GH Update Monday 2/1/10

General Hospital Update Monday 2/1/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Johnny enters the church for Josslyn’s christening. A frantic Lulu asks Johnny if he has seen Dante. Carly inquires about Dominic and Sonny but no one knows where they are. The christening begins. Lulu holds Josslyn as she is baptized. Carly can’t stop smiling. Jason looks uncomfortable because he knows that Sonny is going to kill Dominic. Father Coates says a few words before the ceremony concludes. After Father Coates welcomes Josslyn John Jacks into the church, everyone claps. Jason smiles at Carly. After the christening, Lulu asks Johnny if he has heard from Dante. Johnny thinks that Dante might have decided to arrest Sonny before the christening. Lulu is alarmed by the thought of this. Luke, Tracy, Ethan, and Lucky talk about the baptism. Luke is happy that the Spencer family is together for the special occasion. In private, Morgan asks Michael why Sonny didn’t show up for the baptism. Michael doesn’t think it is strange that Sonny missed the christening.

At the Corinthos house, Dante/Dominic announces to Sonny that he is under arrest. Sonny aims a gun at Dante. Dante can’t believe that Sonny is willing to shoot him. Sonny feels betrayed by Dante, saying that he was willing to give him the organization when he retires. Dante brings up Lieutenant Peletti, the man Sonny had killed while Dante was growing up. Dante wants vengeance for the lieutenant’s murder. Dante tells Sonny that he doesn’t respect him, adding that he “despises” him. Sonny doesn’t hesitate to shoot Dante. Dante goes down just as Olivia walks in. Olivia screams at the sight of her son being shot. Olivia yells that Sonny “killed his own son”! Sonny is shocked by Olivia’s revelation. Olivia says that Dominic is really Dante Falconeri, adding that Dante is really Sonny’s son. Sonny is mad that Olivia kept this from him. Olivia puts pressure on Dante’s gunshot wound while they wait for the ambulance. Sonny asserts that he would never hurt his own flesh and blood. Olivia rushes to the door to let the EMTs enter. Sonny tells Dante that he can’t die. Olivia is an emotional wreck as she talks to the medical personnel. Dante is wheeled out on a stretcher to the ambulance. Olivia and Sonny ride along with Dante. Suddenly, Dante starts to code in the ambulance. The EMT tells Olivia and Sonny that Dante is “in shock”. Olivia whispers in Dante’s ear that he has to survive.

At the church, Father Coates informs the guests that a reception will be held at the Jacks home. Lulu talks to Spinelli and Maxie about her concerns regarding Dominic. Alexis speaks to Jax, adding that she won’t be attending the reception. Michael confronts Jax and asks where Sonny is. Jax doesn’t have a clue why Sonny didn’t show up. After Michael walks away, Lady Jane asks her son why he is so upset. Jax confides that Sonny is being arrested today, adding that he knew about it for a while. Jax doesn’t think that Carly will forgive him so easily. Carly thanks Jason for being Josslyn’s godfather. They hug but Jason is preoccupied. After most of the guests have left the church, Jason finds Sam, Molly, and Morgan waiting for him. Molly talks about weddings and implies that Sam and Jason should marry. Sam and Jason appear uncomfortable by the subject. Sam tells Molly that she isn’t considering marriage right now. Jason pipes in that they should talk about something else. Molly is insistent that she be a bridesmaid in Sam’s wedding.

The guests arrive at the reception. Luke and Lulu get into a small argument when someone brings up Elizabeth. Lulu has nothing good to say about Liz. Michael is suddenly worried about Sonny’s whereabouts. Maxie and Spinelli set their present on the gift table. Lulu leaves the room to call Dante, but he isn’t answering his cell phone (which is at Sonny’s house). Luke, Lucky, and Ethan have a bonding moment. Carly makes an announcement to the guests. Carly is very happy and praises Jax. Carly and Jax embrace as everyone claps. Lulu asks Jason if he has heard from Sonny or Dominic. Some of the guests begin to leave, like the Spencers, Tracy, and Edward. Spinelli pulls Jason aside to talk about Sonny. Jason confides that he hasn’t heard anything. Molly and Morgan grab a gift from the table – they are curious since it is a DVD.

Dante is wheeled into the hospital. Steven tells Olivia and Sonny that he has to notify Dominic’s family. Olivia blurts out that she is Dom’s mom and Sonny is his father. Epiphany drops a metal tray when she overhears the news. Dante is rushed into the ER. Olivia and Sonny are finally alone. Olivia apologizes for keeping quiet. Sonny comments that it makes sense now why he and Dante got along so well. Steven walks up to Olivia and Sonny. Steven informs them that the bullet hit close to Dante’s spine. Olivia fears the worst. Sonny asks the doctor what Dante’s chances are for survival. Steven is hesitant to answer but says that Dante has lost a lot of blood. Steven says that he and Dr. Niles will be performing Dante’s surgery. After Steven walks away, Sonny makes a phone call to Robin. Sonny asks if Robin is with Patrick. Sonny says that he needs their help at the hospital but wants the two to remain quiet about the request. Olivia is surprised that Sonny wants another doctor to operate on Dante. Sonny completely trusts Patrick since he saved Michael’s life.

Robin and Patrick show up at the hospital. Sonny informs the two that Dominic is actually Dante Falconeri, Olivia’s son, as well as his. Robin is stunned by the news. In private, Patrick admits to Robin that he already knew, saying that Olivia confirmed it. Patrick claims doctor-patient confidentiality, but Robin is devastated that he would keep this from her especially since they are married and Sonny is a close friend.

In the hospital chapel, Sonny lights some candles. Sonny speaks to God and asks for guidance. Sonny feels guilt-ridden about shooting Dante. Sonny feels he is being punished by God because of his way of life, adding that he feels horrible for shooting his own son.

In Dante’s hospital room, Olivia speaks to her son in private. Olivia is sobbing as she talks to Dante. Dante awakens which makes Olivia smile. Olivia tells Dante that he was shot and begs him to hang on. Dante’s eyes close. Sonny returns to the room. Steven tells Olivia that he has a few medical questions to ask. Steven and Olivia leave, so Sonny and Dante are left alone in the room. Sonny brings up his previous conversations with Dante, adding that he is still in shock that he is Dante’s father. Dante’s eyes suddenly open.

At the Jacks home, most of the guests have left. Carly and Jax are busy opening the gifts in the living room. Molly and Morgan head for the foyer and insert the DVD into a laptop. Suddenly, Franco’s voice can be heard. Jason and Sam run to the foyer, visibly shaken by Franco’s confession. Carly enters the room and wonders what is going on.

Dante’s cell phone continues to ring from the Corinthos living room. There is blood all over the carpet. Lulu walks in, obviously puzzled why Dante isn’t answering. When she sees the blood on the floor, Lulu senses something is terribly wrong.

In the hospital room, Sonny tells Dante that he made a mistake by shooting him, adding that he is his father. Olivia listens from the doorway.

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