GH Update Friday 1/29/10

General Hospital Update Friday 1/29/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At the Jacks’ house, Morgan is amazed at how many gifts Josslyn received for her christening. Michael tells his brother that it isn’t about the stuff; it’s about what it symbolizes. Morgan says that being christened is like getting a free pass into heaven. Jax’s mother Jane arrives with more gifts.

At Kelly’s, Lulu tries to convince Lucky to go to the christening with her. She tells him that a Spencer event might cheer him up. He asks her why it is so important to her. She reveals that she has a bad feeling.

In his room above Kelly’s, Dante is getting dressed to go to the christening. He tells Ronnie that they will do this his way and wait until after the christening before they arrest Sonny. Ronnie doesn’t see why they should give Sonny the benefit of more time but tells Dante that he needs to move on it immediately after the ceremony unless he intends to use the christening to warn Sonny.

Sonny is at home getting ready to go to Josslyn's christening. Jason arrives and tells Sonny that everything is in position and it will definitely look like an accident. Sonny tells Jason that Dante probably feels pretty smug right now. Jason says Dominic is smart. Sonny says he wasn’t smart enough to avoid getting caught and now he is no longer the problem because he is as good as dead. Olivia enters and tells Sonny that he had to know she would stop him.

At Kelly’s, Lucky concedes to Lulu that she has good reason to be worried because large Port Charles gatherings rarely end well. He says that Carly’s guest list of Spencers, Jacks, and miscellaneous mobsters is a recipe for disaster. She tells him he already accepted the invitation and asks him if he is going. He tells her that he was wasted when he accepted the invitation. She asks him to do this for her because she really needs him. He asks her what she isn’t telling him. She says she just expects landmines to step over at this church.

In Dante’s room, he asks Ronnie if he really thinks Dante would blow Sonny’s arrest this late in the game. Ronnie says Dante worries him because he is too close to the target. He says he thinks Dante may be stalling long enough for one of Sonny’s moles to warn him. He tells Dante that he has changed since they started. Dante says he still wants Sonny to go to prison but he thinks Carly and Sonny’s kids deserve one last good moment. Ronnie says Dante likes Sonny and wants Sonny to have the happy moment. Dante asks him if that is so bad. Ronnie says it will become bad if it allows Sonny to slip away or to figure out Dante’s part in it.

At Sonny’s house, he asks Olivia if she doesn’t want him to go to Josslyn's christening. She tells him no, she is there to remind him that this day is about Josslyn. She says Carly and Jax deserve to have this day go off without anyone getting shot in the church. She tells him that his sons deserve a joyful day too. She tells Jason that she is talking to him too. Jason assures her that he will not cause any problems for Jax. Jason leaves. Olivia observes to Sonny that he has not said anything about her breaking into his house and dictating his behavior. She asks him what is going on. He suggests that she tell him.

At the Jacks’ house, Jane gives Carly a rapid-grow maple tree to plant in Josslyn's name. Carly asks the boys to go tell Mercedes to change Josslyn for the christening and then she heads toward the door. Jax wonders where Carly is going and she tells him she has to run an errand. Jane tells Jax that this should be one of the happiest days of his life and yet he is sad. He tells her he is afraid it is all going to come crashing down. She asks him what he has done now. He admits that he is keeping a secret from Carly about removing Sonny from their lives. He admits that he has been helping an undercover cop and he just found out that they have a warrant for Sonny’s arrest. Jane wonders if they will arrest Sonny at the christening and Jax tells her he hopes not. Jane says Carly will be furious and may not forgive him for this. He tells her that he is aware of that but this time he is going to be honest with Carly and tell her about his involvement. Jane tells him she is afraid his animosity with Sonny has blinded him. Jax says he prefers to think his eyes have been opened and Sonny has to go, regardless of the price.

At Sonny’s house, Olivia tells him he is wound up as tight as a drum. She helps him with his tie. He asks her how Johnny is doing and she asks him since when he cares. He tells her that since her boyfriend is in his organization, she is in the middle of whatever fallout they may be expecting. She asks if she is speaking in general or specific terms. He says in general. She tells him that in general, she is safer with Johnny than she is with Sonny. Sonny asks her how safe Johnny is. She asks him if that is a threat. He tells her no, it is just that he can protect himself better than people think.

Carly arrives at Sonny’s house and sees Olivia there with Sonny. She asks Olivia if she is there to ask Sonny to play nice. Olivia says yes, but hearing it from both women might be what Sonny needs. Olivia leaves. Carly tells Sonny that he looks nice and thanks him for coming to her daughter’s christening. He tells her he is honored that she invited him to her daughter’s big event. Carly says she cannot imagine a big event without Sonny being there. She tells Sonny that she wants to bring Josslyn's entire extended family together to surround her with love and she will be really mad if Sonny does anything to screw it up. Sonny tells Carly that this is her turning point. He says this is the day that they dump the garbage by the side of the road.

Dante joins Lulu in Kelly’s. He tells her she looks beautiful but observes that she looks very nervous. She tells him not to pretend he isn’t nervous too. He concedes that she has good reason to be nervous and says that if she is having second thoughts about standing by her man, he wouldn’t blame her. She tells him that she just want this day to be over. She tells him that she is going to go to the Haunted Star to try to convince her dad to come to the christening so she will meet Dante at the church. He kisses her as if it is the last time he will ever see her.

At the Haunted Star, Luke tells Elizabeth to speak her piece and he will listen. She tells him she owes him an apology for telling him that she would stop seeing Nikolas when that was a lie. He surprises her when he accepts her apology. He tells her that there is no point in him raking her over the coals and it seems like she is doing that to herself anyway. He tells her she is not his favorite person because he is not ok with her hurting Lucky the way that she did but he understands that people make mistakes. He tells her that it is human to jump into things without considering the consequences. He tells her that her mistake doesn’t negate the good she has done for Lucky over the years or all the love she has given him. Lulu enters the Haunted Star and asks Luke why he is talking to that lying piece of trash.

Lucky goes to the church and sits on a pew. He says he doesn’t know why it always takes a tragedy for him to talk to God. He says he knows he is supposed to let go of control and accept the things he can’t change, but wonders how justice fits into it. He asks what he did to deserve this. He tells God that if there is a lesson he is supposed to be learning or a plan that he should know about then God will have to do something to open his heart to it because he doesn’t see it. A voice asks him if that is how it works. Lucky turns around and sees Jason standing in the aisle. Jason tells Lucky that Carly will be glad that he decided to come. Lucky says it seemed important. He asks Jason if he heard that he and Elizabeth broke up. Jason says he did hear about it and he is sorry. Lucky tells Jason that he wishes he could tell him how this will affect Jake but he has no idea.

At the Jacks’ house, Jax tells Josslyn that his job is to keep her, Carly, and the boys safe and that he did what was necessary to keep the family safe. He tells her that he won’t be very popular for it and it might destroy his relationship with Carly but he hopes she will understand. Carly returns home. She says Jax has made all of her dreams come true.

Dante goes to Olivia’s house and asks her why she had the sudden urge to see him. He wonders if she is going to the christening. She says that of course she will attend another function where she has to pretend he is not her baby. He corrects her that he is not her baby; he is her son. She says that at times like this a mother is allowed to be sentimental. She tells him that she was thinking about his christening when he was a baby and she was a sixteen year old promising to protect his little soul. He tells her that he did a great job of it and that he loves her. Sonny calls Dominic and tells him that something has come up and he needs to come over. Dominic hangs up and tells Olivia that he will be late to the christening because Sonny needs him at the house right away. Olivia wonders if Sonny said what it was about. Dominic says no, Sonny just said it couldn’t wait. Olivia says it might be what Sonny was so tense about earlier. Dante asks his mother what she means. She tells him that she stopped by Sonny’s house to ask him to be considerate about what this day means to Carly and Jax. She says she knows Sonny and she could see in his eyes that he is sitting on something but he wasn’t going to share it with her.

At the Jacks’ house, Michael asks Jax if he took care of it yet. Jax says not yet. Michael reminds Jax that Dominic is ready to arrest Sonny and that Jax said he would stop it. Jax says he cannot just snap his fingers but a plan is in motion. Michael says it is taking too long. Jax says he understands that Michael is anxious but it is out of their hands so they should just focus on today. Morgan brings in an express mail package containing a gift for Josslyn. Carly tells him to take it out of the package and put it with the rest of the gifts.

At the church, Lucky tells Jason that he used to be so sure of who he was and what he wanted but now it is gone and has all been replaced by cynicism. He says he can’t see how any of it can be good for Jake and Cameron. Jason says he knows Lucky will do what is best for the boys. Lucky says it is really bad this time and it will get a lot uglier before it gets any better. He tells him that it isn’t fair for Jason or Jake and that dragging the boys through a huge mess dishonors the promise he made to Jason.

At the Haunted Star, Elizabeth tells Lulu that she already knows what she thinks of her so she will spare Luke the encore performance. She thanks Luke for his compassion and tells him it is more than she deserves. Elizabeth leaves. Lulu can’t believe that Luke was nice to Elizabeth. Luke reminds Lulu that Elizabeth did not act alone and wonders where Lulu’s righteous indignation for Nikolas is. Lulu says she is mad at Nikolas too but this is Elizabeth’s fault. She says it is disgusting that Elizabeth needed Lucky to provide for her and her kids but needed Nikolas to turn her on in bed. She says she can’t understand why Luke isn’t pissed off. Luke says it doesn’t do any good so there is no point. He says it is an ugly situation but Lucky and Elizabeth need to figure it out. He says other people throwing in their hostility and judgment will not help. He says judgment is a boomerang that will eventually come back and smack her in the face.

At Sonny’s house, he checks that his pistol is in the top drawer of his desk. Dominic arrives and joins Sonny in the living room. He asks Sonny why there are no guards. Sonny asks Dominic to close the door and says he sent the guards to go to the church because Jason is paranoid about something messing up this day for Josslyn and Carly. He says that is why he had to call Dominic to take this assignment. He says he is sending out a shipment that will come through the pass down Harbor View Road just before route eleven and he needs to ensure that no one will try to rip him off. Sonny says Dominic has good instincts for unexpected attacks and that if he leaves now, he can make it by nightfall. Dominic asks him if he will be dead by nightfall.

Maxie and Spinelli arrive at the church. Maxie says Lulu is taking on a great responsibility by agreeing to be Josslyn's godmother. She says it is too bad that Carly didn’t ask Dominic to be Josslyn's godfather. Spinelli is puzzled so Maxie explains that it would have been convenient since Lulu and Dominic will end up together. Spinelli asks her if she really thinks so. Maxie tells him that Lulu finally found love and that she and Dominic are head over heels. Lulu enters the church and thanks Lucky for coming. He asks her how he could say no to his little sister. Lulu says she doesn’t think she had as much luck with their father but Lucky sees Ethan coming in and predicts that Luke is not far behind.

At Sonny’s house, Sonny tells Dominic that he doesn’t know why he is getting paranoid. He says Jason needed the security detail and that left Sonny shorthanded with the shipment on the road. Dominic says it doesn’t add up because this sort of thing takes planning and there has been no previous mention of it. He says that in addition, Sonny knows that Lulu is about to become Josslyn's godmother and that she wanted him to be at the christening yet Sonny is pulling him out for a bogus security detail on a desolate mountain road. Sonny asks Dominic to give him a scenario that makes sense to him. Dominic says he was thinking that maybe the brakes will fail or a tire will blow out and Dominic will plunge off the cliff. Sonny asks Dominic why he would think Sonny would do that -- unless Sonny found out that he had betrayed him.

Patrick and Robin sit down at the church. Patrick observes that he is beginning to feel like a part of the community. Johnny pensively enters the church. Carly sees him, tells him she is glad he came, and invites him to sit down. Olivia arrives at the church and says hello to Johnny. When he doesn’t respond, she asks him if they are not speaking. He tells her it is up to her. He notices that she is looking around and tells her that Sonny isn’t there. She says she was looking for Dante. Johnny says he isn’t there either. Olivia says they should both be there by now.

At Sonny’s house, Dominic concludes that Sonny is back to questioning his loyalty. He says he is getting whiplash from going back and forth. He says one day he is in line to inherit everything and the next day he has somehow betrayed Sonny and needs to be taken out. Sonny observes that Dominic used the word “somehow” as if there was a question as to exactly how. Dominic tells Sonny that he wanted to give everybody one last good day but he took it one beat too far. Sonny tells him that was a dangerous miscalculation. Dante says that can be rectified as he reaches into his pocket, gets out his badge, and places Sonny under arrest for Claudia’s murder.

At the church, Johnny tells Lulu that he cannot find Dominic. Carly tells them that Sonny is not there either. Jax tells Carly that they won’t hold things up any longer. Lulu tells Carly and Johnny that Dominic was on his way to the church an hour ago. She wonders what could have stopped him.

At Sonny’s house, Dominic recites Sonny’s Miranda rights. When he says anything he says can be held against him in a court of law, Sonny draws his pistol, aims it at Dominic, and says they will not make it that far.

At the church, Father Coates begins the christening ceremony.

At Sonny’s house, Sonny cocks his gun. Dominic tells Sonny that he doesn’t want to do that but Sonny says yes, he does. Dominic asks him if he really wants to add cop-killer to the list of charges against him. He tells him that that is first degree so when they find Dominic’s body, Sonny will be just as dead. Sonny says no one will find Dominic.

At the church, Father Coates anoints Josslyn with oil.

At Sonny’s house, he tells Dominic that he trusted him. He says he liked him and in some ways, he still likes him. He says Dominic has guts, he is smart, and he gained acceptance from his family. He says he was seriously considering making Dominic his successor. He bets Dominic got a good laugh out of that. Dominic says he appreciated the irony. Sonny says it is too bad all that effort was wasted.

At the church, Father Coates asks Lulu and Jason if they will be baptized. They both say they will.

At Sonny’s house, he asks Dominic if he has any last words. Dominic says he wants him to know who this was all about. He asks Sonny if he remembers Mr. Poletti from the old neighborhood. He tells Sonny he should remember because he has Lieutenant Poletti gunned down like a bad guy, but he wasn’t a bad guy; they didn’t make ‘em any better than Mr. Poletti. He says Mr. Poletti tried to make up for anything that the neighborhood kids were lacking. He tells Sonny that he was one of those kids when he was trying to grow up to be a good man with no male role model in his household. He says Mr. Poletti taught him everything he needed to know and then some. He says Sonny had Mr. Poletti taken out and then went on with his worthless, pathetic life being chauffeured around in his black limousine and wearing his fancy suits demanding respect from everybody. He tells Sonny that he doesn’t respect him; he despises him.

At the church, Father Coates baptizes Josslyn.

At Sonny’s house, he tells Dominic that he doesn’t remember his sainted Lieutenant Poletti but if he did kill him, he deserved it.

At the church, Father Coates finishes the christening ceremony.

At Sonny’s house, Dominic tells Sonny he should pray for his kids. He should pray that they never see him the way Dominic sees him right now as a cold-eyed bastard who would kill anyone to get what he wants. Sonny says, “Goodbye Detective” and shoots. Dominic falls.

At the church Father Coates says, “Go in peace and may the Lord be with you.”

Meanwhile Sonny looks down on Dominic who is lying on the floor with a bullet wound to the chest and his badge on the floor next to him. Olivia comes into Sonny’s house and screams when she sees her son on the floor. She runs over and kneels next to him. She cradles him in her arms and calls him Dante. She looks up at Sonny and screams to him that he just shot his own son.

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