GH Update Friday 1/15/10

General Hospital Update Friday 1/15/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Lulu not to blame Elizabeth because he pursued her. Lulu wonders why Nikolas would want to ruin his brother’s life by stealing the woman he loves. When he protests that he doesn’t want that, Lulu suggests that he take a long vacation.

At Elizabeth’s house, Steve tells Elizabeth that he cannot tell her what to do about Nikolas. She says if Emily hadn’t died, she and Nikolas would never have happened, she would be married to Lucky, and they would all be happy. Steve asks her if she is sure about that.

Lucky goes into the forensics lab and Sly, the lead CSI informs him that they found a strand of hair in the cabin floorboards. Mac says if it is Claudia’s hair, everyone they interviewed lied and if it isn’t, they may belong to the killer. He says he wants to run DNA tests on everyone.

In Sonny’s office, he tells Dominic that the police will believe that Franco killed Claudia. Dominic says fabricating a story that Franco confessed to Ronnie seems desperate. Sonny tells him that Franco has made the cops look incompetent so they would be glad to bust him for Claudia’s murder. Jason enters the office hearing the conversation and asks if he heard Sonny say he wants to pin Claudia’s murder on Franco. Sonny says Franco is a serial killer and if they set him up, the police would be motivated to take him down. Jason says setting up Franco is a huge risk considering what they have to lose.

At the ski cabin where the Jax family is vacationing, Michael has flashbacks of killing Claudia in the other cabin.

Patrick is at Lisa’s apartment helping her arrange her new furniture. She complains about the location of the bookcase. She walks backwards to get a larger view of the bookcase and trips over a box. She falls on Patrick, who is sitting on the couch. Patrick moves over to the other end of the couch.

At the ski cabin, Carly asks Michael what is wrong. he tells her it is nothing. Jax takes that as a cue to take Morgan out for another ski run to give Michael and Carly privacy. Carly asks Michael if he had another memory. Michael said he didn’t want to come on this trip because he knew he would lose it. He says he wishes he could stop thinking about it. She tells him that nobody expects him to act as if he doesn’t have a conscience and he needs to let her help him.

In Sonny’s office, Sonny tells Dominic that if they implicate Franco, they are out of the picture and the police will be happy so everybody wins. Jason tells Sonny that he thinks they should discuss it privately so Sonny sends Dominic to talk to Ronnie. Jason tells Sonny that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to provoke Franco when he has evidence that Michael killed Claudia. He says if they implicate Franco, he will respond and that won’t be good for Michael. He tells Sonny that now that Franco is gone, they should let him stay gone.

In the forensics lab, Lucky asks Mac if he thinks he will be able to get DNA samples from everyone. Mac says if they are innocent, they don’t have a reason not to provide samples. Sly says a lot of people have stayed in that cabin over the years so the hair doesn’t necessarily belong to anyone involved with the murder. Lucky says it could belong to a suspect they hadn’t considered.

At Elizabeth’s house, Steve tells her that they don’t know what would have happened if Emily had lived, but he doubts that her life would be as perfect as she thinks. He tells her that she can’t compare herself to an impossible standard based on speculation on what might have happened in other circumstances. He says she is torn between what she feels and what she thinks she ought to feel. She tells him that Nikolas caught her by surprise and that she has never felt this kind of passion before but she needs to honor her commitments to Lucky and her children. She says she just needs to squelch her passion and focus on her family. He observes that it hasn’t worked so far.

At Wyndemere, Lulu tells Nikolas that Lucky is furious and she thinks Elizabeth enjoys the drama of being caught between two brothers. He says it is not Elizabeth’s fault that he fell in love with her. Lulu says Elizabeth could have shut it down or told Lucky a long time ago. She reminds Nikolas that his uncle’s obsession with their mother ruined his life. He admits that he considered leaving once before and says this time he will follow through with it.

At Lisa’s apartment, Patrick asks Lisa if she wants to get a pizza, but she says no. he concludes that she has a date and asks if it is with Matt. She tells him she and his brother are just friends. She says she was going to watch the auto race that she had recorded. He invites himself to stay and watch it with her.

Nikolas is packing a bag at Wyndemere. Lulu asks him where he is going, and he tells her that he wants to go to Paris and visit their mother. He says he won’t mention Elizabeth; he will just tell Laura that Port Charles has too many memories of Emily, which his true. Lulu says none of this would be happening if Emily were alive. Nikolas says he likes to imagine that he and Emily would have been happy forever, but the truth is that he was bad for Emily. He says he was demanding and unfaithful. He suggests that it is a Cassadine trait to take whatever he wants without considering anyone else. She tells him not to make this a Cassadine thing; he is doing the honorable thing by stepping aside. She says that maybe Lucky will get over this since Nikolas isn’t sleeping with Elizabeth and then Nikolas can come back.

At Elizabeth’s house, she tells Steve that she sees a pattern. Every time she and Lucky get close to getting what they want, she throws something between them. Steve says that maybe she doesn’t really want a life with Lucky; maybe she just thinks she does. He tells her that she shouldn’t have to shut down a part of herself to be with Lucky, and the wild and rebellious part of her is attracted to Nikolas. Elizabeth says Nikolas is self-destructive and if Lucky found out, it would destroy her family. Steve tells her there is no way to resolve this without hurting someone but when she does make a choice and sticks to it, it will be better for everyone. He tells her she has to go with her gut. Lucky knocks on the door. Steve leaves. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he wants to talk to her about Nikolas.

In Sonny’s office, he tells Jason that implicating Franco in Claudia’s murder will give him incentive to stay gone. Jason disagrees and tells Sonny that Franco will see it as a challenge and they should not provoke him. Sonny says they have to feed a killer to the police before they figure out that it was Michael. He says Franco is the logical choice. Jason reminds Sonny that Franco has pictures of Michael leaning over Claudia’s body. Jason says there is no way to control Franco because he is not afraid to die. He says that Franco will see it as a challenge if they frame him, and Michael will pay.

At the ski cabin, Michael says he is not interested in talking to a shrink and even if he did, he can’t risk the possibility of the doctor telling the police what he says. Carly says it’s a risk they need to take. He tells her that he needs to go home. Carly says they all will go home. Michael says that would not be fair to Morgan. He says he knows that Max followed them there and he is sure he wouldn’t mind taking him home.

Dominic goes to the police station. Outside the forensics lab, Mac tells him they are making progress on the investigation. Dominic asks him if he has any idea how her body got to the warehouse. Mac says that for all they know, it could have been there all along. Sly opens the door to come out of the lab so Dominic switches to his undercover persona and tells Mac to use the evidence he has instead of calling in Sonny’s people to try to make it look like he knows what he is doing. Sly tells Mac that he has some test results and goes back into the lab. Mac tells Dominic he is good. Dominic suggests that Mac pass that compliment along to his lieutenant because he is not pleased with Dominic’s lack of progress. Mac discloses to Dominic that they found a hair at the cabin and that it would be very helpful to have a list of everyone that was at the cabin that night. Dominic tells him that Michael Corinthos might be willing to talk.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Alfred that he and Spencer are leaving tonight. He tells him to close down the house and then join them in Paris. Lulu suggests that Nikolas put Spencer in a regular school so he can be around other kids. He asks her not to blame Elizabeth or pass judgments, but to support her and Lucky the way that he should have. They hug and say they miss each other already.

At Elizabeth’s house, Lucky tells her that he confronted Nikolas and Nikolas told him that he never meant to fall in love with Elizabeth or hurt anyone. Elizabeth says she knows that is true because Nikolas has been spiraling out of control since Emily died. Lucky says Nikolas can blame Emily’s death for all of his bad decisions if he wants to; he doesn’t care anymore. He says he doesn’t want Nikolas in his life anymore. Elizabeth tells him she is sorry and he asks her why she keeps apologizing when Nikolas is the one that took advantage of their friendship. She says she never meant to cause a rift between Lucky and his brother and whatever Nikolas has done, he is still Lucky’s brother. Lucky asks her why she is defending Nikolas. She apologizes again and says she should have handled it differently. He tells her they should forget about Nikolas and focus on their dreams; he wants to focus on the future. Elizabeth’s phone rings. Nikolas says he is leaving tonight and won’t be back. He hangs up before she can respond.

At the police station, Dominic tells Mac that he thinks Michael knows who killed his stepmother and he thinks he needs to talk about it. Mac asks if Dominic thinks Michael was in the cabin that night and Dominic says he wouldn’t rule it out. Mac wants to run Michael’s DNA. He says if Sonny finds out about this, he will have Michael out of the country within the hour. Dominic says Sonny will not find out from him. Mac says he wants to be careful after the way they handled the situation when Michael falsely confessed to running Claudia’s car off the road. Dominic says he is concerned that Michael will never get over it if he says something that leads to his father’s conviction. Mac says Sonny going to prison is the best thing that could happen to Michael. Dominic says naming the kid as a witness sucks. Dominic says he doesn’t know what life would feel like after betraying your father.

In Sonny’s office, he tells Jason to find another way to protect Michael if he doesn’t want to use Franco. He says he agrees with Jason that Michael cannot handle another police interrogation and that he would confess before he would implicate either of them. Jason says it would help to get Michael out of town. Sonny says Michael is already out of town on a ski trip on the other side of Vermont. Jason says it might be a better idea for Jax to take the whole family to Australia. Sonny says that's a short-term solution but they still need to get Claudia’s case off the books. Jason says he will come up with something. Sonny tells him to make it fast because Michael is running out of time.

Patrick and Lisa are watching auto racing on TV at her apartment. He tells her that he met the driver Jeff Burton at Jake’s about a year ago. She tells him he should call him and get tickets to Daytona. He tells her he doesn’t have time to go to Daytona. She tells him she misses the old days. He gives her an inquisitive look and she says she means she misses the way NASCAR used to be. He tells her it is just safer now, and that is a good thing. She tells him that everything in his life is safer these days.

Lucky runs into Lulu as she is leaving Kelly’s. He apologizes for jumping all over her before. She tells him Nikolas is leaving town because he feels terrible about what happened with Elizabeth and he doesn’t want to live in Port Charles anymore. She says he feels guilty, he is trying to do the right thing, and he is still their brother. He tells her that he knows she wants everyone in the family to get along, but she cannot fix this.

Gram calls Elizabeth and tells her that she and the boys are at the zoo and will be home in a few hours. She grabs her coat, purse, and keys and rushes out the door.

At Sonny’s restaurant, Jason is talking Bernie on the telephone. He says Franco has at lease two properties in Europe. He tells him to keep an eye on the properties and to monitor Franco and his agent’s bank accounts. Spinelli enters the restaurant and tells Jason that he will assist Bernie by looking out for any signs of money exchanges. Jason tells him to tap into the PCPD mainframe instead to find out if they have found any forensic evidence from Claudia’s body and if it connects her to Michael.

Jax returns to the ski cabin alone and tells Carly that Morgan is taking a snowboarding lesson. She informs him that Max picked up Michael and took him to Sonny’s house. Jax assures her that it will all work out. She reminisces about when Michael was young and it was cute when he tried to emulate Sonny. She says she never imagined that he would actually grow up to be like Sonny. Jax tells her that Michael still has a chance at a normal life. She says they can’t make his choices for him.

Michael goes to the Port Charles Police Department forensics lab and tells Sly that he needs to see his stepmother’s body. Sonny surprises Michael when he tells him that he does not.

Outside of Kelly’s, Lulu tells Lucky that she understands that he is angry, but when he cools down he will remember how hard he and Nikolas worked to be brothers. He tells her that that is exactly why this hurts so much. Lulu tells him that he doesn’t need to make peace with Nikolas right now, but he does need to acknowledge that Nikolas is uprooting his life out of respect for Lucky. She tells him that the least he can do is say goodbye.

Elizabeth goes to Wyndemere. He tells her that he is going to Paris and that she should marry Lucky. She tells him that it isn’t fair that he has to leave. He tells her that it is the best solution unless she wants to come with him. She declines. He tells her that now that he is leaving, they don’t have to regret anything anymore. She admits that she does love him. She kisses him on the cheek and turns to leave, but he takes her hand and kisses her deeply and she kisses him back.

At Lisa’s apartment, she asks Patrick if he won’t consider a road trip to Daytona. He tells her he doesn’t even have time to think about it. She says they can just go on the spur of the moment. He tells her that spur of the moment is when his daughter decides she wants apple juice instead of peas and he has to improvise because they don’t have any apple juice. She wonders if he is happy with that and he tells her he is ecstatic. She tells him she thinks he protests too much.

At Sonny’s restaurant, Spinelli has his laptop set up on one of the dining tables. He tells Jason that the search engine will continuously refresh and alert him of any changes. Jason discloses to Spinelli that Sonny wants to pin Claudia’s murder on Franco. Spinelli concludes that that is a risky strategy. Jason tells him that he thinks so too, so he needs to come up with an alternative. Spinelli admits that he thinks the idea of Franco in prison is appealing. Spinelli’s laptop makes a tone to alert him that new information is available. Spinelli discovers that the police recovered a hair from the ruins of the cabin. Jason worries that it could be Michael’s hair.

Outside the forensics lab at the police station, Sonny wonders why Michael is not on the ski trip with his mother. He tells him that he came back early and he wants to see Claudia. Sly informs them that autopsies are closed to everyone but the police. When Sly goes back into the lab, Michael asks Sonny what they can determine from an autopsy. Sonny tells him that it will reveal that she died from a blow to the head, but it won’t show that it was an axe handle or who was swinging it. Dominic is on his way to the forensics lab, but sees Michael and Sonny talking in the hallway so he doesn’t open the door. Instead, he listens from the other side.

Lucky goes to Wyndemere. Alfred tells him the thinks Nikolas is in the Turret Room. Nikolas goes to the Turret Room finds Nikolas and Elizabeth partially dressed and kissing. He hears Elizabeth say she loves Nikolas.

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