GH Update Wednesday 1/6/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/6/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky walks up to the nurses station where he spots Epiphany behind the desk.  Lucky inquires about Elizabethís whereabouts.

In a hospital room, Nikolas and Elizabeth have an intense conversation about their relationship.  Elizabeth wants to move on with her life.  Nikolas asserts that he canít live without Liz.  Unknown to both of them, Lucky is listening in.  Nikolas admits that he is in love with Elizabeth.  Lucky is visibly hurt by the announcement.  Hearing enough, Lucky walks away.  Elizabeth denies feeling the same way for Nik.  Elizabeth wants a life with Lucky.  Nikolas is stubborn and wonít walk away.  They discuss their secret trysts.  Elizabeth makes it clear that she is through with Nikolas.

At home, Carly asks Morgan if he is packed for their trip to Australia.  Jax tells Carly that they can buy summer clothes for Josslyn when they arrive there.  Morgan suggests calling lady Jane, but Jax wants the visit to be a surprise.  Sonny walks in.  Carly apologizes for not calling Sonny first.  Carly fills Sonny in on the Franco situation, how he broke into their home, tagged the nursery, and kidnapped Carly.  Sonny is relieved that Carly and Josslyn are okay.  Sonny blurts out that Michael and Morgan will be staying in Port Charles with him.

Dominic is surprised to find Maxie at Francoís art studio.  Maxie is rummaging through files looking for something.  Dominic asks Maxie what she is doing.  Maxie is evasive towards Domís questions.  Dominic manages to find a file filled with bomb specs.  Maxie is horrified since she thought Franco was harmless. 

Jason aims a gun at Ronnie at the hospital.  Ronnie insists that he doesnít know where Franco is.  After some threats, Ronnie spills the beans.  Ronnie explains that Franco took the fall for him when he robbed a store so he has bailed out the artist from time to time.  Jason senses that Ronnie isnít telling him everything.  Ronnie swears that he doesnít know if Franco was the cause of his hit-and-run.  Jason asks Ronnie where Franco used to hang out.  Ronnie admits that Franco used a shed to store art supplies, somewhere near the el in Brooklyn. 

At the hospital, Robin and Patrick talk about a patient.  Robin and Patrick have conflicting opinions on how to treat the patient.  Lisa walks by on her way to Ronnieís room.  As Jason continues to interrogate Ronnie, Lisa enters the hospital room.  Lisa tells Jason to leave immediately or sheíll alert security.  Jason doesnít move.  Jason instructs Lisa to leave the area.  Lisa runs to Robin and tells her about the situation in Ronnieís room.  Robin tells Lisa that she will take care of it.  Lisa is shocked that Robin isnít notifying security.  Patrick mentions that Robin and Jason used to be a couple back in the day.  Lisa canít believe it.

Robin tells Jason that she doesnít want any trouble at the hospital.  Jason decides that he has enough information to work with.  Jason leaves Ronnie unharmed.  Jason tells Robin about the situation with Franco, that Sam is missing.  Jason is adamant that Robin needs to be careful since Franco is targeting people that he cares about.  Robin agrees to be on alert.

Dominic and Maxie continue to search Francoís studio but they donít uncover any clues.  Maxie is unwilling to tell Dominic why she is there.  Dom thinks that Maxie is naÔve about the sociopathic artist.

Carly and Sonny argue about where the kids will stay for now.  Sonny wants Michael and Morgan to stay put, but Carly thinks it is best if her entire family is out of harmís way.  Michael suggests that Morgan go to Australia but he will stay with Sonny.  Carly isnít convinced.  Michael and Morgan are asked to go to their bedrooms.  The adults talk about a compromise.  Jax thinks that Sonny is being selfish.  Jax and Sonny argue while Carly is stuck in the middle.  Sonny leaves the Jacks home.

Patrick tells Lisa about Robinís teenage relationship with Stone Cates.  Patrick explains that Robin contracted HIV when she was with Stone.  Lisa brings up Jason.  Patrick confides that Jason was Robinís support after Stoneís death.

Jason returns home.  Spinelli is working on his laptop.  Jason tells Spinelli what Ronnie said.  Spinelli says he will check out rail yards near Port Charles.  As Jason waits for some good news, Dominic calls him.  Dominic announces that Franco is working on a bomb.

Nikolas and Elizabeth walk to the nurses station.  Nikolas still wants to talk but Liz wants to get back to work.  Lucky interrupts their conversation.  Nikolas covers by saying he and Liz were discussing an issue concerning the new chief-of-staff,  Steven Webber.  Lucky plays stupid and doesnít reveal what he heard earlier.

Olivia goes to Crimson because Kate needs a favor.  Maxie tells Olivia that she is doing everything she can to locate Franco and ask him to do the photo shoot.  Olivia thinks that Maxie is crazy since Franco is a psycho.  Maxie doesnít want to accept that Franco is as bad as everyone says he is.  Olivia says that Maxie needs to be careful right now.

Ronnie thanks Robin for stopping Jason in time.  Robin says that she and Jason are very close.

Dominic shows up at Jasonís penthouse.  Dominic explains what he discovered at the art studio.  Dominic blurts out that Maxie was also there.  Spinelli is sickened by the news.  Spinelli is worried about Maxie and thinks she is in danger. 

Lisa and Robin head over to Jakeís.  Lisa brings up Jason.  Robin speaks highly of Jason.  As they are talking, Patrick walks in to the bar.  Patrick asks the women what they were discussing.  Robin says that Jason is the reason that she is here today.  Patrick looks uncomfortable due to Robinís high praise of Jason.  Lisa offers to change the subject. 

Carly and Jax discuss what to do next.  Jax wants the entire family to go to Australia.  Carly doesnít know what to do.  Carly mentions that Sonny brought up some good points earlier in the evening.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that something is on his mind.  Elizabeth looks concerned.  Lucky says he knows why Elizabeth has been acting so strange around Nik.  Elizabeth is visibly worried.

Spinelli learns that there is a shed near Port Charles registered under the name J. Depp.  Jason realizes that the shed belongs to Franco.  Jason heads over to the location.  Jason enters the shed, not knowing what to expect.  Jason notices a cooler in the corner, which makes him wonder if Claudiaís body is in there.

Dominic heads over to Crimson.  Lulu is nowhere to be found.  Maxie wonders where Lulu is.  Dominic realizes that Franco might have kidnapped Lulu.

Lulu is in a dark room, tied up to a bomb.

Max and Milo are eating at the restaurant.  Max comments to Milo that Sonny is in a terrible mood.  Suddenly, they notice that someone is tagging the restaurant window.  Franco is escorted into Sonnyís office by Max and Milo.  Sonny isnít happy to see Franco.  Sonny is tired of Francoís head games.  Franco wonít reveal anything about Samís whereabouts.  Sonny asks Franco if he is ready to die.

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