GH Update Thursday 1/28/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/28/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Luke watches Lucky practicing his shooting and tells him he could hit anything he aims at. He wonders who it will be.

Elizabeth gets off the elevator at General Hospital and panics, feeling that everyone is judging her.

At Carly’s house, she tells Lulu that she understands why Dominic wants to break up with her to protect her. Lulu asks what Carly would do in this situation. Carly says she would stand by her man.

At Olivia’s apartment, Johnny cannot believe that after the months Dante spent building a case against Sonny, Olivia would go to the Feds and say she is involved with Sonny to ruin Dante’s case. He tells her that Dante’s career is over and Sonny will get off again. Olivia says it had nothing to do with Sonny; she did it to protect her son.

At Sonny’s house, Jason is looking through Sonny’s desk and asks Dominic if he knows where a report about a distillery from Sonny’s trip to Puerto Rico is. Dominic says he stays out of Sonny’s desk. Sonny comes home and asks them if someone called a meeting and didn’t tell him about it.

Luke tells Lucky that he understands that he is hurting, but if someone should die for what Elizabeth and Nikolas did, then Lucky must allow Luke to be the shooter. Lucky thanks his father but says he doesn’t intend to shoot anyone; he was just practicing to clear his head while he considered his future.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth’s panic attack is causing her to hear her own heartbeat and experience everything in slow motion. She believes she hears people’s voices echoing comments about her. Suddenly, she yells for everyone to stop whispering and admits that she had an affair with Nikolas Cassadine.

At Olivia’s house, she tells Johnny that if Dante arrests Sonny, he will be exposed as an undercover cop and Sonny will retaliate. Johnny tells her that Dante knew the risk when he took the job. She says she had hoped that they would have pulled Dante off the case by now for lack of progress but since they didn’t she had to do something. Johnny notes that saving her son also saves Sonny. She insists that she only acted in Dante’s interest but Johnny says if she is lying to herself.

At Carly’s house, Lulu agrees that she should stand by Dominic. Carly asks Lulu if there is something else going on. Lulu reveals that Sonny offered to take over the business when Sonny steps down. Carly says that if Dominic becomes a person that everyone fears, it will change everything for both of them.

At Sonny’s house, Jason tells Sonny that he was looking for the paperwork from the Puerto Rican distillery. Sonny tells him it is in the back of the top right drawer. Jason locates the information and asks Dominic to take it to Bernie. Sonny says Dominic is not a messenger. Dominic says he doesn’t mind taking it. After Dominic leaves, Sonny asks Jason if he has found any proof that Dominic is a cop.

Lucky tells Luke that he believed in the illusions that his mother created about the prefect family and that love could last. Luke tells him that Laura actually believed their family was perfect for a long time. He tells him that he should thank his mother for instilling hope and belief in him because a person’s beliefs define who they are.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth continues to stand in the middle of the room yelling about her affair. Nikolas escorts her out.

At the Haunted Star, Tracy asks Ethan where Luke is. He tells her he doesn’t know but he thinks he is with Lucky. He tells her that he knows it is hard when the woman you love cheats on you but it must be brutal when it is with your own brother. Tracy says now Luke and Lucky have had a hard time connecting and now they have something to bond over. Ethan says Luke has missed Lucky. Tracy wonders if Ethan is feeling left out. Ethan says he is a realist; he always knew he was a substitute.

At Olivia’s apartment, she tells Johnny that she gave up on protecting Sonny a long time ago. She says Sonny brought this on himself and the feds will continue their investigation without Dante. Johnny tells her they will never get anyone that deep into the Corinthos organization again. He tells her that she always finds a way to justify protecting Sonny and he will not stand by and watch anymore. He tells her that when Dante finds out what she did, he will be done with her too. He grabs his coat and leaves.

Jason tells Sonny that he hasn’t found anything that proves Dominic is a cop. He says he has found a few little things but the one that stands out is the Tommy Soto hit. Sonny says that Dominic could have busted them then just for putting out the hit. Jason suggests that Dominic might have been waiting for something bigger. Sonny says he needs evidence. Jason tells Sonny that he talked to the housekeeper, Graciela and she mentioned that Dominic took out the ashes the morning after Sonny burned his and Michael’s clothes.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth tells Nikolas to leave her alone. He suggests that she take some time off to process everything. She tells him that taking time off will not fix anything; she has to stay and face the consequences.

Luke returns to the Haunted Star. He tells Tracy the Lucky is having a hard time of it. She says she wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on anyone. Lucky says the people that deserve to hurt never do. She tells him that she talked to Ethan earlier and although he didn’t say so, she can see that Lucky’s crisis is affecting Ethan too.

Ethan runs into Lucky at the docks and asks Lucky what happened. Lucky gives him the short version that Elizabeth cheated on him again but this time with Nikolas. Ethan says Nikolas gives him plenty of reasons to kick his ass but that isn’t the way to treat his brother. Lucky agrees. Ethan says he will never judge Lucky for the way he deals with it so if he wants to drink, Ethan will pour the cocktails and perhaps occasionally pick up the tab but most importantly, he wants Lucky to prevail upon him for rides home so that Lucky doesn’t have to drive drunk.

Dominic goes home to his room above Kelly’s and finds Lulu sitting on his bed. He tells her that a few months ago he would have been stoked to find her waiting in his room. He tells her he thinks they are setting themselves up for serious heartache. She says she disagrees and Carly does too. He wonders what she told Carly. She facetiously says she told Carly that he is an undercover cop intent on busting Sonny and that he is Olivia’s son. He says that in that case, Jason is probably on his way to kill him right now so they’d better get undressed and get to it quickly. She says she will keep his secrets, but she will not let him push her out of her life.

At Sonny’s house, he wonders if the fireplace was a coincidence. Jason says that after the Soto incident, Sonny wanted to Dominic but Jason spoke up for him because Dominic is a good guy and the men like him, which says a lot since he used to used to work for the rival Zacchara family. Sonny recalls that Dominic saved both of their lives, but a cop would have left them for dead and closed the case. He recalls that Dominic saved Morgan’s life too. Jason notes that Dominic also saved Lulu from Franco. Sonny says Dominic is getting serious about Lulu and that wouldn’t be a smart move for a cop. Jason agrees. Sonny says he loves Michael but he trusts Dominic. He says there has always been something about the way Dominic picks up on things and his great instincts for business in spite of his cockiness in the beginning. Jason says he has to agree. Sonny says Dominic reminds him of himself when he was younger. Jason says Michael must be feeling desperate. Sonny says it didn’t help when Michael heard that Sonny was going to offer Dominic to take over the business instead of Michael. Jason says Michael wants to be a part of this business. He says it makes sense that Michael would worry that Dominic is going to take his spot, but he doesn’t want to believe that Michael would take it this far. Sonny says that even if he was ok with Michael taking over the organization he would still choose Dominic because Michael wouldn’t make a good boss because Michael is too impulsive and can’t control his emotions. The door slams and Spinelli rushes in announcing that he has dire news. He says he was able to gather a list of evidence the police have against Sonny from a just-issued arrest warrant. He says the evidence includes a fragment of a burned shirt that has Claudia’s blood and Sonny’s DNA. He tells them that an undercover police officer retrieved the burned shirt from Sonny’s fireplace ashes.

At Dominic’s room above Kelly’s Lulu says she will decide what is good for her. She says she isn’t crazy about lying to the people that she loves, but he is a police officer and she respects that he has a job to do. She says she knows that when this is over it will get ugly but she is choosing to stand by him because she is in love with him. He tells her that she is an amazing woman and she has changed his life. He tells her he doesn’t know how he got so lucky but he is honored that she would choose to stand by him. They kiss.

At the Jack’s house, Michael asks Jax what is going on with Dominic. Jax says he will let him know as soon as he knows something. He tells Michael to stay calm and not mention any of this to his mother or brother. Carly enters and tells them she needs their help with the final preparations for Josselyn’s christening. She goes through the list of people she has invited and asks if they find any potential conflicts. Jax suggests that she keep Sonny and the Quartermaines apart so she tells Morgan to run interference. Morgan asks her if Dominic can help him. Michael tells Morgan that he doesn’t know why he likes Dominic so much because Dominic is not his friend. Carly tells Michael to knock it off. She says it is fine for Dominic to help Morgan deflect the Quartermaines. Michael asks his mother how blind she is that she can’t see that she shouldn’t trust Dominic. Jax glares at Michael.

At the Haunted Star, Luke asks Tracy what makes her think Ethan has a problem. She reveals that now that Lucky and Luke are close, Ethan feels that Luke has less of a need for him. Luke says that Lucky is more vulnerable than Ethan is. She suggests that Luke talk to Ethan and he says he will. He tells her she is very wise and asks if she has any advice about Lucky.

At the dock, Ethan tells Lucky that this is a free pass to call him to come get him whenever he needs a ride home, no questions asked. Lucky thanks him for the offer and says he is a little surprised after the way he treated Ethan when he arrived in Port Charles. Ethan says neither of them is perfect; they have that in common. Lucky notices Elizabeth coming up the stairs. She stops and says she didn’t know whether to call him but since they are both here, they should talk. He tells her he has nothing to say to her and has no desire to see her. He tells Ethan he will talk to him later as he walks away. After Lucky has gone, she tells Ethan that she wanted to ask him about the kids because they have wanted to see him and she doesn’t know what to tell them.

At the Jacks’ house, Jax says Morgan and Michael are entitled to have different opinions about Dominic but there is no reason to fight about it. Morgan says Michael has never given Dominic a chance. He says Michael shuts Dominic down every time Dominic tries. Michael says he knows Dominic was there when Michael wasn’t and it isn’t fair for him to trash him but he doesn’t want Morgan to get hurt. He says he thinks Dominic is going to disappoint Morgan. Morgan wonders why Michael thinks that but Carly tells him to accept Michael’s apology and drop it. Jax reminds the boys that tomorrow is a big day for their mother and sister and asks them to focus on that. Carly says she wants the day to be about love and family. She says she thinks this represents the start of a new, happy chapter for all of them.

In Dominic’s room, he takes a break from kissing Lulu and says that he guesses he owes Carly for her “stand by your man” idea. Lulu says she had already come to that conclusion and Carly just reinforced it. He asks her if she is going to go into battle with him, lick his wounds, and pick up his dirty socks. She tells him she will never touch his socks. They kiss again. They start undressing each other and fall onto the bed. Some one knocks on Dominic’s door Dominic tells Lulu they have to do something about their lousy romantic timing. He yells for the knocker to go away. Ronnie announces himself and demands that Dominic opens the door. Dominic and Lulu button their shirts and Dominic opens the door. Ronnie tells Dominic he needs to talk to him alone and that it cannot wait so Lulu leaves. Dominic tells Ronnie this had better be good. Ronnie tells him they got the warrant for Sonny’s arrest.

Spinelli is sitting on the couch at Sonny’s house with his laptop open. He tells Sonny and Jason that the shirt fragment definitely belongs to Sonny. He tells them that the chain of evidence is unbroken and will be admissible in court. Jason thanks Spinelli for the information, compliments him on the good work, and tells him that is all they need for now. Spinelli gathers his belongings and leaves. Jason tells Sonny that it is a relief to know that Michael wasn’t going to get somebody killed just because he is jealous. Sonny says he feels terrible for not believing Michael when he was telling the truth and the whole time Dominic was a COP! Sonny says Dominic has evidence to put him away for murder; Dominic has to die.

A the Jacks’ house, Jax receives a telephone call from FBI agent Rayner who tells him that the warrant for Sonny’s arrest has been issued and Sonny could be taken into custody at any time.

Olivia prays alone in a chapel. Lulu enters and startles Olivia when she sits down on the pew behind her. Lulu apologizes for interrupting and Olivia says it is ok. Lulu says she has never been big on religion. She says it has been a long time since she has prayed for anything and isn’t sure she knows how to pray right. Olivia says there are no rules as long as it comes from her heart. She says it is all about belief and faith. Lulu says it feels presumptuous to ask for anything when she is not a regular. She asks if Olivia thinks that it works. Olivia says she hopes so because if she ever needed her prayers answered, it is now. Lulu concludes that Olivia is praying for Dominic or Dante. She says she doesn’t suppose God cares which name she uses, she just hopes that enough and that God will watch over him and keep him safe. She tells Olivia that she doesn’t want to seem greedy but she is praying that she and Dante come through this together. Olivia reaches back and holds Lulu’s hand.

In Dominic’s room, Ronnie tells him that the only thing left are the logistics for the bust. Dominic says it cannot happen until after 5:00PM tomorrow after the christening for Carly’s daughter. Ronnie says they need to bust Sonny and be done with it. He says he thinks they need to set it up for tonight. Dominic is adamant that they wait until after the christening. Ronnie says this is another example of how Dante is too close. He says it is time for him to head back to Brooklyn to get his head straight. Ronnie bets that Dante actually feels sorry for Sonny. Dante says that those peoples’ lives are about to be ripped apart. He tells him that Sonny trust him enough that he was about to hand him the keys to his entire operation. Ronnie asks Dante if he is thinking about taking Sonny up on his offer. Dante says he has to do the job but he is taking a father away from three kids and they will blame themselves for believing Dominic’s lies. He says he will turn Lulu and Olivia into the town pariahs. He promises that they will get Sonny after the christening but asks that he allow Sonny to have this last good moment

At Sonny’s house, Jason says they have to make Dominic’s demise appear to be an accident because he is a cop. Jason says there is a hairpin curve on Harbor View Road. He says if he takes out Dominic’s tire at just the right time, the car will go over the cliff and into the lake. He says there is no way that Dominic could survive it. Sonny says that sounds great but he cannot let Jason take the shot. He says that none of this can be traced back to them. He tells Jason to go to the christening to have an alibi and Sonny will call Dominic and send him on an errand; that is when he will have his accident. He says he will go to the christening afterward. Jason says he has a sniper. He says this is a one-shot deal so they need to have a backup plan. Sonny says that if Dominic shows up at the christening they will just have to improvise; fatal accidents can happen anywhere even in church.

At the Jacks’ house, Jax watches while Carly coos at Josselyn about how her christening tomorrow will bring everyone peace.

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