GH Update Wednesday 1/13/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/13/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Jason brings Carly home.  Carly suggests that Jason spend some time with Josslyn.  Realizing that it is a distraction, Jason tells Carly that he is okay.  Carly says that Jason shouldn’t be hard on himself about Lulu.  Carly points out that Dominic saved Lulu in time.  Jason is fixated on finding Franco.  Jason comments that Franco is “smart”.  Carly disagrees; she says that Franco is a “fool” for going against Jason.  Jason admits that he and Franco are a lot alike.  Carly senses that Jason is blaming himself for what happened with Franco.  Carly believes that Franco “can’t touch Jason’s heart.”  Jason is teary-eyed from his talk with Carly.

At Pozzulo’s, Michael tells Dante/Dominic that he doesn’t appreciate him butting in to his conversation with Kristina.  Dominic says that his own mother raised him right.  Michael isn’t impressed.  Dominic argues that Michael puts Sonny up on a pedestal.  Michael doesn’t trust Dominic.  Michael thinks Dominic wants to get closer to Sonny.  Dominic ignores Michael’s comments.  Dominic reminds Michael that Sonny loves his son very much.  Dom adds that Michael has no idea how difficult it is for Sonny to run the organization when his family is always in danger.

At the Crimson office, Sam asks Lucky who he would have chosen to save:  Elizabeth or Lulu.  Before Lucky has a chance to answer, Lulu intervenes and tells the two to stop fighting.  Lucky apologizes to Sam for being out-of-line.  Lulu defends Sam’s position.  Lucky agrees with his sister.  Lucky says that he is thankful that both Lulu and Sam survived.

Nikolas goes to see Liz at home.  Nikolas announces that Lucky came to Wyndemere earlier in the day.  Nikolas is mad that Lucky doesn’t know the whole story.  Nikolas insists that Elizabeth tell Lucky the truth.  Elizabeth refuses since she doesn’t want to lose Lucky.  Nikolas and Elizabeth continue to talk about their feelings for one another.  Liz is adamant that she can’t tell Lucky.  Nikolas begs Elizabeth to give him a chance.  Liz feels bad that she isn’t “being fair to Lucky”.  Nik thinks that Liz is naïve to think that she will live happily ever after with Lucky, Cameron and Jake.  Nikolas points out that Elizabeth is giving him mixed signals.  Elizabeth reminds Nikolas that they are not in a “relationship”.  Nik recalls when Emily was battling cancer.  Nikolas says that he stuck by Emily even though she was involved with Zander.  Nikolas realizes how Zander must have felt then.  Nikolas says that Liz stopped him from leaving for Europe so she must care.  Elizabeth admits that Lucky “deserves better”.  Liz doesn’t have the courage to tell Lucky the truth.  Nikolas believes that Elizabeth is staying with Lucky out of “gratitude”.  Nikolas says that he loves Elizabeth.  Elizabeth confesses that she feels the same way about Nik but she loves Lucky as well.  Elizabeth intends on marrying Lucky.  Nikolas is devastated.

Johnny shows up at Jax’s office to see Olivia.  Olivia asks about Claudia.  Johnny informs Olivia that an autopsy is underway.  Olivia reminds Johnny that the body hasn’t been identified yet as Claudia’s.  Johnny hopes that it is so he can get closure.  Jax walks in.  Johnny is taken aback when Jax gives his condolences regarding Claudia’s death.  Johnny doesn’t understand why Jax would care since no one in Port Charles liked Claudia.  Johnny thinks that Jax can’t wait until Sonny goes to prison.  Johnny leaves the office in a hurry.  Olivia tells Jax that he had an arrogant tone to his voice.  Jax says that he doesn’t want Sonny to be arrested since it will disrupt his family.  Jax brings up Olivia’s secret: that Dante is Sonny’s son.  Jax promises to tell Carly everything once Sonny is convicted.  Olivia worries that her secret will come out sooner than later.  Jax stands up and heads for the door.  Jax tells Olivia that he is going home to tell his family that they will be going skiing in Vermont.

Lulu is surprised to find a designer bag at her workspace.  Maxie says that Lulu should consider it a “gift” since she survived Franco’s game.  Maxie tells Lulu that she was lucky that Franco never took pictures of her.

At the hospital, Lisa thanks Patrick for defending her against Dr. Webber.  Lisa offers to buy Patrick a beer at Jake’s after work.  Patrick says that he doesn’t appreciate being under minded by the chief-of-staff.  Robin walks up to the nurses’ station.  Robin says that Patrick only defended Lisa to cover his own butt.  Patrick isn’t happy that Robin is making a big deal of it.  Robin thinks that Patrick needs to prove himself at work because he is a husband and father now.  Lisa eavesdrops on the conversation.  Patrick says that Robin doesn’t need to “protect him”.  Robin starts to smile which irritates Patrick.  Robin divulges that Patrick and Emma have the same smirk.  Patrick laughs and hugs his wife.  Lisa watches in disgust as Patrick and Robin make up.

Dominic shows up at General Hospital for the autopsy results.  An employee for the coroner’s office is unwilling to give him any information.  Johnny walks over to Dom.  Johnny greets Dominic as Officer Falconeri.  Dominic looks panicked.

Spinelli and Sam run into each other in an alley.  Spinelli is admiring Franco’s graffiti.  Spinelli uses a spray can to tag on the building.  After Sam leaves, Spinelli begins to tag on a dumpster.  Maxie shows up.  Maxie doesn’t understand why Spinelli is trying to emulate Franco.  Maxie suggests a change of scenery.

Jason goes to the police station to talk to Lucky.  In the interrogation room, Lucky confronts Jason.  Lucky thinks that Jason should have saved Lulu.  Lucky brings up Elizabeth’s lies concerning Jake’s paternity.  Jason remains silent as Lucky continues to vent.  Lucky apologizes for being unprofessional.  Jason admits that he was wrong about keeping Jake’s paternity a secret from Lucky for so long.  Lucky appreciates Jason’s honesty.  Lucky has tears in his eyes.

Dominic and Johnny walk into a hospital supply closet to speak candidly.  Johnny admits that he learned the truth when he overheard Dom and Lulu talking on the docks.  Johnny says that Sonny will be mad once he finds out that Dominic is an undercover cop. 

Jax returns home to a living room full of unopened boxes.  Carly asks if they are “post-Christmas or pre-Valentine’s Day” gifts.  Jax knows that Carly is still shaken up by the Franco situation.  Jax promises that everything will return to normal.  When Michael and Morgan return, Carly (who is holding Josslyn), announces that they are going on a ski trip.  Morgan is excited but Michael refuses to go.  Michael brings up his drunk-driving incident.  After some convincing on Michael’s behalf, Jax decides to stay home.  Carly concurs and it is settled that the Jacks family will not be taking the skiing trip.  Carly mentions that in the future she will kick butt on the slopes.  Michael and Morgan laugh.

In the alley, Sam spray paints a heart on the dumpster.  Jason drives by on his motorcycle.  Jason apologizes for the situation with Franco.  Sam wants Jason to let it go.  They hug.  Sam thanks Jason for saving her life.  Sam and Jason kiss.  Sam says that they should go for a ride.  Sam puts on a helmet.  Jason and Sam ride away on the motorcycle.

At Crimson, Lucky returns to tell Lulu that he was wrong in what he said to Sam.  Lulu doesn’t want to make a big deal about it since Dominic saved her.  Lucky brings up that Lulu knew Jason was Jake’s father for months.  Lucky bluntly asks Lulu to be honest:  did she know Nikolas is in love with Elizabeth?  Lulu is speechless.  Lucky updates Lulu about the matter.  Lulu says she didn’t know anything about it.  Lucky thinks Nik has been lying to him for months.  Lulu reassures Lucky that Elizabeth is in love with him – not Nikolas.

At the nurses’ station, Lisa asks Patrick if Robin is okay.  Patrick says that Robin is very protective of her husband.  Robin walks off the elevator with Emma in her arms.  Patrick hugs Emma and tells her goodbye.  Lisa has a scowl on her face.

Dominic finds Johnny having some wine at Pozzulo’s.  Dominic pours himself a glass.  Johnny comments that he and Dom share the same “agenda” but that’s it.  Spinelli walks in and inquires about Sonny and Jason’s whereabouts.  When Johnny says that neither is at the restaurant, Spinelli announces that the police department mainframe is showing the preliminary autopsy report.  Spinelli confirms that the body that was found is Claudia’s.  Johnny asks about the cause of death.  Spinelli says that Claudia died of blunt force trauma to the head.  Dominic says the report proves that Claudia was murdered.  Johnny is silent. 

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