GH Update Tuesday 2/9/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/9/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In the hospital chapel, Carly tells Sonny about Jax’s lies. Carly explains that Jax knew Dominic was really Dante Falconeri, an undercover cop, adding that he also kept Olivia’s secret about Sonny being the father. Sonny realizes that Carly is very upset. Carly can’t believe that Jax would try to frame Sonny for Claudia’s murder since it put Michael at risk. Sonny knows that Dante detests him but he blames Olivia for the shooting. Sonny brings up when Olivia first told him she was pregnant and claimed she didn’t know who the father was. Sonny feels that he should have known that Dante was his son. Carly tells Sonny that he can’t blame himself. Sonny can’t help feeling this way. Sonny justifies why he had no choice but to shoot Dante. Sonny confides that Michael was the one who warned him about Dante being a cop. Carly is shocked by the revelation. Sonny tells Carly about the shooting. Sonny divulges that the shooting will “haunt” him for the rest of his life. Carly insists that Sonny needs to look out for all of his children – not just Dante. Sonny brings up his deep connection to Dante. Carly reminds Sonny that Dante is still a cop, implying that the damage is done. Sonny is confident that Dante lied in his police statement to protect his father.

In his hospital room, Dante informs Jason that he lied about what really happened, adding that he told Lucky that he accidentally shot himself. Jason is puzzled as to why Dante would cover for Sonny. Dante maintains that he didn’t lie to protect Sonny. Dante reminds Jason that Sonny will go to prison for Claudia’s murder since there is tangible proof of his guilt. Jason changes his mind about hurting Dante and quietly leaves the room.

Elizabeth is dozing on her living room couch. Liz dreams that she is like Hester from “The Scarlet Letter”, where she is being condemned for her affair with Nikolas. Luke, the judge, sentences her to a life without Lucky or Nik. Luke adds that Elizabeth deserves to be alone for the rest of her life. Elizabeth wakes up, visibly shaken by her nightmare. Liz gets up, grabs her coat, and heads out the door.

At Jake’s, Johnny urges Lucky to shoot him. Lucky apologizes for his peculiar behavior and puts the gun away. Coleman suggests buying a free round of drinks for everyone. Ethan walks in and senses that he missed something. Lucky implies that he almost shot Johnny. Ethan is worried about Lucky and says that the situation with Elizabeth is “eating him up”. Lucky rambles on about Elizabeth. Lucky feels embarrassed for his outburst at the bar.

Liz pays Luke a visit at his office. Elizabeth feels terrible about the affair, adding that she wants a second chance with Lucky. Elizabeth asks for Luke’s help with getting through to Lucky. Liz is concerned about Lucky’s drinking and begs Luke to talk to him. Luke points out that Liz should have appreciated Lucky when she was with him. Elizabeth is adamant that she wants Lucky back. Luke says that Elizabeth might not get her wish, considering she slept with Lucky’s brother. Luke won’t speak to Lucky for Elizabeth. Elizabeth won’t take no for an answer, insisting that Lucky will not listen to her side of the story. Luke insists that he can’t help. Elizabeth and Luke are startled when Lucky walks in. Lucky bluntly tells Liz to leave. Elizabeth reaches out to Lucky but he doesn’t want her touching him. Elizabeth wants to talk to Lucky but he doesn’t want to. Luke butts in and tells Liz to leave immediately. Elizabeth hesitates but finally leaves the office. Lucky starts to cry. Lucky throws some papers on the floor. Luke announces that he is leaving for Prague and asks Lucky to join him.

At Jason’s, Jax comes down the staircase and tells Sam that Morgan and Josslyn are asleep. Sam makes it clear that she wants Jax to leave. Jax insists that living with Jason is not an option for the children. Morgan overhears Jax and Sam talking. Morgan interrupts and asks why Jax never said anything about Dante’s identity. Morgan is devastated to learn that Jax tried to send Sonny to prison. Morgan thinks that Jax did this because of his hatred for Sonny. Jax insists that he was only trying to protect his family. Jax tries to justify his actions but Morgan isn’t interested in excuses. Jax feels bad for what he did but claims he was looking out for everyone involved. Morgan, teary-eyed, confides that he loves Jax and Dante but also loves Sonny just as much.

In the doctors’ locker room, Maxie checks up on Lulu. Maxie comments that Lulu looks much better now that she has showered. Maxie tells Lulu that she needs to prepare for the worst, adding that it’s possible that Dante and Sonny might get close. Lulu doesn’t think that will happen. Maxie believes that Dante is mad at Olivia. Lulu thinks that Sonny is naïve to think that Dante will want a relationship with him. Lulu blurts out that Dante told the police that he shot himself. Maxie wonders if Dante is trying to protect Sonny. Lulu reminds Maxie that Sonny will still be convicted for Claudia’s murder. Maxie advises Lulu to be supportive of Dante.

Ronnie goes to see Dante in his hospital room. Ronnie is outraged that Dante would lie about the shooting. Dante is evasive. Ronnie believes that Sonny is playing Dante. Ronnie wants Dante to be honest about the shooting. Dante stands by his police statement. Ronnie chuckles since Dante accidentally shooting himself is ridiculous. Dante tells Ronnie to go update Agent Rayner. Ronnie brings up the lieutenant which is a touchy subject for Dante. Ronnie insists that Sonny had the lieutenant killed so he needs to pay. Dante assures Ronnie that Sonny will go to prison for Claudia’s death. Ronnie won’t let the issue go and continues to call Sonny a killer. Ronnie is mad that Sonny had no problem with shooting Dante. Dante reminds Ronnie that Sonny’s kids will be free of him soon. Ronnie doesn’t think that Sonny will be convicted since he has excellent lawyers. Lulu walks in and tells Ronnie to stop harassing Dante. Ronnie announces to Dante that Internal Affairs will get involved in the case. After Ronnie exits the room, Dante asks Lulu if she will still love him if he loses his job as a cop. Dante says that Sonny showed no emotion when he shot him. Lulu feels bad about the whole thing. Lulu promises to stick by Dante no matter what. Dante jokes that he might have to get a job as a garbage man or janitor. They flirt back and forth.

At the Corinthos home, Jason tells Sonny that they need to tie up loose ends. Sonny tells Jason to take care of it. Jason hesitates before saying that Dante is the problem. Sonny doesn’t think that Dante’s a threat. Jason is adamant that Dante will testify at Claudia’s murder trial, adding that everyone is affected by the fallout. Sonny warns Jason that he can’t go after Dante.

Luke and Lucky continue to talk in the office. Luke wants Lucky to accompany him to Prague. Luke talks about an art scam in the city. Luke brings up Carlos, an old friend. Lucky remembers how he used to help Luke with scams in Budapest during his childhood years. Luke insists that he is leaving in the morning. Lucky says he would love to go but can’t, claiming that he can’t run away from his problems. Lucky brings up that he almost shot Johnny at Jake’s. Lucky worries about what he might have done. Luke doesn’t think that Lucky would have actually shot Johnny. Lucky reluctantly agrees with his father. Lucky is curious as to why Elizabeth came to see Luke. Luke confides that Liz wants a chance with Lucky. Lucky is reminded of Elizabeth’s betrayal. Lucky worries that he almost lashed out at Elizabeth. Luke doesn’t think that Lucky would ever physically hurt Liz. Lucky fears that his life is falling apart. Luke promises that Lucky is going to get through this. Lucky thanks Luke for his support.

Ronnie runs into Olivia at the hospital. Ronnie wants Olivia to talk some sense into Dante, adding that Sonny is being protected by his cop son. Olivia refuses to help Ronnie. Ronnie is astounded that Olivia won’t help him, especially since they’ve known each other forever. Ronnie wonders if Olivia is still loyal to Sonny. Olivia gets mad when Ronnie assumes she is choosing Sonny over Dante. Olivia points out similarities between Ronnie and Sonny. Olivia comments that she won’t forget that Ronnie cheated on his wife. Ronnie heads for the elevator.

Carly returns to Jason’s penthouse. Carly is not happy to see Jax. They argue about Sonny. Jax recalls the night Josslyn was born. Carly announces that Dante said he shot himself. Jax is shocked by the news. Carly is still mad that Jax lied. Jax suggests that Carly return home and he will move out. Jax leaves, visibly frustrated by the situation. A tear runs down Carly’s face.

Elizabeth returns home. Through tears, Elizabeth stares at her engagement ring.

At the hospital, Johnny checks in on Olivia. Johnny inquires about Dante. Johnny offers to get dinner for Olivia. Olivia is shocked that Johnny isn’t mad anymore. Johnny confesses that he doesn’t want to judge anyone, at least not tonight. Olivia proclaims her love for Johnny and apologizes for lying to him. Johnny says he loves Olivia. They kiss.

In the hospital room, Lulu is laying in Dante’s arms, fast asleep. Dante pulls Lulu closer to him.

At home, Sonny and Jason talk about Dante. Jason isn’t sure why Dante would lie to the police. Sonny seems to think that Dante is protecting him. Jason doesn’t agree. Jason warns Sonny that Dante could end up destroying him.

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