GH Update Wednesday 1/27/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/27/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At work, Patrick asks Epiphany to check on a patient. They are short-staffed at the hospital since Elizabeth called in sick. Patrick doesn’t want to make any judgements concerning Liz. Lisa comments that Elizabeth’s problems are “major drama”. Epiphany pipes in and tells Lisa to stop gossiping, adding that Liz’s personal life is none of her business. Robin is irritated that Lulu confronted Elizabeth at the hospital. Robin thinks that Lulu could have spoken to Liz in private, not at her workplace. Steven appears and Robin asks him how Liz is coping. Steven says that Elizabeth doesn’t want any visitors right now – she wants to be alone. Steven brings up Mike’s surgery. Lisa asks Patrick to help her with the surgery.

Kiefer shows up at the Davis home. Kristina, in a cheerful mood, apologizes for the other night. Kristina wants to hang out with Kiefer so she implies that they go to his house. Kiefer says that his parents are back in town. Kiefer is obviously irritated by Kristina. Kiefer upsets Kristina when he says he already has plans. Kristina can’t believe that Kiefer is acting this way. Kiefer explains that he and Kristina are not on the same page – he is concentrating on college and she is acting like a “kid”. Kristina is confused. Kiefer insists that Kristina acts and dresses like a child. Kristina brings up sex, implying that she is old enough for that. Kiefer apologizes but tells Kristina that she’s “immature”.

At the penthouse, Spinelli is using his laptop to help Jason. Sam walks in and asks what’s going on. Jason informs Sam and Spinelli about Michael’s bombshell – that Dominic is an undercover cop. Sam and Spinelli are shocked by the news. Sam is doubtful that Michael’s story is true. Spinelli agrees with Sam, saying that most likely Michael is making it up. The three discuss the possibility of Michael’s story being credible. Sam points out that Michael is very jealous of Dominic. Jason remembers when Dominic first came into the picture - the night that Carly and the kids ran into him in the woods. Sam points out that Dom’s behavior isn’t “cop-like”. Jason brings up the night that Dom saved Sonny from Joey Limbo. Jason realizes that they need to find evidence to corroborate Michael’s story. Sam gets a phone call from Kristina. Kristina wants Sam’s help. Sam leaves in a hurry. Jason tells Spinelli to hack into the PCPD mainframe and search info about Dominic’s arrest in the warehouse raid. Jason thinks it is strange that Dominic took the fall without hesitating. Jason plans on calling Diane. Jason brings up that Dominic botched the Tommy Soto job. Jason asks Spinelli to find any information hinting at the fact that Dom’s undercover. Jason leaves to question Sonny’s staff.

Michael returns home to find Jax on his cell phone. Michael assumes that Jax has pulled some strings to help Sonny. Jax is silent so Michael insists that he have the case dropped. Jax is reluctant to answer. Michael threatens to go to Jason with the information. Jax reassures Michael that he’ll take care of the problem as long as Michael keeps his mouth shut. Olivia walks in and asks if Carly needs help with preparing for the christening. After Michael leaves the room, Jax confides that he is worried about the case. Jax wants to protect his family. Olivia brings up Dante. Jax realizes that Michael will hate him once the truth comes out. Jax justifies his actions by saying he is trying to “save” his family. Olivia thinks that Carly won’t agree. Jax asks Olivia how Carly will react once she finds out Olivia has been lying for months.

Dante returns to his room to find Lulu waiting inside. Dante thinks it is a bad idea for Lulu to be there. Lulu comments that Dante looks tired. Dante admits that he didn’t sleep, adding that he spent the night walking around town. Dante doesn’t think his relationship with Lulu can work out. Lulu wants to know if their proclamations of love were the truth. Dante assures Lulu that his feelings haven’t changed towards her. Lulu smiles since she feels the same way. Lulu thinks that Dante is worrying about nothing. They kiss. Dante confesses that he has never felt this way before. Lulu says that she “trusts” Dante, adding that she felt bad when he told her to leave last night. Dante worries what will happen once Sonny is arrested. Dante is concerned about the “fallout”. Lulu doesn’t want to think about it. Dante senses that nothing will be the same. Dante asks Lulu a question – would she run away with him if it came to that? Lulu admits that she couldn’t since she has a life in Port Charles. Lulu doesn’t want to give up on their relationship. Dante makes a deal with Lulu – if he lives through Sonny’s arrest, they will have an important talk about their relationship.

On the Elm Street pier, Carly and Johnny run into each other. Carly accidentally drops some of her shopping bags and Johnny comes to her rescue. Carly wants to know if Johnny received the invitation to Josslyn’s christening. Johnny believes that it was a mistake that he received one, considering he’s Claudia’s brother. Johnny feels guilty for all the horrible things Claudia did. Carly doesn’t hold Johnny responsible for Claudia’s actions. Carly reminds Johnny that he helped her to the hospital the night she experienced contractions. Carly wants Johnny to come to the christening. Carly says that the occasion is the perfect time for her to “right wrongs and end grudges”. Finally, Johnny agrees to come, saying that he would be honored to attend.

When Sam shows up at the Davis home, Kristina is acting strange. Kristina insists that she needs to go clothes shopping. Kristina is mad that Kiefer doesn’t like her clothes. Sam thinks that Kiefer and Kristina’s relationship is “unhealthy”. Molly walks in the room and asks to come with. Kristina doesn’t want her younger sister tagging along. To pacify Molly, Sam suggests shopping for “detective manuals and PI equipment” another time. Molly agrees to the offer and leaves the room. Kristina wants to get going but Sam says that they need to talk. Kristina comments that Jason likes when Sam dresses sexy. Sam says that isn’t true most of the time. Kristina admits that she likes most of her own clothes.

Carly returns home. Olivia is waiting in the living room. Olivia asks if Carly needs help with the christening. Olivia senses that Carly wants her to leave. Olivia apologizes for keeping quiet about Claudia’s involvement in Michael’s shooting. Carly admits that she has a hard time making friends. Carly doesn’t want her friendship with Olivia to be over. The two decide to remain friends.

At the hospital, Epiphany tells Robin to talk to Sonny. Epiphany says that Sonny warned the hospital staff that Mike’s surgery better be successful. Steven talks to Robin. Robin asks about Liz. Steven wonders if the scene Lulu made was that bad. Robin nods her head, adding that Elizabeth never defended herself. Robin wishes Elizabeth the best. Steven is curious as to why Lisa asked Patrick to scrub in. Steven says that Lisa specializes in orthopedics so she didn’t need Patrick’s help. Robin explains that Patrick loves a challenge. Patrick and Lisa suddenly appear. Lisa announces that Mike’s surgery was a success.

Lulu goes to the Jacks home to help Carly with preparations. Lulu is thankful to get her mind off Dante. Lulu comments that she doesn’t want to obsess over her love life. Lulu blabs that she has fallen in love with Dominic but he is pushing her away. Carly wonders why Dominic is acting like this. Lulu doesn’t want to say too much. Lulu explains that Dominic wants to protect her since he is in the mob. Carly thinks it is funny since Lulu used to complain about Dominic. Carly says that Morgan loves Dom. Lulu questions whether she should just accept Dom’s rejection and move on. Carly understands where Dominic is coming from. Carly admits that it’s hard to adjust to mob life and cites herself as an example.

Dante returns to Olivia’s apartment. Olivia says that she has been busy making calls concerning the christening. Olivia asks if Dante will be present. Dante isn’t sure since he feels awkward about it, considering Sonny will be arrested that day. Dante adds that he feels guilty about attending since Lulu is the godmother. Olivia is thrilled to hear that Dante is happy with Lulu. Dante is adamant that their relationship will fail because of Sonny’s case. Olivia is upbeat, saying that no one knows what will happen in the future. Olivia is hoping for the best.

Johnny shows up at Jason’s penthouse. Johnny tells Spinelli that he is following up on Claudia’s murder investigation. Spinelli lies and says he hasn’t been able to hack into the PCPD database. Johnny reminds Spinelli that he saved his life, so Spinelli owes him. Suddenly, there is a beep coming from Spinelli’s laptop. Johnny inquires about it. Spinelli says that it’s an IM from Maxie. Johnny buys Spinelli’s story and leaves the apartment. Spinelli looks at his computer screen and mutters to himself “not good”.

Jason questions Max and Milo at the Corinthos mansion. Max and Milo have only nice things to say about Dominic. Jason can’t believe that they are defending Dom. Max says that Dominic hasn’t acted suspicious at all. Max and Milo leave the room. Jason interrogates the cleaning lady. She says that Dominic is “so kind and helpful”. This raises a red flag with Jason. Jason asks the cleaning lady some questions. She reveals that Dominic has taken out the trash before, adding that he threw the ashes from the fireplace the night Claudia disappeared. Jason can’t believe it. The maid insists that Dominic is a “good man”. Jason smiles nervously. After she leaves, Jason sits behind Sonny’s desk. Jason is looking through the desk drawers when Dante walks in.

Olivia returns home to find Johnny waiting. Olivia explains that she’s been helping Carly with the guest list. Johnny announces that he’ll be attending the christening. Olivia is pleased to hear this. Johnny senses that something happened since Olivia is in a good mood. Olivia admits that her errand was about Dante. Olivia says that she got Dante off the case, claiming a conflict-of-interest. Johnny asks her to explain. Olivia says that she told the police that she’s involved with Sonny. Johnny is outraged. Johnny thinks that Olivia is protecting Sonny instead of her own son.

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