GH Update Tuesday 1/26/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/26/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the Elm Street pier, Nikolas confides to Lulu about his affair with Elizabeth. Lulu is horrified by the revelation. Lulu calls Elizabeth a “slut” which angers Nikolas. Lulu doesn’t understand how Nik could sleep with his brother’s fiancée. Nikolas admits that there is no justifying his actions. Lulu shakes her head in disbelief. Lulu realizes why Lucky is drinking again. Nikolas maintains that what he and Liz did was “not intentional”. Lulu doesn’t sympathize with Nik. Lulu asks her brother if he ever considered Lucky’s feelings. Lulu is confused. Lulu points out that Nikolas loves Lucky very much, so why did he sleep with Elizabeth? When Nikolas starts to defend Liz, Lulu tells him to stop. Nikolas insists that the affair is his fault, not Liz’s. Lulu asks where Nik and Liz first had sex. Nikolas hesitates but then says Wyndemere. Lulu believes that Elizabeth was a willing participant so all the blame can’t be put on Nikolas. Lulu thinks that Elizabeth’s good image is tainted now. Nikolas tries to convince Lulu that he and Liz have felt guilty about the affair. Lulu has heard enough. Before walking away, Lulu asks Nik: “Who are you?”

At the penthouse, Carly apologizes for spilling the beans about Elizabeth and Nik’s affair. Jason confesses that he already knows about it. Carly is shocked that Jason has kept quiet. Carly badmouths Elizabeth, saying that she “conned” Jason. Carly thinks that Liz’s priorities are mixed up so she suggests that Jason reclaim Jake as his son. Jason insists that his present situation hasn’t changed. Carly brings up what-if scenarios. Jason doesn’t like that Carly is making assumptions about Lucky and Liz’s future. Jason empathizes with Lucky. Jason defends Liz, which disappoints Carly. Jason tells Carly to stop judging Liz. Carly thinks Jason is naïve when it comes to Elizabeth. Carly proposes that Jake needs “stability” in his life. Jason thinks that Jake should be with Elizabeth and Lucky. Suddenly, Sam walks in. Carly updates Sam about Lucky and Liz. Before leaving, Carly reminds Jason that he needs to do the right thing. Jason appreciates the heart-to-heart talk with Carly. Jason reminds Carly that he hasn’t made up his mind yet. Carly tells Jason that she is grateful that he loves and protects her kids, adding that he should do the same for Jake. Carly leaves. Sam comments that she feels sorry for Lucky. Sam poses the question – what if Carly’s right? Jason sees where Carly is coming from – Lucky’s drinking “negates the deal” that Jake would be in a loving home. However, Jason points out that he is still in the mob. Sam thinks that Jason would be a different father than Sonny. Jason asks for Sam’s opinion on the situation. Sam tells Jason the truth – it is ultimately his own decision.

At home, Olivia tells Dante that he should walk away from the case. Dante doesn’t want to end up being a traffic cop. Olivia doesn’t see a problem. However, Dante reveals that the police are close to an arrest. Dante adds that a warrant is imminent. Olivia asks if the police have concrete proof to send Sonny away. Dante admits that there is a load of evidence to convict Sonny. Olivia is curious about Johnny and asks if there’s any evidence to send him to prison. Dante says that the focus isn’t on Johnny so he’s safe. Olivia praises Dante for his commitment to the force. Dante divulges that he doesn’t feel proud about what he’s doing. Dante leaves the apartment. Olivia makes a call to Lieutenant Gorski about Sonny’s case.

While at work, Patrick and Robin (who has returned from London) go over patient charts. After some playful teasing back and forth, they kiss. Their embrace is cut short when Mike is brought in on a stretcher, with Ethan by his side. Lisa asks what happened. Ethan explains that he found Mike in an alley and called 911. Ethan begs the doctors to help Mike.

In the Corinthos living room, Michael tells Sonny about the conversation he overheard involving Dominic and Johnny. Michael can’t wait to blab about Dominic’s undercover work. Michael adds that Dominic and Johnny plan on taking down Sonny. Sonny is reluctant to believe the story so he asks Michael to tell him everything the men said. Michael tells Sonny that Dominic is a “traitor” and that action needs to be taken now. Sonny wants to know what Johnny had to say. Michael defends Johnny, saying that Dominic betrayed Sonny more. Sonny thinks that Michael is jealous. Sonny is hesitant to trust Michael. Michael can’t believe that his own father doesn’t believe him. Sonny laughs at the idea that Dominic is a cop. Sonny reasons that if that were true, Dominic would have busted him a long time ago. Michael insists that it is true. Michael reiterates that Dominic is a traitor. Sonny asks Michael what he thinks of Johnny. Sonny reminds Michael that Dominic saved Morgan’s life. Michael is irritated that Sonny can’t be convinced. Michael leaves in a rage. Sonny gets a phone call from Robin. Robin says that Mike is in the hospital.

Dante goes to see Jax at his office. Dante says he has an update about the case. Jax tells Dante that he is “grateful” for what he’s doing. Dante brings up Carly and asks if Jax is going to come clean about everything. Dante thinks that Carly will want a divorce once the truth comes out. Jax is resolute that he won’t tell Carly until Sonny is arrested. Dante is curious as to why Jax doesn’t want Jason sent to prison. Jax brings up his long-time rivalry with Sonny. Jax speaks about his hatred for Sonny. Jax thinks that Jason is harmless since he isn’t manipulating Carly like Sonny does. Jax is adamant that Dante needs to keep his hands off Jason. Jax is sure that Carly will forgive him once the truth comes out.

Olivia is about to leave her place when Johnny appears. Johnny wants the two of them to check out a sushi restaurant. Olivia tells Johnny that she has to take care of an important errand, one that concerns Dante. When Olivia shows up at the police station, she is shocked to see Agent Rayner. Olivia wonders why the FBI is suddenly involved in Sonny’s case. Rayner explains that RICO violations are a federal matter. Olivia announces that Dante has a conflict of interest – he is Sonny’s son. Rayner is mad since Olivia didn’t speak up a long time ago. Olivia wants Dante taken off the case. Rayner says it is a bad idea but agrees to the suggestion. After Olivia leaves, Rayner makes a phone call about speeding up Sonny’s arrest.

Kristina and Kiefer are sitting in the Davis living room. Kiefer brings up sex which makes Kristina cringe. Kiefer reminds Kristina that they have a “rare opportunity” since Alexis isn’t home. They start making out but are interrupted by Michael. Michael wants to talk to Kristina in private. Kiefer is irritated and leaves the house in a rage. Kristina tells Michael that Kiefer will be mad at her now. Michael announces that Sonny could be going to prison, adding that Dominic is an undercover cop. Kristina is stunned but insists that Michael not tell Jason. Kristina thinks that once Jason knows, he’ll kill Dominic. Kristina is confident that if Dominic dies, there is no happy ending. Kristina suggests to Michael that he should confide in Jax. Kristina believes that Jax can help since he wouldn’t want Sonny to be convicted.

At the hospital, Robin speaks to Ethan about Mike. Sonny suddenly appears, inquiring about Mike’s condition. Sonny thanks Ethan for finding Mike in time. Near the nurses’ station, Lulu asks Epiphany if she left her cell phone there. Lulu sees Liz which sends her into a rage. Lulu calls Liz out in front of everyone. Sonny, Robin, Patrick, and Ethan are all listening. Ethan asks Liz if it is true, that she slept with Nikolas. Ethan realizes why Rebecca really left Port Charles. Lulu continues to say horrible things about Liz but Ethan tells her to stop. Lulu finishes by saying that Elizabeth is nothing but a “lying slut”. Elizabeth is trying to hold back tears. When Lulu leaves, Elizabeth glares at Epiphany. Liz has a bandage on her hand. Ethan offers to bring Elizabeth home. Elizabeth reluctantly agrees to the ride.

At home, Jason and Sam continue to talk about Jake’s welfare. Jason loves Jake but questions what is best for his son. Jason thinks that Jake can lead a normal and happy life if he remains with Elizabeth and Lucky. Jason praises Lucky on being a good father. Sam suggests joint custody. Before Jason can answer, there is a knock at the door. It’s Sonny and he wants to talk to Jason in private. Sam graciously leaves. Sonny spills the beans about Michael’s accusation – that Dominic is really an undercover cop. Sonny implies that he doesn’t believe Michael, that his son is feeling resentment toward Dominic. Jason thinks that Michael’s story could be credible. Sonny advises Jason to find out if it’s true.

Michael goes to see Jax at his office. Michael says he needs help. Michael blabs that Dominic is an undercover cop. Jax listens as Michael confides what he heard on the docks. Michael adds that Sonny doesn’t believe his story. Jax assures Michael that he will call in some favors only if Michael keeps quiet until the christening is over.

Olivia returns home to Johnny sitting on the living room couch. Olivia is in a better mood which Johnny comments on. Olivia says that she feels “stress-free” and promises that everything will be okay.

There is a knock on Dante’s door. It is Lulu. Lulu hugs Dante and confides about the situation with Liz, Lucky and Nikolas. Lulu wants Dante to be honest – does he care about her? Dante confesses that he loves Lulu. Lulu is speechless. Lulu thinks that Dante is lying but he reassures her it’s the truth. Lulu tells Dante that she loves him. They kiss until Dante gets a phone call. Rayner says that Sonny will be arrested on Friday. After the phone call, Dante seems distant. Lulu asks what is wrong. Dante tells Lulu to leave. Lulu refuses to go but Dante says that she has to. Lulu is heartbroken by Dante’s rejection. Lulu reluctantly walks out the door.

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