GH Update Thursday 1/14/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/14/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Nikolas goes to Elizabethís house. Steve informs him that she is not there, but invites him to come in anyway.

The Jacks arrive at the cabin where they will stay for a family ski trip. Carly observes that Michael seems uncomfortable there.

Mac goes to Sonnyís restaurant and informs him that the autopsy revealed that Claudia was murdered. Sonny doesnít respond. Mac sarcastically tells Sonny to hold back his grief.

Dante goes to Oliviaís apartment and tells her that Johnny knows he is an undercover cop. He concludes that she knew that already and cannot understand why she didnít warn him that her boy-toy could blow his cover. Johnny comes into the living room and says that perhaps Olivia decided to trust him. Dante asks Olivia if she is so desperate to hang onto Johnny that she will see a keg of dynamite over his head and not even tell him to look up. Olivia says she has people she loves on both sides of this and she has been trying to protect everyone involved, but no one as much as him. He screams that sending him into the lions den everyday with no idea that her boyfriend could have sold him out at anytime is a nice way of protecting him. Johnny says Olivia warned him that Dante was an undercover cop who her been building a case that could land him in prison while he has been working beside him, pretending to have his back. Dante tells Johnny that this is not about him; Sonny is the target. Johnny says that is the main reason he has been letting Dante do his thing.

At Sonnyís restaurant, Mac tells Sonny that the autopsy is just the beginning; CSI will begin their investigation to find out what happened to Claudia so they can close the case. Sonny says he is glad he will have closure. Mac asks him if that is because he loved Claudia so much. Sonny admits he never loved Claudia, but he did like her. Mac asks him if that is why Sonny called her out in front of a crowd of people. Sonny says Claudia made him angry, and sometimes when he gets mad, he forgets what he says. Mac says he will be happy to jog Sonnyís memory. Sonny tells Mac that that sounds like judgment, and Mac has no room to judge. Mac asks him what he means by that. Sonny sarcastically says Mac and Felicia were a match made in heaven. Mac tells Sonny not to go there. Sonny tells Mac that he is simply making the point that Mac has no idea what went on in Sonnyís household. He says he is glad to find out what happened to his wife. Mac asks him if that means he wants the responsible party to pay. Sonny asks him why he wouldnít want that.

Michael looks around the ski cabin and observes the wicker basket and fireplace. Carly tells everyone that she doesnít want to ski; she just wants to curl up on the couch with her book. Morgan protests that the whole point of the trip was to spend time as a family. Michael says Carly is scared.

At Elizabethís house, Nikolas observes the large monkey wrench in Steveís hand and says they can discuss this like gentlemen. Steve puts down the wrench and says he is there because Elizabeth said something about Jake, and army of toy soldiers, and a bathroom drain. Nikolas commends Steveís segue to the children. He says he thinks about how this situation could blow up, and he doesnít want to disrupt the life that the boys are accustomed to. He asks Steve if he thinks he wants to hurt everyone he cares about. Steve says he doesnít think Nikolas woke up one morning and decided that it would be a good idea to fall in love with his brotherís fiancťe and that he doesnít envy the position he is in.

Lulu goes to General Hospital and tells Elizabeth that Lucky told her about overhearing Nikolas declaring his love for Elizabeth. Elizabeth says it is none of Luluís business. Lulu says Lucky made it her business when he asked her if she was covering for Elizabeth as she did when Elizabeth was cheating on Lucky with Jason. Elizabeth says this is a completely different scenario. Lulu wonders if it is. Elizabeth says she is just a temporary place for Nikolasís misdirected emotion because she is the next best thing to Emily now that Rebecca, who looked just like Emily, is gone. Lulu says memories of Elizabeth getting pregnant with Jasonís child are hitting her. She says that she kept it from Lucky because she was afraid it might send Lucky back into drugs, and she thought Jason and Elizabeth were just victims of bad timing, but now Elizabeth is in a similar situation with Nikolas. She says that it is too much of a coincidence to write this off as bad timing; she thinks Elizabeth must be doing something to send signals that she is available for something more than friendship. She says that whether she is doing it consciously or not, she made the mess she is in.

At Elizabethís house, Nikolas thanks Steve for understanding and that his only concern is for Elizabethís happiness. Steve says he believes that. Nikolas asks Steve if he wishes Elizabethís happiness was with Lucky. Steve says he wouldnít presume to determine where or with whom his sister belongs. He says he likes Lucky and he knows Lucky loves Elizabeth, but there is a difference between love and obligation. He says people grow and change. Sometimes another love comes along, and you have to see where it goes. He says Lucky may have to face that. Nikolas says he could have left Elizabeth alone but he chose to pursue her relentlessly and made her miserable in the process. He says he knows that Lucky would never have done that to him. Nikolas thanks Steve for listening as he leaves. He asks Steve not to mention to Elizabeth that he was there.

Patrick runs into Lisa at Kellyís when he goes to get lunch. He decides to stay and join her instead of getting a sandwich to go. He asks her if she wants to scrub in on a spinal cord surgery later, but she has to decline because her landlord is replacing her furniture today.

At the ski cabin, Carly tries on her skis. She observes how uncomfortable the clunky boots are and wonders whose bright idea it was to put boats on the ends of boots and go skiing down a mountain. The boys tell her they wont hold it against her if she chickens out, but she tells them they will be eating her snow dust by the end of the day.

At Oliviaís apartment, Johnny tells Dante that Sonny means nothing to him except that he is the pompous ass that used his sister more than anyone else did. He says the real reason he isnít blowing Danteís cover is that he would never intentionally cause Olivia any pain. Dante asks if he is supposed to be touched by that. Olivia says he should try being grateful. Dante says the thought that he has been put in the position of being grateful to Johnny for anything makes his stomach turn. He tells Olivia should have warned him. Olivia says she makes no apologies; she always did what she thought was best for him. He tells her that she did it to save her pathetic relationship. She tells him to get out of her apartment and not to return until he has a civil tongue in his head. On his way out, Dante tells Johnny that he may not have liked Claudia, but she deserves justice and he is going to make this case. He glares at his mother as he leaves.

Patrick goes to Lisaís apartment and tells her the surgery was cancelled so he thought she could use a hand. She tells him the super brought everything in, but it still needs to be arranged.

Kristina and Keifer are walking along the docks together. Kristina tells Keifer that this is the best day because they got out of school early and she can spend time with her. She is looking forward to going to see a movie. He tells her there has been a change of plans. His parents went to D.C. so he has the whole house to himself. He says they can stay in bed all day. She tells him that that is all he ever wants to do, and she wants to go on an actual date. He asks her where this is coming from. He asks her if he didnít drop everything to come get her the other day when she was crying about her father, even after she has been disrespecting him by flirting with Ethan. She tells him she has not been flirting with Ethan and that when he got her they had sex. He tells her that she didnít complain. She says she just wants them to be about more than just hooking up. He grabs her arms and demands to know why she keeps jerking him around. Ethan comes up behind Keifer, pulls him away from Kristina, puts him in a headlock, tells him to let her go, and says he wonít tell him again.

At Oliviaís apartment, she thanks Johnny for defending her. He tells her that he wonít allow anyone to treat her like dirt. He tells her that he is not so blinded by the need to avenge his sisterís death that he canít see how conflicted she is. He says he knows her loyalties are split between him, Dante, and Sonny. He tells her he knows she doesnít want to see Sonny go to prison, but she has to know that this police investigation on Sonny is going to lead to that, so she needs to prepare herself for it.

Dante goes to see Ronnie at the hospital. He tells him that he heard that the autopsy shows that Claudia died from blunt trauma to the head and wonders if Ronnie has any idea who might have done it. Ronnie says he doesnít know anything yet. Dante wonders if they havenít heard anything because forensics hasnít found anything. Ronnie recaps the circumstantial evidence they have, and Dante observes that Sonnyís attorney can punch holes in any of that. Dante says they need solid DNA evidence from Claudiaís body that proves Sonny killed her. Sonny enters the room.

At Lisaís apartment, Patrick rests after moving her couch. He says he knows she will want to move it again; he just wants to take a break first. She says she just needs a couch by the door to dump her stuff on and one lined up in front of the TV. She goes to the kitchen to get some snacks and Patrick reclines on the couch.

At the ski cabin, Carly canít believe she waited this long to try skiing. She says she canít believe the rush and canít wait to go back out again. Jax says the secret is not to go faster than she can control.

On the docks, Keifer tells Ethan that he is getting sick of him sticking his nose in his business. He says he and Kristina are fine and donít need a referee. Kristina says she is not fine. Ethan tells Keifer this is his opportunity to walk away. Ethan tells Kristina that she has been giving Ethan an open invitation for weeks and he has been shooting her down so now she is playing the victim to get his attention. He congratulates her of being rescued from him. When Keifer leaves, Ethan asks Kristina what she sees in him. Kristina tells him that Keifer is usually nice. Ethan doesnít think so and tells her that she canít let him keep mistreating her. Kristina says Keifer is just jealous of Ethan. Ethan says she doesnít need to put up with that because she is beautiful, smart, and talented and any guy would be lucky to have her. Kristina blushes and asks if Ethan really thinks so. He says he knows so.

At Oliviaís house, she tells Johnny that Sonny going to prison is not her only fear. She is afraid that Sonny could retaliate from there and put a hit out on her son. Johnny says that is a very real possibility. Olivia says she tried everything to get her son off this case but he wouldnít listen. She says she then tried to convince herself that Sonny wouldnít hurt Dante because he is her son. Johnny reminds her that Sonny had no compassion for Claudia even though they had made and lost a child together. He says Sonny only sees the betrayal.

In Ronnieís hospital room, Sonny tells Ronnie that he came all the way down here to check on him. He says he will never forget how Ronnie stepped up and was a loyal soldier when he merged with the Zaccharas. Ronnie thanks him for checking on him and tells him he is getting better. Sonny tells ďDominicĒ that he needs to talk to him when he is finished visiting with Ronnie. Sonny leaves. Dante asks Ronnie how you can figure a guy that is cold and ruthless in business but then takes the time to check on a low ranking employee that he barely knows. Ronnie tells Dante to be careful; this is why he has been warning him about letting things get personal. Ronnie asks Dominic if he thinks it sits well with him knowing that he did Franco a favor and as a result let a killer walk. He encourages Dante to be better than he was and provide all of the evidence without worrying about the fallout for people he has come to know. Dante tells him not to worry about him; he is in this 'til the end.

At Lisaís apartment, she complains to Patrick about the bookshelf. She says it throws everything off. Walking backwards while scrutinizes the bookshelf, she trips on something and falls on top of Patrick on the couch. Patrick politely moves over to the other end of the couch.

Elizabeth returns home. Steve tells her that he fixed the plumbing problem in the bathroom, rescued some toy soldiers, replaced the batteries in the smoke detector, and fixed the garbage disposal. He tells her Nikolas stopped by, but he doesnít think Nik wants her to know that. She asks if they fight. Steve says no, they actually had a fairly deep conversation, but he wonít tell her what it was about. She says she guesses she should be grateful that Nikolas had someone to talk to. She tells him she had a run-in with Lulu today and that apparently Lucky wanted to know how much Lulu knew about Nikolasís feelings for Elizabeth. She says Lulu thinks Elizabeth is leading Nikolas on. She says she canít imagine the hostility and judgment people with have toward her if they find out what is really going on. She says she is tired of feeling guilty and wrong but she doesnít think it is going to stop.

Ethan asks Kristina why she puts up with Keiferís crap. She says Keifer isnít a bad guy; he is just insecure and immature like most guys her age are. She admits that she has asked herself why she puts up with Keiferís moods and determined that he is an accomplished goal. She says she has dreamed about a good-looking, popular boyfriend for a long time and she thought it would change everything. She admits that everything has changed since she started dating Keifer, but not in the ways that she thought. Ethan says she can always break up with Keifer. She doesnít think so. He tells her he really doesnít know what to say in situations like this. She tells him not to worry about it. She asks him to teach her to play poker. He tells her he doesnít want his mom to be pissed at him, but eventually agrees to teach her.

Dominic enters Sonnyís office. Sonny says something about Franco running down Ronnie has been bugging him. He says Franco is all about Jason so he doesnít understand why he would go after Ronnie. Dominic suggests that Ronnie was just an opportunity to lay breadcrumbs for Jason. Sonny says it may be possible that Franco wanted to talk to Ronnie about something that could be useful to them to steer the police investigation in another direction.

At Elizabethís house, Steve tells Elizabeth that they both suffered from having physically and emotionally unavailable parents so it makes sense that when Lucky came along and focused all his attention on her, it had to mean the world to her. He warns her that trying to hold on to something because she is afraid to let go might be a disservice to Lucky, Nikolas and her.

Lulu goes to Nikolasís house and tells she isnít meddling, but has to tell him that Lucky is furious and about to go off. Nikolas says he knows, and he is sorry she got dragged into it. She tells him that Lucky thinks she is covering for Nik and Liz because she covered for her and Jason before. Nikolas says the situation is completely different. Lulu asks if he and Elizabeth are reading from the same bad script. She says the similarity is Luckyís betrayal and in this case, Nikolas is the only villain that Lucky sees. She says Lucky should be just as mad as Elizabeth because she knows Nikolas didnít fall in love with Elizabeth out of nowhere without her active participation.

At the ski cabin, Jax massages Carlyís leg while she laments flying into a tree. Jax tells her that is why he had encouraged her to stay on the trail. Michael and Morgan tell her how funny it was. Michael goes out to get firewood, and when he returns and sees Carly and Josselyn in front of the fireplace, he looks disturbed.

Mac goes into the police forensics lab and tells Sly, the lead CSI that he has an order from the judge to seal the forensics and autopsy results on the Claudia Corinthos case.

Sonny tells Dominic that they need plausible deniability in Claudiaís murder so they need to misdirect suspicion to another suspect. He says Franco is the perfect candidate because he was in town the night Claudia disappeared and he blew up the building where Claudia was found.

In the police forensics lab, Sly shows Mac that the splinters from the weapon that was used to hit Claudia are a match to the torched cabin.

In the ski cabin as Michael watches his mother and sister, he has flashbacks of picking up the axe the night he saved them from Claudia in the other cabin.

In Sonnyís office, Sonny tells Dominic to tell Ronnie to go to the police and tell them that the night Franco came to his hospital room he confessed to Ronnie that he killed Claudia.

In the lab, Sly tells Mac that all he needs is a DNA match to hair collected at the scene. Mac says he wants this case wrapped up as soon as possible.

At the ski cabin, Michael has a flashback of hitting Claudia and watching her fall to the floor.

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