GH Update Monday 12/21/09

General Hospital Update Monday 12/21/09


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At Jake’s, Rebecca announces to Nikolas, Lucky, and Elizabeth that she is leaving Port Charles. Nikolas and Elizabeth look shocked. Lucky insists that the Quartermaines would miss Rebecca. Lucky admits that he would miss her as well. Nikolas apologizes for the way he has treated Rebecca. Rebecca confides that her first intention was to get money out of the Quartermaines. Rebecca explains that she had a change of heart when she got to know Nik and her family. Rebecca begins to cry. Rebecca points out that the Four Musketeers friendship has remained strong even though Emily is gone. Rebecca feels she could never be accepted in their inner circle. Lucky interrupts but Rebecca isn’t finished talking. Rebecca is crying as she says goodbye to Nikolas, Lucky, and Elizabeth.

At home, Sonny tells Jax that he is worried about Michael. Sonny wants Jax to pull some strings and have the investigation closed regarding Claudia’s disappearance. Jax doesn’t think it is a good idea. Jax believes that it will look suspicious in Lucky’s eyes. Sonny suddenly realizes why Jax won’t help him. Jax wants Sonny in prison.

Jason and Dante/Dominic are at Franco’s art studio searching for clues. Jason is frustrated that he can’t figure out Franco’s hidden agenda. Jason thinks that Franco definitely “wants something”. Dominic is surprised when Jason gives him the order to take out Franco.

Unbeknownst to Carly, she runs into Franco at the Christmas tree lot. Carly and Franco flip a coin to see who will get the perfect tree. As Carly holds her daughter, Franco stares at Josslyn. Carly senses that something is wrong. Franco says that he isn’t mad that he lost the coin toss. Franco gives some words of advice to Carly: do not take your daughter for granted. Franco divulges that he has a daughter. Franco doesn’t have nice things to say about his ex-wife. Franco goes on a rant about disrespectful people. Carly realizes that Franco isn’t talking about his ex-wife anymore. Franco advises Carly to tell her friend that he said hello. Franco leaves in a hurry. Carly has no clue who Franco is referring to.

Ronnie is brought in on a stretcher to the hospital’s ER. Robin cuts her finger, so she tells Lisa that she can’t help the patient. Lisa gives Robin a strange look. Steven checks out Ronnie’s vitals. Robin puts a bandage on her finger. Robin tells Steven and Lisa that she is HIV positive. Patrick shows up and inquires about Robin’s cut. In private, Lisa confronts Patrick about Robin. Lisa is disappointed that Patrick didn’t tell her about Robin’s condition. Lisa comments that Emma could have contracted HIV. Patrick defends Robin and says that his wife is a survivor, considering the circumstances.

At Jake’s, there is an awkward silence after Rebecca departs. Nikolas says that he can understand why Rebecca had to leave. Lucky brings up Nikolas and Rebecca’s break-up. Elizabeth interrupts and says that they need to go. Nikolas appears solemn. Elizabeth looks at Nik and sees that he is upset.

Jax arrives at the tree lot. Carly is happy to see him. Carly maintains that she got the best tree in the lot. Carly is thankful that she and Jax are still together.

Lucky and Elizabeth show up to look for a tree. They run into Luke who is smoking a cigar. Luke jokingly asks Lucky if he is going to arrest him for smoking. Lucky asks his dad if he has Christmas plans. Elizabeth says she is going to head to the car. Lucky asks if Luke has heard from Laura. Lucky asks Luke to keep a cigar for him.

Franco sneaks into the hospital. Franco checks in on Ronnie. Ronnie is somewhat coherent. Franco teases Ronnie and tells him that Jason needs to make an important decision. Lulu appears and asks about Ronnie’s condition. Franco says it doesn’t look good. Lulu goes to get a doctor. When Lulu and Steven return to Ronnie’s hospital room, Franco is gone.

Jason returns home. Jason tells Sam and Spinelli that he couldn’t find any clues at Franco’s studio. Sam believes that they are dealing with a serial killer. Spinelli relays to Jason that Franco’s tagging is showing up at a lot of crime scenes. Dominic walks in and says he hasn’t seen Franco all night. Dominic receives a phone call. It’s Lulu. Lulu says that Ronnie was in an accident and that Dom should come to the hospital right away. Dominic tells Jason that Ronnie is in the hospital.

At the hospital, Robin apologizes to Lisa for not filling her in about her HIV-status. Lisa asks how Patrick deals with it. Robin says that Patrick has been very supportive.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica and Tracy start bickering about the Christmas tree star. Edward chuckles at the sight. Rebecca walks in. Rebecca says that she is going to miss the Quartermaine family functions. Rebecca announces that she is taking Monica’s offer to go to Paris. Edward is disappointed but Rebecca insists that she needs to move on. Rebecca says that she needs to get away from Nikolas. Monica says that everyone will miss Rebecca. Monica wants Rebecca to stay for Christmas. Rebecca says that she has to give her resignation at the hospital. Monica hugs Rebecca.

Sonny pays Carly a visit at the Jacks home. Carly wants to talk to Sonny about Christmas. Carly wants the boys with her for the holiday. Sonny agrees to Carly’s request. Sonny says he will be alone on Christmas day. Sonny and Carly talk about past Christmases. Sonny admits that Carly always did her best to make Christmas special for the kids. Carly suggests that Sonny spend Christmas at the Jacks house. Sonny declines the offer.

Lisa runs into Patrick at the tree lot. Lisa asks where Robin is. Lisa and Patrick reminisce about old times. Lisa talks about her parents in Texas. Patrick admits that he can’t wait to see Emma rip open all her presents. Lisa is having a hard time seeing Patrick as a family man. Robin shows up. Lisa listens as Robin and Patrick argue over a Christmas tree. Robin laughs at Patrick. Lisa pipes in that she is going to leave them to their “family dispute”. Robin finally agrees to Patrick’s suggestion of getting a tall tree.

At the hospital, Steven wishes Rebecca good luck in Paris. Rebecca isn’t happy to run into Elizabeth. Rebecca tells Elizabeth that she wishes she could be there when Lucky finds out the truth. Rebecca can’t believe that Elizabeth would sleep with Nikolas, Lucky’s brother. Lucky is nearby, waiting for Elizabeth.

Carly asks Sonny to hold Josslyn. Sonny thinks that Josslyn is adorable.

Dominic and Jason rush into Ronnie’s hospital room. Lulu says that a man was in the room and she thinks it was Franco. Franco has left a note for Jason: “You choose.” Jason has no idea what Franco means.

Franco shows up at Sonny’s office. Franco wants to leave a message for Jason.

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