GH Update Tuesday 2/16/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/16/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Dante and Lulu are kissing in his hospital room.  Dante’s monitor starts beeping.  Steven shows up to check on Dante.  Steven assumes that Lulu and Dante were about to have sex.  Steven advises the couple to abstain from sex for the time being.  Sonny and Olivia show up, visibly concerned.  Dante isn’t happy to see them.  In fact, Dante wants the two to leave.  Olivia knows that Dante is still mad at her for lying.  Dante is adamant that he doesn’t want to talk to Olivia.  Lulu tells Dante that he needs to calm down.  Lulu doesn’t want Dante to get upset so she tells Sonny and Olivia to leave.  Sonny and Olivia reluctantly leave.  Lulu reassures Dante that she’ll be back to visit tomorrow.

At the hotel, Carly and Jax argue about Sonny.  Carly maintains that she didn’t sleep with Sonny.  Jax doesn’t care – he wants to talk about a divorce.  Carly can’t believe how mean Jax is being.  Jax brings up Josslyn.  Carly doesn’t want to get divorced.  Carly tells Jax that Josslyn can stay at the hotel with him for now. 

Sam and Jason are in awe of what Kristina and Molly did to the penthouse.  Sam is impressed that the girls were able to get pink champagne.  Sam and Jason start making out.  They are interrupted by Kristina and Molly.  Jason is surprised to see that the girls haven’t left.  Sam asks Kristina how they got access to the champagne.  Molly and Kristina say that Milo helped them out.   Molly brings up the subject of poetry.  Sam and Jason say that they’ll bring the girls back home.

At GH, Elizabeth is shocked to learn that she’s pregnant.  Kelly informs Liz that she’s about three months along.  Elizabeth says that she didn’t know she was pregnant, adding that she’s been very stressed lately.  Nikolas and Lucky are worried that the hypothermia will affect the baby.  Kelly reassures everyone that Elizabeth will recover from the hypothermia.  Nikolas brings up taking a paternity test.  Kelly says that the test can be taken in April or May.

Mac shows up at the Davis home.  Alexis answers the door.  Mac and Alexis talk about work.  Mac comments that he questioned Sam about Claudia’s murder.  Mac presents Alexis with a gift – chocolate espresso gold cookies, Alexis’ favorite.  Alexis offers Mac a cookie but he says he doesn’t like sweets.  After some convincing, Mac agrees to sample one.  Mac agrees with Alexis that the cookie is fantastic.

Sonny shows up at Lulu’s place.  Sonny wants to tell Lulu his side of the story.  Sonny is desperate to get to know his long-lost son.  Lulu has no intentions of speaking to Dante on Sonny’s behalf.  Lulu is still mad that Sonny shot Dante.  Sonny insists that he wouldn’t have done it if he had known the truth.  Sonny is relieved that Dante isn’t a cop anymore, adding that his son can’t send him to prison.  Lulu blurts out that Dante accepted a job offer from Mac.  Sonny is unhappy with the news.

Jason, Sam, Kristina and Molly arrive at the Davis home.  Molly gasps when she sees Alexis and Mac kissing on the living room couch.  Alexis and Mac aren’t embarrassed by being caught.  They say that they were enjoying some cookies.  Sam and Jason leave.  Molly and Kristina run upstairs so Alexis and Mac can be alone.

At the hospital, Steven learns of Elizabeth’s condition.  Steven speaks to Lucky and Nik about his sister.  Lucky explains how he found Elizabeth at the church where they got married.  Steven is shocked to learn that Liz is pregnant.  Steven wants to be the one to help Liz through this.  Lucky and Nik agree to back off.

Olivia returns to Dante’s hospital room.  Dante implies that Olivia and Sonny are getting close.  Olivia maintains that she and Sonny are still fighting.  Dante has a hard time believing his mother since there is an obvious connection between Olivia and Sonny.  Dante doesn’t want to get to know his father.

Elizabeth wanders up on the hospital roof.  Elizabeth is an emotional wreck.  Elizabeth makes her way back to the hospital room with help from Lucky, Nik and Steven.  Lucky comforts Liz and says that everything will be okay.  Elizabeth is relieved that Lucky is there for support.  Lucky leaves the room.  Steven and Nik are waiting outside.  Steven is worried about his sister’s state-of-mind.  Steven speaks to Lucky and Nikolas about his concerns.  Steven wants Elizabeth to go to Shadybrook and be institutionalized.  Steven worries that his sister has serious emotional problems.

Sam and Jason return to the penthouse.  Sam doesn’t want their Valentine’s night to be ruined.  Sam would like Jason to read some poetry.  Jason reluctantly agrees to say some lines.  Sam intently listens as Jason reads.  Jason asks Sam if she is enjoying herself.  Sam smiles in admiration of Jason.  They kiss.

Carly returns home.  Michael inquires about Jax’s whereabouts.  Carly speaks to Morgan and Michael about her problems with Jax.  Morgan suddenly starts to cry when he realizes everything is falling apart.  Carly tries to comfort Morgan but he is upset.  Morgan comments that he has grown to like Jax.  To the surprise of everyone, Michael wants Carly to stay with Jax.  Michael doesn’t think it’s a good idea for the family to be split up.

Sonny pays Dante a visit.  Sonny wants to make sure that Lulu knew what she was talking about.  Sonny confronts Dante.  Dante admits that he is still a cop, adding that he works for Mac now.  Sonny is concerned that Dante will send him to prison.  Dante rattles Sonny by saying that he will do everything to take Sonny down. 

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