GH Update Friday 12/11/09

General Hospital Update Friday 12/11/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

In Rebeccaís hospital room, she explains to Ethan that she was distracted when she stepped into the street in front of Nikolasís car. Nikolas apologizes to her for hitting her with his car. She tells him he shouldnít have been speeding. Ethan encourages Rebecca to disclose why she was so eager to get to Luckyís house.

Lucky enters a room in a restricted area of the police station and finds Dominic at a computer. Lucky tells Dominic that he knows he is too smart to try to erase information that might implicate Sonny in Claudiaís murder so he invites him to tell him what he is doing.

At the penthouse, Sam tells Maxie that all she cares about is covering up the fact that she slept with Franco while Jason is risking his life. Spinelli was just about to enter the penthouse when he hears that comment and hesitates. Maxie tells Sam that she is supposed to be her friend. Sam says she is also Spinelliís friend. Maxie tells Sam that she shouldnít accuse her of cheating on Spinelli when she doesnít know what happened. Spinelli is still listening at the door.

At Francoís loft, he offers Jason refreshments. Jason declines and asks Franco what he wants and why he set him up to find him. Franco asks why not.

At the police station, Dominic admits to Lucky that he is working on a personal mission and asks Lucky if he can look the other way. Lucky says he saw Lulu in the squad room and concludes that Dominic used her as a diversion, so that makes it personal for him too. He tells Dominic to tell him what he is doing or he will arrest him. Dominic tells Lucky that he wins and he gets up to leave. Lucky stops him and tells him he isnít going anywhere. Lucky looks at the information on the computer and sees that it is the 2003 arrest record of Officer Dante Falconari. Lucky asks Dominic if his mother knows he is a cop.

Sonny enters his office to join Diane, who is waiting for him. He tells her that he needs her to get Claudiaís case closed by arranging to have her officially listed as missing instead of as a possible murder victim. Diane tells him he should have thought about that before he threatened her in front of a banquet room full of people. He tells her that he doesnít need a lecture; he just needs Claudia off the radar because the cops have been reaching out to Michael. Diane tells him the police are still within the acceptable timeframe and are only halfway through their investigation. Olivia knocks, opens Sonnyís door, and asks Sonny what he needs. Diane says everything suddenly makes sense.

At the penthouse, Sam disclosed to Maxie that she is worried about Jason. She tells her that if she sounded judgmental or accused Maxie of doing something she didnít do, then she apologizes. Maxie tells Sam she shouldnít apologize and admits that she did sleep with Franco. Spinelli is still listening from outside the door. He listens for a moment longer while Maxie attempts to explain to Sam how it happened. She tells Sam that it was as if Franco willed it to happen. Sam tells Maxie that Franco sounds like a cult leader. Maxie agrees. Sam says Maxie is lucky that she slept with Franco and got away. Maxie wonders if Sam really thinks that Franco could be a killer. Sam tells her that she is certain that Franco is dangerous and now he has fixated on Jason.

In Francoís studio, Franco shows Jason clippings of news articles about crimes for which he was acquitted. He is impressed that Jason has never spent a day in prison. Jason asks Franco why he has spent so much time digging into Jasonís past. He wonders if it has something to do with Francoís work. Franco tells Jason that they are in the same line and should compare notes. Jason tells Franco he is a coffee importer. Franco loses his cool and tells Jason not to patronize him; he is not like other people. Then Franco laughs and concludes that Jason was testing him. He says Jason was trying to piss him off to get him to say something he doesnít want Jason to know. Franco says he thought Jason would have seen that the two of them are the same.

Rebecca asks Ethan to step out of her hospital room so that she can talk to Nikolas alone. Once they are alone, Nikolas observes to Rebecca that if she really wanted Lucky to know about Nikolas and Elizabeth, she would have told him already. He concludes that she wants something. She confirms that she does, and tells him that he will make sure that she gets it.

At the hospital, Steve Webber, the new Chief of Staff and Elizabethís brother, shows Elizabeth a chart for a patient she saw today where the medication dosage is incorrect. He asks her what other patients she has seen today. She tells him she just came on duty so only Mr. Murphy. He tells her that he will check on the patient and directs her to sign herself out and go home.

At the police station, Lucky tells Dominic that everything makes sense now that he knows that Dominic is a cop working undercover from within Sonnyís organization. He recalls when he busted Dominic with a drug shipment and Mac arranged for his release. Dominic discloses that his precinct told Mac about the operation because they thought it would be a good idea to have a friend in the PCPD. Lucky concludes that Lulu must know Dominic is a cop because she helped him get into the department. Lucky says it was gutsy for Dominic to risk being caught by one of Sonnyís moles in the department to access the computer and he wonders what he was looking for that was so important.

In Sonnyís office, he gets up, tells Diane they are done, and starts to walk over to the door where Olivia is standing. Diane says they are not finished and asks Olivia why she is there. Olivia responds that she got a message to come so she came. Diane tells Sonny it is a bad idea for him to court another woman so soon after Claudiaís disappearance. Olivia protests that she is not being courted. Diane says perception is everything and Sonny doesnít need to give the police any more reasons to believe that he has a motive for murder. Olivia tells Diane that it doesnít matter if Sonny is pursuing her because she is involved with John Zacchara. Sonny confirms to Diane that he and Olivia are just friends. He asks Olivia if she would like to have dinner with him tonight. She tells him that she has dinner plans with John tonight and every night and that he should not ask her out again. She tells him she will not be responding to any more directives from him and leaves. Diane tells Sonny that she likes Olivia. Diane tells Sonny that she will see what she can do to have Claudia declared legally missing. She says technically, he is still married to Claudia so he needs to keep his wedding ring on and stop chasing other women. He tells her to stop acting like his mother and she tells him to stop acting like a hormonal teenager. She says itís no wonder that there is such a surplus of Corinthos progeny.

In Francoís studio, he asks Jason if he is trying to upset him by not accepting his hospitality. He says that Jason could at least have some chips and dip while he checks the place out to figure out if it is a trap. Jason asks Franco what he meant when he said they are the same. Franco says they are both psychopaths, they are both obsessed with death, and they are both artistes. Jason disagrees. Franco tells him that killing people and leaving the emotional baggage for someone else is art. Jason asks Franco if he kills people. Franco says he has killed dozens of people in many different ways in his imagination, but Jason is the real thing. Jason asks him why he is so sure of that unless he has seen him kill someone. Franco tells him to come out and ask him if he saw Jason kill Claudia Corinthos.

Johnny enters Sonnyís restaurant and Sonny tells him he has a job for him. He tells him that Louie Reno is pushing product on pier 17. He continues that pier 17 is close to his operation and he doesnít want Louie sniffing around. He tells Johnny to go there tonight and take care of the situation, but not to kill Louie. After John leaves, Max and Milo tell Sonny that Louie Reno went back to Miami last week. Sonny tells them that he knows that. He just needed Johnny to be occupied because he has plans that he doesnít want Johnny to spoil.

At the police station, Dominic is beginning to tell Lucky about the tag that he saw behind Kellyís. Lulu comes in and sees Lucky with Dominic. She tells him that she put the whole thing in motion to have Dominic look up something for Maxie. Lucky wonders what fashion information would be on the police computer. She says itís about Mac. Lucky and Dominic can no longer control their laughter. Lulu asks if they think she is funny. Dominic says she is hysterical but very cute. Lucky says it is priceless. Then he says he wishes their father could see his little cupcake covering for a cop. Dominic tells her that Lucky figured it out. Lucky says his first clue was Dominic logging into the system with his badge number. He asks her how long this thing with her and Dominic has been going on and if their dad knows about it. Lulu says their dad doesnít know about it because there is not her and Dominic. Dominic tells Lucky they are dating.

At Francoís studio, Jason asks Franco why he brought up Claudia. Franco tells Jason that his attention was starting to drift. Franco says he mentioned Claudia in particular because it was sloppy, unlike Front Street, which was a work of art. Jason asks how Franco knew they would be at Front Street. Franco asks Jason what he thinks. Jason concludes that Franco has been following him. Franco says he saw Jason checking out the site the day before. Jason asks him about after the shooting on Front Street. He tells Franco that Joey Limbo was alive when he left. Franco tells Jason that he must be slipping; itís not like him to leave witnesses. Jason asks him why he killed Joey. Franco says he was cleaning up Jasonís mess -- unless Jason intentionally left him for Franco so they could work together. He thanks Jason and suggests that they were separated at birth. He says they should do more jobs together. He says he doesnít see why Jason needs Sonny anyway since Jason does all the work and Sonny takes all the credit. Jason tells him to leave Sonny out of it. Franco suggests that Jason kill Sonny and Franco turn it into art. Jason asks him if he is serious. Franco says he understands that Jason is taking the risk and Franco is making all the money so he offers a 40/60 split. Jason tells he works alone. Franco says he didnít work alone on Front Street; he had Franco. Franco says he posed Joeyís body to throw the police off Jasonís trail. Franco asks Jason how he knew he was there. When Jason didnít respond, Franco asks him how he didnít sense the presence of his guardian angel that was there to clean up after him. Jason says he was trying to keep his people from getting shot. Franco tells Jason that trying to discourage him is a bad idea. Jason tells him that if he wants to help him he will tell him what he needs to know about Claudia. Franco tells him that this will end when he says so. He tells Jason that if he wants answers he will have to play nice.

At the police station, Lulu denies that she and Dominic are dating and tells Lucky that she is not an object for his amusement. She says she doesnít find anything funny about this situation. She says her stomach has been in knots since she found out that Dominic is undercover and worried that he is going to get shot. She says she has a conflict of interest because she likes Sonny. She says this is going to affect Carly and she feels guilty for not warning her. Lucky tells Dominic that it wasnít fair to put Lulu in this position. Lulu tells him that Dominic didnít put her in this position; she figured it out. Lucky tells Lulu that he knows that she has affection for Sonny, but Sonny made his own decisions about his life. Dominic says that he thinks he should get what he came to get before the cops that Lucky mentioned before catch him. Dominic goes back to the computer and Lulu stands behind him to see what he sees, but Lucky tells Lulu that she canít stay.

Steve goes to Elizabethís house. She asks him how the patient is and he assures her that Mr. Murphy will be fine. He encourages her to tell him what is going on with her. She admits that she is sleeping with her fiancťís brother.

In Rebeccaís hospital room, she tells Nikolas that she made the mistake of going after him when Lucky expressed interest in her because Nikolas was the one with the money. She says then she made the mistake of falling in love with Nikolas. She says she understands now that Nicolas is dark, moody, twisted, and disgusting while Lucky is positive, straightforward, loyal, sensitive, unselfish, and way too good for the slut that he is engaged to. Nikolas tells her not to heap all the blame on Elizabeth; it is his fault. She sarcastically tells him that it is sweet that he leaps to her defense. She tells him to take his shot with Elizabeth and she wonít stand in his way as long as she gets her shot with Lucky. Nikolas tells her he doesnít believe she wants to be with Lucky; he thinks she is playing games to hurt him and Elizabeth. She concludes that Nikolas doubts that she could get Lucky. She tells him that all she would have to do I blow the whistle on his affair with Elizabeth and then be there to pick up the pieces, but she doesnít want to do that because that would make her the rebound girl. She tells him that she will not tell Lucky about the affair because it will get in the way of what she wants. She tells him that he can keep having sex with his brotherís woman; he and that snake deserve each other but Lucky deserves better. Nikolas scoffs that that would be her. She tells him not to insult her. She says she is making it possible for him to get what he wants, but warns him that if he has an attack of conscience, she will bury him and Elizabeth.

Johnny goes to the Metro and tells Olivia that he has to cancel tonight. She concludes that it is because of Sonny. Johnny leaves. An employee tells Olivia that a chronically complaining guest is complaining again. Olivia tells her she has nothing better to do so she will handle it herself.

At the police station, Dominic tells Lucky about the graffiti tag CO77X that he has been seeing around town recently. Lucky says he has seen it too, and that it was at the Joey Limbo murder scene. Dominic says it has been nagging him but he could not place where he had seen it before. He says he remembers now that in the winter of 2003, he arrested a tagger three blocks from a murder scene, and then he saw an almost identical picture of that scene in Francoís show. He tells Lucky that he figures it is too much of a coincidence. He and Lucky look at the information on the computer screen and discover that there is no mug shot. Dominic bets that the guy is in the system for doing something else.

At Francoís studio, he tells Jason that he is not surprised that he didnít notice him on Front Street because he missed him at the cabin too. He says that if heíd had a gun and the inclination he could have killed Jason. Jason asks him if he wants him dead. Franco says not yet. Franco asks Jason if he is sure he didnít have a little tingle down the spine to tell him that Franco was watching the night that Claudia bought it. Jason asks how he knows that Franco isnít lying. Franco says he saw the photo. Jason says it was a photo of Claudia under a tarp. That could be all that Franco saw. Franco tells Jason that he botched the whole thing with Claudia. He says that when Jason and his girlfriend went storming in there like Starsky and Hutch they could have gotten the pregnant lady killed. Jason, confident that Franco didnít see what happened, says he wasnít thinking; he hated Claudia so much. Franco tells him that he canít afford to hate or love. He says that if he lets his emotions get the best of him he will become weak and vulnerable like everyone else. He yells that he expected more of Jason and in a fit, throws his bulletin board where the articles are posted onto the floor.

Maxie goes to Jakeís Roadhouse looking for Spinelli after calling him 10 times with no response. He is sitting at the bar. She concludes that they need to talk

Nikolas goes to Elizabethís house and tells her that Rebecca has decided not to tell Lucky about them. Elizabeth doesnít believe it. He tells her that Rebecca said that Nikolas and Elizabeth deserve each other that Lucky deserves better than both of them, but her primary reason was what she has to gain. He tells her that Rebecca wants another shot at Lucky. Elizabeth wonders if Rebecca is insane.

Olivia knocks on the on the door of the suite where the complaining guest is staying. When he doesnít answer, she enters with her master key. Sonny is inside and asks how many complaints it takes to get some attention.

At the police station, Dominic tells Lucky that he finds it strange that he canít find any more hits on his tagger after 2003. Lucky suggests that he give it a shot and looks farther back so Dominic relinquishes his seat to Lucky. He asks Lucky if he has a hunch. Lucky says a photo at Francoís show concerned him because it represented a body posed the same way that Joey Limboís body was posed after the shooting on Front Street. Dominic says the photo he noticed at Francoís show was identically posed as his first bust was. The computer beeps. It has retrieved an arrest from three years before Dominicís bust. Dominic looks at the mug shot and confirms that it is the same person. The tagger is Franco.

In Francoís studio, Franco has calmed down and put his bulletin board back up. He tells Jason he knows he is thinking that it is strange that he was talking about not giving into emotion and then went ballistic over a bulletin board. He tells Jason that that wasnít anger; it was calculated. He tells Jason that he was out of control at the cabin. Jason tells Franco that Claudia is dead and whatever Franco saw does not matter. Jason starts toward the door when Franco says it must have messed with the kidís head; the first time always does. He tells Jason that Michael will never get over killing his fatherís wife.

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