GH Update Friday 2/5/10

General Hospital Update Friday 2/5/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At the Jacks’ house, Carly repeats to Jax that he knew for months that Dante was an undercover cop, that Sonny is his father, and that he helped Dante arrest Sonny. He asks her to let him explain. She tells him he can save his breath if he is going to say he did it to protect everyone.

At a private airport, Jason tells Sonny that leaving the country is his only option because they can no longer stall the cops. Sonny says he just found out Dante is his son and he can’t just get on a plane and leave. Jason protests that Sonny just found out that Dante is a cop who has been truing to take him down. He says Dante is a rat and he will talk. He says Olivia will back up Dante’s story. He asks Sonny how he is going to help his kids from behind bars.

At the police station, Mac tells Olivia that he understands that she is in a difficult position and that that is why she didn’t speak up before but he says she needs to go on records now. Ronnie asks her to tell the truth, clear and simple, about how Dante ended up with a bullet in his chest. She tells him that the only thing that is clear to her is that the two of them are chomping at the bit to arrest Sonny for shooting Dante and she doesn’t think she can help them.

Lucky is in Dante’s hospital room to take his statement. He tells Dante that he can start whenever he is ready. Dante looks at Lulu and she nods in approval. Dante asks Lucky turn off the tape recorder because he needs a moment. Lucky complies. When Dante is ready, Lucky turns the recorder back on and asks Dante how he ended up shot in the chest on Sonny’s living room floor. Dante hesitates and looks at Lulu again. Then he says his shooting was an accident.

At General Hospital, Epiphany escorts a young patient, Jimmy Hughes and his mother, Gloria to Elizabeth’s station. She tells Elizabeth that the child has a burn injury and that Dr. Hunter prescribed cortisone lotion. The mother says it is all her fault. She proceeds to divulge her story that she was spending quality alone time with her boyfriend and didn’t realize the boy was hungry so the child decided to boil hotdogs. Epiphany tells her not to be too hard on herself; accidents happen and Jimmy’s injuries are not severe. Gloria bends down next to her son tells him she is sorry and asks if he forgives her. Elizabeth tells Gloria to leave Jimmy alone. She asks her how she dares to ask for absolution from a little boy she just endangered. Epiphany tries to shut Elizabeth down, but Elizabeth continues her tirade. She tells Gloria that a mother is responsible to put her child first. She says that apparently Gloria’s lust is more important that her child’s well-being and she doesn’t deserve to be a mother. Epiphany gives Elizabeth the death stare.

At the Jacks’ house, Carly tells Jax that she is trying to wrap her head around the fact that he has known about Dante the whole time. He says he helped an undercover cop investigate a known criminal to protect his family. She tells him that is a load of crap. She says he told her that everything was ok and that the lies were over yet he has been sitting on this the whole time. He says he is sorry that he is sorry that he had to keep it from her but he couldn’t expect that she could keep the secret. He tells her that his position on Sonny has never changed; Sonny is a threat to everyone and he is sick of it all. She tells him that is the spin he is putting on it to give himself a noble cause but the truth is simply that he hates Sonny. She says she saw a way to beat Sonny and he took it. She congratulates him on winning the big war and tells him that she hopes it was worth sacrificing his family.

At the airport, Jason tells Sonny that it is over as soon as Dante and Olivia give statements that Sonny shot Dante. He reminds him that there is no bail for shooting a cop so they have a small window to get him out of the country. Sonny says he is not leaving. Jason tells Sonny that they both know Sonny will not be able to survive being locked up. Sonny repeats that he is not leaving. Jason tells Sonny to go and then send for the kids. Sonny screams, “I shot my son!” He says he looked Dante straight in the eye and fired. He says he can’t run away from that.

At the police station, Olivia tells Ronnie and Mac that Sonny was right when he told her that they are more concerned with capturing him than they are about protecting anyone else including one of their own. Ronnie tells her to tell them what happened. She tells them that when Dante and Sonny didn’t show up to Josselyn Jacks’ christening, she became concerned because Sonny had called Dante to his house earlier that day on unexpected business. She says when she arrived at Sonny’s house, she heard a shot so she ran in and saw her son on the floor so she ran to Dante and screamed for Sonny to call 9-1-1, which he did. Ronnie asks Olivia if Sonny was holding a gun and Olivia says she didn’t notice because she was focused on her son bleeding to death on the floor. Ronnie says that is crap; she is perjuring herself to save Sonny’s ass.

In Dante’s hospital room, Lucky turns off the recorder. Dante asks him what he is doing and Lucky responds that he is giving Dante a minute. Lulu says she doesn’t understand. Lucky tells her not to interfere. Lucky says he doesn’t think he needs to tell Dante what happens to cops that make false statements. Dante say Lucky is right; he doesn’t need to tell him and they should get on with it. Lucky turns the recorder back on. Dante makes his official statement. He says that on January 29, 2010 he became convinced that his cover had been blown so he went to Sonny’s house to arrest him. He says that Sonny was not there when he arrived so he waited. He says that he knew that Sonny kept a gun in the desk drawer so he took the precaution of unloading it but the gun jammed and when he worked it loose, it went off. He says that Sonny then entered the room. Lucky asks him if he is saying he shot himself. Dante says yes. Lucky turns off the recorder and tells Dante good luck getting anyone to believe that. Lulu and Dante look at each other.

At General Hospital, Epiphany tells Elizabeth that she is way out of line, but Elizabeth continues to berate Gloria, not noticing Nikolas walking by. She asks Gloria how she can justify neglecting her son to the point that he ends up suffering burns for a few stolen moments with a guy that she probably shouldn’t even be with. Nikolas, having heard this, goes over and tells Elizabeth to stop. She says she isn’t done. He grabs her arm and takes her to the side. She tells him to get his hands off her. He asks her what she is doing and she tells him she doesn’t answer to him. He tells her that this is the second time he has seen her making a scene in the hospital. He tells her to take some time off to get her head straight. She tells her that what she does is none of his business because they are no longer having an affair. He tells her that he has accepted that but he is still a board member and she is out of control so he is compelling her to take a leave of absence effective immediately. She accuses him of denying her her income so she will have to come crawling back to him. He tells her that is outrageous. She says she is sorry that she isn’t handling her life by imploding the way he wants it to but there were two of them in that affair and she feels like she is the only one that is paying for it. She storms off.

In Dante’s hospital room, Lucky tells Dante that father-son bonds run deep even when you are in conflict and even when you just found out who your father is so he understands Dante’s impulse to protect Sonny but he has to be sure that lying for Sonny is more important than keeping his badge. Lucky begins to leave but then he turns around and tells Dante that he hopes he had the foresight to rub gunpowder on his hands in case Mac decides to run a residue test. Lucky leaves and Lulu tells Dante that they both know he didn’t do that. He chuckles and asks her if she happens to have a recently fired gun in her purse. She shakes her head. He asks her if she thinks what he did was wrong. She says she is trying not to have an opinion. She tells him that Sonny is his father so it is his decision but she hates it. He says he does too. She asks him why he is putting everything on the line then. She asks him who cares that by some genetic accident Sonny turned out to be his father. She says Sonny is still the same mobster he was yesterday. She says Sonny shot him where he stood and he doesn’t owe him anything. Dante tells her that he didn’t do it to protect Sonny; he did it for himself.

At the police station, Ronnie reminds Olivia that he has known her for most of his life and that was one of the attractions of being friends with Dante. He tells her that she was young and fun but she had clearly defined limits. He says he remembers the time she threatened to wash Dante’s mouth out with soap for a week for telling the smallest fib. He asks her who the liar is now. He tells her that he understands that she has been carrying a torch for Sonny for all these years and now that he knows Sonny is Dante’s father it all makes sense but she cannot help Sonny now because Sonny is going down for Claudia’s murder. He tells her that instead of perjuring herself to help Sonny; she should help Dante instead by admitting that Sonny shot. She says she has not perjured herself. She tells him that he can browbeat her all day long but the fact remains that she was not in the room and didn’t see what happened. He tells her that he is disappointed in her. He says that if anyone else had shot Dante she would carve their heart out with a teaspoon. He says Dante is giving his statement right now and he will name Sonny as the shooter. He says Sonny will go away for a long time and Dante will know how far Olivia went to protect the bastard that tried to kill him. Olivia says she can only testify to what she saw and she is sorry if that isn’t good enough for him. Mac’s phone rings. Lucky tells Mac that Dante claims he shot himself so unless Olivia contradicts Dante’s statement, Sonny stays free on bail.

At the Jacks’ house, Jax tells Carly that he understands that she is furious but asks that their conversation not degenerate to accusation tossing. He asks her if she can look him in the eye and tell him that Sonny’s business hasn’t been an ongoing threat to their family. She asks him, “So what?” She says if he couldn’t take it, he shouldn’t have married her and taken Sonny’s children as stepsons. She says that he should have talked to her instead of concocting a plan to have Sonny arrested. She asks him if he considered that he could have exposed Michael as Claudia’s real killer. He tells her that when Sonny is convicted for Claudia’s murder, no one will suspect Michael. She tells him that when he couldn’t come up with anything against Sonny he framed him for a crime he didn’t commit. Jax says Sonny may not have swung the ax handle at Claudia but he has killed plenty. He tells her not to forget that Sonny created the events that led to the cabin that night. He says Sonny is not an innocent; he is a criminal. He says Sonny shot a cop that was trying to arrest him. He asks Carly what more proof she needs. Carly glares at Jax. She asks him why he bothered to tell her when he could have kept quiet and she would never have known about it. He says that would have been a lot better for him but he didn’t want to lie to her. She says it is convenient for him to say that now. He tells her that he hates the way he had to operate but Dante is the undercover cop who went after Sonny; it isn’t as if it was Jax’s idea. He says he saw an opportunity to put Sonny away and he took it to protect their family. She tells him that he did it for himself, not for the family and that going after Sonny could have put Michael in prison. He asks her why she can’t see that her constant protection of Sonny is what hurts Michael and Morgan. He asks her what kind of example it sets for the boys when Sonny does whatever he wants and gets away with it without any consequences. She yells that he knew she had ties to Sonny when he married her. She tells him he hurts Michael and Morgan when he hurts Sonny. He tells her that Sonny in prison saves Michael, Morgan, and Josselyn. She tells him he has to lie to get his way and then tell himself that he is doing it for his family. She tells him he has destroyed his family and walks away.

Sonny gets off the elevator at General Hospital. Luke sees him and tells him he looks like hell. Sonny asks Luke how much he has heard. Luke says he heard that Sonny shot an undercover cop that turned out to be his son. Sonny asks Luke if Lulu told him and Luke says yes. Sonny asks Luke if he thinks Lulu hates his guts. Luke says Lulu is not happy. Sonny says it is a mess all around. Luke says it could be worse; Sonny could be sitting in the cooler. He says cops don’t take it lightly when other cops get shot and it is a good thing that Sonny is alive and walking around. He asks Sonny how he managed that.

In Dante’s hospital room, he tells Lulu that it isn’t going to make sense to her, but he doesn’t want Sonny to go to prison for something that he did to Dante. Lulu wonders if that is because Sonny is Dante’s father. Dante says it is because the lines are blurred. He says Sonny could have been safely taken into custody. He tells her that Ronnie wanted to arrest Sonny the night they got the warrant but Dante insisted that they wait and then decided to try to bust him on his own. He tells her he screwed up. Lulu asks if Sonny gets a free pass. He says he told her it wouldn’t make any sense to her. She asks him to help her to understand. He says he wants Sonny to go down clean with the case that Dante built for a crime that Sonny committed. He tells her that if Sonny has been arrested for Claudia’s murder, then he will go to prison anyway and Dante won’t have to mention Sonny shooting him. He says that can stay between him and Sonny and that is the only thing he will ever have to share with his father. She tells him that is noble. Dante concludes that Lulu doesn’t like it. She says she is so angry that she wouldn’t spit on Sonny if he was on fire and she doesn’t think Sonny deserves the benefit of Dante’s doubt. She says it isn’t about her; it is about whatever Dante decides. She tells him that he has her support. He tells her she doesn’t know how much that means to him. Morgan enters Dante’s hospital room. Dante says it is a nice surprise. Lulu asks him what he is doing there. Morgan says he asked Milo to give him a ride because he has to ask Dante a question. He asks Dante if their friendship was part of his cover to bust Sonny.

Jason arrives at the penthouse as Sam is struggling to open the door with her hands full. She has beer, Chinese take-out, and dessert. Jason opens the door and they go inside and sit on the couch. She says they might as well make the most of what could be his last night at the penthouse. He tells her that he will not lose the penthouse because Sonny refused to leave Dante. She says it is not surprising; sonny is always all about the kids. He says Dante is not the only one involved. She says she knows Michael Morgan and Kristina are going to have to worry about their father being on trial for murder. He tells her he likes her plan; they should shut out the rest of the world tonight. She agrees and they start kissing.

Keifer knocks on Kristina’s door. When she lets him in, he says he was at basketball practice. She apologizes for pulling him away. He tells her she needed him so he is here. They sit down on the couch and he asks her what he has so upset. She tells him she was at a christening and Lulu Spencer ran in and announced that her dad shot a cop. Keifer says he heard about that on the news but he didn’t want to bring it up. She tells him the cop is Sonny’s son and her half-brother. She says that means Dante is another disposable kid like her. He puts his arm around her and tells her he is sorry. Then he kisses her.

At General Hospital, Luke and Sonny are walking down the corridor drinking coffee and talking. Luke asks Sonny if he never suspected. Sonny says Olivia never gave him a clue. He says he liked Dominic from the beginning and saw himself in him but not literally. Luke says he understands. He says it’s a kinship, a connection. Sonny says he looks at this kid and realizes that he missed over twenty years of his life and sees so many ways that they are alike. He says that maybe he should have seen it. Luke says Sonny did see it; he recognized the connection but how was he supposed to recognize that what he was looking at was that the kid was his son. Sonny says Dante was so smart with the way he worked his way into the organization that Sonny was considering handing him the whole ball of wax someday. Luke asks Sonny what tipped him off that Dante was a cop. Sonny reveals that Michael overheard Dante talking to Johnny Zacchara and came to him. Sonny says he didn’t believe Michael but he had Jason check it out anyway and Jason came back with the truth. Sonny says his first reaction wasn’t betrayal; it was regret.

In Dante’s hospital room, Dante assures Morgan that nothing about their friendship was a lie. He says he is just as freaked out to find out that they have the same dad but he has him, Michael, and Kristina as family now. Morgan asks Dante if he hates their dad for shooting him. Dante says he didn’t say anything about that; he told the cops that he shot himself by accident. Morgan asks him why. Dante says Sonny has enough trouble for himself right now. Dante tells Morgan that he doesn’t hate Sonny. He says he hates what Sonny does and he hates the things that happen in the name of his business. He says it gets complicated because he is a cop and it is his job to stop Sonny’s business because it is illegal. Dante says he told some lies because it was part of the job, not how he really feels. Morgan says that Michael may hate Dante, but he doesn’t. He says he is happy that Dante is his brother and he is glad he is still alive. They hug.

Lucky goes to Jake’s Roadhouse. Nikolas is at the bar. Lucky goes up to him and says he can’t imagine what Nikolas has to talk about here. Nikolas says Jakes’ is neutral territory. Lucky says there is no such thing. He asks Nikolas what he wants. Nikolas says it’s about Elizabeth. Lucky rolls his eyes and says he is out. As he starts to walk away, Nikolas grabs Lucky’s sleeve and tells him he will want to know this. Lucky stops. Nikolas tells him that Elizabeth is losing it. He says Elizabeth has had two public meltdowns at the hospital that he knows of. He says that as a board member, he had to suspend her. Lucky ask him how that concerns him. He tells Nikolas to take it up with her brother or deal with her himself. Nikolas says Elizabeth doesn’t want his help. Nikolas tells Lucky that Elizabeth is the mother of his boys and she is spinning out of control. He asks him to reach out to her because she needs him. Nikolas tells Lucky that he took advantage of Elizabeth’s vulnerability and he deserves Lucky’s contempt but Elizabeth deserves compassion. He says Elizabeth needs help and Lucky may be the only one that can give it to her.

At Alexis’ house as Keifer is kissing Kristina, she tells him to wait. He asks her not to stop him. He starts to take off her sweater and says she will feel better. She pulls her sweater back over her shoulders and asks him if he seriously thinks sex is going to make her feel better about her dad shooting her brother. He says it will distract her and he thinks that is what she needs. He says she needs to stop stressing about her dad. He tells her that her father is a gangster and a killer and he is never going to change. He says that maybe some good will come out of this and Sonny will finally go to prison. She tells him he can’t say that. She says he doesn’t know anything about why her father does what he does. She tells him that sometimes he is not so nice either so who is he to judge. He tells her he is sick of her mixed messages. She wants sex and then she doesn’t. She whines about her father and then flips out when he agrees with her. She says if she is so difficult, why he doesn’t just get out and leave her the hell alone. He slaps her.

At the Jacks’ house, Carly has Josselyn bundled up and is headed toward the door. Jax concludes to her that she is leaving. She asks him how she can stay when he has been lying to her for months. She says she won’t make her boys live with a man who had a hand in getting their father arrested. Jax says he is not surprised because she always takes her criminal ex-husband’s side. She tells him that she did this by making putting Sonny in prison more important than his family. He tells her not to twist this around; he is protecting the family. She says she doesn’t want to hear it. He says he won’t say it but she can think about it because deep down she knows why he did it. He says he is not giving up on them because he will always love her. Morgan comes home. Carly asks him where he has been. He says he went to see Dante as he begins to take off his jacket. She tells him not to take off his coat because they are leaving. She tells him to grab a bag. Morgan looks to Jax but Jax tells him to do as his mother says. Morgan grabs a suitcase and goes out. Jax tells Carly he will try to call her at the hotel and they can talk later. Carly glares at Jax and then turns to leave.

Lulu goes to Dante’s hospital room with a cup of sweet tea. He tells her she is amazing and asks her if she came up with that on her own. She confesses that Olivia told her that he likes sweet tea when he is under the weather, but only when he is under the weather. He asks if that little gem came up in casual conversation. Lulu says it wasn’t casual. She and Olivia were bonding while they were waiting to find out if he was going to live or die. She says she now knows lots of things about him that he probably wishes she didn’t know. He says his mom is an enigma. Her mouth is either shut tight or flapping in the breeze.

In the hallway at General hospital, Luke tells Sonny that he may have gotten bail for Claudia’s murder but shooting a cop is another deal and he is not going to get out of it. He asks Sonny if he needs him to get him out of the country. Sonny tells him no, he is choosing to stay. Luke asks if it is because of the kid. Sonny says he can’t leave after what he did to him. He says he realizes that it seems irrational but he has to look Dante in the eye, acknowledge who he is, and tell him that he is sorry. Luke says he understands that and he respects it. He tells Sonny that he knows where to find him if he changes his mind or if he needs anything else. Luke passed Olivia in the hallway as he is leaving. When Olivia reaches Sonny, she congratulates him and tells him this must be his lucky day because Dante gave his official statement and said he shot himself. She says that since her statement didn’t contradict that, it looks like Sonny is going to skate.

Lucky is sitting alone at the bar at Jake’s Roadhouse drinking whisky shots. He turns his head and sees Elizabeth standing there looking at him.

Jason and Sam are kissing on the couch at the penthouse when someone knocks on the door. Jason says that maybe he is being arrested after all. When he opens the door, Carly comes in pushing Josselyn in her stroller. Morgan comes in behind them. Jason asks Carly what is going on and she tells him they are moving in. Sam stands up and looks at Jason.

Michael goes home to the Jacks’ house and tells Jax he noticed that his mom’s car isn’t in the garage. He asks Jax where she went. Jax tells him that she took Morgan and Josselyn and they are staying at the hotel. Michael asks him what happened. Jax says he told her about his involvement in Dante’s undercover operation against Sonny. He reveals that he wanted Sonny to go to prison and that he helped Dante stay on the case when it appeared that he was getting pulled off. Michael concludes that Jax only pretended to help him help Sonny and Jax confirms it. Michael says Jax used him against his father and he punches Jax in the face. Michael lunges at Jax again but Jax pins him against the wall and says he gets one punch. Michael says he trusted Jax and he wrecked his family. He demands to know how Jax could do that.

Lulu goes out into the hallway where Olivia is standing. Olivia asks her how Dante is doing. Lulu says Dante is trying to sleep. She tells Olivia that Dante gave his statement. Olivia says she knows because she was at the police station when Lucky called it in. Olivia asks Lulu if Dante really said he shot himself. Lulu confirms that he did. She asks Olivia if she said anything different. Olivia says she told the truth that she didn’t see what happened. Lulu says Sonny lucks out again. She says he must have a gift to hypnotize the people he hurts the most into covering his ass. Olivia tells Lulu not to think Sonny is getting out of this without any consequences. He shot his own son and the guilt is going to eat him alive.

Sonny enters Dante’s hospital room and looks at his sleeping son. Dante opens his eyes, sees Sonny standing there, and says, “Hey Dad, turns out you’re one hell of a shot.”

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