GH Update Friday 12/4/09

General Hospital Update Friday 12/4/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At the penthouse, Jason and Spinelli try to figure out why Franco sent Jason a mysterious painting and what the painting means.

Franco is in his studio looking at photographs of Jason.

Olivia is talking to Jax in his office. He tells her that Dante is on the brink of putting Sonny in prison and that when that happens, there will be no reason for him to know that Sonny is his father. She is worried that Dante’s life is at risk and the best course of action is to tell Sonny that he is Dante’s father. She doesn’t believe Sonny would kill his own son even if he is an undercover cop. Jax tells her that revealing the truth will only enable Sonny to get away with murder again.

At Sonny’s house, he observes that Dominic has been preoccupied with Sonny’s activities the night that Claudia died. He asks Dominic what he is looking for. Dominic tells him that the person who took the photograph of Claudia’s body that night might have taken other pictures.

At the penthouse, as Spinelli is attempting to explicate the meaning of the images in the painting, Jason asks him if he thinks the small structure in the painting represents the cabin where Claudia was killed. Spinelli doubts that Franco sent the photo of Claudia’s body. Jason observes to him that Franco in interested in crime scenes, and the photo was of a crime scene. He asserts that Franco might think Jason killed Claudia or he might have seen Michael do it, so he has to find out what Franco knows.

At Sonny’s house, He reminds Sonny that he accused Claudia of shooting Michael in front of a room full of people, so if her body turns up, Sonny will be the prime suspect. He assures Sonny that he understands that the circumstances of Claudia’s death are secret, but asks Sonny to try to remember anything that might put him on the path to the photographer. Sonny says he gets that Dominic is trying to protect him and apologizes for jumping down his throat. He says Claudia is a sore subject and he doesn’t like talking about her. He says he should have listened to Olivia when she told him not to let his greed or his anger get the best of him.

In Jax’s office, he tells Olivia to think about what it will do to her son when he finds out that Sonny is his father. He tells her that disclosing that information will not change anything except for the fact that Dante cannot arrest his own father and Sonny will find a way to use Dante’s position against him.

Rebecca has gone to the stable to find Nikolas. She takes off her coat to reveal that she is naked underneath. Nikolas picks up her coat and puts it around her shoulders. She tells him the idea was for him to take off his clothes too. He tells her that is a bad idea. She suggests that they go into the house instead. She starts to kiss his neck, but he tells her to stop and reminds her that he told her he can’t be with her; she was just a substitute for someone he can’t have. She says that can change and asks for another chance. He refuses.

At the lot that Lucky and Elizabeth are planning to buy, Elizabeth is astounded that he brought her here to tell her that he doesn’t want to marry her. He tells her that he does want a life with her, but he knows that marriage is not what she wants right now. She protests that she loves him and wants to marry him. He asks her to explain why she isn’t happy about it. He wonders if she is still consumed with the things from the past that he has already forgiven. She tells him it is not in the past for her.

In the stables, Nikolas tells Rebecca that his feelings were always about someone else. She protests that [Emily] is gone and never coming back, but she is here and willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. He tells her he doesn’t care enough to try. She storms out.

At the real estate lot, Lucky tells Elizabeth that he knows how she feels about him, but he can tell that something is in the way and she doesn’t want to marry him. He tells her he loves her enough to let her go. She tells him that she wants to be his wife and asks him not to let anything she has said or done ruin their plans for the future.

At Sonny’s house, tells Dominic that he could have saved himself and his family a lot of pain if he had refused to marry Claudia, but he thought they were a good fit because of their similar histories. He says things turned out exactly the way that Olivia predicted; he should have listened to her because she knows him about as well as anybody. Dominic says he is confused; he thought Sonny was supposed to marry Olivia’s cousin Kate. Sonny explains that they all grew up in the same Bensonhurst neighborhood and that he went out with Olivia first, but Olivia refused to accept what Sonny does for a living so she broke up with him. He says he asked Dominic to keep an eye on Olivia because he is worried about her involvement with Johnny. He discloses that he is worried that Johnny could turn out to be like his father, Anthony, and Sonny will not allow anything bad to happen to Olivia. Sonny decides that instead of having Dominic look out for Olivia, he needs to take care of her himself.

At the penthouse, Spinelli wonders if the images in the painting are metaphors for something else. Jason says they should keep it simple. They make a list of the objects in the painting: the number two, a weeping willow tree on a street, a clock displaying 3:00, a scroll listing the seven deadly sins.

Photographs of Sam and Maxie are displayed at Franco’s studio.

At the real estate lot, Elizabeth asks Lucky not to give up on her. He tells her that he will never give up on her or stop believing that they are meant to be together, but something has her terrified and he won’t marry her while it is between them. She tells him she wants a future with him, but he says they don’t have a future like this; she has to decide what she wants. She says she wants to be his wife.

Dominic knocks on Lulu’s door and she lets him in. She says she hasn’t been very nice to him about the Sonny situation and tells him that she realizes it must be difficult for him to realize that despite the bad things Sonny does, his heart is in the right place. She says that she thinks she knows Dominic well enough to know that his heart is in the right place too. She tells him that she thinks she needs a distraction and invites him to sit down with her.

Michael arrives home and Morgan greets him by telling him he is busted. He discloses that he knows Michael didn’t go to school today and missed the finals. He says their mother is going to kill him when she finds out. Carly comes into the room and asks the boys how school was; they both say it was fine. She sends Morgan to tell Mercedes that Josslyn is down for her nap. Once Morgan has left the room, she asks Michael if he has something he wants to tell her. He plays dumb. She reveals that she spoke to the headmaster at Madison Prep who told her that Michael skipped school today and missed his finals. She asks him where he was. He admits that he went out into the woods by the cabin where he killed Claudia. He asks him why he went there.

Elizabeth goes to Nikolas’ house. He tells her he thought she might come; Lucky told him that he broke off the engagement. He tells her he supposes it is for the best, but she says it is not; she needs Lucky in her life. She says she told Lucky that she still wants to be his wife. Nikolas wonders why she said that knowing how she and Nikolas feel about each other. He says it was an opportunity to stop lying and sneaking around behind Lucky’s back. He tells her it was a chance for the two of them to be together.

Sonny goes to Carly’s house and asks what the emergency is. She tells him that Michael skipped school today and missed the beginning of his finals. She tells him that Michael doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Michael enters and asks Carly why she called Sonny; he told her it wasn’t a big deal. Sonny says Carly is right to be concerned. Carly tells Michael to tell Sonny where he went. Michael discloses that he went to the cabin where Claudia died. Sonny asks him what the hell he was thinking. He reminds Michael that they did everything they could to protect him so that no one can place him at the scene. He says Michael has to be smarter than that. Michael says he didn’t really think about it; he just went there. Sonny tells him he must never go back to that cabin. He says he is also not happy that Michael skipped school. Michael says it isn’t as if he needs school for where he is going. Carly demands to know what he means. Michael says he is going to do what he was raised to do. Sonny tells him he will never be part of Sonny’s business. Michael asks Sonny doesn’t think he is capable of running the family business even after he killed Claudia. Sonny says Claudia did enough damage to Michael while she was alive and he will not let Claudia’s death destroy him. Michael insists that he is fine. He asks Sonny if he is destroyed. Sonny says yes, more than Michael will ever know, and Michael will never be like him. Michael storms off. Sonny tells Carly that he will have Max and Milo keep an eye on Michael. Carly thinks Michael needs professional help. Sonny thinks Michael just needs more time and for Sonny to be a better example. He says he is going to try to get his life back on track and do things differently so that perhaps Michael will want to do likewise. Sonny leaves.

At Lulu’s apartment, she and Dominic play a video game with her on guitar and him on drums. When the song has finished, he tells her he never thought she liked rock music; he always pictured her listening to boy-bands. She gives him the guitar and teaches him how to use the controls.

At the penthouse, Spinelli observes that the presence of a clock in the painting may indicate that they should read the symbols in a clockwise order. When they do, it reads two, seven, three, weeping willow, and street. Jason concludes it is an address. Spinelli looks up the address on his computer and discovers that 123 Willow Street was a factory that was converted into lofts, one of which was rented to a Jason Morgan two months ago.

Lucky runs into Rebecca bundled up in her coat at the hospital. She tells him that she went to see Nikolas wearing only the coat, and then she got paged to the hospital. She tells him that she and Nikolas are officially over. She says he doesn’t think Nikolas will ever get over Emily. Lucky says Nikolas tends to sabotage anything that is good for him. He tells her he is sorry it didn’t work out.

At Nikolas’ house, Elizabeth says she has made her decision; she wants to be with Lucky. He tells her it doesn’t seem that way when they are in bed together and she says that can never happen again. He asks her why she came out there instead of calling him on the telephone. She kisses him.

Olivia enters Jax’s office, gives him some documents, and tells him she is going home for the day. He apologizes to her, saying they are on the same side. He says he hopes that when all of this is over they will still be friends. She says that will depend upon whether her son is still alive. Her phone rings as she is leaving Jax’s office. Sonny asks her to come over, saying that it is important and he is trying to do something good. Jax overhears her telling Sonny that she will be right there and that she has something she needs to talk to him about anyway.

At Lulu’s apartment, she and Dominic play another song on the video game with him on guitar and her on drums. Afterwards, he thanks her and tells her that it was fun. She says she thought he needed the distraction. He says that isn’t what he thought she meant. She kisses him. His phone rings. Jax demands that Dominic come to his office immediately. He tells him that they have a situation with Sonny and that if he doesn’t want his cover blown he should come as soon as possible.

Jason lurks around 123 Willow Street. He opens a door and sees that the room is filled with photographs. He enters with his gun drawn.

Rebecca is at Nikolas’ house and is about to open a door when she hears panting and hesitates. She slowly opens it just enough to see Nikolas and Elizabeth making love inside.

Dominic arrives at Jax’s office. He tells Jax that he doesn’t work for him and that he risks blowing his cover by meeting him like this. Jax tells him that his cover will be the least of his concerns if he doesn’t keep his mother under control. He discloses that he overheard Olivia telling Sonny that she was going to his house and needed to tell him something. Dominic says his mother isn’t stupid. Jax reveals that he attempted to convince Olivia not to tell Sonny the truth about Dominic, so he suggests that Dominic goes over to Sonny’s house and stop her.

Olivia arrives at Sonny’s house and tells him that she needs to tell him something serious that she has been putting off for too long. He tells her he doesn’t want to talk about anything serious. He tells her that he has missed her and wants tonight to be about the two of them. He has set up a romantic dinner to share with Olivia. He says it has been over 20 years since their last date.

Lucky goes to Carly’s house. He tells her that he is still investigating Claudia’s disappearance. He says he looked over her statement about Josslyn's birth and it doesn’t seem credible. He tells her he doesn’t believe that Carly left Claudia unconscious in the car and then didn’t see her again. He says he thinks Claudia with Carly in the cabin when Josslyn was born and possibly helped deliver her. He asks her if she would like to change her story to reflect that Claudia was in the cabin, helped with the delivery, and then disappeared. Michael enters and tells Lucky to leave Carly alone because she doesn’t know anything about Claudia’s death. Lucky says it is interesting that he said disappearance and Michael said death. He asks Michael to tell him what he knows about what happened that night.

Jason looks around Franco’s studio. Franco is watching from outside the window.

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