GH Update Tuesday 12/8/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/8/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

At the Haunted Star Lucky questions why Rebecca would be mad at Elizabeth for her break-up with Nikolas. Ethan isn’t sure, but thinks Rebecca may feel threatened by Elizabeth.

At Elizabeth’s house she tries to get Rebecca to leave, but Rebecca says she won’t leave until she tells the boys what their mom did tonight at Wyndemere.

In his home Jax is on the phone with Dominic and wants him to come see him. Jax says he has a recording of Sonny incriminating himself in Claudia’s death. He hangs up and Cary comes downstairs. She wants Jax to spend the evening with her and Josslyn.

Maxie enters Franco’s studio and Jason points his gun at her. She asks if Jason already killed Franco.

Lucky tries to defend Elizabeth, but Ethan doesn’t want to hear about the four musketeers. Then Luke enters and Ethan tells Lucky that Luke is worried about him. He tells Luke to talk to Lucky about what has him so down.

Lulu meets up with Dominic at Jake’s. He wants to stay with her but has to go to a meeting. She wonders why he’s meeting with Jax, so he tells her that Jax is trying to help him get Sonny. Lulu sees that this is bad for Carly and Jax’s relationship when Carly finds out the truth.

Carly and Jax sit with Josslyn. Carly asks for his help giving Josslyn a bath and they go upstairs.

Jason questions how Maxie found the studio and she says she found it at the penthouse. Maxie rambles until Jason quiets her. Jason tells her Franco is capable of murder.

Luke tries to silence Ethan, but Lucky knows it’s about him and Elizabeth. Lucky admits it’s a bit insane to remarry Elizabeth again but says that the third time is a charm.

Elizabeth comes down stairs and yells at Rebecca for attacking her through her kids. Rebecca calls her a “betraying tramp” for sleeping with her fiancé’s brother. Elizabeth says her sons don’t deserve to go through the hurt of the truth coming out, so she asks Rebecca not to tell.

Lulu thinks that Jax and Carly belong together but knows that Carly will never forgive Jax for putting Sonny and most likely Jason in jail. She thinks he should have been honest. Dominic sees where Jax is coming from and thinks he would do the same to protect his kids. Lulu thinks she should warn Carly.

Carly and Jax come downstairs and find Morgan playing with Jax’s phone. Jax snaps at Morgan not to play with it.

Maxie doesn’t know why Jason cares about Franco anyway. Spinelli enters and can’t believe Maxie is there. Maxie apologizes but says she couldn’t let Jason kill Franco because he’s too important to her.

Jax apologizes for snapping. Morgan also tries to convince his mom to let him play with video games on school nights.

Dominic tells Lulu she can’t tell Carly without outing Dominic. He also thinks she should let Carly be happy while she can. Lulu says this lying is why she doesn’t believe in love. Dominic doesn’t think love is hopeless, but Lulu just leaves.

Rebecca is shocked at how Elizabeth is worried about Cam and Jake now but not when she was sleeping with Nikolas. Elizabeth says Rebecca shouldn’t be talking given what she has done to her sister’s memory. Rebecca then asks if Elizabeth would have betrayed Emily the way she is Lucky. Elizabeth says none of this would have happened if Emily was alive. Rebecca says that’s not true because Elizabeth already cheated with Jason and Nikolas cheated with Courtney, so it was bound to happen anyway. Elizabeth tells Rebecca to tell Lucky.

Lucky doesn’t know why Luke won’t tell him why he’s so concerned. Luke is about to tell Lucky the truth when Nikolas walks in and Ethan tackles him to the ground.

Spinelli doesn’t understand why Franco would be important to Maxie, and she says it’s for the Crimson photo shoot. Spinelli then tells Jason that he can’t find a trace of Franco anywhere. He knows he is dangerous and asks Maxie to stay away from him. Maxie says ok and Spinelli takes her home.

Sam is the next person to enter Franco’s studio and Jason draws the gun at her. Sam says she asked around and no one admitted to seeing him.

Spinelli and Maxie arrive back at Jason’s penthouse. Spinelli is not happy that she went to Franco’s studio and says that she doesn’t always see the life and death reality of some situations. He also says that Franco may be a killer and if Jason is scared there is a good reason.

Michael enters Jake’s and asks for a beer. Coleman knows he’s a minor and refuses him. Michael says he shouldn’t be refused because his dad doesn’t like when he’s unhappy. Coleman sticks to his refusal.

Carly finds a book Jax was looking for and says he will take it to the guest room. Carly finds it strange that he is staying in the guest room. Jax says he’s doing everything he can to get back their relationship, and Carly knows that. She is just overwhelmed with worry about Michael. Jax suggests getting Michael professional help, and says they can get through it together. His phone rings and he says he has to leave.

Elizabeth says she won’t just sit around and let Rebecca ruin her life. Rebecca says Elizabeth chose to do all of this and the consequences are all her fault. Rebecca then leaves.

Ethan yells at Nikolas and Lucky wants to leave. But Luke stops them and says Nikolas has something to say, because confession is good for the soul.

Michael tells Coleman that his parents never have to know. He then threatens Coleman again by saying he’ll get Max and Milo. Coleman calls him out for using Sonny’s name and trying to be tough. He tells Michael to be a man by being low-key about his mob connections.

Maxie still doesn’t see why Jason would think Franco was dangerous, since she spent some time with Franco at the opening. She also thinks Jason could take Franco in a second. Spinelli trusts Jason’s instincts about Franco.

Jason and Sam wonder what Franco is up to. Jason thinks he was supposed to find the studio and Franco is just waiting for his moment. He then gets a call from Coleman saying that he should come get Michael because he’s worried about him getting into trouble.

Luke tells Nikolas to explain himself and make a case for what he has done. Lucky steps in and says he’s going to leave them all to figure things out and leaves. Luke asks Nikolas if he’s proud of the fact that Lucky always stand up for him and trusts him. He then gets a call from Elizabeth and she tells him that Rebecca knows the truth. He says he will handle it and leaves.

Dominic goes to Jax’s office and asks about the recording. Jax accuses Dominic of getting too close to Sonny and wanting to help him. Dominic says that Jax has broken the law by getting this recording because he’s not a cop.

Maxie says they should let Jason do whatever he’s going to do and she and Spinelli should focus on their relationship because he can’t do much to help Jason right now. Maxie tells him she loves him, more than her career or anything.

Lucky comes into Jake’s because he was called about a disturbance. He is pointed towards Michael, who tells Lucky that Luke is great and can’t believe Lucky turned out to be a cop. He continues talking until Jason comes in and tells him to stop.

Jax plays the recording of Sonny saying that he disposed of Claudia’s body where it can’t be found and there is no evidence.

Elizabeth has a dream of her in a black background being spoken to by a judge. The judge says that she has been found an unfit mother and her children will be taken away from her. Cameron will go with Lucky, who are both standing the side with Rebecca. And Jake will go with Jason, who are both standing with Sam. Elizabeth pleads with the judge, and then is awakened by Cameron who asks why she’s crying.

Nikolas is driving and leaves a voice mail for Lucky saying he is going to stop by his house. As he drives we hear a scream and what looks like the car hitting something.

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