GH Update Monday 1/4/10

General Hospital Update Monday 1/4/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At home, Michael is holding Josslyn. Michael speaks lovingly to his sister. Unbeknownst to Michael, Carly is eavesdropping. Michael promises to keep Josslyn safe. Michael wants Josslyn to make better choices than he did. Michael talks about his control issues and sudden outrages. Josslyn intently listens to Michael as he says he loves her. When Michael turns around, Carly is standing there. Carly tells Michael that Josslyn is very fortunate to have such a great big brother. Michael feels guilty about driving drunk. Carly wants Michael to stop punishing himself – about the drunk driving as well as the situation with Claudia. Carly asserts that Michael was only “protecting his family”, referring to Claudia’s death.

Dante/Dominic and Sonny talk at the office. Dominic relays information about Jason’s obsession with finding Franco. Sonny doesn’t want Franco to be in the driver’s seat. Sonny wants Dom to get to work. Dominic is hesitant to make any hasty moves. Sonny brings up that he owes Dominic, especially after all he’s done for the Corinthos family, like saving Morgan at the carnival. Sonny wants Dominic to find Claudia’s body. Dominic suggests that Jason should be notified about the search. Sonny doesn’t want to involve Jason, so he asks Dominic to take care of the matter himself. Dominic tries to persuade Sonny to change his mind. All of a sudden, Michael walks into the office. Sonny and Dom stop talking. Sonny asks Michael how much he heard.

Lucky shows up at Sam and Spinelli’s PI office. Jason is waiting inside. Jason announces that Lucky needs to arrest him. Lucky is confused. Jason divulges that Sam is missing. Lucky doesn’t buy it. Jason is frantic since he can’t get a hold of Sam. Lucky changes the subject and asks why he needs to arrest Jason. Jason admits that Franco is a psychotic artist hell-bent on making life miserable for him (Jason). Jason relays everything he knows about Franco. Lucky confides about his nagging hunches concerning Franco. Lucky doesn’t understand how Jason’s arrest will help them find Sam. Jason explains that Lucky would arrest him and then allow him to escape from custody. Jason adds that it will cause a diversion that Franco won’t see coming. Lucky mentions that the mayor has been very persistent about getting Jason arrested.

Sam awakens and finds herself trapped in an enclosed ‘box’ . Sam can see that Franco is standing outside of the orchestrated box. Franco starts taking pictures of Sam. Sam inquires about Franco’s motives. Franco continues to take photos as he explains that this is an elaborate “art project”. Franco wants to send Jason a message. Sam asks what Franco means by his message that was left at the hospital – you choose. Franco doesn’t answer Sam. Instead, he leaves the area. Sam’s screams are unheard from outside the box.

Lulu pays Ronnie a visit in the hospital. Ronnie is appreciative that Lulu found him in time. Ronnie says his wife and kids are very fortunate that he is alive. Lulu implies that the driver that hit Ronnie never slowed down. Lulu thinks that the hit-and-run was no accident. Ronnie doesn’t answer Lulu.

Jax returns home to an emotional Carly. Carly confides that Michael and Josslyn had a bonding moment until she interrupted. Carly is worried about Michael’s frame of mind. Carly wants to stay home for the night. Jax agrees to finish up some work at the hotel and hurry home for some quality time with his wife. Carly makes a phone call in the meantime. Carly hears static coming from the baby monitor. Thinking something is wrong with Josslyn, Carly runs to the nursery. To her surprise, Franco is tagging a message on the bedroom wall. Carly is horrified.

At Olivia’s apartment, Johnny wakes up from a terrible dream, obviously in distress. Olivia consoles Johnny as he describes his nightmare. Johnny says that the dream was about Claudia. Johnny is sickened by Franco’s obsession with Jason. Johnny doesn’t like that Claudia’s body is being used as a pawn for Franco to lure Jason into a trap. Johnny questions how far Franco is willing to go with his fascination with Jason. Johnny tells Olivia that he is going to find out everything about Franco. Johnny isn’t willing to stand back and do nothing. Olivia doesn’t think that it’s a good idea. Olivia believes that Sonny will be mad if Johnny starts sniffing around. Johnny is adamant that he will find Claudia’s body, whether Sonny likes it or not. Johnny leaves the apartment. Olivia has a concerned look on her face.

At the police station, Mayor Floyd makes an announcement to the press. The mayor talks about Morgan’s arrest in connection to Claudia Zacchara’s murder. Lucky and a handcuffed Jason stand nearby. The mayor affirms that crime in Port Charles will go down now that Jason Morgan is in custody. After the press conference, Mac and Mayor Floyd speak to one another. Lucky brings Jason into the interrogation room. Lucky uncuffs Jason. Lucky thinks that everyone bought the story about Jason’s arrest. Lucky wishes Jason good luck in his search for Sam. Jason leaves through a back door.

At Sonny’s office, Dominic leaves, so father and son can talk. Michael is mad that his dad doesn’t trust him. Sonny insists that Michael will not turn into a mobster. Sonny’s cell phone suddenly rings. Sonny isn’t happy. Michael asks what happened. Sonny blurts out that Jason has been arrested for Claudia’s murder. Michael is insistent that Jason is not going to take the fall for what he did. Sonny tells Michael that he needs to keep his mouth shut about Claudia. Sonny wants his son to step aside and let others handle the situation. Michael explains that the situation has changed now that Jason has been arrested. However, Michael finally agrees to stay out of it. Sonny and Michael leave the office together.

Dominic goes to the hospital to see Ronnie. Dominic runs into Lulu by the nurses' station. Lulu asks Dominic some questions about the hit-and-run. Dominic concurs with Lulu that the hit-and-run was “deliberate”. Dominic thinks that Franco’s tagging in the hospital is suspicious. Dominic lets slip that Ronnie worked on a case involving Franco. Lulu is shocked by the news.

Franco brings Carly to the art studio. Carly is sitting on a chair, tied up with rope. Carly wants to be released. Franco laughs. Franco says that he wants Claudia Zacchara’s real killer to step forward: Michael. Carly refuses to let that happen. As they are talking, Franco is putting slaps of paint on a canvas. Franco divulges that Jason was arrested for Claudia’s murder. Carly can’t believe it.

At the station, Mac speaks to Lucky about Jason’s arrest. Mac is curious as to why Jason’s arrest hasn’t been processed yet. Lucky plays stupid at first. After some grilling from Mac, Lucky admits that he was “doing a favor for a friend”. Mac doesn’t press the issue any further and walks away. Lucky is sitting at his desk looking over some police files. Lucky notices the name Officer Falconeri on some important documents.

Dominic pays Ronnie a visit. Ronnie complains about the hospital food. Dominic implies that Ronnie is hiding something. Ronnie is clueless as to what Dom is referring to. Dominic brings up Franco. Ronnie is visibly shaken. Dominic says that it finally occurred to him that Ronnie has been working with Franco all this time.

Sonny goes to the police station to see Jason. The clerk tells Sonny to sit and wait. Sonny eyes a file on Lucky’s desk. Sonny carefully reaches for the file just as Lucky walks in.

Jax walks into the nursery. Jax calls out to Carly but she is missing. Jax hears Josslyn’s coos so he picks her up from the crib. Puzzled, Jax looks around the room.

Sam looks for a way to escape from the box, but is unsuccessful. Unbeknownst to Sam, there is a timer hooked onto the outside of the box.

Jason approaches Franco’s studio, gun in hand. Carly yells out. Jason listens as Carly warns him that Franco is close by.

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