GH Update Monday 12/14/09

General Hospital Update Monday 12/14/09


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In a Metro Court hotel room, Olivia is furious that Sonny has set up dinner for the two of them. Olivia wants to get back to work, but Sonny tries to use his charm to get her to stay. Olivia refuses to be affected by Sonny’s charisma. Sonny brings up Johnny, which is a touchy subject for Olivia. Olivia defends her relationship with Johnny. Sonny wants Olivia to explain why Johnny is worth all the trouble. Olivia informs Sonny that she loves Johnny because he is “wild and reckless”, among other good qualities. Sonny comments that Johnny sounds just like him.

Nikolas pays Elizabeth a visit to talk about the situation with Rebecca. Nikolas divulges that Rebecca will stay quiet about the affair if she (Rebecca) is given a chance with Lucky. Elizabeth refuses to let that happen. Nikolas thinks that Liz is being selfish by not allowing Lucky to move on. Nikolas points out that Elizabeth loves him more than Lucky. Elizabeth turns away from Nikolas. Tense conversation follows as Elizabeth maintains that Lucky will not be with Rebecca. Elizabeth says that she isn’t willing to give up Lucky for “an affair”. To Liz’s surprise, Nikolas confesses that she can’t walk away because he has fallen in love with her. Nikolas has tears running down his face. Elizabeth rejects Nik by saying that he isn’t in love. Nikolas is adamant that his feelings for Elizabeth are real. Liz doesn’t believe Nikolas. Nikolas feels torn because he is lying to Lucky but can’t stop loving Elizabeth. Elizabeth makes it clear that she isn’t in love with Nikolas. Liz says that she and Nikolas made a terrible mistake by sleeping together. Liz’s cruel words are hard for Nikolas to hear. Nikolas hugs Elizabeth and asks her what she needs from him. Elizabeth says that Nikolas needs to leave. Nik respects her wishes and graciously walks out the door.

At the station, Dominic and Lucky are checking police databases when they uncover Franco’s mug shot, with “CO77X” as his ID number. Dominic and Lucky concur that the artist is responsible for all the tagging around town. They are discussing Franco’s possible motives when Mac walks in. Mac thinks that Dominic is being careless by hanging out at the police station. Mac is worried that Dominic’s cover is going to be blown. Lucky reassures Mac that the investigation will not be compromised. Dominic leaves the room. Mac tells Lucky that Dom needs to be more careful around the police station.

At the art studio, Jason and Franco are talking about Claudia’s murder. Jason asks what Franco saw at the cabin. Franco discloses that he witnessed Michael bend over Claudia’s dead body. Jason is furious and demands to know what Franco wants of him. Franco isn’t forthcoming and implies that he is done many bad things. Jason inquires about Limbo’s death. Franco insists that he and Jason are a lot alike. Franco dares Jason to kill him. Jason realizes that Franco wants to set him up to be caught. Franco laughs and says that Jason can’t kill a famous artist without consequence. Jason is disturbed by Franco’s head games. Jason leaves the studio with more questions than answers.

At Jake’s, Maxie tells Spinelli that they need to concentrate on their relationship for the night. Maxie believes that her priorities have been screwed up lately. Maxie proposes that she and Spinelli dance to their favorite jukebox song. Spinelli bluntly declines the offer. Maxie is shocked by Spinelli’s odd behavior. Spinelli says that he has to get home. Maxie reminds Spinelli to call her later. Maxie senses that something is wrong.

Jason returns home to find Sam patiently waiting in the living room. Jason announces that Franco is completely obsessed with him. Jason relays that Franco has been watching him for months. Sam is horrified. Jason admits that Franco is a tough guy to read. Jason drops the bombshell about Franco’s knowledge of who really killed Claudia: Michael. Sam doesn’t know what to say.

Spinelli goes to see Franco at the art studio. Spinelli knocks on the door. Franco takes his time answering. Franco lets him inside. Spinelli is worried because Franco knows his name. Suddenly, Franco has a knife in his hand. Spinelli is obviously shaken up. Franco grabs Spinelli by the collar. Franco turns away from Spinelli and slices one of his canvas covers. Franco tells Spinelli to relay a message to his friend: Jason needs to start showing some respect. Spinelli is thankful to get out of there.

Sonny asks Olivia to continue explaining why Johnny is so wonderful. Olivia senses a hint of sarcasm in Sonny’s voice. Olivia says that Johnny has a great sense of humor. Sonny interjects that he does as well. Olivia is resolute that Johnny isn’t a “substitute” for Sonny. Olivia brings up that she and Sonny have changed over the years and are not the same teenagers from Bensonhurst. Sonny disagrees and thinks that he and Olivia still have a chance. Sonny asks for Olivia’s honest opinion of him. Olivia admits that Sonny is still good looking. Sonny brings up his failed relationships but points out that he is available now. Olivia reminds Sonny that the same isn’t true about her. Olivia has no intentions of breaking up with Johnny. Olivia tells a teary-eyed Sonny that he will never have a chance with her. Sonny, realizing the sad truth, leaves dejected.

Dominic shows up at Lulu’s apartment. Dominic thanks Lulu for her help at the police station. Dominic asks Lulu for another favor. Dominic wants Lulu to borrow her place so he and Lucky can work. Lulu is surprised that Dom and Lucky are suddenly getting along. Lulu tells Dominic that she won’t allow him to use her apartment to meet with Lucky. Lulu leaves before Dominic can answer. Dominic can’t believe that Lulu doesn’t want to help him.

Spinelli returns home to find Jason and Sam talking about Franco. Spinelli blurts out that he was at Franco’s art studio. Jason is irate that Spinelli didn’t listen to his warnings. Sam asks what happened with Franco. Spinelli discloses that Franco was very disappointed about his meeting with Jason. Spinelli relays Franco’s message - that Jason needs to show him respect.

At Jake’s, Maxie is talking to Coleman when Lulu shows up. Coleman implies that he would like a date with Kate. Maxie and Lulu laugh. Lulu brings up that she is having a problem with Dominic but doesn’t go into details. Maxie can’t believe that Lulu is dating Dom. Maxie confides that she is worried about her own relationship. Maxie wants to contact Franco about the Crimson photo shoot.

At home, Franco gets a phone call from a woman. Over the phone, Franco implies that Jason Morgan is a problem. Franco lights a photograph of Jason on fire and watches it burn.

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