GH Update Monday 2/15/10

General Hospital Update Monday 2/15/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Jax makes the wrong assumption when he sees Carly and Sonny hugging in the Corinthos living room. Carly is startled by the sight of an angry Jax. Jax thinks it is typical for Carly to run right to Sonny. Jax implies that Carly and Sonny were about to have sex. Carly is offended by the comment. Jax brings up Michael which makes Carly enraged. Carly is furious that Jax put Michael’s freedom in jeopardy. Sonny butts in and announces that Jax has lost this battle. Carly continues to yell at Jax. Carly doesn’t trust Jax. Jax is upset since Carly has no problem trusting Sonny, his nemesis. Sonny reminds Carly that Jax knew the truth about Dante and didn’t say anything. Carly feels betrayed by her husband’s lies. Jax says that Carly might as well sleep with Sonny. Carly is shocked by Jax’s nastiness. Jax leaves. Sonny wonders if Carly is going to run after Jax. Sonny thanks Carly for her support, adding that she deserves someone better than Jax. Carly thinks that Sonny is amused by her fights with Jax. Sonny is shocked that Jax isn’t begging Carly for forgiveness. Carly doesn’t want to throw away her marriage to Jax. Carly apologizes for Jax’s behavior. Sonny thinks it is funny that Jax would believe that he would sleep with Carly. Sonny says that Carly needs to be free to make her own decisions. Carly teasingly asks Sonny if he would “rescue” her. Sonny is confident that Carly can take care of herself.

In his hospital room, Dante talks to Mac about a job. Dante is leery to accept Mac’s offer. Mac wants Michael to testify against Sonny. Dante is adamant that he can’t put Michael through that. Dante finally agrees to work for Mac but under one condition – his personal life is off-limits. Mac maintains that Sonny needs to be sent to prison. Dante wants things done by the book, adding that Michael will not be bullied into talking. Mac informs Dante that Michael made a false confession concerning Claudia’s murder, adding that Michael claimed it was self-defense. Dante reasons that Michael will say anything to protect his father. Dante agrees that Sonny needs to pay for his crimes so he accepts Mac’s job offer. They shake hands.

At home, Lulu tells Maxie about her Valentine’s Day plans with Dante. Lulu is embarrassed when Maxie says that she should bring along condoms. Lulu is resolute that she will not be having sex with Dante tonight, adding that her boyfriend is still recovering from a gunshot wound. Maxie doesn’t buy the story so she inquires about Lulu’s avoidance of sex. Lulu disagrees but Maxie isn’t convinced. Maxie says that Lulu is making excuses. Lulu finally comes clean that she is scared to have sex with Dante. Maxie brings up Lulu’s failed relationships. Maxie believes that Lulu needs to take a chance with Dante. Lulu talks about Spinelli. Maxie maintains that she and Spinelli are working things out. Lulu thinks that Maxie’s Valentine’s Day décor is overkill, commenting that the apartment looks like a “geek prom on Saturn”. Maxie and Lulu hug. Maxie puts the condoms in Lulu’s bag.

Lucky finds Elizabeth in an empty church. Liz is unconscious and suffering from hypothermia. Elizabeth awakens and mumbles to Lucky. Lucky quickly calls for an ambulance but they aren’t much help. Lucky decides to bring Elizabeth to the hospital. Liz wakes up and starts babbling about their wedding day. Lucky hugs Elizabeth.

In the PCPD interrogation room, Sam tells Jason that she was summoned for questioning regarding Claudia’s murder. Sam says that she doesn’t want to ruin their Valentine’s Day by sitting at the police station all night. A police officer orders Jason to exit the room. Diane shows up and asks Jason what he needs. Diane is visibly preoccupied. Diane wants to get back to her date with Max. Diane goes on about the French lingerie that Max bought for her. Jason cringes when he hears the intimate details. Jason begs Diane to help Sam. Diane walks into the interrogation room. Mac is asking Sam questions about the murder. Diane tells Mac that he needs to let Sam go. Diane brings up her important date with Max. Diane and Mac leave the room. Sam tells Jason that Diane is acting strange. Jason relays that Diane and Max were on a date when he called. Jason apologizes to Sam for putting up with his way of life. Sam tells Jason that it’s okay. They kiss.

Lulu shows up at Dante’s hospital room with a bouquet of flowers. Lulu says that the flowers are from Kate’s office. Dante is speechless when he sees Lulu in her red dress. Dante compliments Lulu on her beauty. Lulu tells Dante to close his eyes while she turns off the light. Dante wants to kiss Lulu. Lulu explains that she wanted Valentine’s Day to be special for Dante. Lulu feels sorry that Dante lost his job. Dante is quiet a second before he announces that he is still a cop. Lulu is puzzled until Dante explains that Mac offered him a job with the PCPD. Dante thinks it is good news but Lulu is silent. Lulu brings up conflict-of-interest, referring to Dante’s connection to Sonny, as well as the impact it will have on Luke. Dante doesn’t want to talk about work. Dante believes that he and Lulu should concentrate on their relationship tonight. Dante finds the condoms in Lulu’s bag. Lulu is mortified.

Olivia pays Jax a visit at his hotel room. Olivia is surprised that Josslyn is with him. Olivia inquires about Carly. Jax blurts out that Carly ran right to Sonny. Olivia can’t believe what she’s hearing. Olivia leaves the room. Jax calls a divorce lawyer but gets voicemail. Carly suddenly walks in. Carly is angry that Jax took Josslyn out of their home. Jax is resolute that Josslyn will not be put in harm’s way. Carly is adamant that she and Sonny didn’t have sex. Jax feels like the damage is already done. Jax proposes that he and Carly get a divorce.

Nikolas is at the hospital when he sees Elizabeth wheeled in on a stretcher. Lucky tells Matt that Liz is suffering from hypothermia. Nikolas asks Lucky what happened to Liz. Nikolas is angry since he warned Lucky that Elizabeth was in trouble. Nikolas apologizes for pursuing Elizabeth for months. Nikolas brings up Lucky’s harsh treatment of Liz, adding that Lucky should have compassion for Elizabeth. Lucky says that he is the same person but no longer naïve when it comes to Elizabeth’s flaws. Nikolas can’t believe that Lucky is drinking again. Lucky thinks that Nik should go see Elizabeth. Nikolas reasons that the only one that can help Liz is Lucky.

Spinelli shows up at Maxie’s place. Spinelli can’t believe how different the apartment looks. Maxie is dressed in a metallic gray outfit. Maxie assumes that Spinelli hasn’t forgiven her. Maxie feels sorry about the Franco situation, adding that she regrets the one-night-stand. Spinelli says that he’s very impressed by Maxie’s expressions of love. Spinelli proclaims that he can’t stop loving Maxie. Maxie wants to move on. Spinelli offers that he and Maxie should move on – together. They kiss.

In the hospital room, Dante laughs at the sight of the condoms. Dante makes a comment about Lulu being “kinky”. Lulu feels awkward. Lulu announces that Maxie threw the condoms in the bag. Dante says that he is tempted to have sex with Lulu. Lulu doesn’t want their first time in a hospital room. Dante reminds Lulu that he almost died. Lulu inches closer to Dante. They share a passionate kiss. Suddenly, Dante’s blood pressure rises, causing the monitor to beep.

Olivia runs into Sonny at the hospital. Sonny brings up Dante. Olivia says that Dante is still mad that she lied to him for years. Sonny senses that Olivia is troubled by something else. Olivia brings up Jax’s earlier conversation with Sonny and Carly. Sonny doesn’t understand why Olivia would care if he and Carly had sex. Sonny is still bothered that Olivia didn’t tell him the truth about Dante.

Jason and Sam return to the penthouse. The living room is fully decorated with pink heart-shaped balloons. Jason can’t believe that Kristina and Molly did such a great job with the decorations. Sam brings up the pink tie that Jason wore to Spinelli and Maxie’s non-wedding. Sam is flattered that Jason went to such lengths to have a romantic night.

Lucky heads to Elizabeth’s hospital room. Liz is asleep and hooked up to the monitors. Lucky admits that he is dealing with a lot of different emotions. Lucky apologizes for the way he has been treating Elizabeth, adding that he doesn’t want Liz to have a breakdown because of him. Lucky recalls the night of Liz’s rape. Elizabeth wakes up and grabs Lucky’s hand. Lucky comforts Liz by saying that he’s here for her. Elizabeth is confused as to why she’s in the hospital. Elizabeth remembers going to the church to reflect on the good times. Before Liz can continue, Kelly and Nikolas walk in. Kelly tells Elizabeth that she’ll fully recover from the hypothermia. Kelly hesitates before informing Elizabeth that she is pregnant. Elizabeth, Lucky, and Nikolas are speechless.

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