GH Update Monday 1/11/10

General Hospital Update Monday 1/11/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the art studio, Franco speaks into a video camera. Franco explains that he has been an outsider his entire life. Franco admits that he was convicted for a crime he didn’t commit. When he was released from prison, Franco killed a man in Tribeca. Franco feels no remorse for ending the man’s life. Eventually, Franco began making money from his crime-scene art.

“Mad Mad World” plays in the background as Jason and Dominic race to find Sam and Lulu in time. Jason speeds to the abandoned building. Jason finds Sam trapped in a Plexiglas box. Jason instructs Sam to back up. Jason shoots at the lock and Sam manages to get out of the box. Dominic pulls up to the warehouse holding Lulu. Dominic hurries to get to Lulu before the bomb detonates.

Franco can hear an explosion in the distance.

At home, Elizabeth receives a frantic call from Alfred. Elizabeth is shocked to hear that Nikolas is planning a trip out of the country. Elizabeth calls her grandmother to watch the kids for a while. While Liz gets the boys ready to go to Gram’s, she explains to Cameron that she has something important to take care of.

Nikolas is on his jet, waiting to take off. While he sips champagne, Ethan walks in. Ethan asks Nik why he is going to Europe. Nikolas doesn’t have anything to say. Ethan wants to know if Nikolas is chasing Rebecca. Nikolas laughs at the idea. Nikolas admits that he is trying to get away from everything. Ethan doesn’t buy the story. Ethan thinks that Nikolas is still hung up on Rebecca. Nikolas tells Ethan that he needs to move on with his life. Nikolas confides that Rebecca isn’t on his mind anymore. Nikolas doesn’t want to explain himself any further. Nikolas asks Ethan to leave the jet immediately.

Alexis walks into Sonny’s office. Sonny is just finishing with a phone call about the Franco situation. Sonny tells Alexis that Jason will take care of Franco. Alexis doesn’t put much faith in Jason’s abilities. Alexis is concerned about how Kristina will be impacted by the situation. Sonny doesn’t see the problem. Alexis says that Kristina is desperate to spend time with her father. Alexis points out that Sonny’s children will always be in harm’s way.

Jason and Sam are relieved to be alive. However, they are dumbstruck that there is no debris. Jason realizes that Franco placed a fake bomb at Sam’s location. Jason tells Sam that Lulu is missing as well. Sam fears the worst about Lulu’s fate. Jason is relieved that Sam is okay. Meanwhile, Lucky and Steven show up at the site of the explosion. Lucky asks Steven if he saw anyone nearby. Lucky believes that his sister was in the warehouse. Sirens are heard in the distance. Lucky makes some phone calls. Lucky is worried that the top floor of the building has collapsed. Suddenly, Sam and Jason run up to Lucky. Lucky asks about Lulu. Jason relays that Franco put Sam and Lulu at different locations in town. Lucky is furious that Jason wouldn’t try to save Lulu first.

In the car, Kristina and Kiefer talk about Sam’s disappearance. Kiefer has no clue what Kristina is talking about. Kristina is upset that no one is keeping her informed about the situation. Kiefer seems concerned. Kristina blames Sonny for putting Sam in danger. Kristina thinks that her father is naïve to think that his children are safe. Kiefer tells Kristina that she can count on him for support. Kiefer reaches over and kisses Kristina. Kristina apologizes for all the drama in her life. Kiefer brings up that all that will change once Kristina leaves for college.

At the Crimson office, Spinelli is checking out feeds on his laptop. Maxie is pacing the floor because she is concerned about Lulu. Maxie is thinking the worst about her friend. Spinelli sees an alert about a building explosion. Maxie can’t believe Lulu hasn’t called to say that she is alright. Spinelli is impressed by Maxie’s compassion for Lulu.

Alexis and Sonny continue to discuss Kristina’s wellbeing. Sonny teases Alexis about her obsessive worrying. Alexis can’t believe that Sonny isn’t taking this seriously. As they argue, Alexis gets a phone call. It is Sam. Sam explains that she is alive and well but Franco isn’t done with his games. Alexis is thankful that Sam is alright. Alexis informs Sonny that Sam is safe.

At the explosion site, Jason tells Lucky that Franco used a fake bomb at Sam’s location. Lucky is irate that Jason would choose Sam over Lulu. While they argue, Lulu’s faint voice can be heard from nearby. Dominic is helping Lulu outside. Lucky is thankful to see that his sister is okay. Jason nods at Dominic for saving Lulu.

While Nikolas waits for the jet to take off, Elizabeth shows up. Nikolas doesn’t understand why Elizabeth would want to see him. Elizabeth blurts out that she doesn’t want Nik to go. Nikolas wants to leave so he doesn’t have to tell Lucky the truth. Elizabeth is astonished that Nikolas is running away. Nikolas confesses that it hurts too much to watch Liz and Lucky together. Nikolas brings up a valid point: why isn’t Elizabeth leaving him alone if she is moving on with Lucky? Elizabeth tries to dodge the question. Nikolas asks if Elizabeth loves Lucky. Elizabeth feels torn between Lucky and Nikolas. Elizabeth is unsure of what to do. Elizabeth adds that it won’t help matters if Nikolas runs away.

Alexis returns home. Molly wants to hear the news about Sam. Alexis wants to tell both of her daughters about Sam but Kristina isn’t home. Alexis tells Molly that Sam is safe and sound. Molly thinks that Jason rescued Sam. Alexis tries to change the subject but Molly keeps talking about Sam and Jason’s love. Kristina walks in and inquires about Sam. Alexis tells Kristina the good news but she is in a terrible mood nevertheless. Alexis senses that Kristina is still mad at Sonny. Kristina is stone-faced during her heart-to-heart with Alexis. Alexis understands that Kristina wants to connect with Sonny. Kristina asserts that she doesn’t want anything to do with Sonny and rushes upstairs to her bedroom.

Sonny makes a call from his office. Over the phone, Sonny tells Dominic that he owes him big time for saving Lulu. Olivia knocks on Sonny’s office door. Sonny asks Olivia to come in. Olivia needs to speak to Sonny about a business matter. Olivia is curious about Dominic. Sonny says that Dominic saved Lulu’s life. However, Sonny is troubled by his talk with Alexis. Sonny feels guilty about putting his children in danger. Olivia’s comforting words seem to get through to Sonny. Johnny walks in and asks about the explosion. Sonny updates Johnny about the situation. Johnny isn’t happy to hear that Franco is the cause of all this.

Outside, Lulu tells Lucky, Dominic, and Jason what Franco said about Jason - that he needed to make the “right choice”. Jason realizes that Franco was testing him this whole time. (Franco knew Jason would save Sam so that is why he put the real bomb at Lulu’s location.) Lucky is still angry with Jason but they decide to go after Franco. They leave the area in a hurry.

Sonny and Olivia show up to see how Lulu is doing. Johnny appears at the same time. Someone announces that a body was found among the debris. Johnny believes it is Claudia. Olivia glances over at Sonny to see his reaction.

At the studio, Franco puts a DVD into an envelope.

Jason and Lucky arrive at the studio. Jason warns Lucky that Franco is playing games with them. Jason fears that Franco has set a trap for them at the studio. Lucky wants to enter the building but Jason says no.

Franco leaves the studio through a back door. Franco stops for a second and waits until he sees his place blow up. Franco smiles and walks away from the scene.

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