GH Update Monday 1/18/10

General Hospital Update Monday 1/18/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At Lisa’s apartment, Patrick is talking about his happy marriage to Robin. Patrick says that he is completely satisfied with being a husband and father. Lisa is reluctant to believe that Patrick is done with chasing women. Lisa teases Patrick for finally settling down. Patrick insists that people can change, adding that Robin completely changed his life. Lisa is impressed. There is an awkward silence. Patrick changes the subject. Patrick says that he needs to get home because Robin will be sending an online video from London. Lisa is disappointed but hides her emotions so Patrick doesn’t notice.

At Pozzulo’s (Sonny’s restaurant), Spinelli is busily typing on his laptop. Sam and Jason walk in and inquire about the latest news concerning Claudia’s murder investigation. Spinelli hacks into the PCPD system and discovers that there was a hair recovered at the burnt-down cabin. Jason is worried that the hair fiber can be traced back to Michael. Jason and Sam leave the restaurant in a hurry. Maxie walks in and asks what Spinelli is working on. Spinelli is unwilling to spill the beans about Michael’s involvement in Claudia’s death.

At the hospital, Sonny reassures Michael that no one will find out how Claudia really died. Sonny wants Michael to move on and forget about what happened. Sonny asks why Michael is at the hospital. Michael admits that he started having flashbacks of Claudia’s death while at the ski cabin in Vermont. Sonny reassures Michael that everything will be okay. Unbeknownst to Sonny and Michael, Dante/Dominic is listening from across the hall.

Lucky witnesses Elizabeth and Nikolas kissing at Wyndemere. Lucky can’t believe what he is seeing. Elizabeth hears a noise so she turns toward the door. No one is there. Nikolas asks what is troubling Liz. Elizabeth admits that she is a bit on edge. Elizabeth and Nik resume kissing.

Steven is looking over some patient records when he notices Patrick at the nurses station. Steven asks if Patrick is working this shift. Steven and Patrick discuss surgical practices at the hospital. Patrick thinks that Steven should give Lisa a break.

Jason and Sam return to the penthouse. Jason is horrified to see that his place looks different. Sam says that Maxie and Spinelli redecorated the penthouse as a favor to Jason. Jason isn’t happy. Sam senses that something else is troubling Jason. Jason divulges that he is still guiltridden about the situation with Franco. Jason says that he felt helpless when Sam was missing. Jason is so relieved that Sam survived but worries that Franco could show up again at any time. Jason brings up when he first started as Sonny’s enforcer. Jason admits that Franco will kill someone everytime that he (Jason) kills someone.

Dominic goes to see Sonny at his office. Dominic states that Michael looked pretty upset at the hospital. Dominic is worried that Michael is “volatile” right now. Sonny worries that Michael is trying to emulate him. In Dominic’s opinion, Sonny has been a great father to Michael. Sonny recalls when he first met Carly and got to know Michael. Sonny wants Michael’s life to turn out better than his own.

After making love, Nikolas apologizes to Elizabeth for complicating her life. Elizabeth says that there is no reason to apologize. Nikolas wants Liz and Lucky to be together. Elizabeth thanks Nikolas for his blessing. As they get dressed, Elizabeth tells Nik that she wishes the best for him. Liz wants Nikolas to meet someone and fall in love. Nikolas is adamant that he will never find love again, even in another country. Elizabeth promises that Nikolas will find someone. Nikolas brings up Emily, the love of his life. Nikolas admits that he never thought he would fall in love again, especially with Elizabeth. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that she needs to make Lucky happy. Elizabeth is teary-eyed as she listens to Nikolas. They share a passionate kiss before Elizabeth heads out the door.

Lucky returns home, clearly in shock. Lucky looks around the living room. Lucky starts throwing things around. Lucky starts talking to himself. Lucky yells loudly and asks, “Why?” The living room is a mess, with pillows and broken vases on the floor. There is a knock at the door. Elizabeth walks in and inquires about the living room. Lucky lies and says that he found it like this. Liz is visibly concerned and asks if Lucky called the police. Lucky doesn’t want to make a big deal about it. Elizabeth knows that Lucky isn’t acting like himself.

Maxie heads to the PCPD lab and finds Sly, who is looking at microscope slides concerning Claudia’s case. Maxie says that she is Mac’s daughter and has a message for Sly. Maxie won’t stop talking. Sly tells Maxie that he needs to get back to work. They leave the lab area so Spinelli can hack into the computer. Maxie continues to create a diversion. Maxie hands Sly a “note” from Mac but it’s only a receipt. Sly insists that he needs to look at slides. Sly approaches the lab but Maxie shrieks loudly. Maxie makes up another story so Spinelli has time to leave the lab without being seen.

Dominic pays Ronnie a visit in the hospital. Dominic says that he has new news regarding Claudia’s murder. Dominic is fairly sure that Sonny murdered Claudia and that Michael witnessed it. Ronnie is thankful that Dominic is close to arresting Sonny for Claudia’s death. Ronnie thinks that Michael will be the perfect witness to testify against Sonny. Dominic doesn’t like the idea.

Lisa returns to the hospital and runs into Patrick. Lisa is surprised to see Patrick. Patrick says that he is on his way home. Steven interrupts and informs the two that he needs their assistance with a surgery. Lisa admits that she has had a few drinks so she can’t perform surgery tonight. Steven explains that the operation is scheduled for tomorrow, adding that it would be a help if Patrick and Lisa joined him. Lisa and Patrick agree to the challenge. In private, Patrick tells Lisa to bring her “A-game”.

Olivia and Sonny cross paths in town. Olivia brings up the school window Sonny broke back in Bensonhurst. Sonny comments that he can pay to have it repaired now. They laugh about the memory. Sonny talks about his concern for Michael. Olivia takes Sonny by surprise by suggesting he leave the country as soon as possible. Sonny is suspicious.

At Wyndemere, Spencer asks his dad why they are leaving Port Charles. Nikolas explains that he made a mistake and needs to leave town. Nikolas promises that Laura is looking forward to spending time with her grandson.

Lucky calls Laura. Lucky speaks to his mother about old times - when she didn’t know that Nikolas existed. As he talks to Laura, Lucky is loading his gun.

At the penthouse, Sam tells Jason that he needs to forget about Franco for the time being. Spinelli walks in, visibly frazzled. Jason asks what’s wrong. Spinelli blurts out that the hair found at the cabin is a match to Sonny, not Michael.

In Ronnie's hospital room, Dominic says he is unwilling to have Michael testify against his own father. Ronnie thinks that Dominic is getting too emotionally attached to the Corinthos clan.

Elizabeth shows up at the hospital to ask for time off. Steven is curious about Elizabeth’s suddenly good mood. Liz admits that she has a surprise for Lucky. Elizabeth adds that she is moving on with Lucky, per Nikolas’ request.

Nikolas is getting ready to board the plane when Lucky appears. Nikolas apologizes for going after Elizabeth. Lucky is acting strange. Lucky tells Nikolas that he doesn’t want him to leave the country.

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