GH Update Monday 2/8/10

General Hospital Update Monday 2/8/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky runs into Elizabeth at Jake’s. Lucky doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Liz to be there. Elizabeth wants to talk about their troubled relationship. Lucky is adamant that Elizabeth shouldn’t manipulate him anymore. Lucky believes that Elizabeth is acting like a fool. Elizabeth feels bad about her affair with Nikolas, adding that she truly cares about Lucky. Lucky laughs and admits that he feels like Liz’s “babysitter”. Lucky brings up the last time he and Liz had sex. Lucky continues to badmouth Elizabeth, asking inappropriate questions about her affair with Nik. Lucky tells the bartender he wants another beer. Elizabeth looks concerned and tells Lucky that drinking isn’t a good idea. Elizabeth confesses that she still loves Lucky. Liz begs Lucky for another chance. Lucky is silent. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she had a good talk with Luke, adding that he was very understanding about the circumstances. Elizabeth brings up happy memories that she and Lucky shared, like Christmas and New Year’s. Elizabeth wants another chance with Lucky but he is reluctant to try. Lucky reminds Liz that they already tried couples therapy and it wasn’t a success. Lucky talks about Nikolas which makes Liz cringe. Lucky is adamant that he is through with Elizabeth. Elizabeth inquires about Cameron and Jake. Lucky gets angry when he thinks that Liz is using the boys to manipulate him. Elizabeth gets teary-eyed. Liz doesn’t know what to tell the boys about Lucky. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he loves the boys and will see them soon. Elizabeth asks if Lucky will be calling to see Cameron and Jake. Lucky comments that Liz will be hearing from a lawyer, adding that he can’t stand to be in the same room with her.

Carly, along with Morgan and Josslyn, show up at Jason’s doorstep. Carly tells Jason that she needs his help. Sam leaves the room so Carly can talk to Jason. Carly is visibly upset. Carly spills the beans about Jax, explaining that her husband knew that Dante was undercover and tried to have Sonny arrested. Jason is speechless. Carly says that her life is falling apart again, adding that it started when she married Jax. Carly feels betrayed since Jax has been lying for months. Carly is horrified that Jax would let his hatred for Sonny destroy their marriage. Jason asks Carly for details. Carly explains that Jax pulled strings for Sonny’s arrest. Carly can’t believe that Jax would frame Sonny for Claudia’s murder. Jason thinks it is strange that Dante didn’t figure out that Michael killed Claudia. Carly and Jason are both furious with Jax. Carly points out that Jax will justify his actions, claiming that he was only protecting his family. Carly wants Jason’s feedback about what to do next. Carly brings up divorce but quickly rules it out when she glances over to look at Josslyn. Carly isn’t sure if she can remain married to Jax because of his betrayal. Jason advises that Carly needs to calm down and think it over. Carly reveals that she still loves Jax even though she is hurt by what he did.

Michael and Jax get into a scuffle at home. Michael is furious that Jax did everything to have Sonny sent to prison. Jax asserts that he only did it to protect his family. Michael doesn’t buy Jax’s story. Michael doesn’t understand why Jax would want Sonny to pay for something he (Michael) did, like killing Claudia. Jax thinks that Sonny poses a threat to his children, adding that Sonny’s way of life directly affects their safety. Michael is adamant that Sonny loves him but Jax says that isn’t enough. Jax asks Michael how he would feel if one of his own siblings was shot because of Sonny. Michael maintains that he never wants his siblings to go through what he did. Jax brings up the night Michael killed Claudia in self-defense. Michael doesn’t agree with Jax that sending Sonny to prison is the right decision. Michael doesn’t trust Jax. Jax begs Michael not to confess to Claudia’s murder, adding that Sonny wouldn’t want him to admit the truth. Jax emphasizes that he loves Michael and is continuing to look out for his family.

Sonny goes to see Dante at the hospital. Sonny thanks Dante for saving his life as well as Morgan’s. Sonny is willing to work things out. Dante laughs at the idea, replying that he has no intentions of getting to know his father. Dante explains that he learned a lot from the shooting, that Sonny has no honor or respect for another. Dante is resolute that Sonny will be convicted for Claudia’s murder. Sonny shakes his head in disbelief. Sonny confides that everything has changed now that he is Dante’s dad. Dante admits that he is sickened by the thought that Sonny is his father. Dante brings up his father figure, the lieutenant that Sonny had killed. Dante isn’t surprised that Sonny has no remorse for killing the man. Dante believes that Sonny shouldn’t be a father to any child. Sonny is hurt by Dante’s words but doesn’t admit it. Sonny insists that he isn’t perfect but he’s still Dante’s father. Dante doesn’t think that anything has changed. Dante points out that he’s still a cop while Sonny remains a mobster. Sonny reminds Dante that they had a connection from the beginning. Dante disagrees, saying that it was all “part of the job”. Sonny doesn’t believe Dante, adding that their friendship was “real”. Dante laughs, commenting that Sonny still shot him regardless.

At the hospital, Lulu asks Olivia why she is protecting Sonny. Olivia maintains that she isn’t defending Sonny, adding that she didn’t witness Dante’s shooting. Lulu is irritated with Olivia. Olivia thanks Lulu for supporting Dante. Olivia reminds Lulu that it is Dante’s decision on how he proceeds with the situation regarding Sonny.

Johnny brings Olivia some cannoli while she waits at the hospital. Olivia comments that Johnny is a sweetheart. Johnny thinks it is odd that Olivia isn’t at Dante’s bedside. Olivia says that Sonny is visiting Dante at the moment. Johnny can’t believe the police would allow Sonny, the man who shot Dante, to visit him in the hospital. Olivia relays that Dante made his police statement, adding that her son admitted to shooting himself by accident. Johnny is bothered that Olivia and Dante are protecting Sonny. Olivia reminds Johnny that it is ultimately Dante’s decision on how he wants to handle things. Johnny worries that Jason and Sonny will come after him now that the truth is known, adding that he’s a dead man because he knew that Dante was undercover. Johnny walks away.

Sonny continues to talk to Dante, adding that he tried his best to save him after the shooting. Sonny tells Dante that he decided not to leave the country. Dante isn’t impressed and asks Sonny to go away. Lulu walks in, enraged that Sonny is visiting with Dante. Lulu tells Sonny to leave. Sonny refuses to go. Lulu tells Sonny that Tracy was right about him all along. Lulu calls Sonny a murderer. Dante instructs Lulu to come over by his bed. Lulu rambles on about Sonny, saying that what he does is all an act. Sonny doesn’t want to argue in front of Dante. Lulu demands that Sonny leave the room. Sonny leaves, visibly frustrated with the situation. Lulu apologizes for her outburst. Dante reassures Lulu that he is okay.

While Sam holds Josslyn, Jason watches in admiration. Carly enters the room as Sam talks to Josslyn about going for a boat ride when she gets older. Carly smiles. Sam comments that Josslyn is such a sweetie. Carly says that she has to go to the hospital to find Sonny. Jason pipes in that he is going to GH too. Sam offers to watch Josslyn and Morgan. Carly thanks Sam for her help.

Lucky asks Coleman for another drink. Coleman is hesitant at first. Lucky asks Coleman if he is protected by Sonny Corinthos. Lucky brings up Nikolas and Elizabeth. Lucky wants to know if Nik and Liz used an upstairs room at Jake’s. Coleman replies that they didn’t. Lucky feels like an idiot since Nikolas and Elizabeth can have sex anytime at Wyndemere. Coleman is worried about Lucky’s state of mind. Coleman pours Lucky another drink but warns him to be careful.

At the penthouse, Sam asks Morgan if he wants to eat Chinese leftovers. Morgan isn’t hungry. Morgan brings up his feelings about the situation with Sonny and Dante. Morgan is happy that Dante’s alive but worries what will happen to Sonny. There is a knock on the door. It’s Jax, demanding to know where Carly is. Morgan blurts out that Carly is at the hospital to see Sonny.

At the hospital, Jason and Carly talk about the situation with Dante. Carly senses that Jason might kill Dante so she warns that he shouldn’t try anything stupid.

Lulu continues to sit with Dante. Dante can’t believe that Sonny wants to work things out. Lulu says that Dante can’t trust Sonny since he’s a mobster. Dante feels torn since Sonny is his father. Maxie walks in. Maxie is disgusted to see that Lulu is wearing the same clothes. Maxie suggests that Lulu take a shower in the doctors’ locker room. When Lulu leaves, Maxie says she needs to speak to Dante.

Sonny and Olivia are in the hospital chapel. They have a heart-to-heart chat regarding Dante. Sonny maintains that he wouldn’t have shot Dante if he had known the truth. Olivia feels bad that Sonny never showed “gratitude” toward Dante. Sonny reminds Olivia that Dante’s shooting is on her. Olivia is thankful that Sonny was never involved in Dante’s childhood, adding that Dante would have died if she hadn’t shown up when she did. Sonny appears hurt by Olivia’s cutting remarks. After Olivia leaves, Sonny speaks to God about his frustrations. Sonny feels like he can’t do anything right when it comes to his children. Sonny feels remorse for shooting Dante, adding that he will never get a chance to know him. Carly walks in. Sonny, teary-eyed, confesses to Carly that he doesn’t want to give up on Dante.

Lulu breaks down while taking a shower in the doctors' locker room.

Johnny goes to Jake’s and sits near Lucky. Johnny is rambling on about Sonny. Lucky is preoccupied. Johnny is mad so he makes a bet with Coleman that Sonny won’t pay for Claudia’s murder. Johnny makes some impolite comments about the police force. Johnny approaches Lucky, obviously looking for a fight. Lucky suddenly aims his gun at Johnny’s head.

Maxie wants to know Dante’s intentions toward Lulu. Dante promises that his feelings are genuine. Jason walks into Dante’s hospital room. Maxie realizes it is her cue to leave. Jason locks the door. Dante knows that something bad is about to happen. Dante asks Jason how he plans on killing him. Jason remains quiet.

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