GH Update Friday 1/22/10

General Hospital Update Friday 1/22/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At Jason’s penthouse, he asks Maxie what she saw when she was outside Kate’s gate the night Claudia died. She asks him what makes him think she saw anything. He tells her he needs to tell him what she saw before an innocent person is hurt

At Sonny’s house, Sonny holds Michael back as Michael warns Dominic that he will not take what belongs to Michael. Dominic says no one is trying to take anything away from Michael. Sonny tells Michael not to threaten his people. Dominic says he doesn’t think Michael meant it. Michael protests that he did mean it. Sonny tells Michael he is out of line. Michael asks Sonny why he trusts Dominic more than he trusts him.

At Elizabeth’s house, Lulu confirms that she knows Lucky has been drinking because Lucky poured a shot and drank it in front of her. Nikolas is confused that Lucky asked him to stay in town and then started drinking. Elizabeth says the important thing is that they help Lucky.

Lucky is at the Haunted Star with Luke. He tells Luke that it must have been hard for him to come over for Christmas knowing what was going on. Luke deduces that Lucky knows about Nikolas and Elizabeth.

At the penthouse, Spinelli says he had no idea that Maxie was at Kate’s house that night. Maxie says she didn’t tell him because she didn’t want this to happen. She explains that Kate’s Koi pond had a leak and she had to wait there for the pool guy to come fix it. She asks them how they knew that she was there. Jason reveals that Lucky Spencer told him that Maxie’s name is in the Corinthos murder file and that the cop that replaces him will likely want to question her. Jason says he needs to know what really happened. Maxie warns Jason that he won’t like it because it proves that Sonny killed Claudia.

At Sonny’s house, Sonny tells Dominic to go so that he can speak privately with his son. After Dominic has left, Michael asks Sonny why he cannot see that Dominic is a fake. Sonny tells Michael that he has no reason to be jealous of Dominic. Michael wants to know how Sonny could choose Dominic over him. Sonny tells Michael that he was never an option to succeed him in running the organization and he never will be. Michael says he took a bullet that was meant for Sonny, he protected Carly and Morgan when Dominic pulled a gun on them, and he killed Claudia. He says that if Dominic had done any of that, Sonny would probably let him take over the business right now. He says he is not perfect, but he has been loyal to Sonny and Jason his whole life. He asks why Sonny cannot be loyal to him.

At Elizabeth’s house, Lulu says she offered to call Lucky’s sponsor but he is not interested. Nikolas says they should go talk to him. Lulu says Lucky is still mad at Nikolas but he might listen to Elizabeth. Elizabeth says Lucky knows he is an addict and he knows he is responsible for his choices. She says they didn’t force him to pick up a drink. Lulu asks Elizabeth if she can honestly say that she believes Lucky would be drinking if he hadn’t found out that his brother was in love with his fiancée.

At the Haunted Star, Lucky pours the last of a bottle of scotch into their glasses. He tells Luke he has been thinking about the little blind boy scam they used to run. He says he has been thinking about the moment when the mark realized he had been had. Luke concludes that Lucky feels like the mark now. Lucky says he should have seen it. Luke tells him that love is blind. Lucky asks Luke how long he knew about it. Luke says he saw Elizabeth and Nikolas kissing on the dock a while back. They go over to the bar and open another bottle of scotch. Luke says he didn’t tell him because Lucky wouldn’t have believed him so he talked to Nikolas and Elizabeth instead. He says Elizabeth begged him not to tell. Luke asks Lucky how he found out and Lucky reveals that he walked in on them having sex.

At the penthouse, Maxie explains that the power was out so the pool guy would not have been able to open the gate with the code, so she had to be there to open it with her key. She says Sonny drive up in Michael’s silver sports car. She says that when Sonny got out of the car to open the gate, the interior light came on and she saw Michael in the car. She tells him that when Sonny turned around after fixing the gate, he was in the headlights. After some prodding, she reluctantly tells Jason that Sonny’s shirt had a bloody handprint on it. She says that Sonny got back into the car and drove through the gate. Jason tells her that when the police question her, she should tell them exactly the same story except that she must not mention that Michael was in the car. He tells her that if she tells the police know Michael was there, they will question him, and that cannot happen because Michael knows something that could implicate Sonny.

At Sonny’s house, he assures Michael that there is no competition between him and Dominic; Michael is his firstborn son. Michael corrects him that he is A.J. Quartermaine’s firstborn and Carly dumped him on Sonny. Sonny tells him that he knows he is his son in every way that counts. Michael asks him why then, he is giving Dominic everything he ever wanted. Sonny tells Michael that he doesn’t want him, Morgan, or Kristina involved in his business. Michael tells Sonny that he doesn’t even know Dominic. Sonny says Dominic has not agreed to take over and even if he does, it won’t happen for years. Michael says that is unless someone takes Sonny out. Sonny says he does not see that happening and that nothing Dominic does should affect Michael. He tells him that it is business; Dominic is smart and cool on his feet. Michael surmises that Dominic is everything that he is not. Sonny says Dominic works for him and Michael is a high school student but more importantly, Michael can have a much better life than Dominic could ever dream of having. He says Michael can be anything he wants to be. Michael says anything except next in line. Sonny says his life has cost Michael too much already. Michael asks him to admit that he doesn’t want his brain-damaged son around because he is an embarrassment. Sonny tells him that he loves him and wants him to have a great life. Michael says he knows Sonny loves him but he doesn’t give him any of the respect he gives Dominic.

At Elizabeth’s house, Elizabeth says Nikolas’s feelings for her may have pushed Lucky to the edge but they didn’t put the drink in his hand. Lulu asks if that lets them off the hook. Elizabeth says no, but she has learned her lesson from when Lucky was on pills. She put her life on hold to try to help him and he just got worse. Lulu says they need a plan. Elizabeth suggests they go to the Haunted Star and tell him how much they love him. Nikolas says he can offer to leave town. Elizabeth says they should remind him about what he has to lose if he doesn’t get into recovery, but that is all they can do. Lulu hopes it is enough.

At the Haunted Star, Luke tells Lucky that he knows it is not easy to deal with this kind of betrayal. Lucky says denial is weird. He says he knew something was going on because Elizabeth was so tense and wasn’t happy about anything. He says he went over to Wyndemere to see Nikolas because he was leaving to go to Paris. He says he heard Elizabeth saying, “I love you,” so he looked in the room and then turned around and left. They didn’t even know he was there. Luke asks what Lucky is going to do now. Lucky says he thinks he will just sit there and drink. Lucky apologizes for shutting Luke out when he was trying to help him.

Carly goes to Sonny’s house. He tells her that he heard Michael threaten to get rid of Dominic. He tells her that he thinks Michael is upset because he is thinking of turning the organization over to Dominic when he retires. Carly says she understands why Michael would be upset that Sonny is giving the one thing that Michael wants most in the world to someone who has worked for him less than a year. Sonny asks her if he would rather Sonny turn the organization over to Michael. She says no but Sonny should give Michael a break right now because the Claudia thing is tearing Michael apart. Sonny says Michael needs to hold on just a little while longer because he is about to make it go away.

At the penthouse, Jason tells Maxie that he and Sonny both appreciate that she has kept quiet for this long. Jason tells her to remember that she never saw Michael. Maxie and Spinelli leave. Sam tells Jason she doesn’t like this.

Lulu goes down to the docks heaving. She doesn’t see Dominic sitting on a bench until he tells her that she would probably feel better if she just went ahead and cried. She says she is fine. He asks her if he can do anything. She tells him no. Then she discloses that Lucky has worked so hard and has so much to lose but that is not the way addiction works. She tells him that pills are his drug of choice but right now, he is getting drunk at the Haunted Star. She tells him about Nikolas being in love with Elizabeth. She says it was selfish of her to insist that Lucky say goodbye to Nikolas before he went to Paris. He tells her it is not selfish to want her family to get along. He says it’s not her fault that Lucky picked up a drink.

At the Haunted Star, Lucky tells Luke that he trashed his house. Luke reveals that he trashed Lucky’s room after the fire when everyone thought he was dead. Lucky says he and Elizabeth never recovered after that fire. He says that when they were teenagers, he and Elizabeth were great together but he isn’t the one for her as a grownup woman. He supposes he isn’t dangerous enough for her; he is her safe haven. Luke says that that is because Elizabeth has an untrained eye. Lucky says Luke was right when he said love is a lie. Luke says he was wrong if he ever said that because love is real. The problem is that love is human and full of flaws. Lucky says he made so many excuses for Elizabeth but the truth is he has no idea what she wants or needs. All he knows is it isn’t him.

At Sonny’s house, he reveals that he is setting up Franco to take the fall for Claudia’s murder. Carly protests that they should not provoke Franco because he has photographs of Michael kneeling over Claudia’s body. Sonny says the pictures could be faked. Sonny says the cops will like Franco for the murder because he put her body in a warehouse and blew it up. Carly concedes that it looks like Franco was trying to destroy evidence. He tells her that Ronnie is going to tell the cops that Franco admitted to killing Claudia and that will take the pressure off Michael.

At the penthouse, Jason tells Sam that the case against Sonny is getting stronger with the strand of hair at the cabin and Maxie’s statement. Sam says the strand of hair is suspicious because Jason burned the cabin to the ground. She says Diane might be able to have it thrown out. Jason says Sonny can ride this out as long as Maxie comes through. Sam assures him that she will. Michael bangs on the door. When Sam opens it he comes in and announces that Sonny is about to turn the organization over to Dominic and they can’t let that happen.

On the docks, Lulu says she doesn’t know why she is so upset when Lucky is finding out what she has known all along; love doesn’t last. Dominic says it does sometimes. Lulu tells him her parents’ great love crashed and burned and now Lucky’s has too. She just doesn’t want him to use it as an excuse to be a drunk. He tells her she is being too cynical. She says it is a reality check for her because she was starting to get sentimental about the two of them but now she realizes that he came to Port Charles to bust sonny and she thinks he should finish the job and move on. She leaves.

At the Haunted Star, Luke says he admires the chances that Lucky took for his love for Elizabeth and that he thinks Lucky is fearless. Lucky says it is time to put it to the test. He gets up, puts his coat on, and tells Luke that he has somewhere to go.

At Sonny’s house, he tells Carly that the cops found a strand of hair in the cabin. She wonders how that happened since he was never there. He says it probably came off Claudia. She says it could just as easily come off her and that one hair can’t put him in that cabin. He says he is sure Diane come up with reasonable doubt, but he doesn’t mind being the prime suspect if it takes attention away from Michael. Carly asks him to back off the Dominic thing for a while since there is no rush for him to take over. Sonny says he doesn’t even know if Dominic is interested. Carly asks Sonny to consider what he would feel like if he took a bullet for his father, spent a year in a coma, and woke up to see his father hand the family business over to someone else.

At the penthouse, Michael repeats that Sonny is about to turn the entire organization over to Dominic. Jason tells him it is not going to happen anytime soon. Michael asks Jason if he is saying it is ok with him. Jason tells him he is saying other things are more important right now. Michael says he is the oldest son and his father should be teaching him the business. Jason says Sonny shouldn’t be teaching Michael anything; Michael shouldn’t be near this business. Michael says he is just pissed because he is about to lose what should be his to a stranger. Jason tells Michael that he needs to stay focused. Michael should not be running his mouth and having outbursts when making the Claudia case go away is the priority. Michael says he is trying. Jason tells Michael to catch up with his schoolwork, spend time with his little brother, act normal, and don’t attract the cops. Sam tells Michael that this will be over soon. Jason assures Michael that he is there for him. Michael leaves. Sam tells Jason that any good cop can have Michael talking in 5 minutes or less. Jason says that is why Maxie has to stick to her story.

Tracy enters the Haunted Star and concludes that Luke just got there. She wonders who has been hitting the liquor. Luke discloses that Lucky walked in on Elizabeth and Nikolas making love. She asks him if he knew about Nikolas and Elizabeth. He says yes, but he couldn’t stop it and he couldn’t watch Lucky get crushed. She tells him she understands.

At Elizabeth’s house, Nikolas wonders why Lucky asked him to stay. Elizabeth supposed Lucky thought he could handle it. Elizabeth says they can help him get back on track but she should talk to him first because he loves her and the kids more than he loves any drink. Lucky comes in and concludes to them that this is perfect.

Jason goes to Sonny’s house and tells him that Lucky gave him a heads up that Maxie saw Sonny and Michael in the driveway the night that Claudia died. Sonny wonders why he didn’t know about this. Jason says Lucky was keeping it quiet, but Maxie’s name is in the report. He tells Sonny that Lucky is worries that whoever picks up the case will press Maxie. He says he has already talked to Maxie and she will say Sonny was alone. Sonny laments that his son’s future rests on Maxie Jones.

At the penthouse, Maxie tells Spinelli that she doesn’t need to practice what to say because she is an excellent liar and a lie shouldn’t sound rehearsed. Mac knocks on the door and tells Maxie that he knew he would find her here. He tells her that he needs to talk to her about the night Claudia was murdered.

Johnny meets Dominic at the docks. Dominic says that Johnny can forget about taking over the Corinthos organization because the job will go to Dominic. Johnny says that is quite the coup. Dominic agrees that it is surreal that Sonny would offer him the organization when he steps down. Michael sees them and stops to eavesdrop. Johnny tells Dominic that he is good. Dominic says he was honored and that he forgot for a moment that he is a cop and that he is not taking over for Sonny, but sending him to jail.

At Elizabeth’s house, Nikolas says he was just leaving. Lucky says Nikolas doesn’t need to explain anything. Elizabeth tells Lucky that Lulu was just there. He asks her if Lulu told them that he is drinking. Elizabeth says they are worried about him. Nikolas tells him they want to help him. Lucky says they have already helped him see the truth. Elizabeth asks him if he is willing to go to a meeting. He tells her she is amazing the way she is always looking out for him, helping him hold on to his dreams such as building a dream house in the country or spending his life with her but as it turns out the truth has set all of them free. She tells him he is drunk, he is not making any sense, and he needs help. He tells her she has already helped him by shocking out of his adolescent fantasy and made him see that she does not love him. He says if she loved him, she wouldn’t be screwing his brother behind his back.

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