GH Update Tuesday 1/5/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/5/10


Written by Brad
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny sits in the police station next to a desk. As he waits, he reaches over and opens a file, trying to get a peek. Lucky walks into the police station and up behind Sonny, catching him in the act. Lucky reminds Sonny that what's in that file is classified information and assumes he is there waiting to see Jason. Sonny tells him in face he is. He heard from the Mayor's office that Jason had been arrested, but has not asked for a lawyer or bail. Sonny demands to know what the hell is going on.

Jax is standing in the nursery, Josslyn cradled in one arm and the other held his cell phone, Franco's graffiti signature on the wall behind him.. When 911 answers, Jax gives them his address and tells them that he thinks his wife has been kidnapped.

Jason appears out of the shadows in the alley behind Franco's warehouse, gun drawn. He walks over to the door and shoots the look off. Jason kicks the door open and Carly screams for him to watch out, that Franco is waiting for him. Franco's voice calls out to Jason and Jason turns. He shoots Franco, but it ends up being just his reflection in a mirror. Jason looks around and Carly yells that Franco just ducked out the front door. Jason dashes over to Carly and unties from the chair. As soon as her hands are free she urges Jason to go after Franco. As Jason runs out the door, Franco is seen walking down a staircase nearby, smiling and jumping up to click his heels.

Epiphany is in the nurses station looking through paper and complains to a nearby Elizabeth that the hospital volunteers will be the death of her, coming in and moving all of her orders around. Elizabeth tells Epiphany to calm down and explains that she came in early today and filed all of her orders for her. Epiphany cannot believe that Elizabeth did the entire stack alone and Elizabeth shows her the receipt to prove it. "Ha," Epiphany smiles. "That's the nurse Webber I remember!" Epiphany walks away and Elizabeth goes back to filling out a paper, smiling to herself. Steven is in ear shot and walks up to Liz, congratulating her on high praise from Epiphany. He tells her that he is glad his kid sister is back on track. Liz remarks that it's about time and Steven asks her how things are. Liz smiles and tells him that after driving herself crazy for weeks she has come to realize what she wants. She tells him that she and Lucky are in love and whatever she and Nikolas had is over. Just as she says that, the elevator bell dings. The doors open and Nikolas emerges, talking on his cell phone. Steven asks his sister if she has told Nikolas yet.

Dominic is standing at Ronnie's bedside and tells Ronnie that Franco had to run him down for a reason. Ronnie tells him that if there was a reason, he would like to know what the hell it was. Dominic insists that Ronnie has to be hiding something, withholding information. Ronnie tells Dominic that he has spent too much time on the Corinthos case and it has made him paranoid, maybe he should wrap up the case and go back to Brooklyn. Dominic reminds Ronnie that in 2003 Dominic had busted Franco on a misdemeanor but Ronnie insisted that he let it go. And now, 6 years later, Franco drops out of the sky and tries to kill Ronnie. Ronnie tells Dominic that it was bad luck, he just happened to get sideswiped by a guy that Dom busted. Dominic tells Ronnie that what he is doing is called stonewalling and Dominic cannot believe Ronnie would do it to him. Ronnie claims that all he remembers is that when he woke up, Franco was standing over him going on and on about Jason Morgan.

After losing Franco's trail, Jason returns to the warehouse. Carly, who has freed herself completely, hears someone coming and picks up a piece of wood. She runs toward the door, ready to strike, when Jason appears and throws his arms up in defense, yelling that it's him. He asks her what she was doing and she tells him she was coming to help him. Jason says Franco could have killed her and she informs Jason that Franco won't get another chance. He tells her its okay, but she demands that it's not. She grabs his cell phone and dials while frantically while she explains that Franco was in Josslyn's room. She had heard a noise on the baby monitor and when she went to check he was there. She tells Jason that she went with Franco because it was the only way he wouldn't hurt Josslyn, but now she has to get a hold of Jax because she left her baby all alone. Carly is mad when Jax doesn't answer.

Jax is in this living room, putting Josslyn down in the bassinet while he explains to Lucky about coming home to find Carly gone. Jax tells Lucky that the front door was left wide open, but says that Carly does that sometimes. Lucky asks if there looked as if there were a struggle, but Jax says no. He explains that when he came in he heard Josslyn on the monitor and he raced upstairs. Jax is interrupted when cell phones rings in his pocket. He sees that it's Jason but when he answers it's Carly. She tells him to go get Josslyn, that she had to leave her alone. Jax tells her that he has the baby and everything is fine. Carly finally calms down a little and is able to take breathe. Jax asks what happened and Carly explains that Franco took her but she is okay now because Jason found her. Jax asks where Franco is now and Carly tells him that Franco got away but that Jason is bringing her home. After he hangs up, he fills Lucky in on everything. Lucky says that he wants to wait for Jason and Carly to talk to them. He cancels the APB that's been put out on Carly as Jax tells Josslyn that her mother is safe and he promises to never let anything happen to them again.

Lulu is standing at the receptionist desk trying to calm down someone who is irate on the phone while all the other lines continue to ring. Maxie comes running up, and is clearly shaken up. Lulu ends the call and thanks Maxie for leaving her to handle everything alone and a demanding boss. Maxie tells Lulu to forget Kate, which shocks Lulu into asking Maxie if she is okay. Maxie tells her that all hell has broken loose because Sam is missing and Jason and Spinelli believe that Franco has her. Lulu tried to comprehend it all and Maxie tells her to keep up, Sam is gone and Franco has her! Lulu asks why but Maxie says not to ask her. She tells Lulu that Spinelli has been working around the clock trying to get clues but they think Franco wants some kind of duel with Jason, which proves he has a major screw loose cause who wants to mess with a hit man. Lulu asks Maxie what would happen to Sam though if Jason doesn't do what Franco wants.

Back at the warehouse, Carly insists that they leave but Jason demands to know what happened. She says she will tell him in the car, but he says he needs to know now, in order. Carly says she was home alone, she thought she heard a weird noise on the monitor so she went to check and Franco was in the room, singing some weird song to Josslyn, and he had painted weird numbers all over the wall. She said that Franco told her that he wouldn't hurt her or anyone else if she came quietly so he duct taped her hands together and blindfolded her. Carly explains that he took her to his car which she thinks was a sports car and that when he turned the radio on there was a bulletin that said Jason had been arrested for Claudia's murder which made Franco mad because he said that if there wasn't a point in any of this if he couldn't play against Jason. Jason asks any of what but Carly doesn't know. She says that Franco told her that she wouldn't be disappointed, his studio wasn't as nice as the place he wanted to take her but he would make sure he was comfortable. Jason asks if Carly thinks Franco wanted to take her somewhere else and Carly says yes, that when Jason got arrested it changed Franco's plans and he didn't know what to do with her. She explains that she kept trying to convince Franco to let her go but he showed her pictures of Michael next to Claudia's body. Jason tells her its all to get to him and tells her not to worry.

Lucky asks Jax if he heard from Carly again. Jax says no, but Lucky tells him she will be fine. Michael and Morgan enter the house and ask where their mother is. Jax tells them that a man came into the house and forced her to leave with him, but that Jason has found her and she is okay. Morgan asks who, and Michael says to call Sonny, but Jax says Sonny CANNOT get involved.

Dominic is summoned to see Sonny. He knocks on Sonny's office door and Sonny invites him in and tells him to have a seat. Sonny sits behind his desk and informs Dominic that he went to see Jason at the police station tonight after he was arrested. Dominic says he had no idea and asks what the charges are and Sonny tells him it doesn't matter, that Jason staged it all and now he was out after Franco. Sonny explains that he went to talk to Lucky and while he was waiting he noticed file on Lucky's desk and something in it caught his eye. Dominic asks if it was about Claudia's murder case but Sonny says no, telling Dominic that it was about him.

Nikolas walks over to the nurses station after he is finished his phone call and asks Steven if he can have a word with him. Elizabeth walks away far enough to where she can still hear what is happening. Nikolas tells Steven that he has issues with the changes Steven is implementing around the hospital and since Nikolas is not only a board member but chief trustee as well, he has a lot of say so. Nikolas tells Steven that he is not comfortable with all the emphasis Steven placing on the trauma center since the ER is on overload as it is and Steven is trying to bring patients in from other counties. Nikolas tells Steven that GH cannot afford Steven's ego. Steven tells Nik to cut the crap, that he knows the truth about Liz and him and Nik doesn't like it.

Lulu is stunned about the news of Franco kidnapping Sam and feels responsible for bringing Franco to town. Maxie tells Lulu that Franco was apparently hiding out in town months before the art show because he is obsessed with Jason. Lulu asks why and Maxie explains that Franco considers Jason a fellow artist, which Maxie finds odd because Jason doesn't have one artistic bone in his body. Maxie says that she believes that Franco is obsessed with the whole hit man thing and has been following Jason and Sam around for months. Lulu tells Maxie that she is sure Jason went to Lucky for help, causing Maxie to laugh as ask when Jason ever went to the police for help. Lulu insists that he would get extra help if he needed it. Maxie says there is no way but Lulu swears that Lucky and Jason have a bond.

Sonny informs Dominic that Lucky had his cell phone number in a file on his desk. Dominic covers by saying he was at Lucky's for Christmas Eve and he must have left his number on his desk. Sonny asks why Lucky would invite him over and Dominic explains Lucky hates him but did it for Lulu. Sonny asks Dominic if he and Lulu are seeing a lot of each other and Dominic explains that they got close while they were trapped and that Lucky told Dominic that Christmas was hard for Lulu, something about her mother. Dominic tells Sonny that is the only reason he went. Sonny says that Lucky must be really worried about Lulu cause Dominic has gone to the police station to see him two or three times this week.

Jason brings Carly home and Jax and the kids are all waiting. Jax thanks Jason and Lucky asks what happened. Carly tries to send the kids upstairs but Jax stops them. Jax announces they all should know that Jason brought all the danger on his family and they should all know it. Carly asks him to stop and Jason asks to see the nursery. He goes upstairs and Jax tells Lucky that after everything that has happened it is enough to launch a full manhunt for Franco.

Jason walks into the nursery slowly and see all of the graffiti over the walls. As he takes it all in, terror sweeps across his face.

Nikolas tells Steven that his relationship with Elizabeth is none of his business, but Steven reminds Nik that Liz is his little sister and he's going to watch out for her.. Nikolas insists that Liz has nothing to do with him being there. Steven tells him that if that is true and he has issues with Steven's ideas for GH then he should bring up all of his problems at the next board meeting so that Steven can explain himself. Nikolas advises Steven to try and get along with him since Steven is the Chief he is going to need his approval for anything. Steven says he though it long and hard before coming up with the plans he has about changing the err. Nikolas says that it doesn't matter Elizabeth is Steven's little sis, he get no special treat. Steve storms off and Elizabeth catches Nikola. She grabs him and leads him an empty hospital room. She looks him in the eyes and tells him that she doesn't ever want to hear him threaten her brother ever again.

Dominic covers with Sonny by saying that Lucky was questioning him about Claudia's murder, just really trying to rattle him, but nothing ever came of it so he never mentioned it to his boss. Sonny informs Dominic that he needs to be able to trust all of his men and Dominic repeats that he didn't lie to Sonny. Sonny tells him he just omitted some facts, which is just as bad. Dominic apologizes again and tells Sonny that he is just in a tough place with Lucky. Sonny looks Dominic in the eyes and tells him that he never wants Dominic to lie to him again. The tension disappears as quickly as it came and Sonny asks Dominic how serious his relationship is with Lulu. Dominic admits that he likes her a lot and would like things to get serious with her and he feels like she might feel the same way. Sonny decides that it is time Dominic learn about the Spencer Family History.

Lulu calls Lucky so see if she can get some info for Maxie but gets his voicemail. She leaves a message asking him to call her when he gets a chance. Maxie tells Lulu she has better connections and Mac. She tries to nonchalantly get info out of him and learns Jason has been released. She comes up with story bout needing to know how long it would take to get a search warrant. Ma is suspicious but tells her 2-3 hours. Maxie agrees to have dinner with him on Sunday to get him off the phone and she tells Lulu she has to run. Maxie leaves Lulu to answer the ringing phones.

Carly and Jax argue about what to do to get Franco. She tells him to let Jason handle it, but Jax says Jason is doing a bad job at it. Jax comes up with the idea to leave the country until Franco is caught. Carly agrees that would be best and they send the kids to start packing.

Lucky joins Jason in the nursery and asks exactly what went down. Jason says he doesn't know where to start and Lucky tells him to start about the time Lucky put his badge on the line for Jason. Jason begins by saying people think of him as a serial killer. Lucky begs him not to say anything now, if he admits to anything Lucky will have to arrest him instead of looking for Franco. Jason tells Lucky he knows why Franco took Sam. Jason admits Franco's been leaving messages for him. Lucky asks Jason to walked through everything and Jason explains about Ronnie getting run down and when Jason went to his hospital room he found the graffiti signature on medical equipment. Jason explains that Ronnie told him that Jason would have a choice to make. Jason explains that Franco took Carly and Sam, planning on making him choose which one to save. Jason says that Franco is trying to unravel him, to find out what it takes to make him kill since it's what they have in common. Jason walks around the nursery stunned that Josslyn was there when Franco did it all. Lucky tells him that Franco was using it as a warning or he raises the stakes. Lucky wonders who Franco is going to take next. Jason informs Lucky that Franco has every piece of information about Jason, including when Jason was on trail for Alcazar's murder, when Liz testified on Jason's behalf. Lucky worries about Elizabeth's safety and Jason's calms him by saying that Franco wants someone who Jason cares about now, not in the past. Lucky tells Jason that they should just tie up Jason in the plaza with a note that says "Here take him. Return Sam. All is forgiven. Love, P.C.P.D." Jason says if it would work he would do it, but Lucky apologizes for his remark and agrees with Jax that it might be time for a manhunt. Jason says no, but Lucky tries to involve FBI for more help. Jason says he has to play nice to save Sam, but Lucky wonders if Jason is wrong. If Sam dies, Jason says, it's because of me. Lucky admits he tried to stop Sam from going back to Jason because he cares about her safety, not because he was still in love with her. It was because Jason is dangerous, Lucky tells him. But Sam had told Lucky that she knew what she was doing, Lucky tells Jason. Lucky says he cant say that he agrees with het but her it was her choice, so he do it Jason's way. Jason thanks him, but Lucky says he still is going to check on Liz.

Michael tells Jax and Carly he doesn't want to go. Jax tells him that they have to to stay safe. Carly asks where they should go and Jax thinks Australia is the best since Franco is from Europe. Lucky comes down to leave and Carly informs him that they are leaving the country, if it's okay with him. Lucky says that it's a good idea, that they should go have good trip. Before Lucky leaves he tells Carly that he will get a statement when she returns. Morgan asks if they can just stay and get bodyguards because he has karate everyday after school and a tournament on Saturday. Jax apologizes and promises that they will pick up where they left off when they return. The boys go upstairs to finish packing and Jax thanks Carly for going along with leaving the country with a fight. She tells him that she is just happy that the baby is okay. Jason comes down from the nursery and Jax informs him of their plans to leave the country until Franco is apprehended. Carly hugs Jason good-bye and tells him to be careful but to go and kick that psycho's ass.

Maxi shows up at Franco's empty studio and lets herself in. She looks around and begins going through a drawer full of papers.

Sonny fills Dominic in on Laura Spencer's mental disorder and how Luke wasn't exactly around for Lulu's childhood. Sonny explains that when Laura got sick, Lulu Was sent to live with her grandmother, Lesley Lu. Dominic shares with Sonny that his mom was a single mom who worked and spent plenty of time with him. Sonny tells him that she sounds like great woman and Dom agrees. Sonny reiterates to Dominic that Lulu is very fragile though she may act tough he had better respect her. Sonny's phone rings and it's Michael calling to tell him that Jax is making them leave the country..

Lucky gets to the hospital and sees Epiphany at the nurses station. He asks where his wife is.

Liz is still with Nikolas, insisting that whatever they had is over. Nikolas denies it but she won't let up. Liz tell him that it has to end but Nikolas tells her that it is impossible. Just then Lucky walks up to the open door and stands where he cannot be seen. He hears Nikolas confess his love to Elizabeth, telling her that he can stop loving her.

Maxie is searching through Franco's things when Dominic walks in and pulls a gun, scaring Maxie. He asks her what she is doing, but she replies with the same question. She reminds herself aloud that he works for Sonny and Jason and if he told her he would have to kill her. He answers with a no comment. Dominic asks Maxie what she is doing and she says that Franco has something on her, but won't say what. Dominic demands to know everything about Franco possible.

Carly is packing Josslyn's clothes when Jax comes in and sits next to her. Carly tells him she doesn't know what to take since Josslyn is growing out of her clothes so quick. Jax reminds her that there are stores in Australia and she thanks him for calming her down. Carly tells Jax that Michael is not safe, to which he replies, Michael is safely upstairs packing. She reveals that Franco has pictures of Michael over Claudia's dead body. Jax is stunned and asks how. Carly reveals that Franco has been following Jason for months and followed Jason to the cabin the night Claudia was murdered. Jax is furious that Jason didn't realize there was a man taking pictures. Carly defends Jason, explaining that Josslyn was in basket screaming, Michael was standing over Claudia's dead body and she was on the couch begging for the baby. Jax says she should have called police that night about Jason. Carly admits that she knows Jason screwed up, shocking Jax since as far as Carly is concerned, Jason does no wrong. Carly asks Jax what he wanted Jason to do. She explains that Jason did what he knew to do, cover it up. Jax said he did a bad job and Carly gets angry. She reminds her husband that Jason saved her tonight from Franco. But Jax reminds her Franco is here because of Jason. Carly swears that Jax has no empathy or compassion only because its Jason. Carly tells Jax that she did enough wrong things to make him run foe the hills and Jason stayed be here so she is returning the favor. Carly reminds Jax that it's time to keep kids safe and Jax agrees. The boys come down and Morgan says that they don't know what to pack. Jax said they can buy whatever they don't have once they get there. Sonny walks into the house and Carly says that she was about to call him, as she shoots a glance at Michael. Sonny tells her that it is fine, she and Jax do what they have to do but the boys stay with him.

Jason goes to Ronnie's hospital room and wakes Ronnie with a gun to his throat, telling him that he wants to know it all, why Franco ran him down and where Sam is.

Franco walks out of elevator and up to Lulu. He asks her where Maxie is but all Lulu says it that and she doesn't know where she went. Franco tells her that she will have to do. She asks what he means and he tells her to get up and come with him. She tells him that she has too much work to do and picks up the phone. Franco lunges for her and grabs her, hanging the phone up for her. "You're not gonna be fun at all," he tells her.

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