GH Update Wednesday 2/3/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/3/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In the PCPD interrogation room, Jason asks Diane if he can see Sonny. Diane says that Sonny can’t have any visitors right now. Diane explains that Sonny’s future lies in the hands of Dante Falconeri, adding that Sonny will be charged with first-degree murder if the cop dies. Jason notices a female prostitute enter the police station. Jason realizes it is Sam donning a red wig. Sam begins flirting with Officer Church, a young cop. Sam goes by the name “Taffee”. Jason watches in disbelief from the interrogation room. Church asks for Taffee’s ID. Sam asks Church to tell her about Sonny Corinthos. The cop spills the beans about the case. Church points to an evidence bag on his desk – it contains Sonny’s gun. Church explains that the gun will be tested. Jason isn’t listening to Diane. Diane realizes that Sam is posing as a prostitute. Diane doesn’t want anything to do with obstruction of justice. Diane asks Jason why Sam is at the police station. Jason doesn’t have a clue but knows that Sam will help him. Diane and Jason talk about the case. Jason believes that Claudia’s case is circumstantial. Diane laughs nervously as she reminds Jason that Dante’s shooting is an open-and-shut case. As Sam continues to flirt with Officer Church, he gets up to fill out paperwork. Sam ‘accidentally’ spills the cop’s coffee all over the desk. Sam apologizes while Church runs to get a towel. Sam quickly grabs the evidence bag and puts the gun in her boot. Suddenly, Agent Rayner walks in. Diane thinks that Sam will be busted.

At home, Michael tells Jax that he plans on confessing to the police regarding Claudia’s murder. Michael doesn’t want Diane to represent him. Michael reminds Jax that killing Claudia was justifiable. Jax believes that the police won’t buy Michael’s story since all the evidence is gone. Jax brings up that the proof was destroyed in the burnt-down cabin. Michael states that Sonny was never at the crime scene but Jax insists that doesn’t matter. Jax maintains that Sonny is only trying to protect Michael.

In the hospital chapel, Olivia is praying when Carly enters. Carly says that she knows the truth regarding Dante and Sonny. Olivia is surprised that Carly is so understanding. Carly doesn’t want to judge Olivia’s choices. Olivia is sickened by the chain of events. Carly insists that she will not judge Olivia since she is a mother herself. Olivia says that Sonny has been involved in the mob since a young age. Carly doesn’t think that Sonny had a choice but to get into the mob. Olivia disagrees, adding that Sonny only thought of himself at the time. Carly defends Sonny by saying he’s a survivor, reminding Olivia that Sonny had a horrible childhood. Olivia agrees but thinks that Sonny could have made better choices with his future. Olivia praises Dante on joining the force. Olivia wishes she had told Dante about his father earlier and then Dante would have walked away from the case. Olivia says that she was scared how Sonny would react to the revelation. Carly agrees that Sonny has a problem with betrayal. Olivia sobs, admitting that she let her son down. Carly brings up her decisions to let Sonny co-parent even though she didn’t like his way of life. Olivia apologizes for lying to Carly for all these months. Carly is sympathetic which Olivia is thankful for. Carly raves about Dante, saying that he is respectful of women. Carly compliments Olivia by saying that Dante was “raised right”.

At his hospital bed, Lulu speaks to Dante (who is asleep). Lulu is scared that Dante almost died. Lulu warns Dante that he can’t put her through something like this again. Lulu talks about fairy tales and happy endings until Luke walks in. Lulu is relieved to see Luke. They hug. Luke explains that Nikolas called him and relayed the information about Dante. Luke asks if Lulu knew that Dante was Olivia’s son. Lulu confesses that she has known for months, adding that Dante’s job was to take Sonny down. Luke is speechless when Lulu admits that Dante is also Sonny’s son. Luke is puzzled until Lulu says that Sonny and Olivia used to date in high school. Lulu divulges that Dante never knew who his father was. Lulu is mad at Sonny for shooting Dante. Luke defends Sonny to the dismay of Lulu.

Near the nurses station, Robin tells Patrick that she is bothered that he didn’t come clean about Dante and Sonny. Lisa is eavesdropping as she looks through a patient file. Steven walks up to Robin and Patrick. Steven is thankful that the surgery went well. Patrick glares at Steven.

At the police station, Jason and Diane confront Agent Rayner. Rayner is irritated by their presence. Officer Church walks up to Rayner and says that a prostitute (Sam) is loitering. Rayner is unamused so he tells Church to “cut her loose”. Church hands Sam the ID and tells her she can leave. Sam thanks Church for being understanding. Sam and Jason make eye contact before she heads out the door.

Michael and Morgan head to the Davis home. Kristina is stunned that Dante is her brother. Kristina is furious with Sonny for trying to kill a cop. Kristina wants Sonny to pay for his crimes, like murdering Claudia and shooting Dante. Michael insists that Dante isn’t an innocent victim since he lied for months. Molly thinks that Sonny will get the maximum penalty for shooting a cop. They continue to argue over Sonny’s choices. Kristina won’t back down, claiming that Sonny needs to pay. Michael can’t take it anymore so he confesses to Claudia’s murder. Kristina, Molly, and Morgan are stunned.

At Luke’s office, Tracy and Ethan inquire about Lulu. Luke updates the two about Dante, that he’s an undercover cop and also Sonny’s son. Tracy shakes her head in disbelief. Luke is worried about Lulu but Ethan defends her for sticking by Dante. Ethan asks Luke what he should do. Luke instructs Ethan to be supportive since Lulu will need him. Tracy can’t believe that Luke feels sorry for Sonny. Luke reminds Tracy that he and Sonny have been friends for a long time. Ethan leaves to head to the hospital. Luke tells Tracy that he is troubled over Lulu’s feelings toward Dante. Luke can’t believe that Lulu has known for weeks that Dante is an undercover cop. Tracy wonders if Dante feels the same way about Lulu. Luke and Tracy both agree that an undercover cop is a “liar by nature”.

Carly goes to see Dante. Lulu is sitting at his bedside. Lulu questions whether Dante is going to pull through. Carly mistakenly calls Dante “Dominic”, adding that she’ll have to get used to his real name. Lulu can’t believe that she didn’t see the resemblance between Sonny and Dante. Carly tells Lulu that she should give Dante a reason to live. Lulu doesn’t want Carly making excuses for Sonny, adding that the shooting wasn’t justifiable. Carly maintains that Lulu should not say goodbye to Dante. Lulu breaks down and admits that she is scared. Carly assures Lulu that “love can work miracles”.

At the hospital, Robin asks Steven how Dante is doing. Steven says that it is too soon to tell. Robin congratulates Steven on an awesome job. Patrick asks Robin a question about one of their patients. They start to bicker about the female patient. Robin is concerned about Sonny, adding that she is hurt that Patrick didn’t tell her the truth. Patrick insists that he only found out by accident. Robin doesn’t buy Patrick’s excuse. Robin walks away in a hurry. Lisa is listening. Patrick suggests to Lisa that they should grab a beer at Jake’s. Lisa enthusiastically agrees to the offer.

Jax is sitting in the chapel when Olivia walks in. Jax confides that he is busy praying for everyone involved. Jax is worried that Carly won’t forgive him. Olivia comments that Jax is a “realist” and asks for his advice. Olivia asks Jax to compare Dante’s shooting to a business deal – how would he “access the damages”? Jax believes that Dante will press charges if he survives. Jax doesn’t think that Dante will let Sonny get away with killing Claudia. Olivia sarcastically replies that Jax got a “good investment”. Jax disagrees and says that he didn’t want things to end this way. Olivia has no idea what to tell Dante. Olivia is scared since she has lied to her son for so long. Jax listens as Olivia vents her frustrations. Olivia worries that Dante will hate her. Jax comments that things need to play out. Olivia divulges that she can handle anything as long as Dante survives.

Lulu continues to speak to Dante. Lulu talks about her former romances and crushes, adding that her feelings for Dante are “different”. Lulu confides that she believes in Dante. Lulu promises that she won’t push Dante away anymore. Ethan walks in. They share a laugh. Ethan maintains that Dante will need Lulu’s help with the emotional fallout. Dante wakes up, grateful to see Lulu’s face. Dante says “hi, beautiful”. Lulu is thankful that Dante is awake. Lulu asks Ethan to get the doctor. Dante is surprised to hear Lulu using his real name. Dante inquires about his surgery. Lulu admits that Dante flatlined on the operating table. Dante brings up his “strange dreams”, adding that he remembers Sonny telling him that he is his father. Lulu remains silent.

Jason goes to see Carly. Jason relays that he hasn’t discovered anything regarding Franco’s DVD. Jason adds that he will be contacting Franco’s agent. Jason implies that he needs Carly’s help with something else. Jason says that Diane wants Sonny to be released. Carly asks Jason what he needs her to do. Jason hesitates before saying that Carly might be the only one who can get Sonny to flee the country.

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