GH Update Friday 12/18/09

General Hospital Update Friday 12/18/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Franco returns to his studio with a burlap sack. He reaches into the bag and removes the bracelet that Claudia was wearing when she died. He places it on his mannequin’s head and takes a bow.

At Jake’s Roadhouse, Rebecca complains to Lucky about Elizabeth’s self-righteous attitude and warns him that she has sides that he doesn’t know exist. He tells her he knows her sides; they were married to each other twice before. She says it is sad that he thinks he and Rebecca will be ok. She tells him Rebecca would panic if she knew they were talking right now because she is terrified of what Rebecca might say to Lucky. He tells her to say whatever it is. She is about to tell him about Elizabeth and Nikolas’ affair when they come in. Elizabeth asks him if he forgot that they were supposed to go tree shopping. He is surprised that she would track him down to go tree shopping. He reveals to Elizabeth that Rebecca said she would be upset if she saw him with Rebecca. He says he sees that she is upset and asks her to tell him what is going on. Rebecca tells Elizabeth to go ahead and tell Lucky, and then she walks away.

Jason and Sam are at the site where Max and Milo had buried Claudia. Sam asks Jason why Franco would take her body out of a grave. Jason tells her he has to get inside Franco’s head and think the way he does, or Jason is in trouble. Jason says nothing that Franco does is random; he could be taking the body to the cops or leading the cops to the body. He says when the cops have the body they will see how she died and link Michael to Claudia’s death. Sam asks is Jason is sure the axe burned in the fire. He says yes, but Michael knelt over Claudia. Sam concludes that debris or fiber could have transferred from Michael to Claudia. She suggests that Jason not deal with this at all but hand it over to Mac and Lucky instead. Jason says he cannot risk implicating Michael. He tells her that to Franco, this is not about people; it is about his sick art because that is how he gets off. Sam asks Jason how he can play the game when he doesn’t even know the rules. She tells him he needs to turn this around and play on Jason’s terms.

At Sonny’s house, Dominic asks Sonny if he has reason to believe that Claudia’s body isn’t where it is supposed to be. Sonny says he just has a feeling. Dominic asks him what he wants him to do if things aren’t as they should be. Carly comes in with Josselyn. Dominic says he was just leaving. Carly asks Dominic if they will see him for the holidays and tells him that Morgan is excited about the Christmas present he got for Dominic. Dominic says he is excited about what he got for Morgan, and thanks Carly for including him. After Dominic leaves, Carly tells Sonny that Dominic doesn’t fit; he isn’t like the rest of them. She says he seems steady and righteous. She tells him she came over so she could drag him to the Christmas tree lot to ensure that he had a tree for the kids, but she sees that he already has one. He tells her that he got it for Kristina. Carly says it is great that he is spending time with his daughter. He tells her that Michael was there and he is doing better. He says he reassured him but suggests that Carly and Jax reassure him too and explain that they are going to protect him.

At Jake’s, Elizabeth asks Lucky why she would be upset about seeing him with Rebecca. She tells him that he knows she has been under pressure at work. She says she realized that Christmas is a week away and she needs to get trees for the boys, Gram, and Steve. Rebecca finds it interesting that Elizabeth suddenly needed to get trees now that Rebecca was spending time with Lucky. She concludes that Elizabeth doesn’t want her anywhere Lucky. Elizabeth spins around and tells Rebecca to shut up; she wasn’t talking to her. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he was just telling Rebecca how much he loves Elizabeth and can’t wait to marry her again. Rebecca tells Elizabeth that Lucky is loyal to her even though she has done nothing to deserve it. Nikolas suggests that they end this. Rebecca agrees and asks if Elizabeth wants to go first. Nikolas says Rebecca is angry because he hurt her so now she wants to hurt him by having an affair with Lucky. Lucky says he is not available. Nikolas tells Rebecca that the sooner she realizes that, the better it will be for everyone. Rebecca says it would be better for Nikolas but wouldn’t be fair for Lucky. Lucky tells everyone that Emily is the thing that they all have in common and she wouldn’t want them to be this way. He tells Rebecca that the rest of them have a long history. Rebecca says she knows all about the great love story between Nikolas and Emily and the magic between Elizabeth and Lucky. Elizabeth reveals that the magic began when she was raped.

At the Christmas tree lot, Lulu tells Maxie that her problem is that she is all about instant gratification and that is not how forgiveness works. She tells her that when reality shifts, people need time to adjust or not. She tells her to put herself in Spinelli’s place and think about if she would forgive him easily. Maxie tells her that is a bad analogy because Spinelli would never cheat on her. Lulu says Spinelli will eventually forgive her; she just needs to give it some time. Maxie retorts that time is the enemy; it allows the hurt and anger to fester and grow into something bigger. She says she doesn’t want to give it time; she wants it to blow over. Maxie says the only solution is for Spinelli to cheat on her too so they are on the same plane. Lulu asks her what will happen if Spinelli actually likes the person he cheats with.

Spinelli is at the penthouse office thumbing through a magazine that Maxie gave him to choose a sex partner from. Jason and Sam enter. Jason tells Spinelli to pull up every surveillance camera around Franco’s penthouse; he wants to know everywhere Franco goes. Spinelli tells him that he is already watching Franco’s studio, but he has remained elusive. Sam asks him how elusive he can be carrying around a dead body. Jason tells the confused Spinelli that Franco has Claudia. Jason says that Claudia’s body could implicate Michael, but Franco doesn’t even want Michael; he wants Jason to come after him. Sam tells Jason not to give Franco what he wants. Jason tells her that Franco will just find another way to bait him. Sam tells him she thinks they should go to the cops.

Dominic goes to the location where Claudia was buried. He sees the empty grave. Ronnie calls his cell phone and asks him why he would access old arrest records with his badge number. Dominic tells him he thinks he has discovered a serial killer. He tells him about the tagger that he busted at the scene of a still unsolved murder and that saw the same tag recently. He tells him he thinks the artist Franco is tied to it. Ronnie tells Dominic that he thinks he is stalling so that he doesn’t have to bust his good friend Sonny Corinthos.

At Jakes, Elizabeth tells Rebecca that she was raped on Valentine’s Day when she was fifteen. She says she was already falling for Lucky, but he was into her sister Sarah, but she was interested in Nikolas. She recounts the story about how Lucky wanted to take Sarah to the dance, but she was already going with Nikolas so Lucky had to settle for Elizabeth. When Nikolas backed out, Lucky took Sarah. Elizabeth didn’t want to disappoint her grandmother, so she got dressed up in the dress her gram had bought her and went to the movies. She says that after the movie she went and sat in the park to pass the time. She tells her the man grabbed her and raped her. Lucky found her crawling around the bushes searching for her grandmother’s bracelet that she had worn with her outfit. Lucky recalls that when he found Elizabeth her dress was torn, her arms were bruised, and her face was bleeding. Elizabeth tells him that he took care of her that night and never stopped.

Kristina arrives at Sonny’s house to decorate the Christmas tree. He asks her when he has to take her home, but she says Viola is coming to get her; Alexis only wants her to ride with Viola. She gives Sonny a tin of home-baked cookies and he asks her if she baked them. She tells him that she, her mom, Molly, and Diane baked them together. Sonny says he would have loved to have been there, but she tells him that would have been terrible.

At the penthouse, Jason gets his gun out of the closet as he laments his missed opportunity to kill Franco. Spinelli asks him if he is not considering going to the police. Sam says Franco may have taken Claudia’s body to another location intending to lead the police to it if something happens to him. She says Franco may have recorded their conversation about Michael being the killer. Jason says that going to the police wouldn’t change anything; this is between him and Franco. Spinelli says that going along with Franco is walking into a trap. Sam wants to go with Jason but he tells her that she and Spinelli both need to be out in public tonight and that they need to make sure Maxie is ok. He tells them to go get a tree so they leave.

At the Christmas tree lot, Maxie tells Lulu that she cannot believe she would say something so mean to her. Lulu says Maxie slept with Franco because she was attracted to him. She asks why it is so improbable that Spinelli would be attracted to the girl that he sleeps with. Maxie says because that isn’t what she wants. Lulu tells her that is her point; it can’t always be what Maxie wants, so Maxie should consider letting things fall out naturally. Maxie says if she does that, she’ll get old waiting the way Lulu is. She says it is clear that Lulu is crazy about Dominic but won’t admit it to herself or to Dominic. Lulu tells her she doesn’t know how this became about her, but she recalls that Maxie warned her away from Dominic. Maxie reminds Lulu that she never listens to her. She says if Lulu likes Dominic, then she should go for him and considering his line of work, she shouldn’t waste any time.

Franco is in an alley tagging a door with CO77X when Ronnie comes up behind him and says it is a good thing he is not a cop because he would fine him for defacing public property. Franco says he doesn’t think so because they have an arrangement, calling him Officer Domestico. Ronnie asks Franco how he knew he was there, and Franco responds that he could ask the same thing. Ronnie tells Franco that he doesn’t exactly fly under the radar. Franco says he heard the PCPD has an interest in him and asks if the NYPD is going to tell them. Ronnie tells him not to count on the Glory Days. Franco reminds him they were not so glorious for a wannabe cop. Ronnie says he got past it but Franco got worse. Franco says Ronnie got past it because of him, and he should thank him because he got a tag out of it – his booking ID for a crime he didn’t commit. Ronnie says Franco has made up for it since then. Franco asks him how he would know that. Ronnie tells him that 6 years ago Officer Falconeri busted him for tagging half a block from a murder. He asks him if he did the shooting. Franco reminds Ronnie that he made it look like Franco didn’t do it. He asks him if that was he believed Franco was innocent or because he owed him. Ronnie says he was born stupid but the liquor store survived. Franco tells him to do penance for his mortal sin of letting a murderer go free. Ronnie says he has to live with what he did, and he has learned to live with what Franco has done, but what Franco has planned scares the crap out of him. Franco says it should.

At Jakes, Elizabeth tells Rebecca that after the rape, something inside her went cold and dead. She says Lucky healed her. Rebecca says it sounds like a horrible ordeal. Lucky says the next Valentines Day was different. Flash back to their first wedding. Lucky tells Elizabeth that when they remarry, he wants to have the ceremony in that little church. Rebecca and Nikolas watch as Lucky and Elizabeth moon over each other.

Kristina and Sonny decorate the tree in Sonny’s living room. She apologizes for what she said earlier. She tells him that he should be able to come to her house any time he wants to because he is her father. He says he makes her mother nervous. She admits that he makes her nervous sometimes too. He says the best way to get over that is to spend more time together. He asks her if she has something special that she likes to do for Christmas. She doesn’t. He tells her to pick a place that she thinks would make him nervous. She asks if such a place exists. He tells her a story about when he was a boy and the sisters put him in the front of the choir because he was cute, but he couldn’t sing so they told him to mouth the words. He says he got excited and started singing loudly so the sister hit him on the back of the head with a hymnal. He tells her that to this day he is terrified of hymnals and choirs. Kristina says it sounds like she is going to take him to midnight mass. He tells her that will be ok. She picks up an ornament and says it is pretty. He just stares at it. She concludes that Claudia must have bought it. He takes it and puts it in a drawer. Kristina says she knows Claudia, but the things he said about her at her birthday party. He tells her that he wouldn’t have said any of it if he knew Kristina was there. She tells him it shouldn’t matter who was there. The fact that he said those things at all… She concludes to him that Claudia didn’t just disappear; he killed her. He doesn’t answer. She tells him she is going to call Viola to come get her.

At the Christmas tree lot, Sam asks Spinelli when Jason has ever wanted a Christmas tree. Spinelli tells her he thinks Jason just wanted to give them an activity, or maybe he is searching for symbols. Spinelli says Christmas trees represent the anticipation of a pleasant event so perhaps Jason is subconsciously searching for normalcy. Sam says she would rather be backing him up. Spinelli says Jason seems to see Franco as his reflection in a dark mirror. He concludes that that may be why Jason wants to deal with him alone. Sam says she is not sure it is a good idea.

Dominic arrives at the penthouse and Jason tells him that he needs his help. Jason tells him that they have a psycho on their hands, Franco. Dominic recognizes him as the creepy art show guy. Jason tells Dominic that the homeless guy that witnessed the shootout on Front Street was Franco. He tells Dominic that Franco crushed Joey Limbo’s windpipe and posed the body. He reveals that Franco is fixated on him and he wants to play. He says Franco wants him to come after him to try to kill him. He says it isn’t supposed to make any sense, but Franco dug up Claudia’s body and whatever he is planning to do is not good. Dominic reveals that he noticed that the body was gone. Dominic says Sonny is worried that Jason is spooked. He tells him that Sonny sent him out to the Pine Barrens to make sure that everything is as it should be and it is not. Jason tells Dominic that he needs to take Franco out and he needs Dominic’s help to do it.

In the alley, Franco tells Ronnie that they will watch each others backs and none of his gangster friends will have to find out that he is working on the other side. Ronnie tells Franco that he is still number one with a bullet on the Interpol most wanted list because the French Gendarmes know that they were not copycat killings. Franco rationalizes that he is a celebrity and the scum-sucking pigs want to take advantage of his good name. Ronnie wonders about Franco posing Joey Limbo and hanging the photo mimicking the Tribeca killing at his show. He asks him why he doesn’t just wear a neon sign. Franco asks Ronnie if he plans to do it for him. Ronnie reminds him that he is a cop. Franco tells him that if he busts him, his cover is blown and Jason Morgan will plant him out in the woods next to Sonny’s wife. Ronnie tells him that he heard Claudia got up and walked away. Franco tells Ronnie to keep his eyes open because he never knows what will sneak up on him.

At Jakes, Lucky tells Nikolas that that Valentines night shifted things for him too. Elizabeth recalls that Emily’s crush was intense then. Nikolas says he was more taken by her than he wanted to admit. Nikolas recalls that he and Emily had to come to the church and rescue Lucky and Elizabeth because they were stranded there. Nikolas says he wishes that he had known that those times wouldn’t last long; maybe he would have cherished them more. Lucky says Emily is gone but they still have each other. Rebecca just listens.

Carly arrives at the Christmas tree lot with Josselyn. She asks Lulu if she bought a tree. Lulu confirms that she bought a tree for Kate; she will probably spend Christmas at Elizabeth and Lucky’s house. Lulu asks Carly if she has worked things out with Jax. Carly says she is trying; she is working on forgiveness. She says she knows Jax was trying to protect her, but she doesn’t like secrets and Jax cannot do it again.

Jax arrives at Sonny’s house and asks him if he thinks Max and Milo intimidate him. Sonny observes that Jax did come as requested. Jax asks Sonny what he wants. Sonny tells him that he is worried about Michael. He says he is erratic and might say something to incriminate himself. He tells Jax to contact his big, important friends and get them to tell the cops to back off. He says he wants to have Claudia declared a missing person and make the investigation go away. Jax wonders if this is to protect Michael or Sonny.

At the penthouse, Jason tells Dominic that ordinarily he would use Johnny for this. Dominic understands that they can’t call Johnny because Claudia is his sister. Jason says they need to recover Claudia’s body and put it back in the ground. He says he’d like to dump Franco in the same hole. Jason tells Dominic that Franco isn’t like a normal enemy who would just kill you; Franco wants to mess with his head. Dominic concludes that Franco is really freaking Jason out. Jason tells Dominic that people think he is cold with no regard for human life, but that is not true. He says Franco doesn’t care about anything except amusement; once he is not having fun, anybody is expandable. Jason tells Dominic that if he doesn’t want to go, he will understand. Dominic says he will help Jason. They leave the penthouse to find Franco.

At Jakes, Rebecca gathers her things to leave. Lucky tells her she doesn’t have to go and that they didn’t go into all that to hurt her. Rebecca says she is glad they did because their stroll down memory lane gave her the information she needs to make an important decision.

At Sonny’s house, Jax tells Sonny that he knows he wants to save his own ass because he is the prime suspect in Claudia’s murder, not Michael. Sonny tells Jax that it would tear Carly apart if Michael went to prison. He reminds Jax that if he had told the truth months ago, none of this would have happened. He says that if Michael had not stopped Claudia, she would have taken Jax’s baby. He says Jax should show Michael some gratitude for protecting Jax’s family. He asks Jax to help him make the investigation go away.

Jason and Dominic enter Franco’s studio. Jason sees the bracelet on the mannequin’s head and tells Dominic that Claudia was wearing it the night of the party. Dominic says that confirms that he has Claudia’s body. Jason says now they will have to see what Franco does with it.

Lulu enters General Hospital with a man on a gurney. She tells Steve Webber that the man was hit by a car, and they wheel the man away. A police officer asks Lulu if she saw the accident, but she did not. She tells him she saw a black sports car with tinted windows going really fast and didn’t slow down at all.

A Black sports car with the license plate PRC-17H6 is parked at the Christmas tree lot where Carly is shopping for a tree. She sees the one she wants. Franco “accidentally” bumps into her and asks if she has seen an attendant. He says he doesn’t want to walk away from this tree and have somebody else take it. She informs him that someone just did.

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