GH Update Wednesday 12/2/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/2/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

At Franco’s art opening Jason and Sam are surprised they were expected but the owner doesn’t know why Franco thought he’s stop by.

At the penthouse Spinelli holds the envelope and wonders why an art gallery would be mailing Jason. Maxie takes the envelope.

Patrick and Lisa get a drink at Jake’s. They talk about their surgery and how they both did amazingly well. They toast as Robin walks in.

At Sonny’s he tells Dominic it would solve a lot of his problems if Johnny died because he doesn’t trust him, but he wonders why it’s any of Dominic’s business. Dominic stands up for Johnny and his loyalty and thinks Sonny is sending Johnny out to get killed because of Olivia. Sonny doesn’t like that Dominic is questioning him, but Dominic doesn’t think this will make Sonny look good in the eyes of the organization. Sonny questions Dominic’s loyalty, but Dominic just says Sonny is better than this.

Luke, Tracey, and Lulu arrive at Kelly’s for Karaoke Night. Robin joins Patrick and Lisa. Patrick says Robin doesn’t drink on her medication. Lisa asks what Robin is taking but Robin changes the subject. Robin introduces Coleman and Lisa.

Maxie says that Jason offered to buy Sam a Franco painting, which Spinelli is surprised about.

Franco shoots red paint balls at photos of Sam, Sonny, Carly, Spinelli, Michael, and Morgan; and then many at a photo of Jason.

The gallery owner says that Franco has left a painting for Jason, but doesn’t know what it is or why he left it. Jason wants to get in touch with Franco.

Dominic apologizes for being out of line and Sonny says that everything he does has a reason. Sonny says all he wants is proof that Bianco is working with Joey Limbo. He also says that he knows having Johnny killed isn’t going to get him Olivia.

The gallery owner says he doesn’t have any contact information for Franco and leaves to get Jason the piece of art Franco left him. Jason thinks Franco is trying to let him know he knows what Jason did.

Maxie tells Spinelli she loves him but has let her career get in the way of that a little. Spinelli understands but he needs to find Franco. Maxie thinks they should think about their relationship right now and not their jobs.

Kristina arrives at Kelly’s, where Ethan is talking to Mike. Kristina asks Ethan to have coffee with her but he’s off to Jake’s to meet Luke. As they are talking Kiefer walks in. When Ethan leaves Kiefer accuses Kristina of hitting on Ethan.

Luke and Tracey bicker and Lulu wants to leave. Tracey then orders a drink.

Patrick asks Robin if they’ll sing a duet or if Robin will sing solo. Lisa then notices Mac and Alexis coming in. Alexis seems uncomfortable but Mac wants to have a good time. Diane and Max also come in.

Coleman then takes the stage and introduces Karaoke night.

Ethan comes in and joins Tracey, Luke, and Lulu. Diane tells Max that she has missed him and says she will sing him a song. Diane sings “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.” She goes into the crowd and sings to Max and gets the crowd going. AT the end Max joins her on the stage and kisses her.

Kiefer tells Kristina she looked like a fool and grabs her. She denies flirting with Ethan. Carly enters Kelly’s and says hello. Kiefer looks at Kristina and tells her that Ethan only sees her as a child and he’s done. He then leaves. Carly asks her if she’s ok.

Dominic meets up with Ronnie ad Ronnie says the ADA believes the recording of Sonny is circumstantial and they can’t move on it. Dominic is very upset but Ronnie tells him to wait.

Sam and Jason arrive back at the penthouse with Franco’s piece of art and find Spinelli and Maxie making out on the couch. Maxie tells Spinelli that they should go to her apartment and he runs upstairs to get something. Maxie tells Sam and Jason that they can’t tell Spinelli about the photo of her in Franco’s studio. Sam says she won’t say anything and then Maxie and Spinelli leave. Sam and Jason open the painting, but Jason doesn’t know what it’s supposed to mean.

Johnny goes to his garage and Olivia is there. He says he won’t tell Sonny the truth, but she says that’s not why she’s there. She misses him and thinks that she has made things worse between him and Sonny because she kissed him.

Diane goads Alexis into doing karaoke, and she drags Mac up with her. They sing, “Dancing in the Street.” Alexis goes crazy dancing on a table and then dancing with Mac and kissing him before falling down.

Ethan and Luke take the stage and sing “Stray Cat Strut.” Tracey really enjoys watching Luke up there.

Carly visits Sonny and tells him about Kristina’s fight with Kiefer, and tells him to spend time with her daughter. Sonny says that he has agreed to give Kristina space since the night at the Metro Court. Carly understands but knows that Kristina needs her father.

Lulu goes outside to talk to Dominic. He tells her that Sonny was supposed to be arrested today but the evidence wasn’t good enough. He says that part of him is angry but the other part is kind of relieved. He says he is scared because he has a lot of questions about what he’s supposed to do.

Johnny tells Olivia he doesn’t need to hear her confessions and she can be with Sonny if she wants. She says she doesn’t want to be with Sonny but is afraid she has sent him mixed signals. She says she wants to be with Johnny.

Max plays a song on the juke box and dances with Diane. Patrick and Robin dance. Ethan asks Lisa to dance. Tracey grabs Luke. Outside Dominic holds Lulu. Johnny kisses Olivia. Sonny and Carly smile at each other at the door. Sam goes to Jason and they kiss.

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