GH Update Wednesday 12/9/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/9/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

At her home Elizabeth is crying while talking to Cam. She hugs him and says she loves him.

Nikolas rushes out of the car and Rebecca is lying on the ground gasping for air. She calls Nikolas a bastard.

At Jake’s Michael argues with Jason about how he proved himself with what happened with Claudia. Lucky comes over and asks if everything is ok, and Michael says he won’t tell him anything about Claudia. Lucky points out that he didn’t ask but wonders if Michael is hiding something.

At Jax’s office Dominic says the recording may not stand up in court, but Jax is sure it will at least warrant his arrest. Sonny then enters the office and asks Dominic why he’s there.

At General Hospital Robin approaches a man in the waiting room but he is just waiting for someone. Robin then walks over to Lisa who tells her about the orthopedics job she was offered at GH. Lisa wants to know if Robin has a problem with her being there given her past with Patrick. Patrick then walks up and suspects they are talking about him.

Edward pays Elizabeth a visit at her home. He says he was getting sentimental and brought her a photo of her and Emily. He then says that Rebecca has been a blessing to him and Monica and wonders why Elizabeth hasn’t welcomed her into her life.

Nikolas calls 911 for help. Rebecca thinks that if he had been driving any faster she would be dead and she says she will tell Lucky the truth.

Jason tells Lucky that Michael was in the Metro Court the night of Claudia’s disappearance. Michael then attacks Lucky for questioning Carly at the house and calls him a traitor to his family for becoming a cop. Jason finally tells Michael to leave and pushes him towards the door. Lucky tells Jason he understands what he’s going through because of what Lucky has gone through with Luke. Lucky also says Michael admitted Claudia is dead and knows that Michael is being torn up by the secret he’s keeping.

Dominic says he’s there to discuss the guards for the kids and get Jax’s cooperation. Sonny sends Dominic to go talk to Max, and he leaves. Sonny then tells Jax that he’s concerned about Michael and wants Michael to come live with him if Jax doesn’t stand in his way. Jax assures him that one of them will be out of the way soon, but it won’t be Jax.

Robin tells Patrick not every conversation is about him. Robin then says she doesn’t mind have Lisa on board. Patrick offers to take them for a drink, but Epiphany says they have a car crash victim coming in. Rebecca is wheeled in and Nikolas says she just stepped right out in front of him. The man in the waiting room listens on.

Elizabeth says Emily was blessed to have the Quartermaine’s as family since her family was always so scattered. Elizabeth then says she feels Rebecca is taking advantage of those who loved Emily. And thinks Nikolas has been on a downward spiral since Rebecca showed up. Edward says that’s Nikolas’ fault. The phone rings and its Nikolas to tell Elizabeth about Rebecca’s accident. Edward asks what happened.

Jax says Michael shouldn’t be thrown back into Sonny’s life, but Sonny thinks Jax just wants to prove himself to Carly. Sonny thinks Michael will fall through the cracks of their family and wants to know why Jax is so against Michael living with him.

Jason brings Michael home and Carly is worried. Michael yells at Jason and tells him to back off. Jason forces Michael to sit down and listen to him.

Patrick, Lisa, and Robin discuss Rebecca’s case but disagree on how to proceed. Patrick and Lisa want to operate soon but Robin wants to wait. The man in the waiting room says he agrees with Robin. He then introduces himself as Steve Webber the new chief of staff.

Jason tells Michael that what he did was stupid and he’s going to get everyone in trouble if he keeps acting out and fighting with Lucky. He says he’s not acting like a man but a little bitch like all the other rich kids. He tells him to stop disrespecting the people who love him and that he looks like an idiot. He says he was embarrassed for Michael and how he acted. Jason finally says that he is done spoiling Michael and tells him to keep his mouth shut and go to school or Jason will force him. He tells him to stand up and apologize. Michael does and then says that Jason has never had any use for cops so Michael shouldn’t either. Michael leaves and Jason apologizes to Carly for failing her and Michael. Carly says it’s up to her to get Michael under control.

Jax accuses Sonny of convincing Michael that Jax doesn’t care and Sonny has ruined him and will most likely turn out just like Sonny. Sonny is sure Michael should live with him and threatens to get Carly to cut Jax out of her life.

Dominic goes back to Jake’s and finds Lulu there. He tells her about Jax’s recording and that it’s enough to convict Sonny.

Steve says he is observing the staff for a little while. He also reiterates his thoughts that they should wait to operate. Edward comes in and speaks directly to Steve. He knew he was the new chief.

Elizabeth comes in also and asks Nikolas if this was an accident. Nikolas says it was. He explains what happened but says Rebecca is determined to tell Lucky. Elizabeth asks him to do something to stop Rebecca from telling the truth. Nikolas walks away and Steve walks up to Elizabeth. She is happy to see her big brother.

Jason goes to Sonny’s house and tells him about Michael. Sonny says he wants Michael to live with him, but Jason thinks the threat to Michael is coming from Franco not Jax.

Dominic says he hates his job sometimes, but this will be the biggest case he’s ever closed. He says this case doesn’t have to change what’s going on between them, but Lulu says many lives will be completely altered and hurt.

Jax comes home and Carly tells him about what happened with Michael and Jax tells him that Sonny wants Michael to live with him. Carly says that won’t happen and she needs Jax to want the same thing. Jax assures her he’s on her side.

Rebecca’s tests come back and Monica comes over. Nikolas comes forward as the driver and Edward wants the police called. Lucky comes in and says he is in charge of the investigation.

Steve brings Elizabeth coffee and he tells her about his new job at GH. He asks her what’s bothering her.

Edward doesn’t like that Lucky is investigating, but Lucky just asks to see Rebecca. Lucky goes in to see Rebecca.

Jason tells Sonny about Franco’s wave and painting, and the studio rented in Jason’s name. Jason doesn’t know what they are dealing with though.

Carly stands over Josslyn and says she missed this part with Michael. She wants them to be a family and Michael needs them. She doesn’t think Sonny can help him, but Sonny will always be a part of her life like Jerry is a part of Jax’s. She wants them to get passed this. He then excuses himself for a meeting.

Sonny asks if Franco knows Michael killed Claudia, but Jason doesn’t know what Franco knows. Sonny tells Jason to get rid of Franco if he is any threat to Michael.

Dominic goes back to Jax’s office to get the recording. Jax plays the recording again but then deletes it. He says he loves Carly more than he hates Sonny, and knows Carly would never forgive him for helping put Sonny away. He is going to leave that to Dominic from now on.

Carly tells Michael they need to get things under control before Lucky finds out more. She wants to call Diane and tell her everything. Michael apologizes for his actions. He reminds her of the time he locked her and Sonny in the basement so they would reconcile. He realizes that they never would have worked because despite Carly’s strength she doesn’t understand how Sonny’s world works. He says he won’t confess and will continue to try to move on. He says he’s learning, but Carly says she doesn’t want Michael to live the way Sonny and Jason live, but Michael knows Sonny was proud of him.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth that Lucky is here and she says he has to convince Rebecca not to tell the truth. Rebecca wakes up and says she needs to tell Lucky.

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