GH Update Monday 12/7/09

General Hospital Update Monday 12/7/09


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At his office, Jax informs Dominic that Olivia is planning on telling Sonny the truth about his undercover work. Dominic doesn’t appreciate Jax’s threats. Jax says that Olivia is going to confess everything to Sonny. Jax wants Dom to fabricate evidence so Sonny can be put away for good. Dominic disagrees and says he can’t do anything until he has solid proof against Sonny. Dominic tells Jax to stay out of his way. Jax doesn’t like Dom’s attitude. Dominic warns that Jax needs to back off or he’ll press charges against him.

Olivia is shocked to find that Sonny has prepared a candlelight dinner for the two of them. Olivia admits that she is flattered by the gesture, but can’t stay. Sonny won’t take no for an answer. Reluctantly, Olivia sits down at a table, which is set up in the Corinthos living room. Olivia and Sonny reminisce about old times in Bensonhurst. Olivia makes a comment about Sonny’s salad dressing, which makes him smile. Olivia insists that Sonny’s charms aren’t working on her. Sonny maintains that he has no hidden agenda. Olivia remains silent. Sonny says that he truly enjoys spending time with Olivia. Sonny brings up the touchy subject of Johnny. Olivia speaks lovingly about Johnny. Olivia asserts that she and Johnny won’t be breaking up any time soon. Sonny says that he wants the best for Olivia. Sonny stands up and leans in for a kiss with Olivia. The moment is interrupted by Dominic.

Jason finds a hooded coat in Franco’s art studio. Jason has a flashback of the homeless man wearing the identical coat. Once Jason realizes Franco and the homeless man are one in the same, he calls Sam for help. When Sam arrives, Jason answers the door. Sam is astonished that Jason was able to find the studio so quickly. Jason shows Sam the hooded coat. Sam agrees that the homeless man is Franco. Jason concludes that the two of them need to find out why Franco is personally targeting him. Sam comments that Franco has left a lot of clues for Jason to find. They agree to search the studio. Unbeknownst to Jason and Sam, someone is watching.

Rebecca is speechless when she witnesses Nikolas and Elizabeth kissing at Wyndemere. Rebecca leaves before she is discovered by Nik and Liz. Elizabeth pulls away from Nikolas. Elizabeth thinks that their secret trysts need to end – now. Nikolas doesn’t believe that Elizabeth can walk away from him. Elizabeth still intends on marrying Lucky. Elizabeth runs out of Wyndemere in a hurry.

At the Jacks home, Lucky is questioning Carly about Claudia’s disappearance. Michael defends his mother against Lucky’s verbal attacks. Lucky senses that Michael knows more than he’s saying. Carly tells Lucky that he needs to leave Michael alone. Carly asks Michael to leave the room. Lucky continues to interrogate Carly. Carly sticks by her story but Lucky believes she is lying. Lucky senses Claudia’s disappearance is a cover-up. Lucky leaves the Jacks home without any answers.

Tracy shows up at the Haunted Star. Tracy confides to Ethan that she is worried about Luke. Luke walks in. Luke thinks that Tracy and Ethan are conspiring against him. Luke is acting strange. Ethan asks what’s troubling Luke. Luke implies that there is a problem with his oldest son. Ethan and Tracy ask what is wrong with Lucky. Luke suggests that Lucky is having problems with Elizabeth. Ethan pipes in that Lucky won’t listen to Luke’s fatherly advice. Tracy believes that Luke needs to back off and let Lucky figure things out on his own. Luke announces that he is going for a drive to clear his head.

Jax returns home. Carly updates Jax that Lucky came by to ask questions regarding Claudia’s disappearance. Carly says that Michael made a slip when Lucky was interrogating him. Carly is worried that Michael could be in trouble. Jax thinks that Michael still wants to emulate Sonny. In frustration, Carly begins to cry. Carly is obviously upset over Michael’s outbursts. Carly doesn’t think that she can get through to Michael.

Olivia stands up and tells Sonny and Dom that she needs to leave. Olivia rushes out of the living room. Sonny is irritated by Dominic’s bad timing. Sonny thinks that he has blown his only chance with Olivia.

Maxie shows up at the penthouse. Spinelli is busy at work on his laptop. Maxie is concerned when Spinelli announces that Jason is close to finding Franco. Maxie asks if Jason would “hurt” Franco. Maxie is acting edgy but Spinelli doesn’t notice. Maxie says that she needs to get back to work. Maxie kisses Spinelli before rushing out the door.

Ethan is happy to see Rebecca walk into the casino. Rebecca admits that Ethan was right about Nikolas all along. Ethan pours Rebecca a drink. Ethan asks Rebecca to tell him what happened. At first, Rebecca is evasive. Rebecca admits that she tried to seduce Nikolas but was unsuccessful. Rebecca says that Nikolas doesn’t care about her. Ethan feels sorry for Rebecca. Rebecca says that what Nikolas does is “all an act”. Rebecca implies that Nikolas and Elizabeth are very close, but doesn’t divulge what she saw at Wyndemere. Ethan makes a comment about Lucky and Elizabeth’s sturdy relationship. Rebecca doesn’t respond.

Lucky goes to see Nikolas at Wyndemere. Lucky updates Nik about his engagement to Elizabeth. Lucky says that Liz has had a change of heart about marriage. Nikolas acts surprised about Elizabeth’s sudden interest in marrying Lucky. Lucky divulges that he ran into Rebecca at the hospital. Lucky says that it came as a shock to him that Nik and Rebecca had broken up. Lucky questions whether he is making the right decision by marrying Elizabeth.

Jason and Sam continue to search Franco’s art studio. Sam wonders when Franco first showed up in Port Charles. Jason brings up Joey Limbo’s death. Jason points out that Limbo’s body was posed at the crime scene. Jason realizes that Franco killed Limbo. Sam says that Franco thinks of Jason as an “artist”. Sam believes that Franco might have left the country. Jason is troubled by Franco’s personal vendetta. Sam leaves the studio. Jason stays behind to wait for Franco’s return.

Olivia is working in Jax’s office when Dominic walks in. Dominic can’t believe that Olivia was planning on telling Sonny everything. Olivia is resolute that she won’t say a word about his undercover work.

Jax shows up to speak to Sonny. Sonny is in a bad mood. Sonny promises that the police will never find out that Claudia is dead.

Lucky pays Ethan a visit at the Haunted Star. Ethan brings up his concern for Rebecca. Lucky admits that he ran into Rebecca earlier at the hospital. Ethan says that Rebecca seems to have a problem with Elizabeth. Lucky is shocked by this.

Elizabeth is getting Jake and Cameron ready for bed when Rebecca shows up at the house. Elizabeth makes it clear that it is a bad time to talk. Rebecca barges in and sits down on the couch next to the boys. Rebecca implies that she knows all about Nikolas and Elizabeth’s kiss at Wyndemere. Elizabeth can’t believe it.

While Jason waits in the dark, the front door to Franco’s art studio suddenly opens.

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