GH Update Friday 1/8/10

General Hospital Update Friday 1/8/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky and Dominic are in a warehouse that Franco uses to store things. Lucky agrees that it is too risky to make their search official police business. He says Dominic has been searching as a boyfriend and Lucky has been searching as a worried brother, but they need to search again as cops: thoroughly and systematically. Dominic finds a stick of chalk and believes it is out of place in the warehouse.

Lulu is restrained to a chair with a time bomb underneath it in an otherwise empty room, screaming for help.

Sonny enters his office behind the restaurant and wonders why Michael is there. He tells him he should not be running around alone. He says things have changed and he has decided that Michael and Morgan should leave the country with Carly and Jax. Sonny wonders what is wrong when Michael doesn’t respond to anything Sonny has said. Michael reveals that he almost called Lucky to confess that he killed Claudia.

Jason is at Franco’s studio. Franco searches him for weapons with a handheld metal detector while two videographers record everything. Jason demands that Franco tell him where Sam is. Franco shows him a photograph of Sam in a Plexiglas cell.

In Sonny’s office, he asks Michael why he would want to confess to killing Claudia. Michael reveals that it is driving him crazy. Sonny tells him that it will be good for him to get out of town to deal with his feelings. Michael says Lucky wants to help him. Sonny tells Michael cannot tell Lucky about what happened to Claudia because that would make it impossible for Sonny to fix it. Michael tells Sonny that he literally wants to throw up when he thinks about it. Sonny tells Michael that he did what he had to do to protect his mother and sister. Michael says it was still wrong. Sonny tells his son that he was not wrong, but what Sonny did was wrong.

Robin goes to General Hospital to meet Dr Webber. He tells her that he heard a rumor about Dr Niles running out of a patient’s room claiming that there was a man threatening the patient with a gun and then Robin left the same patient’s room with a man wearing a leather jacket. Robin admits that it is true and confirms that the gunman was Jason Morgan. She tells Dr Webber that Jason would not have hurt the patient and that the patient said nothing happened. She says she doesn’t think it will happen again. Dr Webber says he will leave it at that but since she is here, he would also like to talk to her about Patrick. She tells him Patrick isn’t always an arrogant jerk with authority issues.

In the warehouse, Dominic observes that Franco seems to keep going back to the original bust in Tribeca with his artwork. Lucky realizes Dominic is referring to similar settings and landmarks. Dominic says they need to pull the original file to see if anything in it will give them a clue about where he may have Lulu and Sam.

Sam is in the Plexiglas cell fiddling with the lamp. The bomb under the cell has 50 minutes remaining.

In Franco’s studio, he tells Jason that Sam’s cell has all the comforts of home. Jason says the photo alone could get him arrested. Franco says performance art is not a crime. Jason says it is kidnapping. He tells the cinematographers that the woman in the photo will die, and they will be accessories. Franco shows Jason the timer in the photograph and comments that there is less time on it now. Jason grabs one of the cameras and throws it against the wall. He goes after the other camera and Franco tells the men to go, but to leave the camera. The camera operators leave.

In Sonny’s office, he tells Michael that he cannot blame himself for what happened to Claudia. He says he brought Claudia into his life. Claudia put the hit on Sonny, not Michael. Sonny took Michael to the warehouse. He says when Michael woke up from the coma his mother was married to Jax, expecting a baby and his father was married to Claudia, and she was pregnant. He says it was no wonder he felt like he didn’t fit in. Sonny says he let Claudia manipulate Michael to get close to him. Michael says Sonny didn’t know that Claudia was responsible for his being shot. Sonny argues that he gave Claudia the benefit of the doubt when she didn’t deserve it and then yelled at her in public when he found out the truth. He says it is all on him. Michael says that if Sonny can take responsibility for what Claudia did, the he does too. Sonny says Michael didn’t kill Claudia for power or revenge; he was saving his mother and sister from a situation that Sonny created. Michael asks him why they need to cover it up if it was right. Sonny explains that Michael will never receive fair treatment from the legal system because he is Sonny’s son. Michael says Carly wants to work out a plea bargain for self-defense or justifiable homicide. Sonny explains it is too late for that because the evidence is gone. Michael laments not telling the truth when it happens. Sonny says that if Diane had come up with a plea bargain for him, Michael would still have the stigma of killing him follow him for the rest of his life. Michael just wants it to be over. Sonny tells him to trust him; he will make it go away. He assures Michael that nothing he does will ever make him stop loving him.

At General Hospital, Robin explains Patrick to Dr Webber. She tells him that he is driven to be the best, but tact is not his strong suit. She tells him that Patrick never intended to come to Port Charles, but she found Patrick to help Jason Morgan with complications that could have killed him. She tells him that Michael Corinthos would still be in a coma without Patrick’s expertise. Dr. Webber concedes that Patrick could write his own ticket anywhere.

In Franco’s warehouse, Dominic wonders if the plastique, detonators, and drawing that Franco left in the warehouse mean that he wants them to know what he has in mind for Lulu. Lucky tells Dominic that he has a hard copy of the file from the original Tribeca case at the station, but warns Dominic that if they go through with their plan, his cover will be blown. Dominic says he doesn’t care about his cover; he needs to find Lulu.

At Franco’s Studio, Jason asks Franco what he wants to know. Franco says he wants to know what makes Jason who he is, what he thinks about, what matters to him, how he feels about what he does. Jason says he doesn’t know how to tell Franco any of that. Franco asks him to start with what goes through his head when he kills. Jason says the other person usually fires first. Franco doesn’t believe that it is always self-defense. Jason says he will tell him everything that he wants to know when he tells him where Sam is. Franco tells him they will play by his rules. He tells Jason that if he doesn’t talk to him, his girlfriend and the other one will die. Jason sits down and says killing was the first thing he was ever good at.

Alexis meets Sonny at his office. He tells her that Franco has taken Sam and Lulu and is going after everyone that Jason cares about. He tells her that Kristina is probably safe because she has no ties to Jason. Alexis asks Sonny to tell him everything he knows but before he can answer, Kristina comes in. Alexis tells her that Sam is missing. Kristina confronts her father and says that anything that happened to Sam is his fault.

Dominic and Lucky are in the police station. Dominic notices that the victim in the photograph from the Tribeca murder in 2003 is posed the same way as Joey Limbo was. He laments that he has found nothing to lead him to Lulu. Lucky says Luke always told him to start with the phone book because what you are looking for might be right in front of your face. He suggests that maybe they can find an address. Dominic says the original crime was at 127 Church Street. They determine to discover what that address has to do with Port Charles.

Lulu is strapped to the chair screaming for help with the bomb timer at 29 minutes.

Sam is attempting to dismantle the metal fastening mechanism on the Plexiglas cell. She notices something in the room outside of the cell.

Jason is in Franco’s studio telling him about the car accident that left his brain damaged and causing him to be emotionally detached. He says everyone treated him as if he was slow or stupid and then Sonny gave him a job. He explains that it was when Sonny’s wife died and Sonny wanted to take it out on the world that he put a gun in Jason’s hand. Jason says he finally found something he could do well and he could be what Sonny needed. Franco concludes that Jason wanted to be needed. Jason says that when he has a gun in his hand he isn’t broken; he is competent. He just does his job without thinking about it; he just reacts. He tells Franco that he is not like him. Franco agrees that Jason is not like him. He says Jason has a gift but he doesn’t honor it, so he would have been better off if he had died in that crash. He says Jason doesn’t deserve what he has in store for him.

In Sonny’s office, Kristina tells Sonny that Jason is not in charge; Sonny is. She asks him who he made mad enough to take it out on her sister. Sonny tells her he has all of his people looking for her. Kristina says she hasn’t heard from Sam since before New Year’s and concludes that Sam has been in trouble the whole time. She asks her father why he doesn’t call the police. Sonny says he is handling it. Kristina doesn’t believe him. He assures her that Jason will find Sam. Kristina says Sam wouldn’t be in this mess if Jason didn’t work for Sonny.

At General Hospital, Robin and Steve Webber talk some more about Patrick and the hospital. She notes that Steve has the daunting task of filling his grandfather’s shoes. As Robin is leaving to go home, she asks him if he has found a place to live yet. He tells her he is staying in a rental in Bristol Street.

Dominic and Lucky are investigating the significance of 127 Church Street. Lucky finds that there is no Church Street in Port Charles. They don’t know of any abandoned churches. Lucky wonders if the numbers are significant. He says 1, 2, and 7 add up to 10 and wonders if it means 10 churches or 10th Street. Lucky asks Dominic what Tribeca has in common with Port Charles. He says Tribeca has warehouses and factories that artists used as lofts. Then rich people moved in. now it has trendy restaurants and nightclubs. He says Tribeca stands for Triangle Below Canal, and its borders are Broome St, Broadway, and the Hudson River. Dominic notices a bridge outside the window in the crime scene photograph and asks Lucky if there are any warehouses with little foot traffic that have a view of a bridge. Lucky says there are warehouses on Van Ness with a view of the Harrington Bridge, but C077X has not been tagged anywhere near there. Dominic wonders if that is the point. Lucky goes to send some officers to canvass the area.

In Franco’s studio, he tells Jason wanted to find someone who understood him, but instead he finds that Jason has extraordinary talent but only regards what he does as a job. Jason tells Franco that he can be done with him as soon as he tells him where Sam and Lulu are. Franco starts babbling about how glorious it is to have the power to take or spare a life and how he used it to make art while Jason only takes orders. Jason gets up and demands to know about Sam and Lulu. Franco tells Jason he is a waste and that he disgusts him. He says Jason is the freak because he is a god who wants to be human while Franco is true to himself. Jason says being able to kill does not make him superior; animals can kill. He says Franco is a sick, vicious, deluded animal. Franco says Jason doesn’t deserve him but he will free him anyway. Jason tells him to shut up and tell him where his friends are. Franco tells him he will leave him with nothing but the purity of his talent and his rage. He says Jason’s hatred of Franco will burn everything else away. He says Jason is not worthy of the choice he had offered. He says that instead, he will leave Jason with a mirror to show him how he really is and let everyone he cares about burn in hell. Jason takes the bait and attacks Franco. He pushes him down on the desk and starts to strangle him.

Lucky goes back to the room at the police station where Dominic is waiting and tells him that Mac has sent some people over to Van Ness Street. Dominic says he doesn’t think that is where Lulu is. Lucky says they have to follow every lead because Franco is arrogant and daring them to find him. Dominic shows Lucky the photograph of the outside of the building where the original Tribeca murder occurred. They notice the building is named “the Grant Building.” Lucky tells Dominic that there is a Grant Building in Port Charles on the other side of the wharf, and he has seen graffiti over there. Lucky leaves to investigate and tells Dominic to keep looking for clues in the file.

In Franco’s studio, Jason says he will snap his neck unless Franco tells him where Sam and Lulu are. He picks Franco up and throws him against a footlocker on the floor. Franco looks up at Jason and says he wins; they are the same. He tells Jason that there are two warehouses, each two miles away in opposite directions. Sam is at Second and Powell; Lulu is at 234 Bristol. He tells him that both women are sitting on bombs that are set to go off in 8 minutes. He tells him he has to choose; he can’t get to both of them. He says Jason will come looking for him when this is over.

Sam is in the Plexiglas cell and sees the reflection of the bomb timer with 7:41 minutes remaining.

In Sonny’s office, he tells Kristina that he understands that she is upset, but she has years to be mad at him; right now, she has to step up and help her mother get through this. Alexis wants to know what she can do to help. Sonny says Sam is resourceful and may have escaped by now. Alexis asks how much the police know. He tells her that Lucky Spencer is involved because his sister Lulu is also missing. Alexis is confused. Sonny explains that Franco is a madman playing a game and he only wants to deal with Jason. Kristina says Sam believes in Jason and she would want him to look for her. Kristina and Alexis head out to go home and check on Molly. Sonny says he will let Alexis know if anything changes.

Jason races out to his car, and speeds off. He calls Dominic and gives him the address where Lulu is. He tells him he has six minutes.

“Mad world” instrumental is playing.

Franco is in his studio making a video of himself. He tells the camera that he always knew he was different. He felt nothing. He never understood why people laughed or cried. He says he learned to mimic them to pass for ordinary. He says he was eighteen when he went to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. He learned a lot while he was there. He says the convicts told stories, mostly lies, about people they had killed and it made him curious so he decided to kill someone to see what it was like. He says he shot a man in Tribeca and watched him die but didn’t feel anything so he turned it into art and never stopped.

“Mad world” continues with Adam Lambert's vocals.

The bomb timers have 55 seconds remaining. Lulu is strapped to the chair while Dominic is driving to her location. Sam is trapped in the Plexiglas cell while Jason is driving to her. The timers count down from 20 seconds as Dominic and Jason arrive at their respective destinations. Sam’s timer says 11 seconds when Jason enters the room where Sam is in the Plexiglas cell.

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