GH Update Thursday 1/7/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/7/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Max, Milo, Sonny, and Franco are in Sonnyís office behind the restaurant. Sonny, who has his pistol pointed at Franco, tells Max and Milo to get out. Max suggests that they contact Jason. Franco agrees, saying Jason has not been returning his calls. Sonny asks Franco where Sam is and when he refuses to tell him, Sonny cocks his gun and puts it to Francoís chest. Franco says Sonny wonít shoot him. He has Max remove something from his jacket pocket and give it to Sonny. Sonny opens it and discovers that Franco has a picture of Michael kneeling over Claudia.

The Jacks family is packing to leave the country. Michael tells Carly that it sucks. Carly tells him they are doing this to keep the kids safe. Michael says it is Jasonís job to keep them safe, and he failed when he didnít waste Franco in the first place. Carly tells Michael he is an ungrateful little punk and that Jason is in a living hell because of Michael.

Jason is at a warehouse where he suspects Franco stashed Claudiaís body. While he is looking around, he finds a brick of plastic explosive.

Dominic is at Crimson where Maxie is talking to the building superintendant on the phone. When she hangs up, she tells Dominic that the super has not seen Lulu. Dominic says Lulu is still not answering her cell phone, but Maxie suggests that Lulu just doesnít want to talk to him. Dominic points out that even if that were true, it is unlikely that Lulu would walk out of work and not leave a note. Maxie asks Dominic why Franco would want to take Lulu since she isnít involved. Dominic tells her that Lulu may not be who Franco expected to find when he came to Crimson.

Lulu is alone in a room, duct taped to a chair with a bomb underneath it.

At Elizabethís house, after Lucky has revealed that he heard her and Nikolas talking at the hospital, Elizabeth tells him she is sorry. Lucky tells Elizabeth that it isnít her fault that Nikolas betrayed him by confessing his love for her.

At Crimson, Maxie asks Dominic why he thinks Franco would want to kidnap her when Jason barely tolerates her. Dominic says that it would hurt Spinelli, who is like a brother to Jason. He tells her that Franco is playing head games with Jason and is orchestrating a situation where Jason will have to choose. He concludes that Franco will try to force Jason to choose between Sam and Spinelli.

While Jason is going through papers he has found at the warehouse, Dominic calls him and alerts him that Franco may have taken Lulu.

At the Jackís house, Carly tells Michael that Jason didnít ďmess up,Ē he has been trying to keep Michael safe. She tells him that Franco has been following Jason for months and was at the cabin with a camera the night Claudia was killed. She tells him that Franco has evidence that Michael killed Claudia and will not hesitate to give it to the police if Jason doesnít play his game. She tells him he needs to cut Jason some slack. Michael says he didnít ask any of them to keep him safe and that they should let him handle his own life.

Sonny kicks Max & Milo out of his office and tells them to get everyone out of the restaurant. He tells them not to come back into the office until he calls them, no matter what they hear. After they have left, Franco tells Sonny to tell Jason that he wants another meeting and Jason must come alone with no weapons, no phone, and no backup. He says he will contact Jason with the time and place. Sonny asks him if the alternative is that Franco turns the photo of Michael over to the police. Franco says that picture isnít leverage; he can do better. Sonny asks where Sam is. Franco evades the question by saying that one hot girlfriend and one innocent bystander means that Jason will do anything Franco wants. Sonny says not if he doesnít deliver the message. Franco says Sonny will deliver the message because Jason is the killer while Sonny is a coward who hides behind his bodyguards. Sonny tells Franco he doesnít have to try so hard to piss him off because he is already ready to kick his psychotic ass. Franco dares Sonny to try.

Robin, Patrick, and Lisa are playing pool at Jakeís Roadhouse. When Patrick goes to the bar to get more drinks, Robin thanks Lisa for steering the conversation away from work by bringing up Patrickís car racing days. Robin receives a call from Dr. Webber and has to leave. Lisa asks Patrick how much he misses the old thrills on and off the racetrack.

At Elizabethís house, she asks Lucky how much of her conversation with Nikolas he overheard. He says that he heard Nikolasís confession and left because he didnít want to confront him and cause a scene at Elizabethís workplace. He asks her how long Nikolas has been pursuing her. She admits it has been a while. He asks her if she feels the same way about Nikolas and she denies it. He asks her why she didnít say anything to him and she says she didnít say anything because she didnít want to be the cause of Lucky and Nikolas becoming estranged. Lucky concludes that Nikolas broke up with Rebecca because he wants Elizabeth. Elizabeth says that whatever Nikolas is feeling, it isnít love. It is just another way to remain close to Emily. Lucky reminds her that Emily has been dead for two years and can no longer be an excuse for Nikís behavior. She supposes she empathizes because she turned to Jason when she thought she lost Lucky in a fire.

Franco sits down in Sonnyís office. Sonny puts his gun down on the desk and tells Franco that people think he is a street punk who turned an obsession with murder into a career but he is really a lovesick groupie with a crush on a rock star hit man he can never have. Sonny asks Franco if he wants approval, justification, or partnership from Jason. Franco says it is too late. Sonny concludes that Franco wants to kill Sam and an innocent bystander because Jason hurt his feelings. He says that will get Jasonís attention, but Jason will only kill him. Franco says it will be enough that Jason will try. Sonny says Franco doesnít want to die; he wants people who donít care if he was ever born to need him. Franco tells Sonny to give Jason his message and leaves.

Dominic has joined Jason in the warehouse. Dominic wonders why an artist would need so much explosive material. Jason surmises that Franco is building multiple bombs. He shows Dominic a sketchpad with the schematic of a Plexiglas enclosure and says he is afraid that Franco is holding Sam or Lulu in it. Dominic tells Jason that he thinks Franco only took Lulu because Maxie wasnít there. Jason says he understands how taking Maxie and forcing a choice between Sam and Spinelli makes sense, but does not understand the advantage of taking Lulu. Sonny calls Jasonís cell phone and tells him that Franco was there. He says Jason has to do something about him.

At the Jacksí house, Michael reminds his mother that he is eighteen and no one id obligated to protect him. Carly tells him that it is not about obligation or age; they are his family and they love him. He tells her that he woke up from the coma a different person. They donít know him enough to love him. He says he went into the coma as an ordinary kid and came out a killer. Carly screams that he is not a killer; Claudiaís death was an accident. She tells him that she knows he is trying to cope, but he doesnít have to do it alone. He insists that he doesnít need help; he is handling it.

At Elizabethísí house, Lucky tells her that this situation is not the same as when Elizabeth thought Lucky died in a fire and besides, Jason is not his brother. Lucky says he thinks Luke picked up on Nikolasí feelings for Elizabeth because he has been hostile toward Nikolas and tried to warn Lucky. He says it also explains why Elizabeth has been so conflicted and awkward when Nikolas is around. Elizabeth apologizes for handling the situation so poorly. Lucky tells her he understands that she was trying to keep the peace between him and his brother but he doesnít think that will be possible now. Elizabeth asks him if he can pretend he never heard their conversation and put it behind him because Nikolas understands that Elizabeth loves Lucky and wants to spend her life with him. Lucky says he canít promise that. He says it could be worse; she could love Nikolas back. She nervously laughs. Luckyís phone rings. Dominic tells him he needs to see him ASAP about Lulu.

Lulu is in the room struggling in the chair. She manages to free her right hand from the restraint. She hears the door and places her hand back into the now loose restraint. Franco enters and she tells him he had better let her go. He tells her he has had a bad day too. She tells him he isnít sitting on top of explosives. He tells her she has a 50-50 chance; now it is up to Jason to choose wrong. She says Jason is not going to do that so it is up to her. She tells him she will see him in hell as she frees her hand and pulls on the wire attached to the explosives.

Jason bursts into Sonnyís office and asks him what the message was. Sonny wants to know if Jason told Franco where his office is. Of course, Jason didnít tell him. Jason asks again about the message. He starts to say what Franco wants, but Sonny cuts him off and says he doesnít care what Franco wants and Jason needs to stop being so freaked out. He says he needs to take Franco alive and get him to reveal Sam and the innocent bystanderís location. Jason says he thinks Lulu is the bystander. He says the only way to save Sam and Lulu is to do what Franco tells him to do. He asks again, what the message was. Sonny says Franco wants another meeting and that Jason should come with no backup and no gun, but Jason is going to do the opposite. Jason tells Sonny that Franco has enough explosives to rig two bombs for Lulu and Sam. Suddenly they hear an explosion.

At the Jacksí house, Carly tells Michael that it is unhealthy to internalize his emotions. She says they will back up and choke him. She explains that he will still feel what he is going to feel; it will just come out in different ways. She says she sees that he is not eating or sleeping; he is angry, lashing out at people he loves, antagonizing cops, and now driving drunk. She says she is scared for him. He says that if he canít fix anything and everyone else is fixing his messes, he should at least get a grip on his own turmoil and not dump it on her. She tells him that she dumps everything on Jason and asks him if he thinks that makes her weak. He says no. he tells her that it is not that he cannot sleep but that he doesnít want to sleep because he has nightmares about killing Claudia. He tells her that he was just trying to stop Claudia to help Carly and Josselyn. He cries as he says Claudia was not supposed to die. Carly holds her son and they cry together.

Spinelli goes to Crimson. Maxie tells him that she did something stupid and reckless and now Lulu is going to pay for it. Spinelli asks her to calm down and explain. She manages to tell him that Lulu is gone and Dominic thinks Franco took her. She babbles on about Francoís death match where Jason would have to choose between Maxie and Sam, but he took Lulu instead because Maxie wasnít there at the time.

In Sonnyís office, he wonders why Franco is taking so long to call. Jason is about to call Franco when Max and Milo enter and tell them that the explosion was in a vacant storage building on First and Metropolitan Streets with no people or property inside and very little damage. Jason says Franco is supposed to call him. Sonny says Franco enjoys yanking Jasonís chain and if Jason is unable to do this, Sonny will do it himself; otherwise, Jason, Max, and Milo are to get as many men as they need and go to the warehouse on First and Metropolitan to take the bastard down. He tells them to keep him breathing because Franco needs to see how Sonny plays the game. Jason says that is the wrong thing to do right now. He says Franco has Sam and Lulu, he has Claudiaís body, and he has pictures of Michael kneeling over Claudiaís body. Jason says Franco will not be at that warehouse; he set the bomb to send a message. Jason says he has to respond the way Franco expects or Franco will use the evidence he has against Michael and he will kill Sam and Lulu. Sonny tells Jason that if he keeps playing Francoís game, Franco will keep thinking he is winning. He tells Jason to go to the warehouse. Jason argues that Franco will not be at the warehouse; the cops will be there. Sonny tells Jason to find a way to take care of Franco because he is sick of him. Sonny, Max and Milo leave Jason alone in Sonnyís office.

At Jakeís Roadhouse, Lisa tells Patrick that she would have thought that he was the wild man in Robinís life, so she was surprised to find that a hot, blond mob enforcer preceded him, and Patrick turned out to be minivans and light beer. She says she is glad that they ended their relationship when they did because she has cool memories of Wild Man Drake.

Elizabeth goes to Nikolasí house tells him that Lucky heard them talking at the hospital earlier. Nikolas thinks that is good.

Lucky arrives at the warehouse where Dominic is waiting for him. He tells him that the Corinthos warehouse by the docks just exploded. He asks Dominic what this place is and Dominic says itís Francoís workshop. He tells him about the explosives and says Franco could potentially blow up Sam and Lulu just to teach Jason a lesson. Dominic says they need to make sure Franco stays in town and to accomplish that, they need to keep the game with Jason going.

At Crimson, Maxie tells Spinelli that she doesnít know how he can stand to look at her after she betrayed him with someone so opposite from him because she was so foolish and flattered that some larger-than-life artist would be interested in her. Spinelli tells her not to blame herself for something she could not control. He tells her that Franco had a plan and used her as part of it. He tells her that she is right to fear for Luluís safety but assures her that Maxie sleeping with Franco was not the cause of Luluís kidnapping. Maxie tells him that Franco only took Lulu because Maxie was not there. She reveals that at the time she was ransacking Francoís studio to recover compromising photographs. Maxie asks Spinelli what will happen if she loses Lulu as she lost Georgie. Spinelli holds her.

Jason is in his car driving to the warehouse that Franco bombed. He calls Diane and asks her to meet him there. He has a bad connection so he has to repeat ďFirst and MetĒ several times. Suddenly he realizes the significance of the street names and tells Diane never mind, he will call her back. He makes a U-turn.

At Wyndemere, Elizabeth wonders how Nikolas can think Lucky overhearing them can be good. He tells her that if Lucky knows they have been sleeping together, they can stop the charade. She informs him that Lucky only heard him claiming to be infatuated. He tells her he is not infatuated with her; he is in love with her. He asks her if Lucky confronted her about that. She says it was not a confrontation because Lucky thinks the feelings are one-sided and she let him believe it. She says she will continue to lie to preserve her relationship with Lucky. She tells Nikolas that if he loves her, then he will also lie to make things right with Lucky. He tells her that not all the lies in the world will change the fact that he loves her and she loves him. She turns and leaves.

Sonny goes to Carlyís house and tells her he has changed his mind; she and Jax can take the kids. He notices the luggage and wonders why he bothered since she was obviously going to take them anyway. She asks him not to be mad at her; she is just trying to protect the kids. She tells him that she thinks Michael had a breakthrough; she thinks he will be ok.

Michael is sitting at the desk in Jaxís home office holding a sticky note with Luckyís phone number written on it. He picks up his cell phone and dials.

Jason goes to Francoís studio. When he enters, photographers are there. He asks them where Franco is. Franco says Jason has to admit it was clever that he used ďFirst and MetĒ as a clue for Jason to come to where they first met. Jason tells Franco to get rid of the photographers. Franco says Jason wonít notice they are there. Jason asks why they are there. Franco says they are making art. Jason asks Franco if he thinks their presence will stop him from killing Franco. Franco says what he knows and Jason doesnít know will stop him. Jason demands to know what Franco did with Sam and Lulu. Franco says he first needs to know if Jason cooperated. Jason says he is unarmed and has no cell phone or backup. Franco takes a portable metal detector out of his back pocket so he can search Jason.

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