadybrook. Lisa and Patrick flirt back and forth at the nurses’ station. They are talking about race car driving. Robin pulls Patrick aside. Robin confides that Elizabeth needs their help.

Sonny shows up at Luke’s office. Sonny wants to know how Luke and Ethan re-connected. Luke makes a tasteless joke about not having to shoot his own son to connect with him. Sonny is desperate to get to know Dante. Luke spills the beans about Elizabeth’s pregnancy, adding that either Lucky or Nikolas could be the father. Sonny cringes at the news. Luke says that Elizabeth will be heading to Shadybrook. Luke theorizes that Lucky will blame himself if Elizabeth doesn’t recover. Sonny doesn’t condone Liz’s actions but he has empathy for her situation. Sonny brings up his bi-polar depression. Sonny mentions that he is still taking pills for his depression. Sonny comments that he is “running the illness, the illness isn’t running me”. Luke isn’t sure that Elizabeth is suffering from bi-polar depression. Sonny is confident that Elizabeth will get the help she needs.

Lucky and Nikolas leave Liz’s hospital room. Robin comes in with a bag filled with Elizabeth’s clothes from home. Elizabeth brings up Robin’s post-partum depression. Elizabeth feels like she has failed. Robin believes that Liz is being too hard on herself. Robin thinks that Elizabeth will be so thankful that she got help once she is released from Shadybrook. Elizabeth realizes how Robin felt when she got treatment for her PPD. Elizabeth mumbles that she doesn’t know who the father is of her unborn baby.

Olivia shows up at Sonny’s house to speak to Diane about the case. Diane wonders if Olivia plans on pleading the fifth on the stand. Diane advises Olivia to tell the truth. Olivia wants to come clean with why she lied about Dante’s true paternity. Diane doesn’t think that Olivia’s candor will help Sonny’s defense. Sonny walks in and wants to know why they are discussing the case. Sonny doesn’t want to talk about the case and suggests that Diane leave. Olivia says that she’s going to leave but Sonny asks her to stay. Sonny wants Olivia to help him. Sonny states that the case against him is slam-dunk. Olivia stands by lying to Sonny about Dante. Olivia’s only regret is not telling Dante the truth once he came to Port Charles. Sonny points out that he doesn’t have much time to re-connect with Dante. Olivia refuses to speak to Dante for Sonny. Sonny confides that he loves Dante and wants to get to know him, adding that Olivia owes him at least that.

Patrick and Robin return home. Robin apologizes for being so irritable, especially on Valentine’s Day. Robin says that she loves Patrick very much. Robin wants their relationship to get back on track. Patrick agrees but states that the blame isn’t all on Robin. Robin and Patrick decide to re-prioritize their lives. Robin thanks Patrick for sticking by her through her PPD. Robin and Patrick share a kiss. Robin suggests moving things to the bedroom. Patrick follows Robin out of the room.

Liz and Steven arrive at Shadybrook. Steven tries to reassure Elizabeth that it won’t be that bad. Steven believes that Elizabeth is brave since she is facing her fears. Steven wants Liz to get strong so she can leave Shadybrook. Elizabeth senses that Nikolas is the father of her baby.

Lucky goes to Luke’s office. Luke says that he was updated by Tracy, adding that she has a credible source at the hospital. Lucky mentions that he spent the night at the hospital, watching Elizabeth sleep. Lucky feels remorse for how he treated Liz. Lucky wonders why he still cares about Elizabeth. Luke feels helpless about the situation but says that Liz will get the help she needs at Shadybrook. Lucky has no idea what will happen next. Luke says that Lucky should follow his “instincts”. Lucky realizes that Liz needs him one way or the other.

Morgan visits Dante. Morgan brings Dante some articles about the NY Yankees. Morgan is visibly upset. Dante asks him what’s wrong. Morgan confides that his mom and Jax are breaking up. Morgan feels torn since he loves both Jax and Sonny. Morgan begs Dante to help Sonny.

Alone in her room, Liz talks to her unborn baby. Elizabeth realizes she has messed up her life. Elizabeth promises to get better. Suddenly, the door opens. Helena walks in. Elizabeth is horrified. Helena congratulates Liz on the pregnancy. Liz tells Helena to leave but she refuses. Helena is pleased since she believes that Elizabeth is carrying Nikolas’ baby.

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