GH Update Tuesday 1/19/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/19/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Spinelli returns home and tells Jason and Sam that the hair found is a match to Sonny.  Jason is shocked by the news.  Sam theorizes that the hair must have transferred onto Claudia’s clothing since Sonny wasn’t at the cabin.  Jason knows that Sonny will be convicted because of the DNA evidence.  Spinelli promises to take care of the situation.  Spinelli offers to corrupt Sonny’s DNA file, which is on record at the PCPD.  Jason doesn’t think that will work.  Spinelli plans on heading to the P.I. office to come up with a solution to their problem.  After Spinelli leaves, Jason worries that Franco will come forward with proof that implicates Michael.

Outside of Kelly’s, Olivia and Sonny are having a conversation about Claudia’s murder.  Olivia is worried that Sonny will be arrested.  Olivia is positive that the police are going to prove that Sonny is guilty.  Sonny wonders if Olivia knows something that he doesn’t.  Olivia swears that she doesn’t know anything about the investigation.  Olivia points out that Sonny has “no alibi” and a strong motive to kill Claudia.  Olivia knows that things don’t look good for Sonny.  Sonny doesn’t want Olivia perjuring herself on the witness stand.  Olivia says that Sonny should leave the country and head to South America.  Sonny refuses to do this, saying that he would miss the ones he cares about.  Sonny smiles, leaving Olivia to think that he isn’t taking this seriously.  Sonny realizes that he has upset Olivia, who begins to cry.  Sonny maintains that everything will work out in the end.

At the airport, Lucky tells Nikolas that he should stay in Port Charles.  Nikolas is surprised by Lucky’s change-of-heart.  Nikolas points out that he “betrayed”  his brother by falling in love with Elizabeth.  Nikolas is remorseful about lying to Lucky for months.  Lucky wants to patch things up with Nikolas.  Lucky says that he empathizes with Nikolas.  Nikolas notices the gun in Lucky’s holster.  Nikolas asks if Lucky plans on working tonight.  Lucky replies that he is on call for work.  Nikolas wants to get out of the country so he can forget his feelings for Liz.  Lucky points out that Nikolas would never act on his feelings.  Lucky says that he “trusts” Nikolas.  Nikolas can’t believe that Lucky is so forgiving.  Nikolas insists that Elizabeth did nothing wrong – this is “all on him”.  Lucky wants to move on so he pleads with Nikolas to stay.  Nikolas reluctantly agrees to stay in Port Charles.  They hug.  Lucky is teary-eyed.  Lucky never mentions that he saw Nikolas and Elizabeth kissing at Wyndemere.

At the Haunted Star, Mike is losing at the roulette table.  Mike tells Ethan to put it on an IOU.  Mike mentions that his credit card is maxed out at the moment.  Tracy walks in and shakes her head.  Tracy tells Ethan that Mike needs to leave because he doesn’t have the money to pay.  Tracy gives Ethan a hard time.  Mike leaves in a hurry.  Tracy explains to Ethan that Mike is a gambling addict, adding that Sonny will have to pay for his father’s debts.  Ethan doesn’t understand why Mike can’t get a break.

Sonny shows up at Jason’s place.  Jason informs Sonny about the hair found at the cabin.  Sonny is baffled that it is a match to him, saying that he was never at the cabin.  Sonny asks how it is possible.  Jason reminds Sonny that he cannot pin the murder on Franco.  Sonny doesn’t like that Jason is telling him what to do.  Jason reinforces that Franco cannot be blamed for the murder.  Jason reminds Sonny that Franco can hurt Michael.  Sonny is mad and tells Jason that he is giving him an order.

Lulu runs into Johnny on the pier.  Lulu comments that Olivia is probably on her way to meet Johnny.  Johnny confides that he knows Dominic is really Dante, an undercover cop.  Lulu asks if Olivia told Johnny the truth.  Johnny says that he figured it out himself.  Lulu wonders if Johnny is going to tell Sonny about Dante.  Johnny admits that he wants Sonny to go to prison, so he’ll sit back and let Dante do his job.  Johnny tells Lulu to be careful.  Dante shows up.  Johnny says that Dante needs to be smart and keep Lulu out of harm’s way.  Johnny reminds Lulu that Luke will feel betrayed once the truth comes out.  Lulu doesn’t think that her father will be mad at her.  Johnny warns that Lulu’s personal relationships will be damaged after everything is said and done.  Lulu doesn’t agree.  Dante thanks Johnny for the warning.  Lulu and Dante leave.

Kristina goes to Kelly’s.  Kristina sees Kiefer and they hug.  Kiefer announces that he has a gift for Kristina.  Kristina is confused since it isn’t her birthday.  Kristina believes that Kiefer is still mad about their fight.  Kiefer smiles and reassures Kristina that he is not angry.  Kiefer divulges that he is “frustrated” but not about sex.  Kristina opens her gift which is a heart necklace.  Kiefer points out that it is a necklace with two halves, each with their own initials.  Kristina is touched by the gift.  Kristina thanks Kiefer.  Ethan enters the restaurant and talks to a waitress about Mike’s whereabouts.  Kiefer tells Kristina that he has Black Eyed Peas concert tickets.  Kristina is ecstatic about it.  Ethan interrupts and asks Kristina if she is okay.  Kiefer is irritated that Ethan keeps showing up.  Kristina plays peacemaker and tells Ethan that she still wants to learn how to play poker.  Kiefer is bothered.

Lucky shows up at Elizabeth’s house.  Lucky walks in and asks Elizabeth if she is alone.  Elizabeth thinks it is an odd comment but doesn’t say anything.  Lucky confides that he talked to Nikolas at the airport.  Elizabeth is blown away by the news.  Lucky admits that he did something that Liz might not like.  Lucky blurts out that he convinced Nikolas to stay.  Liz is not happy, thinking that Lucky really wants Nikolas out of the way.  Lucky knows that it will be awkward for Elizabeth, so he apologizes for not thinking it over.  Elizabeth insists that Lucky needs to do what is right for him.  Lucky thanks Liz for being understanding.  Elizabeth is confused by Lucky’s actions but will support any decision he makes.  Lucky brings up that he doesn’t want to lose his relationship with Nikolas.  Lucky kisses Elizabeth and says he will call her later.  After Lucky leaves, Elizabeth starts to cry.

Lulu accompanies Dante to his place.  Dante worries that he has become emotionally invested in the Corinthos family.  Dante feels that Johnny is right.  Lulu doesn’t agree.  Dante feels bad that he got Lulu involved in the case.  Dante wants Lulu to watch out because she is in danger.  Lulu takes Dante’s hand.  Lulu says that she has no regrets.  They kiss; Lulu wants to go further but Dante pulls away.  Lulu decides to leave but says that Dante is an “emotional coward” before walking out.

Sam returns to the penthouse.  Jason vents to Sam about the Franco situation.  Jason explains that Sonny wants Ronnie to tell the police that Franco confessed to Claudia’s murder.  Jason doesn’t think that will fly once Franco hears about it.  Jason is concerned, saying that Franco will not hesitate to send the photographs to the police.  Sam suggests talking to Sonny about it but Jason says he won’t listen.  Jason knows that Franco won’t sit back and be charged with murder.  Jason is worried about Michael.  Sam tells Jason that he can’t blame himself, adding that everything Jason has done for Michael has been “out of love”.  Sam reassures Jason that she still believes in him.

Nikolas goes to see Liz.  Elizabeth asks Nikolas what happened.  Elizabeth is emotional, nearly breaking down in tears.  Elizabeth doesn’t want to hurt Lucky anymore.  Elizabeth points out that Lucky trusts the two of them (Liz and Nik).  Nikolas starts to console Liz but she puts a hand up.  Liz is adamant that she cannot sleep with Nikolas again.  Elizabeth is so guilt-ridden that she tells Nikolas that she is choosing Lucky.  Nikolas has no problem with leaving the country but Elizabeth tells him to stay “for Lucky’s sake”.  Nikolas realizes that he and Elizabeth will never be together.  They both acknowledge that it will be impossible to avoid running into each other.  Nikolas leaves.

Lucky walks into the casino.  Ethan is closing up the Haunted Star.  Lucky inquires about Luke.  Ethan isn’t sure where their father went.  Ethan vents about the situation with Mike.  Ethan feels sorry for Mike.  Lucky offers to close up the casino.  Ethan senses that Lucky has something on his mind.  Ethan asks if Lucky needs to talk.  Lucky says that he is fine.

Olivia meets Johnny on the docks.  They hug.  Johnny talks about running into Lulu earlier.  Johnny wants Lulu to be happy and questions if Dante is the right guy for her.  Olivia admits that she told Sonny to leave the country.  Olivia doesn’t like all the lies that are being told.  Sonny witnesses Olivia and Johnny kissing.

Alone, Lucky starts putting away the liquor bottles at the casino.  Lucky begins having flashbacks of seeing Nikolas and Elizabeth together.  Lucky pours himself a glass of liquor.  Lucky hesitates but then drinks from the glass. 

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