GH Update Wednesday 1/20/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/20/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Diane pays Jason a visit at home.  Jason thanks Diane for her help.  Diane looks around the newly renovated penthouse.  Jason comments that Maxie and Spinelli changed a few things.  Jason brings up the danger surrounding Michael.  Diane asks Jason to explain.  Jason tells Diane how Michael ended up at the cabin, explaining that he killed Claudia in self-defense.  Diane thinks that it is going to be impossible to prove that Michael was justified in killing Claudia.  Jason wants to come up with a good defense beforehand in case Michael is charged with murder. 

At home, the Jacks family discusses their ski trip in Vermont.  Carly mentions that they need to set up a date.  Michael is confused and asks what Carly is referring to.  Carly announces that Josslyn’s baptism is coming up.  Jax and Carly talk about the guest list.  Carly maintains that Jason will be Josslyn’s godfather.  Carly reasons that if Jason is the godfather, she will accept Alexis as the godmother.  Jax thinks that Alexis will be a good influence on Josslyn but Carly is hesitant to agree.  Jax says that he won’t fight Carly, giving her full reign to decide the godparents.

On the pier, Lulu is talking to Maxie on her cell phone, hands full of shopping bags and lattes.  Lulu tells Maxie that she is hurrying to get back to Crimson.  Lulu accidentally drops one of the coffee containers.  Dante/Dominic leans over to pick it up.  Dante asks why he didn’t hear from Lulu after last night.  Lulu says that she had a 24-hour bug, swearing that she wasn’t trying to avoid Dante.  Dante uses his charm to make Lulu laugh.  Lulu brings up last night’s talk with Dante, saying that he doesn’t tell her what to do.  Lulu starts rambling until Dante abruptly kisses her.  Lulu picks up her bags and leaves in a hurry.

While at work, Patrick and Lisa discuss their successful surgery.  Their conversation is cut short when a man is wheeled in on a stretcher, the victim of a rollover accident.  Patrick asks the man if he is okay.  The man is worried about Chelsea, his girlfriend, a passenger in the car.  Lisa and Patrick check on Chelsea, reassuring her that her boyfriend survived the accident.

Maxie is on the phone with Kate when Spinelli walks in.  Maxie is happy to see Spinelli and inquires about Jason’s reaction to the changes in his home décor.  Maxie wants Jason to be happy.  Spinelli is curious as to why Maxie is concerned about Jason’s opinion.  Maxie is feeling guilty about what happened with Franco.  Maxie implies that Spinelli is still thinking about her one-night stand with Franco.  Spinelli insists that he has moved past it but Maxie maintains that he needs to sleep with someone else.

At the Quartermaine home, Tracy tells Monica that she appreciates the peace and quiet now that Rebecca is gone.  Monica replies that Rebecca is settling in to her new life in Paris.  Edward walks in and begins talking about two of his great-granddaughters, Mia and Zoe.  Edward wants them to move in to the Quartermaine mansion but Monica doesn’t like the idea.  Edward points out that he wants to help the Ward family in any way he can.  Monica believes that Edward is feeling guilty for “failing Justus”.  Edward leaves the room.  Tracy reveals that she stole Mia’s letter.  Tracy tells Monica that there is nothing in the letter about a visit to Port Charles.

Jason reveals to Diane that photographs could turn up pointing to Michael’s guilt.  There is a knock on the door.  It’s Michael.  Diane leaves Jason and Michael to talk.  Jason brings up the night at the cabin.  Michael doesn’t want to discuss Claudia’s murder, adding that he is there to relay good news.  Michael confides that Carly wants Jason to be Josslyn’s godfather.  Michael tells Jason that he needs to “cheer up” before walking out the door.

Kristina meets Sam at Kelly’s.  Kristina says that she can count on Sam to be a good listener.  Kristina wants Sam’s input concerning Kiefer.  Kristina babbles on about Kiefer but Sam senses that her sister is referring to Jason.  Sam gives Kristina some sisterly advice, reflecting on the warning signs of a bad relationship.  Sam suggests that Kristina should break up with Kiefer.

Lulu returns to the Crimson office.  Maxie hands Lulu some tickets to the opera.  Maxie leaves just as Carly is getting off the elevator.  Lulu offers the tickets to Carly.  Carly senses that Lulu is having problems with Dominic.  Lulu changes the subject.  Carly asks Lulu if she would like to be Josslyn’s godmother.  Lulu admits that she is “flattered”  but wonders why Carly would choose her.  Carly is adamant that Lulu needs to be the godmother or she is stuck with Jax’s choice –  Alexis.  Lulu agrees to the honor.  Carly is thrilled, adding that Dominic can come to the baptism.

Dante shows up at the Jacks home.  Dante wonders why he was summoned by Morgan.  Morgan explains that Josslyn’s baptism is coming up, adding that Dominic should attend.  Jax walks in and informs Morgan that Dominic is already invited.  Morgan is happy to hear this.  Morgan leaves the room.  Jax brings up Dante’s investigation.  Dante suggests that Sonny will be arrested fairly soon.  Dante is worried about Morgan’s reaction, adding that he is betraying his young friend.

Johnny shows up at the penthouse.  Jason and Johnny discuss Claudia’s murder.  Jason wants a guarantee that Johnny will keep quiet about Michael’s involvement.  Johnny reluctantly agrees to remain silent, saying that Michael doesn’t deserve to go to prison.

Patrick speaks to the male rollover victim, saying that Chelsea has severe spinal damage and adding that she is paralyzed.  The boyfriend feels helpless.  Patrick says that Chelsea needs the man’s support.  The boyfriend doesn’t think he can handle being with someone that is paralyzed.  Patrick is stunned by the man’s lack of compassion.  Lisa and Patrick tell Chelsea the terrible news.  Chelsea asks if anything can be done.  Lisa suggests surgery.

At Kelly’s, Spinelli asks Diane for advice on relationships.  Spinelli divulges that Maxie cheated on him.  Spinelli wants to move past the indiscretion.  Diane doesn’t see a problem.  Spinelli blurts out that he needs to sleep with another woman.  Diane can’t believe that Maxie wants Spinelli to sleep with someone else.  Spinelli asks if Diane would accept Max being with another woman.  Diane says that would never happen.  Diane believes that Maxie is being unfair to Spinelli.

Carly pays Jason a visit.  Jason is visibly overwhelmed.  Carly believes that Jason needs to get his mind off Franco.  Carly brings up Josslyn and the baptism.  Carly asks Jason if he will be the godfather.  Jason reluctantly agrees to the idea.  Jason worries that Franco will show up again.  Carly thinks that Jason will be a good influence on Josslyn.  Jason tells Carly that he loves her.  Carly hugs Jason.

Morgan is in the living room when Jax walks in.  Jax is irritated when he sees Morgan using his cell phone.  Morgan says that there is a message from the Senator concerning Sonny.  Jax plays stupid about the phone message.

Maxie returns to the Crimson office.  Lulu won’t accept the opera tickets.  Lulu is having second thoughts about Dante.  However, Lulu confesses to Maxie that she has fallen in love with Dominic.

On the docks, Johnny and Dante discuss the murder investigation.  Johnny reiterates that Dante needs to take care of Lulu.  Dante is second-guessing himself, saying he regrets involving Lulu in his undercover work.  Dante couldn’t live with himself if Lulu got hurt.  Dante says that he will be going back to Bensonhurst once the investigation is over.  Dante worries how all this will impact Lulu.  Dante divulges to Johnny that he is in love with Lulu.

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