GH Update Monday 12/28/09

General Hospital Update Monday 12/28/09


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Robin and Patrick get ready for their date night. Patrick brings up that it is their one-year wedding anniversary. Patrick surprises Robin by getting a hotel room at the Metro Court. Robin says that she is finally off her prescription meds so she can drink champagne. Patrick pours Robin a glass. Robin opens Patrick’s gift - a journal. Robin thanks Patrick for the present and says that it will be an “inspiration” for her to start writing. Patrick inquires about his gift. Robin apologizes for not bringing it along with them. Patrick and Robin propose a toast. They dance in the hotel room. Patrick kisses Robin’s neck. They undress each other and proceed to make love. Afterwards, Patrick talks about how lucky he is to be married to Robin. Robin admits that everything changed when Patrick came into her life. Robin thanks Patrick for his support and undying love even when she tried to push him away in the beginning.

Sam asks for Spinelli’s viewpoint concerning Jason’s frame of mind. Sam is worried that the situation with Franco is getting to Jason. Sam wants Spinelli to speak to Jason. On her behalf, Sam asks Spinelli to extend a dinner invitation to Jason.

Dominic shows up at Lulu’s apartment. Dominic wants to take Lulu out on an official date. Dominic flirts with Lulu and winks at her. After Dominic leaves, Lulu tells Maxie that she is troubled by his odd behavior.

Johnny goes to see Jason at the penthouse. Johnny discloses that he received a photo of Claudia's grave. Jason admits that Michael killed Claudia in self-defense. Johnny doesn’t want to keep quiet about Michael’s involvement. Jason convinces Johnny that they need to remain silent about it. Jason discloses that Franco sent him a photograph of Claudia’s dead body. Jason says Franco is playing games with him. Johnny is irate and wants to take action immediately. Jason tells Johnny that he needs to calm down after Johnny suddenly hits him. Johnny is visibly upset and wants vengeance for Claudia’s death. Jason says that Franco wants him to kill Johnny. Johnny is speechless. Johnny agrees to stay quiet but warns that everything is going to blow up in Jason’s face. Jason doesn’t answer him.

Kristina and Molly show up at Sam’s apartment. Kristina and Molly want to set Alexis up with Mac for New Year’s. Sam doesn’t think it is a good idea. Sam points out that it is Alexis’ decision whether or not to date Mac. Molly doesn’t agree. There is a knock on the door. It is Alexis. Kristina and Molly leave the room. Alexis informs Sam that she is not going to date Mac. Alexis is shocked when the girls reveal their presence in the apartment. Alexis insists that nothing will happen with Mac. Sam wants to stay out of the discussion. Molly blurts out that anything is possible and cites Sam and Jason as an example.

Lulu is getting ready for her date with Dominic. Maxie tells Lulu that she needs to look good for Dominic. Maxie reminds Lulu that to make a good impression on the date, she needs the perfect dress. Lulu grows tired of trying on different dresses, especially when she has no clue where Dominic is taking her. Maxie can’t believe that Lulu is complaining. Maxie helps Lulu with her makeup. Lulu brings up Maxie’s relationship with Spinelli. Lulu asserts that Maxie and Spinelli will work things out in time.

At his restaurant, Sonny and Lisa enjoy a dinner meal together. They make small talk until Dominic walks in. Dominic apologizes for the interruption. Sonny tells Lisa that he needs to speak to Dom in private. Dominic talks about his date with Lulu. Sonny tells Dom to treat Lulu to a memorable night. Before Dominic can leave, Olivia walks in. Olivia is visibly bothered that Sonny is eating dinner with Lisa. Dominic and Olivia listen as Sonny and Lisa flirt back and forth. Olivia explains that she is meeting Johnny for dinner. Olivia orders Dom to leave. Olivia sits down at a nearby table and impatiently waits for Johnny to arrive at the restaurant. Sonny pretends to ignore Olivia. Lisa talks about her search for a new apartment. Sonny speaks about his residence in an upscale neighborhood. Olivia starts to cough. Sonny thinks that Olivia is acting jealous. Lisa asks Olivia if she is Sonny’s wife. Sonny laughs in response. Lisa realizes that Olivia is a former flame of Sonny’s. Olivia warns Lisa that Sonny’s charms are just a façade. Sonny defends himself against Olivia’s harsh words. Sonny comments that Olivia is jealous. Olivia becomes mad and throws a glass of water in Sonny’s face. Johnny walks in and can’t believe what he is seeing.

Dominic arrives at Lulu’s place, dressed in a suit. Maxie inquires about Dominic’s intentions toward Lulu. Dominic compliments Lulu on her beauty. Lulu manages to say nice things about Dominic’s appearance. Maxie warns Dom that he needs to take good care of Lulu. Lulu and Dominic leave the apartment, arm in arm.

Robin is happy to spend the remainder of the evening at home with Patrick and Emma.

Spinelli returns to the penthouse. Spinelli tells Jason that he has a message from Sam about a dinner invitation.

At home, Sam sits in the hot tub, waiting for Jason’s arrival. Unbeknownst to Sam, Franco has entered her apartment.

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