GH Update Thursday 2/4/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/4/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Olivia and Jax are talking in the chapel at General Hospital. Olivia tells him that she should have told Dante that Sonny is his father the moment that he told her about the case. Jax says he should tell Carly the truth now about his involvement in Sonnyís arrest and pulling strings to keep Dante on the case. Olivia notes the irony that with all she did to keep Dante safe, she is responsible for him getting shot. Jax says he may have destroyed the family he was trying to protect.

Jason is at Carlyís house telling her that she is the only person who can convince Sonny to leave the country before he is charged with shooting a cop. She protests that Sonny will not listen to her. Jason says Sonny listens to her when it counts. She asks him if he thinks Diane can get him out on bail. Jason says that is Sonnyís only chance and that when he gets out on bail, he has to leave immediately. Carly says she cannot do it; Jax would be furious. Jason tells her that Sonny will not listen to him and wonít try to save himself. Carly says Sonny needs to deal with his choices. She tells him that she finally has a great life and shouldnít have to throw it all away because of Sonny. He asks her if she wants Michael and Morgan to see their father go to prison for life.

At the jail, Sonny asks Diane how Dante is doing. She tells him that he must have made it through the night; otherwise, Sonny would have been charged with his murder. She tells him that she was able to find a judge who would be willing to consider bail on the Claudia case. He asks her if she can find out how Danteís surgery went. She tells him that their priority must be bail on the Claudia case. He tells her that he asked Patrick Drake to perform the surgery but Steven Webber stepped in and he wants to know how everything went. Diane tells Sonny that she understands that he doesnít want to face the possibility of murder with special circumstances. He tells her he just found out that Dante is his son. She tells him that that has nothing to do with the charges pending against him. He says it means something to him that he just shot his own son.

In Danteís hospital room, he tells Lulu that he has been having crazy dreams on the meds that he is taking. He says he dreamt that she loved him and wanted to jump his bones and that Sonny Corinthos told him that he was his father. She tells him that it is true; she does love him and regrets wasting so much time. She tells him to brace himself because it is also true that Sonny is his father.

At the chapel, Jax tells Olivia that he planned to tell Carly about his involvement in Sonny's arrest and he knows that deep down, Carly will realize that it is the best thing for everyone, but everything changed when Dante was shot. Olivia says Jax should have stayed out of it and Dante would have been taken off the case. Jax says maybe so, but he has to deal with it now. He tells Olivia that Morgan didnít know what Sonny did for a living until now and Michael is upset because Sonny was arrested for Claudiaís murder. He tells her that those boys need a stable home now more than they ever did. She asks him how he intends to build a stable home on more lies. She says he has to tell Carly the truth now before she hears it from someone else. She says that if Carly hears about it from someone else, she may never forgive him but if he tells Carly now, he has a chance to explain. He says he is afraid that Carly will only see the damage. Olivia tells him that dealing with the damage is better than telling more lies. She says she had the chance to tell Dante the truth in her own words and on her own terms but she blew it and it may have cost her her son. She tells him to tell Carly the truth and pray that she will forgive him. She tells him to give Carly the chance to prove that she loves him and wants to spend her life with him.

At Carlyís house, she tells Jason that Sonny will lose everything if he jumps bail. Jason tells her that Sonny canít beat the system this time. Carly says that Sonny will not leave his kids especially now that he shot Dante. Jason tells her that if Sonny jumps bail, the police will assume that he is guilty of Claudiaís murder and the case will be closed; Michael will be safe.

At Alexisí house, Kristina tells Michael that he only said he killed Claudia to protect their dad. Michael tells her that it is the other way around; their father has been covering it up since it happened. He tells them that Jason Sam and Carly have been covering it up too. Morgan says Michael couldnít kill anyone because he is not like their dad. Kristina says Michael is lying and Michael tells her she just doesnít want to hear the truth. Molly tells them to calm down and asks Michael to tell them what happened. He recounts the story about how he was running away to Canada and saw the wrecked car so he stopped and went to a nearby cabin that was illuminated by firelight. He tells them that he heard his mother screaming for Claudia not to take her baby so he picked up the first thing he saw and hit her in the head. He tells them it was an accident but now his father is in jail for what Michael did.

At the jail, Sonny tells Diane that she has to get him out so he can get to the hospital to see how Dante is doing. Diane tells him that his sentiment will seem hollow to any judge because he shot his son in the chest for being an undercover cop. Sonny rationalizes that he didnít know Dante was his son. Diane says that doesnít make it right. She tells him that if she is able to find a judge that will grant bail, it will be very high and he will have to tie up most of his legitimate assets to meet it. She says if he goes to the hospital to visit Detective Falconeri, it will appear that he is threatening him. Sonny says he needs Dante to understand that he would never deliberately do anything to hurt his kid. Diane tells him that he cannot help Dante. He best he can do is save himself.

At the hospital, Dante tries to wrap his head around the idea that the man who shot him for being an undercover cop is his father. Lulu tells him that they should probably talk about it later, but since people already know about it, she thought it would be better for him to hear the truth from her. Dante tells Lulu that if this were the opera, he would be dead by now because in operas when the big truth is revealed, someone always bags it. She tells him that isnít funny. She tells him that if he wants to talk about it, she can help him put the pieces together but she suggests that he rest. He tells her that he was supposed to be at the christening but Sonny called him over for an assignment on highway 11. He tells her that he knew that being sent on a shipping assignment that involved hairpin turns and bluffs meant that it was over; he was made and Sonny was going to kill him and make it look like an accident. Lulu concludes that Dante decided to arrest him then. He says he pulled out his badge and read Sonny his rights and Sonny pulled the gun on him. He says he called Sonny out on all the Lieutenant Poletti stuff and told him that his kids were going to suffer for what he has done, and then Sonny shot him. He says the rest is hazy but he thinks he heard his mom scream that Sonny shot his own son. He says that means his mom knew all along and has been lying to him for years.

Lucky is at Jakeís Roadhouse playing pool and drinking beer alone. Mac comes in and tells Lucky that he heard about Nikolas and Elizabeth. He says it is a bad idea for Lucky to drink, but Lucky tells him he is off duty. Mac reminds Lucky that he is an addict and Lucky says he is not interested in a lecture. Mac says he remembers when Lucky got hooked and it almost ruined his career. Lucky says he just wants to enjoy a beer, play a game of pool, and chill. He says this is not going to ruin his life. He says that finding out about Nikolas and Elizabeth was liberating because the fantasies are gone now. Mac tells him that the same thing happened to him when Felicia ditched him and ran off with Luke. Mac tells Lucky he has two choices. He can say the hell with it and let it all go, or he can step up and take care of himself, his addiction, and the people who need him.

Carly goes to the jail to visit Sonny. She tells him that Dante survived the surgery and he is awake and coherent in the ICU. She tells him that Lulu is with Dante. He thanks her for getting the update for him. She asks him how he is doing in jail and he tells her he is managing. He tells her that the night before Christmas when he cooked for the kids but they had to bail on him, he had dinner with Olivia and Dante. He tells her that when the three of them were sitting there eating, he felt a connection with both of them. He says Dominic commented that the chicken dinner reminded him of his grandmotherís. Carly asks Sonny if he thinks he was supposed to piece it all together. Sonny says yes, he felt a connection to him from the beginning in the way he thinks and his instincts. He says that when Dante came to arrest him, he didnít even bring backup. Carly says that is Sonnyís arrogance. Sonny says that when he was about to kill Dante, he didnít blink his eyes or beg for his life but instead, he gave him a lecture. He laments that he didnít wait a couple of seconds more. Carly tells him that Olivia should have told him the truth. He tells her that Olivia came in screaming that he shot his son and he looked at Dominic on the floor and said to himself that his kids will always pay for the terrible things that he has done.

At Alexisís house, Morgan says Michael should be a hero for saving their mother and sister. Michael says it doesnít work that way. Molly says it sounds like self-defense and she bets Ms. Miller can get him out of it. Kristina asks Michael why he doesnít tell the police. He says he wanted to but Jax talked him out of it because there is no evidence and it will only make things worse. Morgan says that if there is a way to prove that both Sonny and Michael are innocent, then they should do it. Everyone stops talking when Alexis comes home. Alexis says it canít be good when everyone is quiet when Mom comes into the room.

Sam goes to the penthouse and asks if there has been any luck on bail. He tells her that Diane is working in it and that Carly went to the jail to talk to Sonny. The police knock on the door. Jason opens the door to Ronnie and a team of officers with a search warrant. He says that a crucial piece of evidence went missing this morning and they have reason to believe that Jason has it. Sam observes that Ronnie is a cop too. He reveals that Dante is his partner with the NYPD. He tells Jason that is making it his mission to ensure that Jason winds up in a cell right next to his boss.

At Jakeís Mac takes Luckyís beer and asks him not to do this because both he and the PCPD have too much to lose. Lucky tells him he isnít crawling around in a gutter or taking pills. He is just taking the edge off. Mac says work can take the edge off too. Lucky asks Mac why he didnít just say this is about work. Mac tells Lucky that he wants him to question Dante Falconeri.

Olivia goes to Danteís hospital room. Lulu says she will give them some time alone, but she will be right outside. When they are alone, Dante asks Olivia if she was ever going to tell him who his father was if he didnít shoot him.

Sonny tells Carly that at the time, it didnít make sense that Olivia turned up pregnant, but he should have seen right through the idea that she didnít know who the father was. He says that at the time, he was with Connie and only saw what he wanted to see. Carly tells him he cannot blame himself for not realizing that Dante was his son. She says no one else knew it either. He protests that no one else was as close as he was. He says he saw the way that Dante protected Olivia, and hated it when Sonny flirted with her. He says that when Dante was hurt at the carnival, Olivia was all over him. Sonny says it was obvious. Carly reminds Sonny that hindsight is 20/20 but that isnít the point. She tells him that he made a choice to shoot an undercover police officer. She tells him that even Dante finds a way to forgive him, the law will not.

At Jasonís penthouse, Ronnie asks Sam if she owns a red wig. She asks him if that is on his warrant. He tells her that a rookie cop brought in a redheaded hooker this morning and the hooker wasnít charged with anything but the gun they took off Corinthos went missing soon after that. Sam says she doesnít really see herself as a redhead. Ronnie asks her if she sees herself as an accessory to killing a cop. Jason asks Ronnie if Detective Falconeri died. Ronnie says Jason had better hope that he didnít. He says the way he sees it, Jason and Sam conspired to steal police evidence. He tells them that they are obstructing justice and helping Corinthos get away with killing a cop. The officers tell Ronnie that they didnít find anything. Ronnie tells them they can go and then he tells Jason that Sonny is a marked man. He says if Dante lives, he will testify against him and if he dies, Sonny will go down for murder one. Ronnie leaves. Jason tells Sam that Sonny will not be able to survive prison; he has to get out of the country.

Sam comes down the penthouse stairs and tells Jason that she thinks they trashed the bedroom on purpose. He tells her that they are probably getting a warrant for her place now. She assures him that they will not find anything there either. She tells him to be glad that he was at the christening so they wonít be able to pin Danteís murder on him. Jason says the police will be all over him when Sonny disappears. Sam says they wonít be able to prove anything. Jason tells her that he and Sonny had to put up everything for bail so when Sonny skips, he will lose everything, and Jason could possibly lose the penthouse. She tells him not to worry because he will not lose her.

Alexis is sitting on the couch at her house talking to Michael, Morgan, Molly, and Kristina. She says that this is all very confusing and she isnít sure who knows what or where to begin. Michael says they know that Dominic is an undercover cop named Dante Falconeri and that Sonny is his father. Molly says they know that Uncle Sonny shot him. Alexis says this is a lot to deal with. Molly asks her mother if it isnít true that Uncle Sonny is innocent until proven guilty. She says that the situation with Dante could be a big mistake. Alexis explains that generally when you kill someone there are consequences, even when there are extenuating circumstances or it was a mistake. Michael says it sounds like the less they say the better. Alexis says she doesnít have any advice about Sonnyís case but tells them that it is ok to love Sonny and hate what he does. He tells them that Sonny loves them and that there is no one in the room that Sonny wouldnít give up his life for.

At the jail, Carly tells Sonny that if Diane gets him bail, he has to disappear before he is charged with shooting Dante. Sonny says he canít just shoot one of his kids and walk away. Carly tells him that if Dante dies, Sonny will be charged with first-degree murder and it will not be fair for Sonny to put his other children through a trial like that. She tells him that if Dante lives, Sonny will still be charged with shooting him in addition to Claudiaís murder. Carly tells Sonny that if Michael confesses to save him, it will destroy Michaelís life. She says that if Sonny disappears, Claudiaís murder will be shelved and Michael will know that Sonny is ok. Sonny says Carly is just seeing what she wants to see. Carly says Dominic came to Port Charles to take Sonny down. Sonny knows that. She says Dante is still a cop. Sonny knows that too. She says the FBI has enough information to take him down. Sonny tells her he doesnít care; he has to figure out a way to make this right for Dante and for Michael. Carly tells him that if Diane gets him bail he has to disappear and he will only have one shot. She says she doesnít care how he feels. She says they always knew it was going to end sometime and he is lucky to be getting out alive. He says he knows. She tells him that she believes in him and she knows that he loves his children so she knows he will do the right thing.

In Danteís hospital room, Olivia admits that she never wanted him to know who his father was. She said she tried to get him off this case from the start. He asks her why she didnít just tell him the truth. She agrees that she should have told him the day he came to Port Charles and told her that he was here to bust Sonny. He tells her that he needed to know who his father was. She tells him that he has seen up close what Sonnyís kids have to deal with, and she didnít want that life for him. He asks her who all knows and she reveals that Connie, Jax, and Patrick knew. She reveals that the other day she told agent Rayner and threatened to expose the truth if he didnít take Dante off the case. She says Agent Rayner said he would take Dante off the case and that she didnít have anything to worry about. Dante tells her Agent Rayner is a liar but then, so is she.

At the penthouse, as Sam and Jason are straightening up the mess that the police made, Sam says that she and Spinelli can hire Jason and that he would make an excellent private eye. He tells her he would be under constant surveillance by the cops. She says he may be bankrupt and under 24-hour surveillance, but she and Spinelli will gain a valuable and experienced employee. She says the best part is that he can move in with her. He is intrigued by the idea and asks her if she promises to wear those boots at least once a week. She says yeah, and they kiss. Jasonís phone rings. He tells Sam that it is Diane and he wonders if she has gotten bail for Sonny.

Lulu runs into Jax at the hospital. She tells her that she knows he was involved all along, pulling strings to keep Dante on the case, and she agrees that Sonny needed to be stopped. He tells her that it is his job to protect his family. Lulu tells him that Carly loves him and deserves to know the truth so if he isnít going to tell her, Lulu will because she is sick of keeping secrets. He says he is planning to tell Carly.

Diane enters the visiting room at the jail where Sonny is talking to Carly and announces that she got bail. Sonny asks her how much. She hands him the paper and he and Carly read it. Carly says she guesses the judge doesnít expect Sonny to be able to come up with that kind of money. Diane tells Sonny that if he flees the jurisdiction, he will lose everything he owns but he would be a free man.

In Danteís hospital room, he tells his mother that he let him grow up thinking that his mother slept around so much that anybody could have been his father. She says she would do it all again. He says he thought it was Rob DiMaio because he always saw him with his kids and Olivia never said anything to him. Olivia is amused at the notion and asks why Dante never said anything. Dante says DiMaio looked happy and he didnít want to mess that up. Olivia says Dante was happy too surrounded by good people who loved him. She says his uncles and cousins were better role models than Sonny would have been. Dante asks her if she is justifying it and she tells him that maybe she kept the secret too long after he got to Port Charles but she wouldnít change anything about his childhood. Dante asks her if he didnít remind her of Sonny. She tells him yes, and he still does. She says he is smart and brave like Sonny is, they have the same focus, and they both drove the sisters crazy at Sacred Heart, but she wanted a better life for him than what Sonny has. Dante says he needed to know the truth. Olivia tells him that when he was born, Sonny was still a teenager but he was already moving up in the organization. She says if Sonny had known, he would have tried to be a good father but he was still a gangster and sooner or later Dante would have been dragged into that world. She says she wasn't going to let that happen. It was better for everybody if Sonny didnít know. He nods and asks her why she didnít tell him later. She says she should have but she was afraid to hurt him and she was afraid to have the conversation they are having now. She tells him she was wrong and she is sorry. He tells her that doesnít change a lifetime of lies of knowing who he is. She tells him that knowing Sonny is his father does not change who he is. He tells her that maybe he disagrees. She caresses his forehead and tells him he needs to rest. He tells her not to touch him.

Olivia leaves Danteís room and sees Ronnie standing in the hallway. She asks him where Lulu is. He tells her that he suggested that Lulu go get some coffee because she doesnít need to hear what he is about to tell Olivia. Olivia says Dante doesnít need to hear it either. Ronnie says that as bad as things are, they are about to get a lot worse.

Jax goes home and Carly tells him that he has to tell him something that he isnít going to like. She reveals that she talked Sonny into jumping bail. He tells her that he was not aware that bail had been set. She tells him that Jason set the whole thing up and Sonny is probably already gone. She says she doesnít know what she is going to tell Michael and Morgan. When he doesnít respond, Carly asks him if he cares to have an opinion on it. He says he has something he has to tell her too that she might hate. He tells her that he has known for a while that Dante was an undercover cop and that he was Olivia and Sonnyís son. He reveals that he pulled strings to have him put back on the case when he was going to be pulled off a few months back he tells her that in a way he helped to get Sonny arrested. Carly just stares at him open-mouthed.

At the private airport, Jason tells sonny that the DeLeon family will set him up in Argentina. He says that Bernie worked up a loan on the offshore holdings but they are going to lose everything legitimate so when things cool down they will have to reevaluate. Sonny says this is no good,

Ronnie takes Olivia to the police station. Mac informs her that Agent Rayner went back to DC so Mac will take her statement on the attempted murder of Dante Falconeri.

Lulu returns to Danteís room with coffee and tells him that the nurses said it is ok if he has a sip or two. He tells her that he knew Sonny so he wasnít surprised when he shot him but he has no idea who his mother is. Lulu says parents lie for different reasons but it doesnít mean they donít love you. Lucky enters and asks Dante how he is doing. Dante says he is confused after finding out that his father is public enemy number one. Lucky says Mac wants him to take his statement and wonders if Dante is up for it. Dante says he wants to get it over with. Lucky asks Lulu if she can give them a few minutes, but Dante says he would like her to stay if she wants to. Lulu stays and Lucky turns on his tape recorder to begin the interview.

At the airport, Jason tells Sonny he has to get on the plane before they can charge him with Danteís shooting. Sonny says it doesnít feel right to leave him.

At the police station, Mac asks Olivia what happened when Dante got shot. She says she didnít see everything. Ronnie asks her to tell them what she did see.

At the airport, Jason tells Sonny that if he leaves, the police will shelve the Claudia case and Michel will be safe. Sonny says he will not run away and leave his kids.

In Danteís hospital room, Lucky asks Dante to walk him through how he ended up shot in the chest on Sonnyís living room floor.

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