GH Update Thursday 12/17/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/17/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Nikolas runs into Lucky at the docks and apologizes for the scene between him and Luke at the Haunted Star. Lucky tells him that whatever is going on between Nikolas and Lucky is not his fight. Rebecca arrives to meet Lucky and says she is glad Nikolas is there so that he can hear what she has to say to Lucky.

Olivia enters her apartment and is startled to see Dante waiting there for her. He tells her he needs her advice. He says that he found a way to close his case soon, but it would require pitting a son against his father.

At Sonny’s house, Jason reveals that Franco knows that Michael killed Claudia and that he might have proof.

Someone wearing all black looks at pictures of Jason burying Claudia’s body and then marks a spot on a map with a red X.

On the docks, Rebecca tells Lucky that she hopes they can remain friends now that she is no longer with his brother.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth snaps at Epiphany, who reminds her that she should be suspended right now after the medication error she made yesterday. Elizabeth apologizes and says she has so many things going on right now. Epiphany says everyone has a personal life and she needs to find a way to handle hers. She says that she doesn’t want to write up Elizabeth, but she will if she doesn’t adjust her attitude. Steve comes up and asks Elizabeth what she was thinking by antagonizing Epiphany.

Sam enters the Jackal and McCall office and tells Spinelli that she has been unsuccessful in finding a lead on Franco. Spinelli tells her that he is electronically searching for payments from any galleries in the US or Europe and for any income tax records that link him to his agent, Gillian Carlyle, but so far, he has not retrieved anything. He asks Sam if she and Jason have a list of exceptions -- people they can sleep with without counting as cheating.

At Olivia’s apartment, Dominic reveals that Lucky knows that he is undercover. She asks him if he realizes that Sonny and Luke have been friends for years. He tells her Lucky and Luke aren’t the father and son he was talking about. He reveals that Lucky thinks Michael knows about Claudia’s death, but Dante is unsure if he has the right to put Michael up against his father.

At Sonny’s house, Jason reveals that Franco followed him to the cabin the night Claudia was killed. He says Michael is just a means to an end; Franco is obsessed with Jason. Sonny wonders why Jason didn’t kill him when he had the chance.

On the docks, Rebecca invites Lucky to play a game of pool at Jake’s to celebrate her getting out of the hospital. He agrees but tells her to understand that he is engaged to Elizabeth and intends to remain so. When Rebecca leaves, Nikolas scoffs, but Lucky tells him Rebecca is Emily’s sister so they should be friends. Nikolas concedes that Rebecca deserves some kindness after the way he treated her.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth confides to Steve that she has always loved Lucky and her perfect life with him is right in front of her but Nikolas is always there. Steve tells her not to try to do five things at once at work in an attempt to forget her problems. He advises Elizabeth to deal with things one at a time, moment to moment.

At Jackal and McCall, Sam asks Spinelli if he has such a list. He tells her his exceptions are the actress Anne Hathaway and several video game characters. Sam says she doesn’t think that’s what Maxie had in mind. Maxie enters and asks Spinelli if he has decided whom he is going to cheat on her with.

At Olivia’s apartment, Dante tells his mother that Michael admires his father and tries to emulate him, even though Sonny doesn’t want him to. He says Michael lacks his father’s focus; he is impulsive, takes things hard, is quick to attack, and tends to run away from his problems. He says Michael pretends to have it together when he is around Sonny, but any decent cop could break him down. He says Michael already blames himself for everything that goes wrong and spilling evidence about Sonny would destroy him. Olivia tells Dante he has become too close with all of them. He asks her how he can live with himself if he sets Michael up to betray his father, but how can he let Sonny get away with a murder. He says that Ronnie always tells him that his job is to bust Sonny Corinthos, not to feel sorry for his family.

At Sonny’s house, Sonny tells Jason that he should have taken out Franco the moment he discovered that he was a threat to Michael. Jason says Franco has planted evidence against Michael and if he dies, the truth will come out. Sonny says Franco has Jason hesitating and second-guessing himself. He says Franco is winning whatever game he is playing because Jason doubts himself.

Nikolas goes to General Hospital and asks Epiphany if Elizabeth is there. She snaps back that Nurse Webber can’t be bothered with signing out or communicating with the rest of the staff, so she has no idea when she will be back. Nikolas welcomes Steve Webber back to General Hospital. Steve tells Nikolas he must know that Elizabeth has been having major problems at home and at work because of him. Nikolas doesn’t want to talk about it. Steve says it is killing Elizabeth to be cheating on Lucky with him. He asks Nikolas when he last saw Elizabeth laugh, observing that she cries every day. Nikolas says he is not trying to hurt Elizabeth. Steve tells him to do the decent thing and walk away.

At Jackal and McCall, Sam brings Spinelli a copy of the next issue of Crimson and tells him to pick a model. He tells her he has no interest in sleeping with a random stranger. Maxie asks Sam to tell Spinelli that it is ok to even the score. Sam tells her that payback doesn’t erase infidelity. Sam tells them that they have to decide whether they want to fight their way through this, figure out if the pain is worth it, or just let go.

At Olivia’s apartment, she tells Dante that this is his call. She says he knows how to listen to his heart before making a decision that can hurt people. She says that if his heart tells him that it is wrong to use Michael to get to Sonny, the he has to find another way. Dominic says that information from Michael can destroy the entire Corinthos organization, but it will ruin him for the rest of his life. He says Sonny is a criminal, but he is a great father to those kids. He knows Sonny wouldn’t want Michael to suffer the way that he will if Dante gets a chance to talk to him. Olivia says no father wants to see his son suffer and no son wants to destroy his father.

At Sonny’s house, Sonny asks Jason why Franco has him so freaked out. Jason says that Franco had weird stuff all over his studio and then he popped out and started treating Jason as if they are long lost friends. He reveals to Sonny that Franco killed Joey Limbo. Sonny tells Jason not to play head games with Franco. He observes that Jason is distracted and Michal can’t afford that. Jason agrees and says he will take care of it. When Jason leaves, Sonny calls Dominic and tells him to come to the house; he has a job for him.

Rebecca is playing pool alone at Jake’s Roadhouse when Lucky arrives. He congratulates her on being out of the hospital. They start a game of pool together. She claims that she is not very good, but he says he knows a pool shark when he sees one.

At General Hospital, Nikolas tells Steve that he didn’t just wake up one day and decide to betray his brother and cause Elizabeth and himself pain; he is in love with her and he doesn’t want to stop. Steve tells Nikolas that Elizabeth has a lot on her mind, including her two children. He reveals that she made a serious mistake at work that would have cost someone else their job. He asks Nikolas to back off. He suggests that Nikolas take a vacation and give Elizabeth the time and space she needs to heal. Elizabeth has been watching from the next floor up.

Dominic meets Ronnie at the docks. Ronnie tells him that they just need one additional piece of good evidence linking Sonny to the Claudia Zacchara murder. Dominic reveals that he may have found a witness.

Michael arrives at Sonny’s house. Sonny tells him he knows he is going through a lot and he is worried about him. Michael says he has already apologized to Lucky and Carly about what happened at the bar. He says he knows that it was stupid to lose it with a cop. Sonny says he knows how hard it is to keep a secret and asks if Michael has told anyone else that he killed Claudia.

Jason enters the Jackal and McCall office and asks Spinelli and Sam if they have found anything on Franco. They tell him they have found nothing of consequence and have been unable to reach his agent. They observe that everything leads to the studio. Sam suggests that Franco wants Jason to go look for him. Sam and Spinelli both think that is a bad idea. Jason thinks Franco is leading him to the studio to keep him from going somewhere else.

At Jake’s Roadhouse, Lucky reminisces about travelling around the world running pool scams with his father when he was a kid. Rebecca says she likes his stories and wishes she had paid more attention when she had the chance.

On the docks, Ronnie asks Dominic if he should get a subpoena for this potential witness. Dominic says Carly Jax has enough money to fight off a hundred subpoenas. Ronnie agrees and says ex-wives are never good witnesses. He asks if one of Sonny’s housekeepers or guards might have some information. Dominic says of Sonny’s employees are loyal. Ronnie asks if one of the kids might have overheard something. Dominic tells him hearsay from a kid wouldn’t stand up and besides, Sonny doesn’t talk about business in front of his kids. Ronnie concludes that the only potential witnesses are Carly, Sam, and Jason. Ronnie tells Dominic to find Claudia’s body.

At Sonny’s house, Michael tells Sonny that he told Johnny that Claudia got what she deserved and that he let slip to Lucky that Claudia is dead. Sonny says that was a mistake. Michael says he shouldn’t even have been talking to Lucky but it just annoys him that he went against his father and became a cop. Sonny tells Michael not to pass judgment; he doesn’t know the whole story. Sonny tells Michael Claudia’s death was an accident; it doesn’t make him a killer. He tells him that he doesn’t want him to feel guilty for protecting his mother and baby sister because guilt will rip him inside out. He tells Michael that if anyone asks him anything about Claudia, Michael is to come straight to Sonny and Sonny will handle the situation. Michael asks if Sonny is worried because something has happened. Sonny assures him that nothing has happened and nothing will.

Lulu and Maxie are at a Christmas tree lot looking for a tree that meets Kate’s specifications. Lulu wonders why they are bothering since Kate will be in Zurich for the holidays. Maxie is distracted by worrying that she and Spinelli will break up because of her infidelity.

At Jackal and McCall, Jason, Sam, and Spinelli review the series of events that connect Franco and Jason. Jason observes that Franco started following him to find vulnerable spots and ultimately followed him to the cabin where Claudia was killed. Jason has an epiphany and says he knows what Franco will do next. Jason rushes out the door with Sam close behind him.

Elizabeth meets Nikolas at the docks and asks him what he was talking about with her brother. Nikolas says Steve told him to leave her alone and he told Steve that he was in love with her. He tells her that Rebecca has begun her plan to get Lucky; they are playing pool together right now. Rebecca asks Nicolas how he could let that happen. She says Rebecca is going to tell Lucky everything.

Lucky and Rebecca are sitting at a table at Jake’s. Rebecca says she was an idiot to choose Nikolas over Lucky. He says he only looks good in comparison because Nikolas hurt her. She tells him it is more than that as she takes his hands. He tells her that he knows that she his hurting, but he is not the answer; he is engaged to Elizabeth. She says Elizabeth doesn’t deserve him. He tells her not to ruin a nice evening by attacking Elizabeth. She tells him that she doesn’t care about Elizabeth, but Lucky has a right to the truth.

Dominic enters Sonny’s home. Sonny tells him the situation with Claudia just got worse because the whack-job Franco is focused on Jason and Jason is letting it get to him. He tells Dominic he needs him to back Jason up and make sure Jason is doing what needs to be done. Sonny tells Dominic that he is trusting him on this and warns him not to mess up. Sonny tells Dominic that they need to cover their tracks. He wants him to go to the Pine Barrens where the body was buried and make sure no one is sniffing around out there.

Jason and Sam arrive at the location where Max and Milo buried Claudia and find that her grave has been dug up. Jason tells her that Franco knew the location; he practically drew a map for Jason. Sam asks why Franco would want to dig up Claudia’s body.

Franco returns to his studio wearing muddy boots and carrying a burlap sack. He takes Claudia’s bracelet out of the bag.

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