GH Update Tuesday 2/2/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/2/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In the Jacks foyer, Molly and Morgan use a laptop to watch a DVD. Suddenly, Franco’s voice can be heard. Sam and Jason panic. Carly asks what is going on. Jason directs Morgan to turn off the DVD. Michael is worried since the DVD was addressed to Josslyn. Molly is sickened over all that Franco has done, like kidnapping Sam. Everyone is confused about why Franco would send Josslyn a DVD. Jax wants the kids to leave the room but Michael says no way. Michael questions what Franco’s motives are concerning Josslyn. Jason doesn’t think that Franco is targeting Josslyn.

Lulu goes to the Corinthos home to find Dante/Dominic. Lulu stares in horror at Dante’s bloody coat. Dante’s phone keeps ringing. Max walks in. Lulu assumes the worst and asks Max what Sonny did to Dominic. Max is evasive towards Lulu’s questions. Lulu leaves in a hurry. Johnny enters the living room and inquires about Dominic. Max is busy cleaning up the area, leaving no evidence of Dante’s shooting. Max says that Sonny and Olivia are at the hospital.

In Dante’s hospital room, Sonny tells his son that he’ll do whatever it takes for him to survive. Olivia walks in. Olivia isn’t happy that Sonny told Dante that he’s his father. Steven wants to check Dante’s vital signs so he tells Sonny and Olivia to leave the room. Sonny wants to argue but Olivia says it isn’t the time. Olivia asks Sonny to back off but he insists that he isn’t leaving his son’s side.

At the hospital, Lisa talks to Robin and Patrick about Dante’s gunshot wound. Lisa explains that the bullet hit near Dante’s spine. Patrick wants to do the surgery but Lisa insists that orthopedics aren’t his specialty. Robin concurs with Lisa which angers Patrick. Patrick maintains that Dante needs to live – Sonny would get the “maximum penalty” if Detective Falconeri dies. Robin tells Patrick that he needs to step back and let Steven do the operation. Steven interrupts and tells Robin that she needs to calm Sonny down.

Mac drags Maxie into the police station. In the interrogation room, Mac tells Maxie that they need to go over her statement since Sonny will be arrested soon. Maxie admits that she didn’t see much since it was raining. Agent Rayner walks in. Maxie is not happy since Rayner gave Spinelli such a hard time about hacking into the PCPD mainframe. Ronnie interrupts the conversation. Ronnie is concerned that he hasn’t heard from Dominic. Maxie is confused about what she is hearing. Mac finds out that a gunshot victim was rushed out of the Corinthos house and into an ambulance. Maxie learns that Dominic is really undercover. Rayner drops the bombshell that Dante is indeed Sonny’s son. Maxie is shocked that Lulu’s boyfriend is undercover. Ronnie is surprised since he didn’t know there was a connection between Dante and Sonny. Rayner tells them that Olivia came to him to get Dante off the case, stating a conflict-of-interest. Rayner isn’t sure if Olivia was bluffing. Ronnie defends Olivia, saying that she wouldn’t lie about something like that. Mac is outraged that Sonny would try to kill his own son.

At the Jacks home, Sam tells Molly and Kristina that they need to leave. Before they go, Lulu walks in, obviously upset. Lulu bluntly asks Jason if Sonny killed Dominic. Everyone is stunned by the accusation. Lulu explains that she found Dom’s bloody coat at Sonny’s. Morgan defends his father and says he would never kill Dominic. Lulu admits that Dominic is an undercover cop. Carly is horrified. Lulu threatens Jason, saying that if Dominic isn’t at the hospital, she’s telling the police everything about Sonny’s business. They discover that Dominic was admitted to GH for a gunshot wound. Carly asks Jason if he knew Dominic was undercover. Jason admits that he had his suspicions. Kristina becomes enraged and says that Sonny should go to prison. Jason leaves to go to the hospital. Morgan wants to come with but Jax says it isn’t a good idea. Morgan begins to cry. Carly escorts Morgan out of the room. After everyone has left, Michael confronts Jax. Michael asks Jax why he didn’t take care of the Dominic situation.

Patrick is in the locker room getting ready for the surgery. Lisa walks in to talk about Dante’s operation. Lisa watches as Patrick changes into his scrubs. Lisa becomes distracted but Patrick doesn’t notice. Patrick comments that he is the best surgeon at General Hospital. Lisa thinks that Patrick is trying to impress her. Patrick maintains that all he wants is to save Dante.

Sonny and Olivia continue to argue outside of Dante’s hospital room. Sonny feels hurt since Olivia lied for years. Olivia maintains that it isn’t her fault that Dante was shot. Sonny points out that Olivia had many chances to tell him the truth. Olivia doesn’t want to get into it but Sonny won’t back down. Olivia finally admits that she didn’t tell Sonny because of his way of life. Sonny laughs at the hypocrisy since Olivia allowed Dante to come after his own father. Olivia confesses that everything is her fault, adding that she would like Sonny to leave. Robin intervenes and tells Sonny to calm down.

Agent Rayner and Ronnie show up at the Corinthos home. Max plays stupid about the shooting. The living room is spotless. Ronnie warns Max that Sonny will pay for shooting a cop.

Olivia enters Dante’s room but he’s asleep. Olivia speaks to Dante. Olivia brings up her pregnancy, how she was scared and alone at the time. Olivia mentions that all that changed once Dante was born. Olivia is sobbing as she tells Dante that he brought happiness into her life. Olivia tells her son that he will survive. Johnny walks in and inquires about Dante. Olivia thinks that Johnny is mad so she tells him she can’t handle the drama. Johnny implies that Dante is Sonny’s son. Johnny confides that he understands why Olivia made the choices she did. Johnny tells Olivia that he will stand by her.

Sonny is still mad that Olivia didn’t tell him about Dante. Robin listens as Sonny vents his frustrations. Sonny thinks it is interesting that he has felt a connection to Dante since the beginning. Sonny finds it funny that he and Dante are both cocky. Sonny worries that Dante will die. Nearby, Lulu goes to the nurses station. Lulu asks Matt about Dominic. Matt explains that Dominic is being prepped for surgery. When Lulu sees Sonny, she flips out. Lulu confronts Sonny, calling him a “disgusting pig”. Nik shows up just in time and grabs Lulu before she can lunge at Sonny. Sonny is silent before blurting out that Dante is his son. Lulu is speechless.

Lisa and Patrick begin to scrub in but Steven interrupts. Steven demands to know what’s going on. Patrick is adamant that he is performing Dante’s surgery. Steven reminds Patrick that he’s a brain surgeon and this isn’t his expertise. Steven tells Patrick that he will be doing the surgery. Patrick leaves the room in frustration.

Johnny sits next to Olivia. Olivia comments that Sonny and Dante are a lot alike. Olivia says that she can’t lose Dante since he means the world to her. Johnny feels bad that Dante was shot. Olivia feels guilty that she didn’t make different choices regarding Dante. Lulu walks in. Lulu sits by Olivia. Lulu brings up Sonny and Olivia admits the truth. Lulu asks how Dante is doing. Olivia says that Dante will be heading to surgery soon. Lulu asks if Dante knew the truth about Sonny. Olivia says that Dante didn’t, adding that she feels terrible about the whole thing. Outside the room, Johnny and Nikolas are patiently waiting. Steven walks up to them. Steven says that he will be performing the surgery. Nikolas wishes Steven good luck. Steven tells Olivia and Lulu that Dante’s vitals have stabilized so the surgery can begin. Lulu asks what Dante’s chances are for survival. Steven says that Dante’s in critical condition but he is a healthy young man.

Carly, Jax, Michael and Morgan sit down in the living room to talk about Dominic. Morgan feels that Sonny is responsible for the shooting. Michael tells his brother not to jump to conclusions. Michael badmouths Dominic which angers Morgan. Morgan admits that he hates Sonny for shooting Dom. Carly says that their family needs to stick together. Morgan is questioning whether Dominic was really his friend. Jax pipes in that Dom cared about Morgan. Morgan says that Dominic never asked him questions about his father’s business. Morgan thinks that Dom’s a good guy since he saved the lives of Sonny and himself. Carly says that they all need to pray for Dominic’s recovery. Michael leaves the room while Carly talks about the power of prayer.

Jason shows up at the hospital. Sonny explains what happened at the house and adds that Dominic is really his son. Jason can’t believe it. Jason suggests getting Sonny out of the country but Sonny refuses to leave. Sonny is resolute that he’s staying put. Jason reminds Sonny that if Dante dies, it’s murder. Sonny asks Jason what he would do if it was Jake. Sonny won’t back down. Jason calls Diane for her assistance.

Maxie goes to the hospital and runs into Robin. Robin updates Maxie, saying that Dante needs surgery. Robin tells Maxie that Lulu is sitting with Dante. Johnny spots Maxie and tells her about Dante. Maxie wonders if Johnny knew about Sonny all along. Johnny says that he only recently found out that Dante’s father is Sonny. Johnny is mad that Sonny looks like the victim. Maxie thinks that Johnny should give Sonny the benefit of the doubt. Johnny has no sympathy for Sonny. Johnny points out that Olivia and Lulu are scared for Dante. Johnny feels frustrated about the whole thing. Maxie decides to leave the hospital, adding that she would just be in the way.

In the locker room, Patrick changes back into his other clothes. Lisa walks in and tells Patrick that she’ll be assisting Steven with the surgery. Patrick is irritated that he couldn’t do the operation. Lisa says that she’ll buy him a beer afterwards. Patrick comments that he owes Lisa if Dante survives.

As Steven preps for surgery, Sonny tells him that he wants Patrick to do the surgery. Steven maintains that he’s the best surgeon. Sonny threatens that Steven will pay if Dante dies.

Lulu and Olivia stand by Dante’s bedside. Lulu is crying while Olivia silently sobs. Dante suddenly awakens. Lulu speaks to him. Lulu tells Dante that he’ll get through this. Lulu kisses Dante’s forehead.

After Dante leaves for surgery, Lulu and Nikolas are alone. Lulu says that she can’t be mad at Nik right now since she’s scared for Dante. Lulu proclaims her love for Dante, saying that her feelings for him are so strong. Lulu feels horrible that she pushed Dante away for so long.

Michael goes to the hospital. Michael runs into Jason. Jason says that Sonny can’t leave Dante’s side because he is his father. Michael is in shock by the revelation. Jason tells Michael that Sonny will be arrested, adding that Michael needs to remain calm. Sonny and Robin interrupt. Sonny is thankful to see Michael. They hug. Olivia and Johnny show up too. Suddenly, the police arrive. Ronnie tells Sonny that he’s under arrest for Claudia’s murder. Sonny won’t move, claiming that he is staying put for Dante’s sake. Ronnie is angry that Sonny shot Dante. Ronnie takes the gun from Sonny’s pocket. Jason shakes his head. Sonny is forced onto the elevator by the police. Sonny tells Olivia that he tried his best to stay at the hospital for Dante.

Dante’s operation begins. Steven sees the bullet. Dante starts dreaming while he is unconscious. Dante sees Morgan playing baseball. Sonny pulls up in a vehicle and shoots at Morgan. Dante screams for Sonny to stop but it’s too late. Steven panics as Dante begins to code on the operating table.

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