GH Update Thursday 1/21/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/21/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At the Haunted Star, Ethan calls Lucky and thanks him for closing up the night before. He asks Lucky to call him back and says it is no big deal as he observes two empty liquor bottles. Tracy comes in and notices the empty bottles. She tells Ethan it is obvious that Luke is back and asks him where Luke is.

Lucky goes to Jasonís penthouse and tells him that due to a conflict of interest he is removing himself from the Claudia Corinthos case and has to turn in all of his evidence including the name of a witness, to another detective.

Carly is out with Michael and Morgan and suggests that they have Lunch at Kellyís, address the invitations to Josslyn's christening, and invite Mike while they are there. Michael wonders what the point of sending invitations is when they are asking everyone in person anyway. Carly says some people need more inviting than others do. Morgan tells her that Dominic already said yes. Michael tells Morgan that Dominic is only nice to him because he is trying to impress Sonny.

Dominic goes to Sonnyís house where Sonny reveals that the police suspect him in Claudiaís murder. He says it is time that they shut down the investigation.

At the penthouse, Lucky reveals to Jason that on the night of Claudiaís murder, Kate Howardís pool flooded and Maxie opened the gate for the pool guy at 3AM so she had a clear view of Sonnyís gate. He says Maxie told him she didnít see anything and he didnít press her, but her name is listed on the report so the next cop might not go as easy on her. Jason wonders why Lucky is disclosing this information to him. Lucky says he realize that he has judged Jason unfairly about a lot of things.

Elizabeth gets on an elevator at General Hospital. When she looks up from the chart she is reading, she notices that Nikolas is on the elevator. He tells her that he meant it when he said he realizes that she is with Lucky. She tells him they are bound to run into each other occasionally. He tells her that if she needs him to resign his seat on the hospital board to avoid seeing her, he will do it.

At the Haunted Star, Tracy tells Ethan that they have not had a customer in two nights and therefore wonders who if not Luke drank two bottles of scotch. He assures her he didnít drink it. He says Luke has been talking about a storm coming for weeks and probably wants to avoid whatever it is. Tracy protests that Luke is not that sensitive. Ethan asks if that is the case when it is related to his kids.

At the dock, Morgan says Dominic saved his life. Michael insists that Dominic would not have done it if Morgan were someone elseís son. Morgan says Michael is jealous that Morgan and Dominic are friends and that Dominic makes time to talk baseball and play video games with him. Michael continues to insist that Dominic is only nice to Morgan because it is his job. He says Morgan falls for it because he is just a dumb little kid. Carly intervenes and tells Michael not to talk to Morgan like that. She tells Morgan to go ahead to Kellyís and they will meet him there. She then tells Michael that he is jealous of Dominic because Dominic works for Sonny and Michael never will.

At Sonnyís house, he tells Dominic that he wants to go forward with the plan to pin Claudiaís murder on Franco. Dominic says he will go tell Ronnie what to do. Sonny reminds Dominic that when he first arrived, he said he wanted to prove that he could be an asset to the organization. He says Dominic proved that he is smart, ambitious, and able to step up when he is needed. He says that when the time comes for him to step down, he is considering naming Dominic as his successor.

At General Hospital, Lisa and Patrick check on Chelsea after her surgery. Chelsea says she wants to start physical therapy right away because she is planning a trip to Mexico. Patrick tells her that her positive attitude is great, but he advises her to take it slowly. When they leave Chelseaís room, Lisa asks Patrick why he was so sober. He tells her that he doesnít want to give Chelsea false hope; they need to make sure that the patient is ready for whatever comes next.

Lulu meets Ethan at the Haunted Star. She announces that she will be Josslyn Jaxís godmother. He reveals to her that he asked her to come here because he thinks Lucky has been drinking. He says he would talk to him, but they arenít close. She tells him she will talk to Lucky and thanks him for telling her about it. He asks her what kind of brother would look the other way.

At Jasonís penthouse, Lucky tells Jason that he told him about a potential witness against Sonny because he trusts Jason. He says after he cooled down he realized that Jason did the best that he could with the situation at hand when he had to choose between Sam and Lulu. He says he realizes that Jason and Jake were collateral damage when Lucky and Elizabeth couldnít make it work, and Jason gave up his son. Jason concedes that he should have told Lucky about Jake. Lucky says he knows that Elizabeth asked him not to tell and he knows how hard it is to say no to someone you love. Jason says Elizabeth may have cared for him, but she never stopped loving Lucky and probably never will.

On the elevator at General Hospital, Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she doesnít want him to resign from the hospital board. She says she has to own her part of the situation and that they should feel grateful that they didnít wreck a lot of lives. Nikolas says that it is bad enough that Lucky knows about his feelings for Elizabeth but at least he thinks the feelings were unrequited. Elizabeth says Lucky will never know that she and Nikolas slept together. Nikolas says he will take that secret to his grave. He says he misses having Lucky as his brother and his friend. Elizabeth encourages him to know that they will get that back.

Carly and Morgan go to the Quartermaine house to invite them to Josslyn's christening. Edward says that of course they will be there because nothing is more important than family and Josslyn is Michaelís sister. Tracy and Carly roll their eyes.

Lucky goes to the Haunted Star to meet Lulu. Lulu tells him that she knows he has been stressed since he found out about Nikolasís feelings for Elizabeth. She wonders if she put too much pressure on him. Lucky says no, Lulu is a good sister. Lulu says Ethan told her that Lucky has been spending time alone at the Haunted Star and that empty bottles of scotch have been turning up. She asks him if he has been drinking the scotch. He says yeah.

Sam goes to Jasonís penthouse. He tells her that Lucky is taking himself off Claudiaís case. Sam concludes that that is a good thing. Jason reveals that the new detective will discover that Maxie was outside Sonnyís gate the night of Claudiaís murder.

At Sonnyís house, he tells Dominic that his position has its costs. He cantí keep his family safe; they are always a target. Dominic asks about Jason. Sonny says he loves Jason like a brother, but Jason has made it clear that he doesnít want to run the business and that he will walk away when Sonny walks away. Dominic says there must be someone who has been in the organization longer than Dominic who should be in line to succeed Sonny. Sonny says Dominic saved him and his son, and that canít be taught. He says people like the Zaccharas and Joey Limbo have no sense of decency; they donít care who they hurt. Dominic suggests Johnny. Sonny says Johnny wouldnít want it if he wanted to give it to him. Finally, Dominic says Michael expects to follow in Sonnyís footsteps. Sonny tells Dominic that all of this is about making a better life for his children and giving them choices that he didnít have. He says he doesnít care what Michael wants. Michael enters the room and asks his father why he is talking about him to Dominic. Dominic leaves and Sonny tells Michael that he is supposed to be with his mother. Michael asks what they were talking about. Sonny says it was business. Michael says he heard his name. Sonny admits to Michael that there is a chance that Dominic will take over the organization someday because he doesnít want Michael to.

At General Hospital, Chelseaís boyfriend Dean asks Patrick if he thinks Chelsea will walk again. Patrick says he hopes so. Dean says that when something like this happens, the right thing to do is to stand by the person you hurt, but he doesnít think he is that good a guy. Patrick tells him that he doesnít have to make that decision right now. Dean thanks Patrick and leaves. Lisa enters with Chelseaís latest scans and Patrick says he thinks he owes Lisa an apology. Lisa asks why. He says he was just talking to Dean and it occurred to him that he might have had one foot out the door when he was with Lisa the way Dean does with Chelsea.

At Sonnyís house, he tells Michael that he is not retiring soon, but that it is good to have a plan in place. He tells Michael that he is sorry but Michael cannot be a part of it. Michael asks Sonny if he canít see that Dominic spends all of his time sucking up to Sonny. Sonny warns Michael not to forget who he is talking to. Michael says it is not fair for Dominic to take Michaelís place and get everything that belongs to Michael. Sonny tells Michael that he never had a place in the business. Michael says it is a family business so he should be the one to take over. Sonny says Michael is going to go to college and start a legitimate business. Michael asks Sonny why he canít see that Michael can do what Sonny does. Sonny says he doesnít want Michael to do what he does; he wants Michael to do better. Michael says Sonny always talks about family but he trusts a stranger off the street more than he trusts his son.

Ronnie has been released from the hospital. He goes to the docks to meet with Dominic. Dominic says they should have a warrant soon, but Sonny has instructions for Ronnie. He says that sonny wants Ronnie to tell the cops that Franco admitted to killing Claudia when he visited Ronnie in the hospital. Ronnie says this is conspiracy and obstruction of justice. He says Sonnyís trying to cover it up is as good as a signed confession. Ronnie wonders why Dominic is so down. Dominic says he is just tired of lying to everybody and wants it to be over. Dominic has a Mickey Mantle baseball card in his hand and he throws over the dock. Ronnie asks him why he did that. Dominic says he was going to give it to Morgan, but he would have had to make up a lie about where he got the card.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu tells Lucky that drinking will not fix his problems. Lucky says some things canít be fixed. Lulu says this is just a slip; she can call his sponsor and get him to a meeting. He tells her not to patronize her. She asks him not to throw away his future with Elizabeth, Cameron, and Jake. Lucky asks her who says he is the one throwing it away.

At General Hospital, Patrick recalls that he and Lisa never got serious. She says it was a mutual decision. He wonders if he did something to scare her off. She tells him that their mutual infidelity may have been her way of not making him feel tied down. He concludes that she was not ok with it. She concedes that it is hard to take a girl seriously when she guzzles beer and moves her own furniture. She tells him that if she hadnít been ok when he rolled her car, he might have stayed with her. He tells her he might not have. He says he didnít stick with Robin because she has HIV; itís because he fell in love with her. They go back into Chelseaís room and Lisa test her feet for sensation. Chelsea cries and says she canít feel anything. Patrick holds her hand and encourages her.

At Jasonís penthouse, he tells Sam that if Maxie places Michael in the car with Sonny the night that Claudia died, the cops will bring him in for questioning. Sam concludes that Michael might break under pressure. She wonders why Maxie didnít say anything and Jason explains that Lucky didnít press Maxie. Sam suggests that they talk to Spinelli and tell him to tell Maxie to keep her mouth shut. Jason is not comfortable with Michaelís fate resting on Maxieís ability to keep quiet.

Dominic goes back to Sonnyís house and Michael tells him to get out. Dominic continues toward the living room and tells Michael he is there to see Sonny. Michael tells Dominic to go back to Brooklyn or go to hell; he doesnít care which. Dominic asks Michael if he is mad about climate change. Michael tells Dominic that he can joke all he wants but he will not take what belongs to Michael. Michael says Dominic took advantage of Michaelís getting shot and messed up to get ahead of him. Dominic tells Michael that the two of them are on two completely different ladders, but this is between Michael and Sonny. Michael says he is making it between him and Dominic. He calls Dominic a greedy bastard and says Dominic wants it all. He says he doesnít know why Sonny doesnít see Dominic for what he is, but he will not stand by and watch while Dominic tries to take Sonny down.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu asks Lucky not to do this. He tells her she doesnít have to stay and watch. She asks him why he is so intent on wrecking things. He asks her what he is wrecking; he can live his life, pay his bills, and do his job. He asks her to acknowledge all that their father has accomplished in spite of his drinking. Lulu asks him if he is doing this because he is angry at their dad for leaving. He tells her that their father is honest with himself, which he has a hard time doing. He says their dad may look at the world through bloodshot eyes but that is better than the rose-colored glasses that Lucky has been wearing. Lucky pours some scotch into a glass and guzzles it. Lulu says Lucky is just like their dad and she leaves.

Spinelli and Maxie go to Jasonís penthouse and Maxie immediately begins explaining why she chose the colors she used to redecorate. Jason cuts her off and tells her this is not about the decorating. Spinelli wonders why Jason needed to see them so urgently. Jason tells Maxie that he needs her to tell him everything she saw outside Sonnyís gate the night that Claudia disappeared.

At Sonnyís house, Michael tells Dominic that he knows he is not going to wait until Sonny is ready to step down because in this business, you get rid of someone who is in the way. Dominic tells Michael to let Sonny know he stopped by. Dominic starts to leave. Michael says everything Dominic does is sucking up to Sonny, including dating Lulu because he knows she is close to Sonny. Michael says he may have to talk to Lulu and let her know that she is being used. Dominic warns Michael to stay away from Lulu. As Dominic leaves, Michael continues to chastise Dominic saying that people disappear all the time. Look at his stepmother. Sonny returns to the living room and demands that Michael tell him what is going on. Michael tells Sonny that Dominic thinks he can come in here and take his place but it is not going to happen. Michael yells to Dominic that he is going to get rid of him if itís the last thing he does. Dominic comes back inside.

Nikolas arrives at Elizabethís house and tells Elizabeth that Lulu told him to meet her here. Elizabeth says she knows and that Lulu sounded upset. She wonders if Lulu knows about the two of them. Nikolas doubts it. Lulu arrives and announces that Lucky is drinking again and that Nikolasís feelings for Elizabeth triggered it.

Luke enters the Haunted Star and sees Lucky drinking alone. Luke turns down the stereo volume and reminds Lucky that when it is that loud the cops come. He asks Lucky what he is reading. Lucky says it is ďWood Lot 17 Surveyorís ReportĒ for the property that he and Elizabeth were looking at. He asks Luke if he wants to join him in a drink. Luke asks him if they are celebrating. Lucky says he finally got it; he is just like Luke.

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