GH Update Friday 2/12/10

General Hospital Update Friday 2/12/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Ethan and Lucky are having drinks at Jakeís Roadhouse. Ethan tells Lucky that if any of the love that he and Elizabeth shared for such a long time was real, something about it must still be worth it in spite of what Elizabeth did. Lucky says that it was real at first but they both have changed so this is his new reality.

Elizabeth goes into the church where Lucky took her on the night of her rape and remembers him taking care of her.

Morgan and Molly are at Jasonís apartment. They tell Jason and Sam that they were in Kellyís looking up the charges against Sonny on Mollyís laptop when Michael came in and saw them. They say Jason got mad and said his dad shouldnít go to jail for something he didnít do and then ran off. Jason concludes that Michael is going to the police station to confess.

Michael is at the Port Charles Police station telling his story of the events that occurred the night that Claudia died, but Mac advises him to stop talking because he is about to make a formal confession to murder.

In Danteís hospital room, he sees someone passing his window carrying a bouquet of roses. He observes to Lulu that he finally got her to pay attention to him when he canít get up to go buy her flowers for Valentineís Day. She tells him to look on the bright side and spend this time on his back savoring the anticipation of future events. He asks her if she doesnít care that he was just fired and lost his badge, pension, and paycheck so he canít buy her gifts. She tells him that her present is that he is alive. He says he has never been fired from any job in his life. She tells him that Agent Rayner was a jerk to come into his hospital room and threaten him. Dante says Rayner is just upset and wants him to admit that Sonny was the shooter. She says they should be begging him to stay because he is a good cop that risked his life to go undercover. He tells her not to dwell on it because it is already done. She tells him he should stand up for himself and fight for his job.

At Jasonís penthouse, Morgan says Michael told them that he is the one that really killed Claudia but they cannot allow him to confess. He asks Jason if he can stop Michael. Jason says he canít show his face at the PCPD so Sam goes instead. Molly asks Jason why he didnít call the police when Michael killed Claudia instead of creating a cover up. She asks him if it isnít way more trouble to break the law than to follow it.

At Sonnyís house, he tells Diane that he is going to confess to killing Claudia and Diane is to put in a plea of self-defense. Diane laments that this will be the end of her winning streak. Sonny says this isnít about Dianeís reputation. He says they will say exactly what happened except that it was Sonny rescuing Carly and the baby instead of Michael. Diane protests that Carly, Sam, and Sonny all gave statements to the authorities that contradict that story. Sonny says he doesnít care as long as they never suspect Michael. Carly tells Sonny that Diane is telling him that she will not be able to get him acquitted if he confesses. Diane tells him that even if they get a jury of twelve women with a weakness for dimples, the case against him may be too strong. Sonny asks Diane why she canít make a case for self-defense when the victim was a whack-job who kidnapped a pregnant woman at gunpoint. Diane says the whack-job was his wife whom he had publicly threatened. He says he doesnít care because he will do what he has to do to save his son.

Michael is nervously shaking at the police station. He takes a drink of water and then continues his story. He tells Mac that he heard his mother screaming and knew something was wrong. He says he supposed instinct kicked in and he grabbed the first thing he could find, which was an ax handle. He says he went inside the cabin and saw that Claudia had the baby in a basket and his mother on the couch yelling at Claudia to give back the baby. He says he swung the ax handle. He tells Mac that he only wanted to stop Claudia but when she was on the floor, he realized that he had killed her. Mac tells Michael that what he just told him is a serious crime known as obstruction of justice; giving a false confession is against the law.

At Jakeís Roadhouse, Lucky tells Ethan that a fairy tale romance is brilliant when itís new and clean but itís ugly when it shrivels up and dies. He asks Ethan if their father ever told him that Lucky had died. Ethan says he was under the impression that death was a permanent condition. Lucky chuckles and tells him the story of when Helena abducted him and held him for a year but has set his room on fire and left a body inside to make everyone think he was dead. He says Helena wanted to punish his parents. He says Elizabeth grieved more than anyone else did. Lucky says that Helena eventually released him and he came back home. He says he tried to get things back to where they used to be but he can see now that even then what he wanted no longer exited.

In the church, Elizabeth lights a candle and tells God that she knows she shouldnít ask for forgiveness. She says she should ask for the strength to move on and make a decent life for her boys but she doesnít want to move on; she just wants Lucky back. She remembers Lucky asking her to be his girl all those years ago.

Sam goes to the police station and tells the desk officer that she is there to pay a ticket. She pretends to go to the restroom while she is waiting to be called so she can find Michael.

In the interview room, Mac tells Michael that it is both brave and foolish for him to want to protect his father. Michael says Sonny was never in the cabin. Mac tells him that they have forensic evidence that says otherwise. Mac asks Michael if Sonny put him up to this because he knows the cops would go easier on him because he was a minor at the time. Michael protests that his father did not kill Claudia. Mac says he at he feels badly that he lost a year of his life in that coma but he has the rest of his life ahead of him. He tells him and not to blow it. He says that as a favor to Michael, this conversation never happened. As Mac gets up to leave the interview room, Sam enters and asks Mac why he is questioning Michael without an attorney present. Mac tells her that it is none of her business and tells her to take him home and teach him about the penalties for lying Ė especially making false confessions. Sam escorts Michael out of the interview room and as she passes the desk officer, she says she forgot her checkbook. She and Michael leave the station. Mac asks the desk officer what Sam McCall was doing there. The officer says she was there to pay a parking ticket. Mac observes the interesting timing.

Helena is back at Wyndemere having tea with Nikolas. She discusses with him how his heir will inherit the Cassadine fortune. He tells her that his son Spencer is his heir, whether she approves of him or not. She tells him that she accepted Spencer when she felt that she had no choice but now that Emily is dead, he can choose a suitable partner to produce a suitable heir. He says he doesnít need any more children. She says she die in peace if she knew he had a child that has been raised with the Cassadine values. He says he doesnít care if she dies in peace. She tells him that even those pompous Windsors of England have an heir and a spare. He says he isnít interested in creating a backup child for her. She tells him that he is being selfish and not considering Spencerís happiness.

At Jakeís Roadhouse, Ethan asks Lucky if it is true that Elizabeth was with Sonnyís brother. Lucky says it is true that she was with Ric Lansing and that he was a dark and troubled person. He observes that that seems to be what Elizabeth is attracted to since she has been with Ric, Nikolas, and Jason. Lucky tells Ethan that Elizabeth and Ric were married and divorced, and then she had Cameron after a one-night stand with Emilyís ex, Zander, who was later killed in a police shootout. Lucky tells his brother that even after all that he didnít recognize the pattern. He says he spent so much time trying to recreate the early days instead of dealing with the way he and Elizabeth really are.

Elizabeth is in the church thinking about the early phase of her relationship with Lucky.

Lulu is sitting in Danteís hospital room reading a magazine while he sleeps. He is glad to see that she is there when he wakes up but wonders where she was when he woke up before. Jax enters the room and announces that he is there in response to her message. She tells him that Agent Rayner forced Danteís resignation. Jax tells her that that is too bad and that Dante deserves better. She says that Dante deserves an ally with political influence to get him reinstated and after everything Dante has done for Jax, it is the least he can do in return. Dante says it was a bad idea to call Jax and tells Jax to forget it.

At Sonnyís house, Diane tells him that he has until the trial to change his mind because there is no going back after he says in court that he killed his wife. He tells her to start her research to figure out how to show that it was self-defense. Diane tells him to pray for a jury of mostly women. She tells Carly to teach Sonny to look soulful because the icy mob-boss look isnít going to win him any favors. When Diane leaves, Sonny tells Carly that Diane always makes things look worse than they really are so that she will look like a genius when she wins a case. Carly tells him that she canít let him risk prison to save their son.

Jason is on the phone at his penthouse leaving a message for Diane to call him immediately about Michael. Morgan and Molly come into the room with snacks and drinks and ask Jason if he has finished with his business calls. He tells him that he has finished and thanks them for giving him some privacy. Molly tells him she has never known anyone who has had a pantry full of nothing but snacks. Michael and Sam enter the penthouse. Molly and Morgan are excited to see him. Michael tells Jason that he knows he is angry that he went to the cops. Sam tells Jason that Mac didnít believe Michaelís confession because he thinks he is trying to protect Sonny. Jason tells Michael that Sonny would rather confess to murder than watch Michael go on trial for Claudiaís death. Sam tells Michael that Jason is right; Sonny feels guilty about what happened to Claudia. Michael asks Jason what he is supposed to do while his father takes than fall for him. Jason directs Michael to do nothing, whether he understands or not. Jason tells Michael to trust him when he says that if he keeps his mouth shut about Claudiaís death, he will be helping Sonny. He asks the kids if they understand that. They nod in agreement. Jason says it is what Sonny wants and what he expects of them.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas asks Nikolas if he understands correctly that she is only there to trick or threatening him into impregnating a countess or petty aristocrat. She says she only wants to spare Spencer the burden for which he is not bred and he is not prepared to manage. He tells her that he is frequently tempted to put Spencer on a plane and take him far away from her influence. She tells him that it is his heritage so he should do as she asks and find a suitable woman and have a son who is suited to lead their family. He tells her he will not perpetuate the Cassadine tradition of preferring one child to another the way she did with his father and his uncle. He says he will not create a situation where Spencer and his brother bring misery to each other the way he and Lucky do.

At Jakeís Roadhouse, Ethan tells Lucky that he doesnít understand why he isnít angrier with Nikolas. Lucky asks if Ethan is suggesting they have a dual. Ethan thinks that would be epic but admits that he isnít trying to stir things up. He tells Lucky that while it is true that Elizabeth betrayed him, Nikolas did too. Lucky says Elizabeth is the one that kept going back to Wyndemere to see Nikolas. Ethan doubts that Elizabeth made the first move. Lucky says this isnít the first time that Elizabeth couldnít resist a man. He reveals that Elizabeth climbed 14 floors in a blackout to sleep with Jason Morgan. He says that she now finds reasons to go to Spoon Island to sleep with Nikolas. Lucky says it is a pattern that he is not interested in repeating. Ethan asks Lucky if it might be easier to blame Elizabeth than Nikolas. Lucky says he blames them both. He says it makes him sick that they were attracted to each other at all, let alone that they didnít care what it would do to anyone else. He says the lying and deception hurt the most. He is disappointed that neither Elizabeth nor Nikolas had the guts to be honest with him. He says he invested love and faith into both of them and they trashed it.

In Danteís hospital room, Dante tells Jax that Agent Rayner didnít believe him when he said he shot himself. Jax tells him Agent Rayner isnít stupid; he knows Dante lied to protect his father. Dante asks Jax if he has something he wants to say about that. Jax says people keep secrets for all kinds of reasons and that is a reason for Dante not to ask Jax to make calls on his behalf. Dante tells Jax that he doesnít even think Jaxís influence could help because Sonnyís relationship to Dante makes him suspect. Lulu concludes that Jax has no reason to care whether Dante keeps his badge now that Sonny has been busted. Lulu says she knows that Jax is right to want Sonny in prison. She says that when Sonny shot Dante, he proved that he is as bad as Jax said he was. She says she doesnít know why Carly keeps defending Sonny. Jax says Carly refused to see Sonny for who he really is. He tells Dante to call him if he needs anything or if he changes his mind. Jax leaves and Dante tells Lulu to remind him not to piss her off. She tells him she gets this way when someone shoots the man that she loves. She kisses him and tells him she will see him later. He asks her where she is going but and she cryptically responds that it is Valentineís Day and they have something to celebrate. She leaves.

At Sonnyís house, he tells Carly that he has to do this for their son. She advises him not to tell himself that he is protecting Michael. She tells him that it is bad enough that Michael killed someone but it will destroy him if Sonny goes to prison for it. He says Diane will get him acquitted. Carly protests that there is too much evidence against Sonny and the undercover cop that built the case happens to be his son. She says the jury will take into account the fact that his own son believes he is guilty. She tells him that he will not survive prison even if he gets past the claustrophobia. She reminds him that he has enemies and predicts that he would never make it out of prison alive. She tells him that she cannot allow that to happen.

Ethan and Lucky are playing pool at Jakeís Roadhouse. Lucky observes a couple in love. He asks Ethan if he is enjoying Valentineís Day. Ethan says Valentineís Day is not for men like them. It is a day designed by candy and greeting card makers to exploit the softhearted for profit. Lucky tells Ethan that he fell in love with Elizabeth on a long-ago Valentineís Day. Ethan reveals that Elizabeth freaked out when she saw a flyer for a Valentineís Day event and Nikolas explained why she was so emotional. Lucky says he had no idea that his life was about to change that night when he saw Elizabeth crawling out of the bushes that night. Ethan asks him if it had ever occurred to him that Elizabeth might be afraid to disappoint him. Lucky tells him that their dad once told him that no matter how long you have been with a person, it is always easier to remember who they used to be than to see them for who they have become. He concedes that it is possible that Elizabeth has always been that fragile little girl to him and he never saw the woman that she became. He says that doesnít justify the lies or the infidelity, bur he can own his part in it.

Elizabeth rests her head on the arm of a pew in the freezing cold church.

Lulu goes home and finds the apartment tricked out for wild Valentines Day sex. Maxie tells Lulu she has to go because she has big plans with Spinelli and she doesnít want Lulu there in her fuzzy slippers. Lulu assures her that she has Valentineís Day plans of her own with Dante and they donít involve fuzzy slippers.

Mac goes to visit Dante in the hospital. He tells him that he heard from Agent Ryder that Dante is no longer on the NYPD and asks Dante if he intends to fight it. Dante says he doubts that there is much call for a cop whose father is the biggest crime lord on the Eastern Seaboard. Mac tells him that he is still a good cop. Dante appreciates that Mac said that. Mac says it is likely that Sonny will go to prison for killing his wife and will continue to run his business from the inside. He says that inevitably his first order of business will be to stamp an expiration date on the forehead of the cop that put him there. Dante asks if Mac is implying that his father will have him killed. Mac asks Dante why Sonny would protect him if he helps to get him convicted. Dante laments his position as a traitor to the mob and a bad bet for the cops. Mac tells him that that is not necessarily so; he may have a place for him in his department but he will need some assurances.

At Jasonís penthouse, Sam tells Molly that she hates to ask her to keep secrets from their mother, but this is not their secret. Molly says she knows that their mother would want them to go to the police but that would make Uncle Sonny unhappy. Sam tells her little sister that it would be different if it were of them. Molly understands that that would make it her business, but Michael is not her son. She tells sister not to worry; both she and Kristina will keep Michaelís secret. Jason thanks Molly. Jason asks Michael if he has anything to say. Michael says he wants to know why everyone else has a say in his life. Jason says that at this point, so many people know that Michael killed Claudia that he wouldnít be surprised if the cops came to arrest him but until that happens, they have to let it play out. Jason tells the kids there can be no surprises for Sonny during the trial. Sam says that Jason means that if they think they canít keep the secret, they should say so now. Molly and Morgan both assure Jason that they can keep quiet.

At Sonnyís house, he asks Carly to accept his decision. Carly reiterates that Sonny will die in prison. Sonny is confident that Diane will be able to paint Claudia as a vicious nut. Carly tells Sonny that he is no choirboy; he is a criminal with a history of getting away with murder. He reminds him that a room full of people heard him threaten Claudia on the night that she died. Sonny tells Carly that the police want Claudiaís murderer right now and since neither of them want the police to know about Michael, Sonny is all that is left. Carly says Sonny doesnít have to go to prison.

At Maxie and Luluís apartment, Lulu asks Maxie if Kate will be in Los Angeles all weekend. Maxie confirms it. Lulu says that in that case, she is going to go get flowers from the office because Kate will never know the difference. Maxie gives Lulu a bag of leftover valentineís decorations and tells her that ambiance is everything, especially in a hospital room. Lulu thanks her and takes the decorations. She tells Maxie that she will be at the hospital for most of the night so she and Spinelli can enjoy Planet Love in privacy. Maxie hugs her and gives her a scented candle and a strip of condoms to take with her,

In Danteís hospital room, Mac says Dante he is impressed with his guts and integrity but before he offers him a job, he has to have assurances that Dante wonít compromise himself or the Department by trying to protect his father. He says he needs to know that Dante will hold Sonny responsible for his actions. He says that if Dante can guarantee that, then Mac wants him on the PCPD. Dante gives Mac his word that is not interested in protecting Sonny. Mac tells Dante that the case against Sonny is circumstantial and that he needs a witness. He says he believes that Michael was in the cabin that night so he needs sufficient cause to call Michael to the stand and get him to admit that he saw his father kill Claudia Zacchara.

At Sonnyís house, Carly wants Sonny to promise that if it appears that he will be convicted, he will leave the country. He asks her if she wants him to leave his family. She asks him if he prefers them to watch him suffer and die in prison. She tells him that she wants him to swear on his kidsí lives that when she says go, he will go. He reminds her that she is not married to him anymore. She says she doesnít care. She says no one has known him better or longer and she has always had his best interest at heart. He agrees to go if the trial takes a turn for the worse. She tells him that isnít good enough; she wants him to promise to go when she tells him to. She says she thinks he owes her that much after all they have been through. He concedes that he does. He gives her his word that when she tells him to leave the country, he will go. Just as she hugs him, Jax enters the room. He tells Carly that she has finally lived down to his lowest expectation by throwing herself at Sonny to get back at him.

Lucky goes to the church where he took Elizabeth on the night of her rape. He goes to the altar where Elizabethís candles are burning and he sees her unconscious on the front pew. He goes to her and tries to revive her.

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