GH Update Wednesday 2/10/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/10/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Robin congratulates Patrick on his successful surgery. Patrick is complaining that he and Robin didn’t get to “celebrate”, adding that they have been “too tired to have sex” with their busy work schedules. At the nurses’ station, Patrick is impatiently waiting for lab results. Lisa walks up and teases him about work. Lisa brings up the topic of sex but Patrick maintains that he and Robin aren’t fighting. Lisa suggests that Patrick shouldn’t “alienate the staff”.

Johnny goes to Jason’s penthouse. Jason relays that he knows the truth about Dante. Johnny boldly asks Jason when he’s going to kill him. Jason is silent at first. Jason finally admits that Johnny will not be taken out since he protected Michael’s secret (killing Claudia) from Dante, an undercover cop. Jason is furious that Johnny would help Dante with taking down Sonny’s organization. Johnny maintains that he wants Sonny sent to prison. Jason explains that Johnny’s life will be spared but he no longer works for Sonny. Johnny thanks Jason for being fair, adding that Jason has saved his life more than once. Johnny says that he kept quiet for Olivia. Johnny proclaims his love for Olivia and justifies why he protected Dante. Johnny adds that he also helped Dante because of his sister Claudia. Johnny knows that Claudia didn’t make the right choices but ultimately blames Sonny for his sister’s death. Jason warns that if Johnny comes after Sonny, there will be consequences. Before leaving, Johnny comments that “things could get interesting”.

Luke shows up at Wyndemere. Nikolas isn’t surprised to see Luke. Luke tells Nikolas that he is acting like a true Cassadine. Nikolas believes that he is the “enemy” and feels that Lucky will never forgive him. Nikolas feels remorse about the affair. Luke wants to “write off” Nik but can’t because of his other family members. Luke mentions Stavros which makes Nik cringe. Luke is leery of Nikolas’ intentions. Luke has no problem saying that he doesn’t trust Nikolas. Luke leaves when he realizes Nikolas isn’t listening to a word he says.

Elizabeth arrives at Luke’s office but no one is there. Liz is about to leave a note when she spots a flyer on Luke’s desk. It is an announcement for an event at the Haunted Star. Elizabeth has flashbacks to the night of her rape. Ethan walks in and senses that Elizabeth is on edge. Ethan asks if Liz is okay. Elizabeth inquires about Luke’s whereabouts. Ethan has no clue where Luke is. Ethan offers Liz some coffee but she turns him down. Elizabeth brings up her heart-to-heart chat with Luke. Elizabeth wants to apologize to Luke for asking him to speak to Lucky. Ethan doesn’t think that Luke is expecting an apology. Elizabeth says that she ran into Lucky at the office and he didn’t even want to talk to her. Elizabeth comments that she doesn’t like Valentine’s Day. Elizabeth feels lonely without Lucky. Liz has another memory about her rape. Elizabeth says that she ruined her and Lucky’s “past”. Elizabeth leaves the office.

Maxie and Spinelli meet at Kelly’s for a meal. Maxie still believes that Spinelli should sleep with someone for them to be even. Spinelli wants to move on but Maxie won’t drop the subject. Spinelli doesn’t want to talk about Maxie’s one-night-stand with Franco. Maxie thinks that Spinelli should consider her suggestion since it might “save” their relationship. Spinelli points out that sleeping with another woman won’t “even the score”. Spinelli won’t consider being with anyone other than Maxie.

Johnny shows up at GH. Johnny brings Olivia some coffee. Johnny blurts out that he talked to Jason and adds that Sonny isn’t going to have him killed. Olivia is relieved by the news. Johnny states that he is no longer working for Sonny. Olivia is convinced that Johnny has a real shot at a normal life. Olivia advises Johnny that he shouldn’t do anything “self-destructive”. Olivia says she loves John. Johnny reminds Olivia that it’s her turn to stick by him. Johnny has no clue how things will work out. Johnny tells Olivia that he loves her.

Jason makes a business call to Bernie. Jason worries that Dante knows too much. Kristina arrives, wanting to speak to Jason. Kristina asks for some money. Kristina can’t understand why Dante lied about the shooting. Kristina asks for Jason’s advice concerning Sonny. Kristina wants to hate her father but is looking for one reason not to. Jason brings up Sonny’s horrible childhood, adding that he didn’t have any other choice but to turn to the mob. Jason says that Sonny would have changed places with Michael in a heartbeat (when his son was in a coma). Jason maintains that it is Kristina’s decision whether or not she wants to have a relationship with Sonny. Kristina thanks Jason for the talk. Sam walks in.

Ethan is summoned to Wyndemere. Nikolas says that he needs to talk to the entire Spencer clan. Ethan doesn’t have anything to say. Nikolas brings up Elizabeth. Ethan badmouths Nik, saying that he treats Elizabeth like garbage. Ethan confides that Liz is having a hard time with the break-up. Ethan brings up the flyer that got Liz riled up. Nikolas admits that Elizabeth was raped as a teen on Valentine’s Day.

Sam and Liz run into each other at Kelly’s. There is an awkward silence. Sam is sympathetic about what Elizabeth is going through. Elizabeth is shocked that Sam is so understanding. Elizabeth brings up Lucky and how he won’t forgive her. Sam doesn’t want to discuss this at the diner. Elizabeth points out that Jason forgave Sam for the “unforgivable”. Liz wants Sam’s advice. Sam says that she did a lot of soul searching before getting back with Jason.

Elizabeth goes to the hospital. Elizabeth speaks to Robin and Patrick. Elizabeth wants to come back to work, claiming that she needs the money. Robin and Patrick offer Liz money but she flatly refuses. Elizabeth begs Robin to speak to the board on her behalf. Robin denies Elizabeth’s request. Elizabeth is upset and says that she wants things to “get back to normal”. Robin isn’t sure if Liz can handle work demands. Elizabeth walks away in frustration. Robin tells Patrick that she feels bad that she couldn’t help her friend. Robin brings up her post-partum depression and how Patrick got her through it. They kiss. Patrick admits that he has missed Robin. Patrick speaks to Lisa and asks her for a favor. Patrick wants Lisa to cover for he and Robin. Lisa agrees to help. Robin walks up and asks about a patient. Patrick whisks Robin towards the supply closet. Lisa laughs.

Kristina goes to Kelly’s. Unfortunately, she runs into Kiefer. Kiefer tries to apologize but Kristina ignores him. Kiefer grabs Kristina’s arm. Kristina says that she doesn’t want to see him because he hit her. Ethan interrupts and asks if Kiefer is bothering Kristina. Kristina asks Ethan to join her for a cup of coffee. Ethan enthusiastically accepts which enrages Kiefer.

Jason and Sam are talking about Kristina when there’s a knock on the door. It’s Maxie, who announces that she and Spinelli are working things out. Jason doesn’t want to deal with Maxie’s drama, so he tells Sam that he’s stepping out.

Johnny goes to see Anthony in prison. Anthony comments that his son looks awful. Johnny announces that he wants to start running the Zacchara organization. Anthony is surprised by Johnny’s decision. Johnny wants to start running things his way.

Helena is waiting for Nik at Wyndemere. Nikolas isn’t happy to see his grandmother. Nikolas asks what Helena wants. Helena brings up Nikolas’ troubles with Lucky. Helena offers to help Nik through this difficult time.

Elizabeth goes to Kelly’s. Elizabeth becomes paranoid when she thinks that two patrons are laughing at her. Elizabeth runs out of the diner and into Jason’s arms. Elizabeth tries to pull away but Jason tells her that everything is okay.

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