GH Update Monday 1/25/10

General Hospital Update Monday 1/25/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

On the docks, Michael overhears Dante/Dominic and Johnny talking business. Michael is shocked to hear that Dominic is really an undercover cop determined to send Sonny to prison. Dante relays to Johnny that Sonny has offered him to take over the organization when he retires. Johnny is shocked since Michael should be next in line to inherit the business. Unbeknownst to Johnny and Dante, Michael has heard their entire conversation.

In the Corinthos living room, Jason informs Sonny that Maxie saw him wearing a blood-stained shirt the night of Claudia’s murder. Sonny is concerned that Maxie will slip up to the police. Sonny thinks that Maxie isn’t very reliable in keeping her mouth shut. Jason maintains that he has already spoken to Maxie about the matter. Spinelli interrupts and announces that Maxie has been brought into the police station. Spinelli says that Mac came to the penthouse to get Maxie. Jason asks Spinelli to keep him updated about the situation with Maxie. Spinelli leaves in a hurry. Jason seems distant. Sonny senses something is wrong so he asks Jason if he is still obsessing over Franco.

Sam is at the police station when Mac brings in Maxie. Maxie reinforces that she hasn’t done anything wrong. Sam asks if there is a problem. Mac is evasive toward Sam. Mac escorts Maxie into the interrogation room. Diane shows up at the station. Sam tells Diane that she thinks Maxie is in trouble. Diane walks into the interrogation room while Mac speaks to Maxie about the murder investigation. With Diane present, Mac asks Maxie what she saw the night of the murder. Maxie explains that she was at Kate Howard’s home to let in the pool guy. Maxie adds that she saw Sonny wearing a blood-stained shirt, but omits that she also saw Michael. Mac thinks the whole thing is curious.

At Liz’s home, Lucky confronts Elizabeth and Nikolas about the affair. Lucky feels betrayed. Elizabeth insists that she was wrong. Lucky shakes his head. Lucky says that what Liz did is way worse than wrong. Lucky can’t believe that he has been so naïve about Elizabeth. Nikolas pipes in, saying that he has “regrets”. Lucky ignores Nikolas. Lucky admits that he walked in on Liz and Nik having sex. Lucky and Elizabeth are both in tears. Elizabeth apologizes for what she’s done. Lucky brings up Liz’s affair with Jason, saying that he gave her a “free pass” then. Lucky asks why Elizabeth keeps hurting him. Nikolas defends Elizabeth. Lucky keeps rambling on about Elizabeth’s behavior. Elizabeth says that now isn’t the time to talk but that angers Lucky even more. Lucky calls Liz a “faithless tramp” but points out that he feels more betrayed by Nikolas, his brother. Lucky tells Nikolas that he has proven he’s a true Cassadine. Elizabeth interrupts and says that her affair with Nik is over. Lucky and Nik almost come to blows. Nikolas backs away. Lucky announces that Elizabeth and Nikolas can be together because he “doesn’t care”. Elizabeth is an emotional mess. Lucky goes on and on about how terrible a person Elizabeth is. Nikolas has had enough - he tells Lucky to stop. Lucky tells Liz and Nik that nothing has changed – the damage has been done. There is a knock on the front door. It’s Carly. Lucky answers and tells Carly to come in. Carly senses the tension in the air. Carly announces the reason she is there – to invite Lucky and Liz to Josslyn’s christening. Lucky laughs, saying that he will definitely be at the baptism. Lucky adds that Elizabeth won’t be attending, implying that she’ll be too busy with Nikolas. Nikolas begins to cry and tells Lucky to be quiet. Carly feels like she is interrupting something important so she graciously leaves. Elizabeth brings up Cameron and Jake which infuriates Lucky. Lucky tells Liz that she won’t use the boys to manipulate him. Elizabeth defends herself from Lucky’s accusations. Nikolas comments that Lucky is “taking things too far”. Lucky brings up that Cameron and Jake might end up resenting Elizabeth in the end. Lucky wonders what happened to the Elizabeth he once knew and loved. Lucky leaves while Elizabeth starts to sob.

At the Haunted Star, Luke confides to Tracy about Lucky and Elizabeth’s problems. Luke announces that Liz and Nikolas are sleeping together. Luke is concerned about Lucky’s state of mind, since he fell off the wagon. Tracy insists that Lucky is going to need Luke’s support during this ordeal. Tracy leaves the casino. Lucky shows up, looking awful. Lucky asks Luke to pour him a drink. Lucky talks about his feelings for Elizabeth, saying that he confronted her and Nik about the infidelity. Lucky says that he feels numb about the whole thing. Luke tells Lucky that the numbness won’t last, that pretty soon it will hit him like an “emotional tsunami”. Luke reminds Lucky that people are flawed – no one is perfect. Luke has faith in Lucky that he will figure out how to deal with his emotions.

Lulu goes to the hospital. Epiphany is at the nurses’ station. Lulu asks Epiphany if any pills have gone missing at the hospital. Epiphany asks Lulu what she’s talking about. Lulu confides that Lucky is drinking again. Lulu believes that Lucky might turn to pills.

Dante pays Olivia a visit. Olivia asks if Dante is close to having Sonny arrested. Dante admits that the investigation will come to a close sooner than later. Dante is visibly upset. Olivia asks what is troubling her son. Dante feels remorse about what he is doing to the Corinthos clan. Dante worries what impact Sonny’s conviction will have on Morgan. Olivia realizes that Dante is having second thoughts about sending Sonny to prison. Dante thinks it is ironic that Sonny offered him the business since his job is to take Sonny down. Olivia doesn’t know what to say. Dante is surprised that he got emotionally involved in the case. Dante divulges that he has “empathy” for Sonny. Olivia suggests that Dante walk away from the investigation.

Carly shows up at Jason’s penthouse. Jason says that he has somewhere to be but Carly insists that they need to talk. Carly brings up Jake. Jason is puzzled. Carly blabs to Jason that Elizabeth has been sleeping with Nikolas. Carly informs Jason that she went to Liz’s house to invite her and Lucky to the christening, adding that Liz was crying. Carly thinks the whole thing is comical. Carly wants Jason to step up as a father and claim Jake as his own.

Elizabeth is sitting on the living room couch, obviously affected by her argument with Lucky. Elizabeth feels so guilt-ridden about what she has done. Nikolas tries to console Liz but she backs away. Liz wants Nikolas to leave, adding that she “hates” him. Nikolas reluctantly leaves to appease Liz. Elizabeth is an emotional wreck, sobbing uncontrollably. Alone, Elizabeth thinks about the choices she has made.

Diane shows up at Sonny’s to talk about Claudia’s murder investigation. Michael walks in so Diane leaves father and son to talk in private. Michael announces that Dominic isn’t who he says he is. Sonny thinks that Michael is embellishing the truth. Michael blurts out that Dom is an undercover cop. Sonny can’t believe it.

Lulu runs into Nikolas on the docks. Lulu asks Nik if he found out why Lucky is drinking again. Sadly, Nikolas tells Lulu that he has been sleeping with Elizabeth for months. Lulu is sickened by the news. Lulu calls Nikolas a “pig”. Lulu can’t believe that Nikolas would betray his brother.

At the casino, Lucky says that he has “nothing to lose” anymore. Lucky reaches for the bottle of liquor but Luke stops him. Luke warns that “nothing to lose” sounds like Lucky has “nothing left to live for”. Lucky doesn’t say anything.

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